I “think”, one last thing should identify or define the entirety of this work: so no one can claim it is something else. Therefore, I offer this/ and then seal the effort as done.

The purpose of every heart, lives or dies with desire. That makes desire “the energy of your soul”. What is consistent with the values of soul, as is your relationship with GOD ; decides then, what can or will define you as a life. Distance is a sign of purity, and purity is a desire that will not die. The journey then, is to become alive in life. The destiny of joy, that my soul “lives with you”: in the essence of GOD HIMSELF. Is that passion, which elevates life into eternity. Joy is the delivery of life beyond time. Love is a desire accepted, that will never leave because “this is, my home”. Trust binds this into our own truth, and truth survives. To become alive, is to prepare the blessing of your own freedom (to remove barriers), that grants our soul (to discard limits, in time) can accept these things; as we earn our path beyond self. Discipline keeps us alive/ order erects a path consistent with our purpose/ balance knows the truth of our desire: and thought grants the grace to become love itself. If that is your own true destiny. 

The essence of thought

IS a development that leads to conception. Within that conception, is the freedom to express, and experience the purpose and desire of your existence. Everything living, is about understanding the truth that will determine your future. Everything dying, is about denying the realities of energy and truth, to assume you can play god. Since there is no knowledge in death/ all they can do is destroy what does exist.

There is a passage between life and death; the place where thought either exists, or it fails. It is the formation of direction, that leads to the focus which will keep life alive, even though energy itself is failing. So the question is: HOW do we focus on life, rather than time or energy as we know it to be?

The answer is: in the moments we create as our own, there are stepping stones to the value we hold most precious in living. That path is a direction, and those moments are the life we conceive of as a destiny worth pursuing. So the critical question is, WHY? Because the values of why, decide the dimensions of your heart.

Heart is a symbol of your existence; the fundamental definition of what life means to you. In that creation, which sustains desire by giving you purpose; the conception that is thought begins.

Life is the energy, that gives freedom to this process. Just as mass gives you time, the relationship of body to its energy source; constructs either life or death. The core element being, that you must participate to achieve success.

The core essence of participation is: to accept the relationships that govern survival by its truth/ not your want or belief.

Governing existence is, the dimensional truth called soul.

Soul is: our connection to life itself, as the energy balanced between the extremes. The place where, everything lives or dies by the direction it takes. IF you step outside the boundaries and limits of what truth defines. There will be, At the extreme edges of force: is an absolute freedom that cannot be denied/ OR, an absolute imprisonment, that will never end. To achieve freedom, requires a purity that cannot be contaminated; because if it is, your focus will fail/ and the acceleration required will turn you into “nothing left”. To choose incarceration (freed no more), simply requires you to discard the law, or its value.

Soul is the destiny accepted as a relationship with GOD that is yours to keep/ because this is what you chose in time. A place, where everything is life; until or unless you desire that no more. The question of how big could this conception be, how valued by me: is entirely up to you; as the architect of your own eternity, by the choices that you make. That however does NOT include an absolute freedom, as you were unable to earn; nor would you survive, that truth. It is however bound and created by love, and the earned reality of a value you did contribute to life itself, in time/ therefrom beyond the limits of mass or measurement.

In terms of living beyond “self”, the environmental conceptions of spirit arise; as they are the essence of truth in and by the law. That law, gives rise to every distinction truth can possess. Spirit means: the ability to journey wherever your soul lets you go. Unless you turn into the dimensions of hate; which will remove your soul, and take you away from this place.

Male and female are separate dimensions: however they meet, wherever true praise for GOD exists, to exchange that love for JOY.

Such are the definitions of heart: where the rhythms of creation, find peace, harmony, balance, and justice forever.

This is my work, and I choose to add just a little more; because you need it.

Just so its clear: thought is consistent with the internal recognition of life, the essence of choice, and the values of your own decision. It is an element of energy, that lives within you as the “force of life” to move and be.

NONE of that is based in chemical compositions, or the mass of body; as these are merely measurements, along with the ability to measure and preform tasks, which then ultimately identify the values that you accept as your own choice. A dead body is merely time removed: time is a measurement of existence/ not of life, as a core reality of freedom as is life; called choice.

In the compositions of this time, are the elements of failure (you live by saying “let the children pay”), fantasy (let the few “space travel”), traitorous acts (we can play god, and “gamble with all life on earth”), lies (theories, stories, denying reality, and wanting to create a world order by university design: is for fools), stealing (every currency is destroyed, because the few who did not fail, WILL be taken down by those who did), and the deliberate mob control (tell the people what they want, lead them to the assumption “they too can play god”/ make them believe they will be rich: and they will follow into the slaughter house, like sheep) to construct an outright death of this world. Extinction looms large, because every foundation of survival has been, and is being crucified. Even though humanity itself is absolutely lost, and blind by cult worshiping university; and is branded, in its own arrogance and pride.

