lies fail


As I finish this work, realities come to mind that I cannot dismiss without understanding; “even if the biblical prophecy is errant”/ the consequences of what humanity has chosen are clear. Extinction comes soon. The human race for want, all scream: “it can’t be so/ NOTHING bad will happen in my lifetime; and I don’t give a damn about what happens when I die”. Ain’t nothing important, but me!

The reality of a failure to care, is something I cannot fix.

Even so, let’s look at your reality one last time.

  1. The universities are certain to ignite a nuclear fire, which will not be extinguished/ yet you don’t care, because you believe they are gods, “and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you”. Even though they already have.
  2. The universities and others are mutilating nature everyday, a million or more times each day across this world. Nature is DNA and the genetics which build a body of life/ yet the universities say “its all an accident (we don’t have to care)/ its all from chaos (destroyed to as simple as it can get)/ its evolution (we built it ourselves, one piece at a time). Even a monkey would know none of that is true; yet you don’t/ because you are a cult worshiping “university gods”.
  3. The universities and others have mutilated your food supplies, and opened every crop to pandemic chaos/ risking everything for life; because that is what they do. Failing everything life needs, just to prove they can be gods/ even though no greater lie exists.
  4. The chemistry of man has poisoned extreme and excessive amounts of land and water/ leading to sickness, cancers, and more. Yet because this is easy, there is no desire to make them stop, or change their ways. Some chemistry is necessary/ but like medicines, and surgery they can easily do more harm than good.
  5. In America, the constant average population rise of 3% over the entire twentieth century; did not change/ even though the reporting suddenly changed and remains today as a population rise of one half of one percent. Even a monkey could see that is not true. Three percent means the human population of earth even from their 7.6 billion count is “another billion people in less than five years”. With no food or water or land or anything to make them happy: which of course means war. The proven answer of men! But alas “kill a billion people”/ and they will be replaced in less than five years: NOT a solution.
  6. It is clear more resources are being used every ten years, and thrown away; than in all of human history preceding that date. Which means the earth shall soon be barren, and without the means for life to survive. Forcing humanity into the garbage dump; where they will fail/ and then war.
  7. But hey you got plenty of weapons of mass destruction; so who cares/ right!
  8. The ocean is far more dead than you would believe, because media and others; use propaganda to lead you to whatever the cursed want you to believe. The chains of life there are being broken, pollution, everything; because you don’t care. Even though it is a major food source, and will instantly create famine, as that life crashes into extinction soon.
  9. Global warming is massive and true: even a monkey would know, that the elimination of ice on the poles proves that without a doubt. Entirely caused by human release of heat, and its pollution. Changing the very nature of earth as it deteriorates into chaos and tragedy.
  10. The atmosphere is losing its grip on this earth/ and the wind will accelerate beyond the ability of life to survive it. Because that attachment was created by plant life, and in particular “leaves” to slow the wind and keep or atmosphere in contact with this earth. Deforestation ends that. Heating the atmosphere causes a larger volume of air to rise higher. Air has mass, the higher that mass is lifted, the less attraction gravity has with it. Which in turn causes that mass to “be left behind”. Which then increases wind speed, in that latitude to occur; which then sucks the atmosphere and heat or cold from the latitudes which surround it. The greater the area affected, the more influence over wind speeds affecting the entire globe that it has.Or more simply when enough mass being left behind: because the height of it has exceeded what moves with the planet. On a planet that is spinning at over one thousand miles per hour at the equator: then causes that portion of the atmosphere to disengage with the planet/ and all the rest of the atmosphere must pull it back. Which affects, or begins to affect the entire world as is being seen; starting with the jet streams.
  11. You are the greatest cause of mass life extinction this world has ever known. Destroying habitat/ ending chains of life/ never a single moment of concern, for anything but yourselves. Even though you are dependent upon the diversity of every life that makes up this earth. “one needs the other”/ because the chemistry of life itself, is not based upon a single living existence.Your body is constantly making, altering, and destroying chemical compounds, but they’re so varied and complex that it’s impossible to detect and count them all. Water is the most common, but the count will be dominated by long sugar molecules, proteins, RNA, and DNA. At a minimum, there are probably at least as many different chemicals as there are nucleated human cells in the body (about five trillion, not counting the tens of trillions of bacteria in the gut). I say that mainly because mutation means DNA molecules in one cell are likely to differ from those in others. your geneticists” change life, by injecting/ displacing/ destroying/ or altering the configurations that create not only the chemicals, but the order, discipline, and balance of a living structure called the body. Claiming they will become “gods, and change life: by mutilation, crucifixion, or tragic occurrences ”. Claiming; it does not matter what they do, because evolution “is chaos”/ therefore chaos is god. Yet all of life shouts with absolute certainty: that it exits ONLY because the chaos was removed. Who could possibly be more stupid than you? Are you not destroying an entire living world: simply to prove you don’t care?
