Heartbeats, are the glue that hold us all together as one living creature organism; as opposed to, without a common bond. In recognition of that fact we are a family of rhythms, that do indicate the possibilities of both harmony and peace.

It is the vile nature of want (give me more), failure (I didn’t care), fantasies (yes we can/ even if we should never), lies (believe in whatever you want), greed (I want yours too), lust (you are worthless, I want your body), power (I will make you cry), pride (I made you a loser/ to me), hate (you made me do it), and violence (I will destroy what you want) that interferes in our reality of living. These are the result of countless people being unhappy, with who or what they are: they want more. To attain more, “for me”; as is selfishness: manipulation/ temptations/ control/ fear/ propaganda/ treason/ theft/ conspiracy/ collusion/ criminal/ and corruption all appear as their methods.

The critical quest, of humanity unleashed to be free: as life and truth intended you to be. Is accomplished only when the vast majority no longer “want, or want to be more”. Those are decisions that unleash all the trouble, specific to humans, being in time.

So then the critical question is: HOW can you be HAPPY, with who you are/ as a vast majority living in harmony, with peace?


  1. we must eliminate excessive power/ thereby controlling fear, and expanding the freedom of all. “limited capitalism” does that very thing/ by stopping the power of money, at a specific point determined by society itself. “no more than this”.
  2. We must eliminate excessive abuse of power, pride, want, control, and manipulation. This is done with democracy: as is we the people shall make the laws themselves/ which then govern us all. Re-establishing those in government employ; are in fact OUR employees/ and NOT our “government”; as is the constitution.
  3. We must eliminate temptations, propaganda, and thieves: by controlling the foundations of these things which is the ability to communicate lies, failures, fantasy, aggression, lust, and selfishness. This is done when we take control over all the means of mass communication: which collect money. OUR nation/ our right to demand the limits and boundaries to be placed upon those who subject us to the possibilities of their control. Such as: let the news be news. NEWS means: we the people have both a right, and a need to know this exists; so that we can exhibit our own control.
  4. We must eliminate treason, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, criminal, and fear: by controlling the courtroom with our vote. The judge shall NOT be granted control over OUR courtroom. THE JUDGE, as well as every lawyer and all involved; shall in fact be judged by the people themselves; as every case with few exceptions. Shall be broadcast to the public/ shall be immediately graded by each participant/ shall be subject to the rights and realities WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS COURTROOM. And it is our law that you will enforce for justice/ not contempt. By public vote: the judge may be thrown out of the courtroom. By public vote, a case may be overthrown. By public participation as a jury: whose job it is to determine if justice and democracy were served or not/ the rights and realities of democracy itself are served. Let the judge decide most cases/ let limits and boundaries be set on all types of cases/ let the demand for justice : THIS IS, what I would expect for me and mine; be established as true.
  5. Eliminate the games, and power dies: because you cannot pretend you have cause. Eliminate the trophy and pride dies: because no one wins. Eliminate want: and lies die, because without want, humanity does not want to lie. Eliminate failure: and the consequences of what you did do, will be subject only to you. Eliminate fantasy: and prove NO you cannot, because life is more precious than your arrogance. Eliminate greed, and we become better neighbors who don’t hate each other. Eliminate lust, and we all benefit. Understanding that woman is “the true temple of GOD, on earth”; goes a long way in the demand for respect.
  6. Eliminate hate: by choosing to separate those who have failed themselves [there own tiny country] along with all of life/ and the world rejoices. Eliminate violence, and the world builds for life.
  7. A family of rhythms, identifies what is true in each and every religion so that the value of what can be learned is open and accessible to all. Thereby truth decides, not belief. The value of truth is: alone, it survives eternity as the basis for life. Even though without love, that living is not desired.
  8. A family of heartbeats recognizes the fundamental value of diversity, as a means of hope and celebration of all that can be. Thereby we grow in all directions for the sake of our own happiness. That does not mean: every creature lives exactly the same/ or has the right to take over any other place. Each is responsible for their own lives and living in the reality they chose to construct.The summary end of all this work is very simple: unless you change, you will continue in your lies until they fail casting you into complete catastrophe; with no way out for this entire earth. Simple as that; so says the evidence against you. I will continue in my truth, as best reality will define it for me to understand. What will be at the end of it, is whatever the foundations of all truth itself shall decide. As to biblical prophecy, while the foundation of it is certain as to the countdown of days I have described for you. GOD IS GOD, and no human written prophecy will determine what HE can or will do. However it is true, that the bible, and in particular the new testament provides insight: and It is absolutely NOT in your best interest to test what you can or cannot “get away with”. If HE chooses to save this earth: it will NOT be without loss to the humanity that refused to change, and save HIS WORLD/ from their own tragic decisions. I leave you to your decisions, inviting you to remember: the primary demand of this entire work, for these over forty years; has been to insist you investigate the reality of evidence/ that are threats capable of making this entire planet extinct. Even the earth itself can be lost, as is “the great abomination” by experimenting to ignite a nuclear fire. Shame on you for letting them try. Shame means: you took what was sacred, and turned it into your toy; proving a foundation of complete DISRESPECT in you! 

