As is the constant of leadership by university knows: the following table link L.5 was ended with the year 2015; and unless you know what to look for, it will not be found in current documents. Because people began to notice, and recognize: line 19 as total US liabilities in 2nd quarter 2015; were $150.853 TRILLION DOLLARS. Whereas line 33 establishes total US assets 2nd quarter 2015 were declared as $205.023 trillion dollars. The table is in “billions of dollars”; which means a [1.] is equal to one billion dollars.

One trillion dollars is equal to: one hundred million people each, with ten thousand dollars holding either as debt or asset.

In this USA in 2015 although NO accurate figure could be found, because they hide the true number of people in the workforce: so they can play. It is not without some accuracy, that the number exists between 100- 150 million. At one hundred million workers (nobody pays but a worker) the debts incurred are $1.508 million dollars per worker. At one hundred and fifty million workers that debt in 2015 would have been $1.005 million per worker. The military is not considered a worker/ as they spend, rather than earn for the nation.

In contrast to that are the claimed assets, which can be divided equally for this purpose among all citizens: let’s call it 300 million people for simplicity. In 2015 the federal reserve states in line 33: that there is two hundred and five trillion dollars in assets. Divide that by 300 million citizens=$683,333.33 per each one (babies and all). Do you see a problem with that? What it really means is: the inflation which your news sources/ your politicians/ your universities/ your policing agencies and all the rest: utterly refused to advise you, a criminal conspiracy to destroy the economic foundation of America was going on. They refused, even though they knew: as I told them with proof.

Line 20, is of interest as it indicates the gold reserve is stated to be $11 billion dollars. And that number has not changed for decades. More simply: fort knox is empty, sold to the highest bidder by president Reagan/ to use for anything he wanted. While he gave away the entire American currency “to universities graduates who immediately gave themselves and their associates a million dollar raise”. Because they and he said: debts DON’T matter, unless you are a slave. The assets claim of this USA has been rising at $9 trillion dollars every year for decades. Assets allow for bank deposits (multiplied by 10, for loans) and stock market claims (we can declare ANYTHING we want/ regardless of reality). But included in that change of “government” was also: the elimination of massive amounts of people who believed that the USA would in fact pay their debts/ so they could trust a 15% or greater increase in investment return. “we don’t pay no debts”/ along with the currency to continue by selling off the entire gold assets of this USA: made that “true for the moment”. And all those who trusted “debts will be paid”, lost their investment/ farm/ whatever.

But far worse than any of that is the insurgency that resulted: wherein the bribes, and the belief “the universities are where the money is at”/ became an all-out assault on life in this USA. They buried the constitution/ destroyed media news, so as to hide the truth of their reality/ raised an army by making all those in education believe they could be RICH. And have controlled elections and governing ever since. By infecting the children “as pied pipers” to destroy their own ability to understand reality: NOT university fantasy rules life! By constantly proclaiming “we are the superior ones/ who MUST make all the decisions”. Or, the new nobility. Who gets anything they want: as in experiments “for science” by using trillions of dollars, proclaiming its our debt: for their toys.

Discarding all religion but their own: for example Christianity (an expression in love)/ for their evolution (chaos is god/ we built ourselves one piece at a time; “just picked it off the shelf”, and shoved it in, without a brain or tool or anything; its all MAGIC). So the realm of complete university fantasy and their fools began. And the stories got bigger, because distraction needs another continuing source for conversation. So the language grew (can’t understand us now)/ and the math became a foreign language (they won’t believe, because they can’t understand)/ and media exchanged news for entertainment, so you could accept “be happy, university is your god, and they wouldn’t hurt you”. But alas, with experiments clearly gambling with our entire planet/ experiments gambling with all of nature itself/ experiments gambling with the drinking water/ experiments gambling with the entire food supply/ realities of choice destroying the very fabric of this living planet of life/ and the constant source of arrogance, that absolutely won’t search for truth; but believes in want.

Therefore, Our current situation exists: as extinction looms large, with no chance to go back.

YOU, have been economically shattered and destroyed as a nation: by the will and the whim of “university is god”. But that is nothing compared to what is coming: as the reality of experiments that can in fact destroy every possibility for the future of life on this entire earth, continue to consume every chance life has to survive. No resource/ no life. All biology in chaos/ nothing but horrors to come/ igniting a nuclear fire, to burn atoms: HELL RELEASED. These are just some of the benefits your “university gods” have given to you. And will soon imprison you with, as the slaughter begins, and cannibalism becomes your only source for food or drink.

Such is the curse of a university education: “we are gods”/ has proven to be, “god of the dead”; as life continues to lose all chance of survival. Their disease is rampant, and the true cost is beyond your comprehension.

