It is order that arises from an action. It is discipline that arises from a reaction. It is wisdom that assembles due to balance. But it is energy that is the essence of everything. Energy is NOT, an action or reaction/ RATHER energy is the core influence of movement or stability. Making that influence the greatest development, throughout all that is “a universe”.

Knowledge is the essence of truth/ truth is not the essence of knowledge: because without knowledge, and its ascension into balance, order, and discipline; there is no truth.

Understanding is the basis of law/ law does not build understanding, but achieves authority by understanding the essence of steps. The path of participation. And the destiny of a decision, pursuing the distinction and intensity of a true desire.

The value of accepting energy at its core developmental influence, is the foundation of everything. Creates the influence that determines “participation by GOD”.

To understand balance is the basis of thought, identifies all levels of stability in life, mass, or energy have been obtained, and arranged by thought, “defines the influence of GOD”.

To conceive of life itself, as the knowledge required to ascend from existence, into the elemental discovery of freedom; aligns with the assembly of discipline and order, to create “a value beyond self”; as is the essence of love, and therefrom the treasury of the universe itself. An eternity worth living.

The common human existence is limited by want, to pride: “give me more of what I want/ I am the winner here”. The common human decision is: I won the trophy, so now it is on to the next game, so that I can win that trophy (human/ money/ whatever); generally discarding the first/ unless it is wanted by someone else. The end result is: the common man or woman realizes or recognizes little or nothing of life/ so they can play the games of a herd. Living and dying in want. Searching for pride/ or dying for revenge (I lost). It takes very little brain for that; and yet without a brain to function the body, there is no living at all: and you know it. Yet the majority still believe in evolution (brain came last), or anything else your gods of university tell you to believe. As would be “life was built out of chaos (evolution)”. Alas, no brain. But even more tragic is: “let’s bring the same fire here, as is on the sun”. Believing as the universities say: “the fire we create, by burning atoms; will just extinguish itself”. If you only had a brain; you would NOT be participating in the destruction of this solar system itself. As will occur when earth becomes a sun.

And the religious all say: “it will be good/ I want to go to heaven, and this way I don’t have to die”!

Yet they have no brain: because if you believe in a real GOD, then you would not be participating in the destruction of HIS ENTIRE CREATION called earth. Did you lift a single finger to fight for this world/ spend a single penny to stop the destruction of life/ speak one single word, to communicate we CANNOT let these people be WRONG?

Answer: NO, you did nothing for life! Which brings us to the reality of “what happens when you die”? A participant, who failed to find their own brain. A reality of life who proved beyond a doubt, as has been spoken to me countless times: “I DON’T care/ let someone else fight for this world: I WANT, TO BE RICH”. And of course “leave me alone”/ I WANT, my excuse.

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Jim Osterbur

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