    The very essence of life itself, is thought. The fundamental identity of life is, the direction that thought which you possess, will take you. There is only two significant directions for life: either a desire for love/ or a decision for hate.

    The fundamental of human time, is a brain: its purpose is to define and create “want/ or don’t want” as is the necessity and desire of being human in time. The critical choice between living or living in time is: what is beyond the brain, at the core development of you. If it is hate/ your desire is to prove superiority by destruction. If it is love: your desire is to share and care, supporting life, justice, truth, and all things valued as a distinction identified by respect.

    Energy is not a relationship with chemicals/ nor is it an action or a reaction: but exists as the rhythms assigned by the destiny of what can originate force. Life is a force, and its destiny is created by the decisions that you make.

    The critical conception about “human” is time/ while the critical conception “beyond human” is as life itself, a force that resides within the boundaries and purposes of your own heartbeats. Every decision matters! 

    The very essence of love, is a purpose, a desire that will not be quenched in the rhythms of a soul. That heartbeat, achieves companionship, and completes the value of a home, that lives within me. The purpose of our love, is to share. While the desire of true companionship is to make the destiny of our existence, a value we can achieve forever. Trust lifts life as one. Truth binds the path of our desire to love. Love elevates eternity, into the essence called “heaven”. Because it is here, everything knows the purity of what will not be denied as “a creation worthy of GOD “. Formed by both me and you. Or if just one, then with life (the passion of miracles built) itself.

    The difference between love and hate, is as plain as sight is, to night and day. One lets you see beyond yourself, with all the splendor of being a miracle within yourself/ while the other seals life out, to imprison the soul, and in the end kill every miracle that exists in or around you. The same is true for relationships, either you find the sanctity of life reborn in the passion of each other/ the trust earned by each other/ the truth displayed from honesty within, that gives life peace; while the soul itself becomes alive in the grace of miracles unleashed “in both me and you”. Or the demand of want (more), pride (I win/ you lose), and power (I will take what I want) overtake your own reality, even your own home inside yourself: and then you betray yourself with lies, images, and delusions; and the others as well. Everything in between those limits and boundaries is a desire and a demand to have both “love and hate”. But they are opposites, and that means: one must destroy, or discard the other; because they cannot live together for any length of time. I don’t want this, begins the division that demands your answer: either love/ OR hate. The failure to make your true decision, becomes your insanity. Because they cannot live as one.

    The discovery of time, opens the door to the potential of an eternity. NOT because it is inherent to life, but because love is the universal treasure of life itself.

    HADES (eternal torture), is reserved for those who destroy a love that would have gone to GOD !

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