In all elements of human conception, the creation of religion comes first; as the discovery “of more than simple things exist here”. That fact identifies the potential to search, or journey into the creation of personal growth; as we then become more attune to the realities of our lives/ the essence which gives us that life/ and the purpose that is assembled by that thought.

The one core ingredient in all major religions (even if they don’t know it) is: THOUGHT built this, because something far wiser than ourselves is completely evident in all these miracles. Their name for that “something” varies; but it boils down to: we are NOT “GOD”. Therefore the search is for “something else, not of this world”. That foundation is utterly true, but religion is a path that tries desperately to search as a “herd (together we agree)”/ rather than as true individuals. Unfortunately or not, thought is an individual process; and we cannot journey within the same human elements of that creation.

The core ingredient in all major NON- religion/ religion; is as evolution puts it: there is no thought here, its all a “trillion simple accidents: that just happened to fall together in order, with discipline, and balance, and thought; along with everything life needed to survive being right there for instantaneous use; even though without a brain, that would have been pointless. Just like a robot without software, or utilities, or tools, etcetera. The great gift of evolution is: we own nothing to life whatsoever; because it just is something we built ourselves (one piece at a time/ through endless death, and absolutely overwhelming birth). They lack all forms of reality, and discard it with disdain; “because they have no brain, as they state”. Such things as you can’t just have a heart/ you need blood, organs, muscles, skin, and all the rest (including a brain at the beginning) at exactly the same time; or the body of life whatever it is; does not live. Unfortunately the critical failure of believing whatever you want to believe; regardless of the lunacy, ignorance, or just plain failure of it, is the constant disease or plague of humanity. As they want SIMPLY, what they want/ and they don’t want what they don’t want: and NOT owing anything for what they did receive as the gift of life, is exactly what they want. That element of stupidity, greed, and arrogance is both extreme and excessive: but with humanity searching for anything but truth, it gives them the excuse they desire, and use to infect the rest.

So then we have partial truth, as is the religion of a herd (don’t tell us what we don’t want to know). And we have nearly total lies, as is evolution; and their curse to destroy all resemblance of truth/ by bleeding the brain of all thought, and its connection to reality.

The critical question is not why: humanity likes it this way. Each and every one in religion gets to define what they like or dislike and believe that. Or they get a hiding place, away from the realities of this world; where nothing can get them; because belief closes the prison door, and won’t let anyone else in. EVERYTHING is my way, although it is a very small house, with loneliness attached.

Whereas everyone in non-religion/ religion gets to believe themselves to be “gods”; and without the slightest connection to a debt, or any reality called respect. So they can destroy life, discard reality, worship sex or greed or whatever it is; just as much as they can get away with.

The critical question is: NOTHING matters to your living, that you do not choose/ or that hate did not accomplish: until you die. Religion says: “life goes on”, because that is what we believe (I want this to be true). Non-religion/ religion says: “life is over/ dust to dust/ NOTHING matters now”. This is important because if you do survive as life, what that life will be varies tremendously in religion. If however the brainless are correct, and there is nothing but the toys and pride of this human body; then why not get everything you can, regardless of who you step on, or the lies you use. Because this time is, and is only, everything.

We then begin, within the journey of thought to conceive of what is true: as the method most likely to control both destiny and desire. The creation of a path.

We can discard evolution and the university “non-religion/ religion” in an instant; because it is utterly a lie without any standing in truth; other than adaption. Adaption is merely the evidence of thought, participating as in “I knew this would be needed/ so it is added in”. Assuming trillions of components, which need the essence of thought, and the construction of a factory (body, womb, etc), the gathering and transportation of materials, utilities, workers, and everything else to build a body of life {ANY BODY OF LIFE}. IS NOT an accident! Only a complete fool, without a brain would even assume it so; just go buy a lottery ticket/ and that is exactly one “grain of sand” in an ocean beach full of participants; that are needed to generate life. And you have NOT put any of them in order yet, or anything else. Fools are not so blind/ they are just stupid; evolution and “university knows” is less.