You are at least 8 billion people on earth rising at not less than another 1 billion more mouths to feed over deaths; per LESS THAN, every five years. WAKE UP OR DIE.

The reality is: you can recover from monetary crimes/ but you cannot recover from earth shattering, life changing, WRONG!

THE REALITY IS, IN THIS USA: that democracy means, WE THE PEOPLE HOLD THE FINAL SAY, over what shall be our nation and our contribution to this world. By our vote, within constitutional law.

THAT LAW EXISTS AS: FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Which literally means, we shall take our employees to court, and they shall justify their decisions based upon the constitutional decree of what they can or cannot do; according to our own contractual words, as agree upon in that constitution.


And everyone screams: I SPENT MY LIFE, for these numbers/ I SACRIFICED my time and everything else for these numbers/ I WANT WHAT I WAS PROMISED, by getting these numbers/ I OBEYED THE RULES, AND PLAYED THE GAME; even though it was unfair for these numbers. SO STOP TRYING TO KILL MY LIFE, BY DESTROYING THESE NUMBERS. It ain’t fair.

But alas, I did nothing but try to stop you from believing in lies: the fact you refused is not my fault. Simple as that.

As for you: consider the truth, that counterfeiting asset numbers in order to generate new debts; and the power to control that money, and do whatever the ruling people wanted. By 9 trillion dollars more than the economy generated each year. Just means: YOU were not paid. Because counterfeiting is not being paid with, or by reality. But then YOU did not want to pay your debts either, and the conspirators know that; so they can do anything they please. Counterfeiting for decades: because the reality never gets better; and YOU don’t want to pay. So the children do, because you are stealing their future, by destroying their resources.

MONEY IS: just the promise to pay each other with time, knowledge, work, resources or other. It is not life or death/ unless the majority refuse to accept your life has value.

So the question is: who among you has no value? Because if all have value, at least to a limited degree/ then nobody has to die; and we will work out the details by giving the decision of what to do now: to our own public vote. Counterfeit money has no value: which means even if you have a billion or more: it is still worthless!

That does make us all EQUAL.

Therefore what we do with our equality decides our future. The question is then WHAT do you wish to do, with equality as a people?

The correct answer is:

  1. we must survive the interim; until these things are settled. Consequently ALL will receive exactly the same “from government sources”; who work. Everyone willing shall be given a job: particularly insulation and energy reduction; just to start. Cheat and you will be sorry.
  2. The currency MUST be tied to a population count: so many numbers per each citizen, and no more. That way the currency per person remains constant/ and the security in knowing that proves what is fair.
  3. International currency MUST return back to gold or other REAL MONEY realities.
  4. NO GOVERNMENT ENTITY shall be allowed to create a public or other debt.
  5. Nobody gets to sell or buy property, until this is resolved.
  6. No tax will be collected: workers will receive their pay/ but if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Which makes this a resource question/ and who owns them is a reality to be dealt with by vote
  7. limited capitalism changes the world, by eliminating the very rich: by your choice as a vote.
  8. Shaping the future includes: the children have both rights and needs/ just like you.
  9. Social security is a percentage of GDP/ same for all. And that includes medicare, etc.
  10. there is no welfare/ which means there shall be the guarantee of a job, for those who will work. If you fail to work, you will find yourself removed from society and securities farther and farther.
  11. There is no medical insurance: which means reality will determine the price/ and with everybody equal, I suggest things will change dramatically.
  12. There are no unions: which means, everyone is guaranteed the right to strike (not the right to gain)/ if the majority of employees, earn less than the average citizen does. If you do, no right to strike exists/ BUT, strike control means: the right of the employers to collect more money than you: shall be determined by your own vote. Take too much from them, and they fail you too. Find should be noted: that a tariff is just a new tax on those who buy the product, in this USA: so that the leadership need not justify that tax/ and can then spend it in any way they please. It does nothing for a trade balance: unless all the money goes to building the manufacturing base that then replaces foreign business., being forced to raise their prices. It helps only the rich. Every new tax, regardless of where it originates is a pointless exercise in criminal (you have no right) extortion (pay us, because we will make you, and all you know, cry if you don’t): because nothing has changed to make what caused the problem go away. So every new tax, is a means to extend the debt even more. An excuse to delay the inevitable: “we the slaves cannot survive your burden”. The slaves are your children; as you have chosen to ruin their lives with your complete destruction of every resource, and everything that they would need. Surrendering this world as well. The university education: HAS IN FACT, replaced every authority in charge of business or industry. Changed every facet of life in America, to their way of doing things/ which includes destroying the constitution and overtaking democracy. Because they are certain: WE ARE SO SUPERIOR/ nobody can make a decision for themselves. So they are replacing you with artificial intelligence; to prove you shall be beggars/ and destroying your securities, with counterfeit money (asset claims that bear no reality to the truth)/ debts that cannot be paid, not even by multiple generations, with everything they can get. The earth is finite; and resource destruction is roughly the same amount or more every ten years/ as has been consumed throughout all the previous human history combined. As your garbage mountains do prove. The critical question is: are you going to let a tiny few people continue to distribute 9 trillion dollars in US inflation/ as proven by the federal reserve: ON ANY DAMN THING THEY WANT/ giving it to anyone they please/ destroying any business or industry they desire: attacking with military propaganda (we must)/ as that is always proof of power. And power is what drives the university to demanding we can play with the same energy as on the sun/ we can mutilate life into something else/ we can destroy the future, by making them beg us as their savior with genetic collapse/ we can destroy all peace and wipe them out with our weapons of mass destruction/ we can control and manipulate and OWN their children, making them do whatever we say: as every cult intends to do. Etcetera, and more.

