It is the value of time, that we get to change ourselves, as truth guides us into the destiny that we then do choose. In contrast to that are the animals, which lies guided by want, lead into a fate which then transfers human into animal. Animal means; “I want, I want, I want/ or I don’t want”; and nothing else matters to me, except for what I want. Whereas human means: “I am, by the grace of truth, trust in truth, the value of true love, and the identities tied to true respect”; and everything living matters to me, because I have chosen to care and to share.

Given these two extremes, in developmental behavior; animal constructs the game of trophies, and the desire to win. Whereas human discards all trophies, denies all games of life, examines the consequences of belief, and identifies the value of living as a participation among the living who do have love. Both have a need to survive; human looks to truth as its passion/ whereas animal plots, plans, lies, cheats, steals, murders, and destroys to prove hate exists, so you must fear me.

Passion means: you are the purpose of my life, because desire leads me to care, and the value of that care gives to me an opportunity to share.

Whereas hate establishes fear, because all life is considered a competitor; and in the battleground that is survival, “you, mean nothing, when compared to me”. So, I will take whatever I need, want, or desire. And if that is blockaded well: I will seek revenge to prove what hate can do.

It is the unfortunate reality of being a human or animal: that people are swayed by the values or the lies of others. Instead of truth: as is, “I am what I am/ because this is what I have chosen for myself”. People believe, “I am what I have become, because this is the reality of what you have done to me”/ therefore I have a right, “to be violent, or deceitful, or to take” from you. The difference is plain: to be human, requires you to accept life for what it is, and choose according to your own desire, based upon the realities that are present and available to your design for living. To be animal, assumes and asserts that nothing I am or could be; is untainted by you. Therefore you are the toxic existence to my life, and if I could remove you/ then my life would be better. If I could make you understand with hate/ then you would know, what has happened to me! Or more simply: everything about being human recognizes life is your own choice, and your own decision, and your own acceptance of reality by its truth, guiding that decision. Whereas everything about being animal is a consequence of the things people do, and the realities of no control over my own life; so then YOU are responsible for everything bad in me. Which becomes either predator (I will manipulate, deceive or trap, and overpower with fear) or prey (I will hide, or run away, or let them eat another; because of fear).

To be swayed into a direction that you would otherwise not go, is the fault of a leader (even if they are correct)/ but it is also the description of a follower, that wants to alleviate the decision of his or her own life, the consequence of their own future; by pretending someone else will do this better.

The foundation of a life, is built upon the decisions that each one will make of their own knowledge and understanding/ thereby building the future through their own desire, by establishing the purpose that will then keep them alive, and in touch with the value of a deliberate destiny. We are independent people, NOT a mass that will go as a herd into eternity. We are individual values, created by the love that is exhibited in our trials and tribulations, for a world that is “as best we can”. These are dimensional traits, which construct an essence beyond self, as the contribution we can or will make. Thereby establishing the destiny where we do belong. That cannot be done by following others: it is your duty, to do the work, and make the decision that will become your truth. That cannot be done for someone else, which means to lead is to steal their own opportunity, and corrupt your reality: to belong as eternity will allow.

The dimensions of a life

The question is: how big, can the consequences of your own thought become? The critical conception is: where are the limits, and how will you defend the boundaries beyond which you WILL dissipate and die?

The answer is: an elemental journey limits the dimensions of your soul, to what you can understand; thereby the value of your truth is the defender of your life. The eternal journey lifts the dimensions of your universe, into a conception of soul that has no boundary other than GOD ! Here in this place, only the truth that is GOD will matter. Your acceptance of that fact, must be “as pure” as it is possible to be/ or you die.


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