  12. Humanity has destroyed its own connections with itself. The universities have counterfeited your money, by taking control over governments and hiding that criminal activity by claiming asset generation in excess of 9 trillion dollars per year, just for the USA. Claiming debts don’t matter/ and spending money (my work/ not yours); without the slightest regard for reality or consequences of your failures. Discarding the future entirely, to play games, and pretend they can be gods. While you let them; because you are a cult, of university worshipers; along with media used to propagate the truth “you can’t face your reality: because you are cowards”. Trapped in the slaughter pen, and awaiting the inevitable curse that is: “we just wanted what we wanted/ didn’t give a damn about anything else/ and absolutely insist: not in my lifetime; because I don’t want that”. As if it mattered to the truth or its reality of consequences. All lies fail.The fundamental here is: that you want what you want, without the slightest concern for consequences or realities that you have changed. For forty plus years, I have fought with you about the price of what you were doing; and you scoffed, ridiculed, hated, or simply avoided me. While I am told I should be arguing with you, or presenting information in various methods across the internet; as a means of spreading this message: that is functionally life comes first. Yet forty years have proven, that will be pointless; unless you are willing to do it for yourselves. You refuse because the sum total of my work is: this planet will not survive, UNLESS you, humanity at large; is honestly willing to change what you do, and have done. To live in the ways life and planet need for you to accept: so we can all remain living. Alas, you like what you have become: trashing the world/ destroying the future/ cheating every life and child/ stealing from each other/ and absolutely worshiping the universities as the god you want “because they claim everything is free/ no consequences for me”. Not true, but if you only willing to live in a lie/ you die, impacting everything else; in tragedy and disgrace. Not what you want to hear: you want what you want, period! And you truly DON’T want to pay, for the consequences of your decisions; not one single penny. Yes I know, but truth doesn’t care, and it will decide. Even If it is to be a world lost, I am not your savior, god, excuse, or other/ there is nothing I can do alone. It is my thought again; that I will quit this work one month in advance of the biblical point of no return. I could be wrong/ but to alleviate your excuse that you need time to comprehend what has been given. I expect to stop presenting more. But I have been wrong before, time will tell.July 9, 2019 is the point of no return; when mercy ends; Biblically speaking [according to Daniel 12, countdown of days, which ignites at the first true evidence of the great abomination; which absolutely is, “trying to ignite the same nuclear fire here; as is on the sun”. Humanity cannot do worse, therefore it is true. After all: who am I to tell you, what media has not planted in your head. You cannot possibly think for yourself. “the universities are god”, and they do all the thinking/ cause the rest of us, are just too stupid. Now ain’t that right? Even though the evidence says: chaos is coming, by their ways. EVEN YOU; cannot run away and hide from an all consuming nuclear fire “just like the sun”. Now ain’t that so/ even if, media refuses to tell you it is true? Answer the question! This is not a game. And there are no second chances!And all the people say: YOU CANNOT possibly be correct, BECAUSE ALL THE UNIVERSITIES, have agreed to do these things; and we have let them. WHICH MEANS WE CANNOT ALL BE WRONG! So it has to be you! But alas, I make no claim other than I search for what is truth by the evidence. The evidence will prove without the slightest doubt: that everything they claim about the sun, is an absolute theory, other than a few tiny details. Because they cannot claim to have experimented with it before/ nor can they prove to look inside “million mile long flames of energy expanding”. Which means: the universities have produced stories, which they believe in/ but like all religions, “that doesn’t make it true”. In contrast, I have given you “concrete facts” to dispute and disprove all their stories: asking only, “that you think for yourselves” and ask: WHAT HAPPENS, TO OUR WHOLE WORLD; IF THEY ARE WRONG? Answer, “hell begins”. The reality of a nuclear fire is: NOTHING LESS, could power the sun, than burning atoms. We do know it for a fact! They have already proven fusion does not exist at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories: go search, and ask questions.  I REPLY WITH THIS: that there are in fact probably not more than a dozen or so theoretical physicists who decided “what the sun must be like”. And made up their story, presenting it to their “employees” as a fact. Their decision combined into “a book”: COLLECTED ALL OF THEM, more than a trillion dollars to spend/ and gave them power and pride among all nations. Like all religions: WE HAVE A BOOK/ therefore we are gods, and it cannot be wrong; because we now agree. In contrast to that: is the reality of things like: “a president to the USA”. Just because a president says so: DON’T make it true, even if they write a book. In terms of igniting a nuclear fire: OUR WORLD ONLY GETS ONE CHANCE. And all the religions say: OUR GOD would never let this earth die/ even if it is a bible prophecy. With enough valid interpretation, that cannot be proven wrong to back it up. BECAUSE WE BELIEVE “what we want to be true”.

