In the values of life, it is always necessary to face reality as best you can. We are not given an exit strategy to avoid reality, that will provide anything of value/ each of those, ultimately discards truth so that you can believe whatever you wish to believe. Belief being the first step into want, which is the foundation of all lies.

Given that truth, I too now face the reality of providing more than sufficient information and evidence to establish; you must fight for this world, or all life will become extinct. Your response, as is evident by your lack of doing anything: is we don’t care/ or we cannot, because we fear too greatly the power of a university turned against us. Even though extinction should be the far greater fear/ you are believers, and as all believers know: “you cannot question the leader or the book”. It isn’t allowed.

My own methods, over forty years; were primarily designed to establish “you can understand this, and forecast the future”/ but you just didn’t care, about anything but greed. Male cannot be deterred by anything less than war/ and war as history proves teaches man nothing but how to build worse weapons.

Searching the spiritual world: female entered (what would you do_), to establish her world during this last decade or so. By using me to educate you in more diverse methods of conception. Thereby proving you can understand “this is more than a game”. But as reality proves; you didn’t care about that either/ choosing instead extinction. By your fear, or disdain for reality. Makes no difference: extinction is extinction. Past the point of no return, there is no coming back to life.

That leaves me with the reality, although sad: to either abandon you, or go slightly farther into the elements of thought which allow even more dangerous experiments to follow; if you were to survive. The probability of your survival is very small, so as a last moments type of surrender to your failures; I will go that slightly farther, in order to prove “this is no game”. Even though it offends me greatly, the spiritual woman inside demands it must be so: to remove all of my own possible, participation in your demise. This is my transfer of responsibility: from me, to you, forever! Regardless of the outcome.

We then begin with, and will limit this discovery too: elements of genetics, as do prove the entire failure of humanity to respect the reality of NATURE itself. You will not learn/ you will mutilate life into chaos, and be horrified: unless you stop the insanity “right now”. Such is the premise of this work.

I then begin with the genetic “string of life”. Or as described “the six billion or so chemical descriptions of how to build a body, that has discipline, order, balance, and the necessary “thought (operational systems)”; which make it possible for life to exist”.

University says: there are twenty three definable sections, on a strand or string of DNA: presenting roughly 6 billion individual chemical signatures/ by the presence of four developmental chemical composites which work together to form a distinction of the makeup (processes, patterns, electrification, utilities, manufacturing, transportation, road maps, resource separation, chemical commands, outer commands, environmental commands, and construction workers) that begin the creation, which we call life. It is not a simple “numbers system”/ which is the entirety of university knows nothing but destruction.

The foundation of nature is, to create a boundary, within which an individual creation can accomplish the necessary purity to achieve the 3-d assembly of parts that is directed by DNA. To identify the disciplines involved an independent creation which is the start of the process itself, MUST learn what it does intend to create (we, the DNA; need a plan) so to speak. It creates this through the chemical pictures of each 4 part composite defined along the strand. These individual pictures, created by the mixing of chemicals in each composite (they have a translucency which allows light, heat, electricity and more to participate in; due to the spread of chemicals in that plate: that are then stacked one on top of the other to form a 3-d, dimensional drawing. Thereby allowing for an image of the form; to be constructed. With billion to one or less instructional chemical capabilities; each picture or plate holds the values of a unique piece to the puzzle. But it is not an instructional palette. The critical elements to that phase of creation are aligned with the development of operational systems, and the demonstration of thought; as is essential to recognize freedom to exist. An elemental truth regarding all life.

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Jim Osterbur

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