I will begin this with the statement: my sites will close in July of 2019/ unless someone else chooses to pay for them. The reality of “You don’t care” not even about a world being ignited on fire. Or nature itself being mutilated beyond repair. Or the end of resources, which includes water, oxygen, food and everything else: is a reality I cannot fix. Only you can do that/ and you refuse. So, I surrender the world to your gods: the universities who have given you endless threats of extinction in return for your slavery and worship of them.

It is your pride that defeats you; demanding “I CAN” when all the evidence proves no you cannot.

Even so, as a farewell gift/ this does establish a choice, which then makes even the least among you capable of participating in the true changing this world.

There are three realities of human society that determines who shall rule, and how. The first is, by democracy we the people do have a vote/ and if we don’t surrender that vote: but choose to decide the basic and real framework of law that then rules over us all. WE BECOME THE OWNERS HERE. Democracy uses a constitution to declare: THIS, THESE WORDS, ARE THE GOVERNMENT! It is neither man nor woman nor organization. OUR CHOSEN WORDS RULE HERE, and that makes the contract of a constitution: OUR GOVERNMENT.

Those who work for us, are merely our employees/ regardless of title.

The second is: without a rule/ there is no ruler! The difference between a law, and a rule is: a law applies to all of life and society, and describes the future as well. While a rule applies to individual actions, that then become the means to do individual harm to a citizen, because someone else, or some portion of society, wants to control them. We need “one hundred one page laws” that cover all aspects of living in this society and this world. ONCE DONE PROPERLY, THEY WILL LAST FOR A THOUSAND YEARS! The details are determined in a court of law, with all of society watching/ and voting if they so choose. When we own the law/ THEN WE OWN THE COURT, and can defend ourselves from attack, corruption, and failure. Some rules are required: such as everyone drives on the same side when going in the same direction/ but not much more than that. Individual responsibility and justice will then prevail. The right, to establish FAIR PLAY, is inherent when “we the people”, control the rules as a society: such things as a fine that is absolute tyranny can be disposed of. A fine such as: the very same amount of money charged to a very poor man/ that is charged to a very rich man: for the very same offense. It has to be a percentage of income or possession/ to establish the same cost to me, as it is to you. Let a jury decide when necessary. Let a jury understand: what you are deciding is not the law in court/ INSTEAD what you are deciding is justice in this society, by our decision to be fair.

The third reality is: that this or any society, not living within an appropriate truth: MUST be governed by “limited capitalism”. Limited capitalism means: that we the people shall decide for ourselves, HOW MUCH/ OR HOW LITTLE; any citizen shall be allowed to earn in any given year. By limiting income, and/or possessions (pick your own number): power to control all the people, is given over to we the people. Because NOBODY is allowed to gather or obtain more than the rest allow. Which means: the size of business will be limited/ the option of business will open up/ the realities associated with economics will be spread among the many. And the values of society, rather than a tiny few who took everything; shall control the world instead.

MORE, is located in these sites which I provide: but this is enough to establish “a bloodless change” in how we live; and what our future will be.

CHANGE IS: accomplished by using time and communication to decide and determine the law that “this society” demands shall be changed too. And then voted upon. Those in government, faced with overwhelming acceptance of that law: will capitulate. That means: once it is done to your own satisfaction/ ALL THE OLD LAW, SHALL BE BURNED, OR DISCARDED. NO “congress or other shall make law”/ their job is merely to investigate and prove OUR LAWS, have been implemented correctly.

You WILL take away the right of all employees in government to control the currency/ or create debts/ or decide war: as a part of that demand for law shall rule us: NOT OUR EMPLOYEES.

YOU will ESTABLISH the foundations which are required for a society to remain at peace; secured by the fact: that we are all in this together. And that will mean: the decisions about who controls the resources/ what education shall be/ world law instead of weapons of mass destruction/ and more, are going to be decided by our own human vote. As individual citizens of this nation or as a world united to survive.

NO WAR IS NEEDED; because deciding the law, decides the power that then becomes “our friend/ or our enemy”. By our own vote: that power is then us, one vote per each legal citizen. NO do over, unless you do not achieve 51% to start. A minimum 70% to establish this shall not be changed for at least ten consecutive years past this date/ and only if a greater percentage agrees on that change. THE DEAL IS: NO LAW SHALL USURP, or DENY THE CONSTITUTION/ as that document, and two others (bill of rights/ declaration of independence); is our contract with each other, as a nation.


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