Truth alone survives, and builds a life worth living. Love alone is valued as the single experience and expression, that makes life itself joyful and worth living. Respect is mandatory, or death will prove you wrong. These are fundamentals your universities have ripped and torn from your heart. To your shame, you let them do it.

There is a place for university/ but not as leaders: or you will soon be like China, when they killed all the intellectuals. Because the trap, and the enslavement of the rest; became too harsh. That did not help them either; let the lesson be learned. “the universities”, are primarily for children: we want our toys/ games/ stories/ playtime/ no work ever/ and pretending whatever fantasy we want can come true. But then comes power, because you can’t destroy reality: without controlling the lies, and you can’t control the lies, and keep your power and pride; without money and weapons. So we are threatened with extinction; because that is the maximum threat possible. While the media is commonly used to hide all forms of reality, questions, or consequences; to control the herd. Who literally is trained to want nothing more than to act or react/ without a decision. Because decisions require responsibility/ and actions or reactions present the excuse “I believed”; which accepts no responsibility.

There is NO place for fantasy, or gambling with all life on earth. There is no room for robotics or artificial intelligence or like assertions of power to remove people from their rightful place as: “this world belongs to us/ not just you”. Our decision as we the people, controls our world for life/ NOT for university toys. Eviction of everything not suited to helping true life be found is necessary.

You have failed yourselves, because you wanted freedoms without a price. You wanted power and pride without consequences. You wanted to believe you were gods, and would never face the price of what you did or did not do; in an eternity you cannot control at all. But none of that is true to life or living or reality. So here we are: faced with the truth, you sold life, for nothing but toys, trinkets, and tragedy; throwing this world itself into your garbage mountains. To assassinate, your own children.

Time has run out: change to accept truth, make your decision and accept the reality of your responsibility to life, stop the insanity of university experiments and leadership, destroy the weapons which will make you extinct soon. CONTROL YOURSELVES OR THE FUTURE DIES FOREVER. Etcetera, and more.

I am NOT your leader or savior or enemy or anything else as humanity might conceive of with their illusions and delusions. I am merely a messenger, educated for this singular purpose: to demand, either you will change for LIFE AND PLANET COMES FIRST/ or you will die by your own hands. Because that is the consequence, of choices you have already made. MAKE YOUR DECISION NOW. Because soon no decision of humanity will matter. Such is the reality of what you chose to do.

I, James Frank Osterbur; say this to you by the evidence I have continually demanded you MUST examine to prove it is “true or untrue”: as a friend.

NOT as a leader, judge, prosecutor, savior, religious anything, or other. This is a duty. Just as it is your responsibility to accept: WE CANNOT, BE WRONG! When event the slightest possibility of losing this entire world, and all its future time as earth: can in fact be lost. NO greater evidence of threat is: those people who threaten, “we WILL ignite a nuclear fire, just like the sun” here on earth.

AND YOU LET THEM MAKE YOU BELIEVE: they can control that fire, when the sun burns your skin in summer, from not less than 91 million miles away. HOW BLIND CAN YOU BE?

This will be literal, HELL on earth. Once released!

Yet every fool says, “we will wait and see”. 

The list of failure is simple: humanity consumes more oxygen than the planet produces/ releases more heat than the planet removes/ consumes resources the future must have to survive: just to throw it in the garbage. Attacks the ocean life beyond its ability to survive/ is responsible for massive extinction rates in all categories/ is responsible for extreme human population explosion we cannot survive/ is responsible for currency destruction and all your weapons of mass destruction (your saviors). Is responsible for deforesting the planet which keeps this atmosphere tied to the planet; so the winds don’t become too extreme. HUMANITY Mutilates nature, as nature is GENETIC DNA/ poisons the earth in every conceivable way/ Has NO respect for life beyond themselves/ destroys the chains of life that keep every living thing alive/ assassinates every child with utter disregard; by doing these things/ and even threatens this solar system itself; by trying to ignite a nuclear fire here just like on the sun. [same energy source/ same result]. BURNING the bond in ATOMS, FOR FUEL. And all worship the universities, by saying “how smart we are”. Bible prophecy as is the countdown of days, Daniel 12; which begins with the great abomination [you can’t get worse than threatening to change the solar system itself]/ says MERCY will end on July 9, 2019. your failure to choose for life, and investigate for truth; marks the biblical, point of no return as of that date. But hey, ‘you don’t need no damn reality”; you got university. Now ain’t that right? After all, WHAT could possibly go wrong.

You want to save life on earth? Then get off your ass, and do whatever it is that you can do/ NO EXCUSES. You can do something, even if it is so small you simply advertise this site, communicate these things, give a coin for someone else to help: JUST DO SOMETHING, whatever it is.

