As has happened many times: the spiritual woman inside, insists that our reality here on earth is too critical, not to be engaged in this last effort to save a world: by making you aware of your own reality.

In that development of truth, I have only one “weapon of consequence”: you must understand, this is not a game; nor can you simply discard me, or the basis of my knowledge, just for not being “one of your university cult”.

The reliance on wisdom accumulates, but there is no true choice: even if you don’t recognize your own descent into chaos/ it is real.

I then begin again, with this assertion: that movement, is the primary ingredient in order. That nothing proceeds in order, unless there is movement. Which functionally means: until you move yourselves to care/ nothing of life can survive. Because your world is grinding to a halt, and chaos will form very soon. I remind you “arrogance that is pushed hard/ turns to war (yes I can, on all sides; the way of men)”; and it will not be simply turned back off. You do stand at the door of world war 3, the end of life on earth. Stop being insane and work for value. Stand up, and say NO, or die. DEMAND WORLD LAW, chosen by the people; to govern all leaders.

Beyond the curse of male domination, is the reality of failure on all sides; regarding everything living on this planet: you were taught not to care by the disease and plague of a university knows cult. To your shame, they took control over your world, and desecrated it; by playing god with life and planet. Women are little better, in any conceivable way; but unlike men; they rarely choose war.

The critical essence of choice, is built into desire by the distinctions that are your own true identity. As a consequence we must visit desire, and assemble the content of purpose; to establish a different way.

In the physical world, even opportunity of force, is built upon the energy of a mass. Without mass, there is no power to enforce movement. We then search this as the content of desire: the essence of thought proving with force a decision will determine the direction of an energy ladled with life. Or more distinctly thought identifies the distinction of force, by proving an identity: “this change, comes from here”. So the critical questions are: why/ what is “here”/ when or where does a decision exist/ and how does a direction veer?

We begin with value, as the environmental example of thought itself, confined by the disciplines of what will truth allow. To assess this, we must understand truth as a discipline created by both universal and individual law. In every life there are two distinct environments: “universe and self”; everything else is less. The function of truth is then to decide how these interrelate to become life itself. We will NOT, be discussing that. But we can define the difference between discipline and law.

Law is a boundary, while discipline is a limit. The consequence of force contained within a boundary establishes dimension. The reality of energy lives or dies as a balanced limit on parts not discussed. The critical aspect of value is motion, and whether it will be contained as peace, through harmony; or war, and its potential for chaos.

In the realm of thought, balance constructs creation by achieving “a home”; wherein the reality of identity can survive. It exists, rather than lives: if a direction can be achieved. I will not go farther.

A direction is guided by the push or pull of a “mass in thought” accumulating on one side or the other of a directional force/ thereby influencing its destiny or fate.

We then encounter why? As the distinction that elevates time (the measurement of motion) into life. Another reality I will not be discussing with you.

The purpose being in addition to order, and the assembly of a desire; beyond the chaos of absolute freedom without restraint/ there must also be a purpose, with substance that conforms to the diligent definitions of home. Wherein I, can be constructed or destroyed. The failure of movement in a directional gain to achieve the independence of motion; results in chaos. The greater the identity was/ the greater the chaos will be.

We then define purpose as: balancing discipline with love/ or in contrast to life, then with hate. Hate has no value, worthless is worthless; and because it is worthless, hate tries to: steal, cheat, tempt, betray, fantasize, manipulate, violate, or destroy value; and make you (the evidence of love) the same. Failing that, the demand is for power and pride; the game to prove that is more, turns to want. As in we want you “to play god, and win trophies” too.

So the question becomes: what is love, and where does it participate in thought? The answer is: “love” fills thought with the essence that is value without restraint; a freedom confined only by the intensity of choosing beyond self, to establish joy in all life and living things.” With very few exceptions. We then know that love creates its own home, by expanding my, and your identity, into the cascading effects of: our identity as one. Without trust this never happens; which makes trust the bond we create between ourselves as a value which must never be broken to sustain this home; identified as love.

In the elements of this human existence: want is the single movement to be found in the vast majority. It is not love, nor its constant companion called respect. It is that want, which then forcibly determines the behaviors of the mass that is people. Here, in the threats which surround us by extinction: we see the consequence of want. As led by the desire to play god, and gain trophies: your gain from “university knows”. YOUR WANT; has become the pied piper of fantasy games with death, and the failure of all respect, to life itself.

The question: WHY, does want force you into the tragedies that then become your life and future? WHAT is it?

We turn back to the environments of universe and self: setting aside the third environment of love; which does not apply, wherever want rules instead.

The identity of self, understands where truth limits freedom to “the mass of being human”. That element of dimension is inherent in being human: it is delivered to you, as “your body house”. Reality teaches the limits and boundaries applied to you. The conception of freedom, and the reality of “greater than (pride)”; expresses the potential to want MORE. Wherever more is desired/ love, and its disciplines become removed; and the battle for peace or chaos in you begins. The environmental knowledge of “universe”; expands that want, into the conceptions of (power), and the demand to play god. “I want more/ becomes I am more”!

The question of discipline, encounters the reality of balance: the quest or journey, to search for the truth of your own environment/ the existence of your own identity as life; assembles into a path that will prove what has value to you. OR it will become a road, “that illicit s, the herd” to tell you what it is “that you think”. So you don’t have to take responsibility for your own life or its direction.

The purpose here is to achieve the minimal beginning: that allows construction of something more complex, than want/ pride/ or power. You have failed; because you followed the university cult into fantasy, and let them defile you with stories, theft, betrayal, and lies. Change or die.

The desire here is to accomplish what has been lacking: the realities of truth, by the dimensional creation of a future/ rather than the destruction of both life and planet, by chaos; as is the proven, by the evidence: truth of your reality at this time.

More simply: you must push back against all those who threaten you and your world. To achieve even the slightest chance of survival as a world. Or more distinctly: WAKE UP, stop being led. Demand an accounting, and accept the price of your survival is in fact: the cost, that you prepared for yourselves, by worshiping “the university cult”. OR PROVE ME WRONG, by establishing facts proven with truth, rather than theories, stories, or playing god!

NOT a hard concept: PROVE THE FUTURE/ by what you are doing in this day; or change it and survive.

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Jim Osterbur

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