We then turn to the path that is true, and understand although religion itself has done poorly (we want to be completely safe): it is none the less true, that both thought and truth form the basis of life, and that evidence indicates “we did not do this for ourselves”.

Without risk, there is little reward to life or living! Too much risk/ or a failure to understand truths involved; and you have no life or living here in time. So the value of a path is to understand and construct the journey, that will not die.

ONLY truth survives beyond the limits of safety, that is the human life without challenging thought. Thought then is at its core, a risk beyond which the probability of retaining control: remains in question. The reality of the journey is then to create, and identify first: a journey that cannot veer from truth. The instantaneous response from all major religion is: WE DON’T WANT THIS/ it is not safe, go away! So the possibilities of who, what, or how many people may have aided and abetted the reality of religion throughout the generations; is entirely unknown. Because people want to be safe/ that is why most find religion (make me safe). Or more specifically religion desires “very small steps”; wherein we all agree “I can want this” too. Alas want is the foundation of all lies (if you don’t want it/ or want to hide it: you won’t lie).

Thereby we know, that the path into truth, has absolutely nothing to do with want. Want is a liar/ pride is a devil / and so on; as is consistent with whatever religion is calling it.

The critical path: is to distinguish from reality, what we can accept as truth, and build an understanding capable of reaching for the next step, by acknowledging only truth can decide our journey.

We elevate this with thought, by developing the dimensional traits of an individual mind: the creation that “this is MY journey”/ therefore I am in charge of where thought can take me; by choosing deliberately, and without fail: between love and hate. These are opposites, and can never be joined in any journey or path of life. The destiny of love, is entirely different/ than is the fate of hate. And every human being knows that to be true. Which makes it the first powerful platform, to begin the journey into life.

Isolation comes next, because this is MY journey/ none can enter within that reality of my own existence; because thought forms a boundary, and if you do not control that boundary, you will be lost. That fact isolates the truth, that you must be able to live within yourself, as a value that needs no other acceptance.

Discipline is the state of living within duties as described by law, assigned with a value to be protected. Without discipline, you will be led astray, and find yourself surrounded with lies, liars, failure, and death. Consequently learn discipline, identify value, accept boundaries; or never enter into true thought/ you will die. Which is why religion has had such a hard time growing past a beginning.

Order is the discovery of steps; the essence of why and how and when is the elevation of human conception beyond the limits of time: going to prove fruitful? Order states: the process is, GAIN TRUE RESPECT, or enter turmoil. Thereby the reality is determined by the consequence of your own respect/ and ultimately “what do you define as GOD”? While the constant human yelling is, particularly in religion, “I believe in the real god”. The reality is you believe in what you want/ rather than accepting only truth can present knowledge, and conceive of direction. The reality of this day is: you believe in university knows; and bow down to them as the reality of “your gods”. Even though the consequences of their truth has proven to be: literally surrounding you with threats of complete and utter extinction. Even eternal chaos is their gift/ so then WHO do you really worship? Answer the question: because it is “yes or no”.

BALANCE states, that the essence of all life lives within the construction of a dimension, that is consistent with our own truths. Beyond that state of existence: survival ends. Therefore when entering into the state of thought that presents: “this is NOT time”. The question called where, becomes elemental to survival. The correct answer is spirit. Spirit is the elemental path, between GOD and life on earth; that was formed during creation itself. So the journey is back in time, to assemble the creation of knowledge, by the understanding: to journey forward, I must accept the value of my inheritance. Here, begins the quest into life itself!

Or in more simple definitions of reality beyond religion: NO, you don’t get to be “lazy, or anything else you want from this life/ which includes no human body”. That is utterly proven in the grave.

LIFE, requires your participation; and eternity requires all the things your living here makes you choose. RESPECT comes first, LOVE comes second, the value of existence in all things will be disciplined, the order of life is elemental, and the balance of your own creation as eternity unfolds is as you make it to be: WITHOUT HATE. Those who hate are removed forever.

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