    Or will you accept “only truth can save you now”. Because the reality of your failures in believing “the universities know”; is only beginning. Like a dam bursting at the seams: everything they covered up, will come to light. Because lies will fail.

    Consider this: that in America if you have $50,000.00 in savings: to be equal in currency with all the other citizens “when currency is divided among 300 million people”. YOU ARE, literally holding $633,333.33 LESS than everyone else in currency. OR, if you exchange a year’s worth of your work for $50,000.00/ then you have given someone else the inflation increase, claimed in assets by the USA for the year of another $9 trillion dollars over actual work created money. And it is now four years since this table L.5 was produced: which means at least another $36 trillion dollars has been added since. America is NOT the only one doing this, as the universities taught it to every government: “cause its great”/ we get everything we want; and as long as NOBODY gets to cash in on (the pyramid scheme). Then nobody has to know, “the university way, is as crooked as hell”.

    What you have gained is: HELL for your children, along with an eternity fitting for those who destroyed this Creation/ because you worshiped “satan”. Which means: those responsible for destroying a living world.

    Your media knows all these things/ as do the courts/ as do your politician’s/ as do your policing agencies/ and to a degree your religions; as well as the education system; and NOT ONE of them has stood up for life on earth, because they don’t want to pay the price of putting reality back into place. Of all the people I have talked too, over forty years +/ only a tiny few, cared enough about life, to even consider more than running away to hide from reality. You want what you want/ and you don’t want NOTHING, that might keep you from being “rich”. Even if you have no chance. Not even though to be rich/ you must make many more than you “poor”. Liars/ traitors/ thieves/ whores’/ failures/ fools/ cowards/ and other tragedies of human behavior are NOT going to save this world. The universities have prepared it to die; because they realized back in the very early sixties: that the future is dead, because they changed our reality. So they decided instead of fighting for life/ they would just make themselves “god”, and take all they could get; to their own eternal shame. But the majority worshiped them proclaiming “we don’t have to pay”; NOT in our lifetime. So the choice was: LET THE CHILDREN BE DAMNED. And that is exactly what you did do. FIX IT, or be remembered as “devil”, in eternity. Even though your claim is: “I JUST WANTED, WHAT I WANTED”.

    The answer too: how much did you fall behind if you made $50,000.00 per year in income? Is, 9 trillion dollars of hidden inflation per year; by claiming it is “asset accrual (your house went up this much, in value)”: divided by 100 million workers is $90,000.00 of inflation per year. So it really just matters how many workers are there? That answer is hidden by government employees; by you can get a hint by taking their advertised claims of unemployment and doing the math. Social security has no money, it is all a fantasy: like everything else in “a university diploma, is god”. But hey, as my dad used to say, “I CAN take this so called counterfeit money, and go buy a car/ right now”. So I must be wrong! That is the reality of numbers, they can be used to hide anything/ until the resources die, and reality does return with a vengeance. Without a resource, numbers are completely worthless. Simple as that.

    In case you missed it: instead of being smart and avoiding paying your debts, as the vast majority think of themselves. You have made it possible for your enemies to completely overwhelm you: and steal your property/ your lives/ your future/ and even your child with counterfeit money. Just look in the real estate investment stocks (reits), the properties being given away by your elected leaders, and reverse mortgages, just to name a few. And consider this: while actual property cannot be taken away except through the court (which belongs to them/ not you). Your investment in the business stock market itself: can in fact “disappear in a heartbeat”. Palestine, did the same general thing: taking the easy way out/ and their land became Israel.


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