silent rage


In the reality of our time, the essence of change is simple; as it has always been. Those who want power, pride, control, lust, manipulation, superiority, and all the other elements of hate. Do so, continually trying to attain that, by destroying peace, harmony, justice, life, love, and value. And if that does not work, then violence for the sake of fear. The reality is simple: take what the others need, and make them beg. Make them feel pain, and be afraid. Intellectually trap, and control; by consuming their options/ so as to limit the reality of competition: lock all work into a tiny few hands; where the military (do it or die) can then control. The essence of a mob then comes to play, as an outlet for all the grief being heaped upon the majority. They want to express their silent rage, at being overwhelmed; and are willing to believe “there is an enemy who did this to us”. Even if the object of that rage, is ludicrous. Even if the intent of punishment, just to prove you can; caused an aggression.

What the majority do not understand is: the level of aggression, that is inherent through the control of too much power or pride. When all are equal, and there are resources/ then each has an option to do what they can realistically expect to do for their own life. The graft of too much money, can take that equality away; because corruption is: to tempt, manipulate, abuse, use, or control in such a way, as the rest choose not to care; because they have something they want. And then refuse to surrender that want, even if the long term effect is to destroy their world. People “Love a bribe”; and it is, the ultimate downfall of every society since the beginning of time. We want, what we believe, we don’t have to pay for. Simple as that, but alas someone does have to pay; or it is a free gift nature, or the earth gave/ OR, it is a rape, and ravaging that leads to destruction, because you could.

There are three main truths that eliminate those tragedies from our lives.

  1. Limited capitalism: is the legal democratic demand, that no one gets to have more power or control over society or nature or earth/ than what we give them by our vote. Thereby we elect the maximum and minimum income ANYONE can earn in an entire year. Which gives all the rest their own opportunities and options, in or as society. Subject to vote every ten years or so. We can also vote, upon what the limits applied to resources are; thereby we the people shall control for ourselves, and take possession; because we can. But make no mistake, the end of resources are the end of life, and future. Every attempt to limit resource usage must then be addressed and accepted as necessary.
  2. Democracy is the decision: to control ourselves as a society or world, by laws we create, as a people. That CANNOT be done, if you surrender your vote to someone else, to then vote for you. We must make the laws we must obey, for ourselves. It takes roughly one hundred one page laws; to cover everything a society needs to control. It takes only investigators to determine if and where those laws are being enforced or disobeyed. Even so: without control over the currency and creation of debts, which does include taxation: you still have nothing, because they can make you pay/ until you war. The currency must be tied to the population count: so you know the truth about money. Each form of taxation must be tied to what it is collected for/ and be specific. NOBODY gets to accept a debt unless a sizable portion has already been collected/ and the value of the project; the need for credit; is absolutely certain. World law, “our laws”; to govern our leaders, and remove weapons of mass destruction is essential; or our world ends.
  3. Justice is the distinction of a society that is at peace, and will remain in harmony. It is the foundation of society itself; as is, “the law protects us all”. To achieve that we require a bill of rights specific to each citizen/ specific to each policing agency/ specific to the military. These are the rules of engagement, and will be enforced as your own vote establishes. The second part is: that the judiciary is NOT immune in any shape or form. Rather they are the key to justice itself; and if they do not achieve justice, or fight to protect the values of society by its law: THEN they must be removed. By a vote, among that portion of society, that is affected by their decision. As is true for any and all lawyers as well. The contractual agreement that is “the constitution” we have ratified, accepted, or changed to become, as our own: identifies what those values are.

As to all other things, will they not fall into place: as truth identifies the need to address them, and make a decision as best we can? The end of want: is the reality of a future that is not destroyed, with lies. The end of pride: is the removal of games we play, therefore only competition for resources remains. The power to control resources and thereby take what you want; regardless of the rest, is literally a fundamental of limited capitalism. NO you do not have a right to anything you want/ YES you do have to work for it, and not all work the same; which means it is only fair some get more. Fail that, and those who do more and make your own job possible: simply surrender, to the reality “this is all I will do, just for myself”.

Every foundation upon which we depend for our own survival: has been threatened with extinction/ even if you don’t yet see it. It is absolutely true. Wake up or die. Change or be forced to surrender your world forever. Simple as that, no going back: do what you can do.


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