I WANT (this will change me; this will save me; this will make me happy; this will “solve every problem”, and more), is the core reality of all direct human caused, problems. WANT is essentially the motivating factor, for an endless realm of actions and reactions, including lies, cheating, stealing, etc/ desires and purposes, including addiction, use, and abuse/ evil and violence, betrayal and more. Because want identifies a direction, and it requires no thought, no comprehension over instant, no discipline or order, no balance or truth: it is, as it has always been; simply want.

The critical construction is simple: “I don’t need to think/ I just do; which of course makes you spontaneous and free”.

The critical reality however is: without thinking of the consequences, or determining the truth of your decision: everything about being free can end, and your steps into a situation without truth, can bring “hell, heartache, and even suicide”.

Want does not need thought to participate in your relationship with life, because it is not sustainable, therefore like any other fantasy; it will soon disappear. Consequently it seems safe, to participate/ because it is fleeting. Alas “bullets are fleeting too”.

Thought is a description that extends beyond the development of an animal definition; which then brings the reality of being human ALIVE. Because it is your need to participate, and your journey to learn all that truth can provide. Truth then becomes trusted, and that trust becomes a home for all that life can be through the essence of what has value; as is love, respect, courage, knowledge, friendships, discipline, order, balance, and more. These relationships with your life, are gained through the acceptance of truth as your guide. Just as the essence of love is identified, when we share and care deliberately, and without the meaning of self. As is, LIFE decides, not want.

Want is the foundation of every lie ever told. Because it is the platform upon which the desire to make this change: which is not going to occur for me “I fear”/ UNLESS, I do something to make that happen. Therefrom I WANT, arises to shout: if I only did this, or refused the reality of that, or made my self into an image, or whatever want is for you. THEN, I could change my world, and become the owner of everything I want. But alas, want is a liar/ and fraud, fantasy, treachery, deceit, failure, foolishness, addiction, violence, and all that is “evil”; begins with want/ as does pride (I want to win), power (I will show you: I CAN make you cry), lust (I want your body/ NOT you), and greed (mine is not enough, so I will take yours too).

given that brief introduction:

The realities of trying to ignite a nuclear fire, identifies with “WE WANT, to be god”. How better to prove we can be god, than to play with the same fire as is on the sun.

The realities of mutilating nature as is DNA, identifies with “WE WANT, to be gods”. How better to prove we can be god, than to remake life in our own image/ regardless what that is, so long as it is not “natural”; then it is us.

The realities of destroying every resource, as is being done across the world: identifies with “WE WANT, to be gods”. How better to insist, YOU MUST BEG US/ or we let you die. Establishing superiority without question, by making your life, depend upon our decision or work.

The realities of controlling every conversation; by overtaking government (we make all the decisions)/ communication (we tell you what to think)/ military control (we own the fear, and make you faint)/ voting (you are nothing without our direction)/ money (the money is whatever we decide, because reality no longer matters)/ mind control (believe in university, and NEVER question your university gods)/ and the future (you are dead, we are dead: therefore who gives a damn about you). All reek of want, and the cost of being WRONG. THE demand is: that we are gods/ who do control you like puppets on a string. Whatever we want, we take, with words, communication, and education, that you cannot control! You shall bend and sway, with every little decision we make: as is the right of your gods (the university curse) to control your lives.

The escape from reality is an addiction: which establishes fear consumes me. I need something I WANT.

The demand for fantasy, is an affliction: which establishes the desire for NO REALITY CAN TOUCH US, as a lie supported by “we haven’t paid yet”. Alas, it just means the debt you will pay; is enormous. Which makes for even greater fantasies to be adhered too: as is the case of those things described above. You WANT WHAT YOU WANT; therefore you gamble and choose the lies, instead of facing your truth. Because you want, what you cannot have: as is a life without balance for this world.

You want to be free/ but in so doing: the consequences for your actions and reactions are extinction. Because you didn’t care, when reality, nature, and life all said: YOU MUST NOT do these things. Running away into your lies, and hiding in your pride (we haven’t paid yet). Has no meaning, when in a speeding car headed over a mountain cliff; just before impact.

Change or die.


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