    In contrast, I have said: you should believe what is true instead. I ask for nothing more than an HONEST evaluation of the facts. Yet you refuse because the universities are your gods. A reality proven true in nearly all of religion. Even though they claim evolution {life came from chaos/ all just an accident}/ as is clearly a lie. Yet you won’t be honest about those facts either: to your shame.

    I have proven a reality of thought, that is consistent with truth/ presenting “numerous words” to justify the demand for a search of the evidence. NOT to prove them wrong or me right/ but to evaluate the cost of being WRONG! 

    You refuse, because like all religions: you have no faith in your gods to prove what you believe. Therefore you “just believe”/ so that no further proof is required. It makes life simple: as in, I believe whatever I want; because you CAN’T prove me wrong/ I WON’T allow it. I won’t listen/ I won’t think/ I won’t question/ I won’t believe anything I don’t want to believe. Because I won’t subject what I believe, to the truth of evidence, by its reality: that we can then acknowledge as true.

    Not to worry though, if the universities really are gods: then they have proven to be “Satan”. So, why be afraid, something could go wrong? Isn’t life just chaos, as the universities say? Investigate evolution for yourself; chaos, and we built it all ourselves, “from pieces off the shelf” we just went and picked up, without even paying for it. A trillion to one odds; for just one piece/ and we are trillions of pieces all put together in a way that is far more than chemistry. And they say “its just chaos” changed by ENDLESS ORDERLY/ DISCIPLINED/ BALANCED/ THINKING, accidents. Gee, how could they be wrong/ or even media which constantly enforces evolution: because they SIMPLY, worship the universities.

    Wake up or die.

    Let your “university great ones”, be taken into court/ under the penalties for perjury clearly explained. Demand that they produce distinct and true evidence, that functionally and fundamentally proves the experiments they have produced: CANNOT turn deadly for our world. How is that unfair?

    Also insist: there shall be no math (measurements used to hide facts, that can be known)/ because only understanding identifies the foundation upon which a decision can be made. There shall be NO theories, assumptions, or expectations: as to be wrong plummets our entire world “Into a nuclear fire/ that cannot be extinguished”. Every life lost forever, including this earth. How is that not a fair demand to know: EXACTLY, what it is that you gamble LIFE with? The same is true of other threats, and in particular genetics.

    TELL THEM PLAINLY: THIS IS YOUR GREAT OPPORTUNITY, to let the world see just how truly smart you are. How is that not true?

    As for me: I have done my part, and I have presented you with more than sufficient information to establish and create a trial that can be consistent with truth. I NEED NOT, be present, as repeating myself is unnecessary. Should it be necessary to aid your endeavor, to find the truth; that I will consider. Otherwise, it is your turn to work!

    IF I find you have done little to prepare for trial, or work for life, or establish a desire to acknowledge the importance of this decision for your world. TO LEARN, “TRUE OR FALSE”. Discarding your own need to participate for this world/ THEN I will abandon you forever, and let you die; because you just didn’t care enough. That is my promise to you. I would suggest, this is a message from GOD : who sent me to help you survive; as well. Those who don’t care, or won’t’ share the burden; have no love. Where there is no love/ there is no value.


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