Of the things which identify humanity most are: “I want, & I don’t want”. There is no critical thought to wanting/ it is simply an action or a reaction to either a consequence, or a functioning desire such as hunger or sex. The unfortunate reality of that is: without thought preceding an action or reaction, the consequences are always less than they could or should be. As is the common display of no order/ discipline/ or balance to a life. Work is then a reality of need (I am forced), or an intellectual trap (I can make someone else/ or hide the truth/ or play games with a lie) rather than participation in an element of life and living; and the consequence of that is unhappiness.

OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED, our environment is changing, our future is dead: without humanity changing because of these facts/ because we are the cause of it. Consequently, the need for thought could not be greater. Unfortunately, your universities are not environments for thought; they are merely religious schools for teaching the current dogma, of whatever human conversations desire to play with. As is memorize this/ DON’T question it, the book is god. “god” suggests: we can do anything we want/ never pay/ and never have to listen, because nothing can make us change. In human terms, “its called leadership rules”.

Regardless of that, humanity tries to do what thinking first would provide; as is proven by the constant worship of university knows religion. The problem being: they NEVER put life and planet first. But are always searching for a new toy to play with/ a demand to say “look at me”; thereby avoiding work, as if it were a true plague. Demanding attention, for doing little or nothing; but aiding and abetting tragedies for life: the list is long to prove that.

Thought is not an intellectual game, and the only prize you get is to learn how best “to order, discipline, and balance your own life”. It will never be a playground for leaders; because it does not lead. Thought follows truth, and lives by the certainty what is pure within that truth identifies a path beyond self, to attain the values which make life possible, to survive. Truth and purity through the values of thought, are then the basis of a destiny which could provide eternal life. Even so, that is not a foundation to be conceived of here.

The critical change in humanity that is required for our survival is: YOU MUST FOLLOW TRUTH, to identify what we can and cannot do, for our world, and all its life. EVERYTHING living must be protected, because you DON’T know, where the intricate realities of very specialized chemistry (that make life itself possible) arise from. So basically anything lost, could have a massive impact on this planet; and we DON’T know what that is/ nor will we ever know it.

Therefore an appreciation for truth and for life and for planet ARE REQUIRED; its called respect. A reality your universities, their educational failures, and the consequence of media cheerleaders have done their best to destroy. Along with society which has no use for truth, but merely wants what it wants. Because throughout human history, people have merely ransacked, ravaged, and raped both nature and planet/ or murdered their neighbors to survive. It is the cost of failure; and it has been rampant.

TRUTH MEANS: a path has been found, which leads to the understanding called “why”. It is then why, that assembles a base elevation called knowledge, which translates the participation of elements involved in either an action, a reaction, or a decision.

RESPECT MEANS: knowledge has arrived to assemble the understanding thought brings, to the engagement of life and living in a world that exists because of order/ balance/ discipline/ thought/ energy/ love/ values/ courage/ decision/ the sanctity of truth/ the acceptance of reality/ and movement. Within each of these, are the foundations upon which life does survive. The arrival of them all (at the freedom of your own discretion), within a human being: FROM THE BEGINNING. Is without doubt, due to a “superior ESSENCE of life, humanity calls GOD”.

Reality states: playtime for humanity is over/ you have chosen to damage too much, and the cost or consequence of that is your own extinction from this world; as a result of your failures, foolishness, and blind guides. Simple as that. Belief matters not; because truth will decide/ and truth identifies: your time on earth as humanity, is now short. Change is mandatory!

CHANGE MEANS: “just to begin”.