Since you have little possibility of escape, from the horrors you have chosen as a humanity on earth. I give you this last piece of advise: it is impossible to escape loneliness, depression, suicide, addiction, and the rest/ UNLESS you first accept that “your own wants” must be removed first. It is want, and the listing of everything you didn’t get or want but cannot have, and so on: that imprisons life in sorrows. To escape you MUST accept life is greater than your wants, and begin again by seeing and accepting the world that is filled with miracles. You must accept the true nature of your own body and life, which is miraculous in its own right: making you a very rich person, just because it is literally yours. Accept reality, and let it guide your way without wants; they are just elements of a game. Accept truth, and give yourself the journey of discovery what life is honorably about, in a destiny called love. Give yourself, a freedom to be wrong, but a need to be the best you can be. Give yourself, to your CREATOR, with respect; HE IS, worth it/ just as JESUS as written in the bible is honorably worth your respect as well. HE earned it. 

Insanity is almost entirely dependent upon “I DON’T want this”/ because it will circle inside your head until you make a decision for love or hate: when what you don’t want was in fact important to you, and your own choice failed. That failure identifies with hate, and if you choose hate, it will lead you to violence & revenge. Because hate is a form of chaos, to your soul: it will then say “I DON’T desire this”/ and another decision, and its direction, will be made.

Manipulation in every form is about “I want this/ so I will lie, cheat, and steal; or betray”. Abuse is pride: someone else has to lose/ so I can be the winner! Lazy is, nothing important, or desirable exists for me.

The constant curse of university is: they took your understanding of miracles away, and gave you sewage instead. They took your courage, and shredded it with weapons of mass destruction. They took your knowledge of value, honor, and respect: to gave you arrogance, pride, and nothing but want, greed, and selfishness instead. They took your future for life, your world of survival on earth, and claimed the title of “satan (we will destroy it all)” instead. They took equality from you: to claim “we are the superior ones/ the NOBILITY” who deserves everything: so you must be slave. They took, diversity; and demand all must be the same. They took your world, and made it their toy. While providing endless stories that have no real basis in fact, and causing fundamental failures of all living chains in life. They literally stole your money; created an insurgency to rule by removing democracy; and invaded the life of every child with preparations to be their “robotic children” instead of yours/ by giving them debts and expectations; “all these fantasies” can remain. They are literally consuming your ability, and options: to survive, or even think, on your own/ a failure you will truly regret.

They cannot! They took eternity from you, and have prepared HELL; in every conceivable way. While universities are not completely worthless, they have proven to be tragic. Find your brain, and then search for your spirit of life inside; or life will become, truly tragic for you too.

I HAVE proven a level of knowledge and understanding, that is more than sufficient to remind this whole world: YOU CANNOT, let “your gods of university” continue to be WRONG. NOT in mutilating biology/ NOT in resource destruction or betrayal to all life and planet/ and NOT, by igniting a nuclear fire “same energy source” as the sun; here on earth. All of it, is absolute catastrophe, with NO way out/ and NO second chances past the point of no return, which is clearly soon. By all the evidence of our reality, as can be proven true.

That means: you can hate me/ you can continue to ignore me/ you can continue to discard and destroy your own evidence of fact and realities of existence: but you can only hate yourselves, by ignoring and discounting the truth. WE ARE SURROUNDED BY THREATS OF EXTINCTION, and they will not simply go away. They MUST be removed, or extinction of your life and your world, shall in fact come true.

NO excuse will be allowed; more than sufficient evidence exists to prove: YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, and yet you did not care. Change that, or face your own truth on earth.

university” is: the constant child (we only want to play)/ while their extra special leaders are equivalent to a two year old, finding he or she can have all the tantrums, and expect all the attention “should be on me”. As does the state of this world prove.

I am: a worker.

You are: “balanced on the edge of extinction”/ one small step from ending life on earth. So says the evidence of truth and reality. What you want, is utterly worthless; truth will decide/ as every lie and betrayal of life itself; ends with catastrophe.


To that ending reality, it is noteworthy to add: that death is a three dimensional environment shaped by the definitions of your truth. Thought exists as the relationship between its evidence of life/ its existence in freedom/ and its bond to energy as a development which supports both life and freedom. What comes of it, depends entirely upon you. As you are: “the identity which defines all three: in you”. Desire found in love, forms the foundation of life/ order and discipline, construct the boundaries and limits of freedom/ while balance identifies and creates your own bond with energy. It is however NOT enough to survive death; because that gives you nothing beyond self. HOME IS, “a relationship with your CREATOR”; and nothing less will grant you joy. That too, is primarily up to you.

I have finished this work.

Be it known and understood without exception: you will find NO fantasy beyond the gates of time/ only reality, and reality does not survive outside of truth.

YOU’RE current reality is: much like being passengers in an automobile at one hundred miles per hour, headed towards an impenetrable concrete wall. While for the moment, “everyone believes in the future”/ it won’t be long, until you don’t! NO putting on the brakes too late, will matter. NO going back in time either, will occur. Believe it or not, as a summary evaluation, that is consistent with your reality. And YOU DO, understand it/ along with the consequences for being wrong. IT IS A DECISION.

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