  1. Accept the limits and realities of what nature and planet provide/ protecting all life, and planet from extinction. The opposite of what you have been doing. Error only on the side of protecting what IS IMPORTANT; as is the nature that brought life here to this earth. The planet that supported and provided time. NOT THE CURSE of “university knows”; they are literally “satan”. They must be sorted: good from bad! As proven by every threat that surrounds us with extinction. Even the oxygen you breathe, is no longer certain.
  2. Accept what you want CANNOT decide our future. Want is now irrelevant or worthless: because life for this whole world comes first/ NOT you. What must be done to help our very existence, stop destroying this planet, or killing its life: MUST be done.
  3. Accept that world law, and world policing; MUST be the replacement for all your horrific weapons across this planet. Nothing less will do.
  4. Accept the only way humanity is going to change, is YOU MUST BE INVOLVED; and communicate the reality of why this is necessary (as best you can); or we all die. It is mandatory, and it requires that you accept your own decision, and declare: this is my own personal choice. No hiding or running away: stand up and be counted. Sign your name to it, or you won’t be counted.
  5. Accept the discipline that is ONLY TRUTH GETS TO DECIDE; not you or me. What is functionally or fundamentally “the best we can do”; for our world, its future, and all life.
  6. Accept there is an order to existence that must be sustained. NO YOU DON’T get whatever you want. Yes EVERYBODY has to contribute something of themselves, as a value for life/ or be abandoned.
  7. Accept there is a balance required to achieve happiness; the most fundamental of all that is balanced is the joining of male and female within the realm of love. What can be done to achieve that for all, MUST be done.
  8. Accept that with machines, computers, factories, and the realities of this life humanity has made: there is room for only about ten percent of the real workforce to be employed. When the tragedy of excess, and the roar of “throw it all away” is over. THAT MEANS; you will be sharing the work, and finding new ways to be happy/ or at war, ending life.
  9. Accept resources are limited, and the future NEEDS THEM TOO.
  10. Accept the value of love is, the single treasure that makes life worth living, even into eternity. CHERISH IT, or die.
  11. Accept your insanity is based almost entirely on “WHAT YOU DON’T WANT”; because it is the circle inside your brain that will not let you go: until you make a decision for your future. That decision is either: I will pay the price and accept it without further concern/ I will reject the price and establish revenge (hate)/ or the failure to decide one direction or the other becomes insanity, and all the mental ailments humanity defines. LIFE IS EITHER, a decision to love/ or the opposite, a decision to hate; and there is no true in-between (that is a lie).
  12. ACCEPT GOD YOUR CREATOR; and discard “satan”; the universities attempt to make themselves god; as is the constant throughout human history. FIND TRUTH, by searching through every religion to accept what can be proven as valuable. FIND TRUTH IN MIRACLES OF LIFE, THAT SURROUND US ALL. Find truth, by understanding the simple element of your freedom: is a reality beyond time, that expands into the spiritual realm of discipline, if you become true to yourself (without lies).The last payment I will make in support of this work, or these sites: shall cause them to end in the month of July 2019/ whenever that last payment runs out. IF you wish to retain them: you must donate sufficient money to establish that as as a fact. Beyond that time limit, you are instructed to understand: ONLY the amount that sustains the sites I have prepared for you is allowed; as my work is done. And I will not be held to any other responsibility for you.

    I am free to change my mind; but that is highly unlikely at best. IF you desire to keep them available to you: I strongly urge you to download them, copy and paste or whatever you choose. They are free to all: which means you CANNOT restrict any other from doing the same as you.

    IF you are wandering why media does not cover these threats, this reality of evidence that proves the university leadership; as is in charge of “everything” is wrong. The answer is as simple as cult worship, media is the “Jehovah’s witnesses” of university religion (they are gods_they have a book). And I have given them a hard time. So their pride says: “we, the university graduate elite; CAN’T be wrong”. Not even with the world itself on trial: for LIFE OR death.

    IF you are wandering about the courts/ do not; I have been there many times, and the criminal conspiracy to discard and destroy democracy itself; cannot be troubled to identify a threat beyond themselves. Therefore they hide in the plain conspiracy, “to never let the constitution rule”.

    IF you are wandering about police and military: they are trained to believe whatever they are told by leadership/ and leadership says, “he can’t be true/ we have a book”. And the book is our law; so you can’t question the law.

    IF you are wandering about the vast majority of people, do not: this is simply what they do not want. They want, only to be rich, and get more trophies: to hell with the future, so say them all.

    IF you are wandering about religion: they cannot question their belief/ so they cannot honor the truth of our reality. “its against the rules”. As to Christianity and the Jewish version of that: even though it is their own prophecy/ their own book that says: the countdown of days is true. They want what they want, and hide under the cover of shame.

    So then we come to the end of time, with one simple conclusion: either humanity will accept reality by the evidence and submit to the fact only truth can now decide for the sake of our world, and all its life/ OR, regardless of prophecy, the evidence is clear; time on earth will now be short. Just growing in population by one billion more mouths to feed in less than five years: will absolutely insure that is so.

    The decision you made.


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