In the final days of my work, here in time; the reality of it is: that you want what you want/ and you don’t want what you don’t want/ and nothing matters regarding the truth, that your want, is ending with extinction across all life forms and even the planet itself. That is your choice; because you don’t care about life/ you only care about want as in self served. I cannot fix that, so I will end trying soon. You won’t even accept the finality of people who have built machines to release an atomic fire (just like the sun) here on earth. Because the universities are your god, and you trust them like gods; even though every single aspect of what they claim is true about the sun or fusion or other like theories, is entirely unproven/ and can be proven not true at all; by realities known. You trust them to mutilate nature. You trust them with your currency; and they have destroyed everything about it with lies that will have a consequence in your lifetime. You trust them even though every part of business or your world is about destroying every resource and leaving nothing for a single child to survive. You have failed life; even all life, in every way: and I cannot accept that as value. So we part ways; you to your reward, and I to mine. Whether that is my death or not, is unknown to me at this time. But if I am done here, it matters little as I am now old at 66.

So for whoever might find my words important, and accepted the cause of life itself; as is found in my words, for the world. Even after forty years of trying; how few or many is not my concern.

The question of death has then arisen, and the decisions that are applied to the consequence of being removed from time occur. The strength of the bond is then tested: between life, body, and time/ OR, between life, Creator, and spirit; as is the essence of death.

The question beginning is: WHY, is there a bond with time?

The answer is: because this is where life began, and it is familiar as body and mind, the essence of same, and the descriptions known to exist by the truth of our reality. These things represent a framework of values: even though you reject them all for want. It is the value found in living and body, that gives life the strength to stay, and seek more. We dare not abandon it for death/ because as death proves: you will never have this body back.

The question is: HOW, do we know, where death shall take us/ what it will do to us/ when can we be freed if at all/ who can we be, if not a body called “earth”/ and why is it possible to accept with certainty, the value of a life beyond this that is time on earth? None of that is conceived by want or belief; as only truth decides. Want is the basis of all lies/ while belief is the acceptance of what you want will become your reality; as you, or if you simply believe. Not true, as it has no basis in fact.

The answer to those things, can be divided up into four distinct categories of discipline. WHAT can be proven true? HOW does reality prove a fact? WHERE does life or living come from? WHEN, does existence establish itself by freedom?

We then begin with truth, and examine the basic relationship of what we can understand, with the knowledge of what we do understand, through the existence of order, discipline, balance, and thought. WE KNOW: that life is no accident/ because there is nothing that compares, and with absolute certainty the living body of life is so far beyond anything this world can do for itself: that we have no other word for it than miracles (GOD {more than we could ever be}, did this). Your university god tells you its all an accident/ but reality proves that is the biggest lie ever told; and you accepted it, because you want what you want: until death stares you directly in the face. Then you know, but it is too late for most. If you cannot begin at this truth, the evidence of miracles surrounding you in all manner of diversity, elevated by thought as life on earth. Then you are already the living dead inside. If you can accept truth as your guide, then you know: that accidents and their assumption of chaos/ are utterly unproven and without merit lies. So choose truth! And let reality lead your way. If you will not start, the reality of your own education here; nothing will save you from extinction, or hell. Simple as that. Make your decision, truth requires discipline. Discipline requires the acceptance of reality.

Reality proves this is so: by the consequences of what we do, that is so far less than the design and architecture of life and the balance of living/ that we fail continually in many ways. Which means only by forgiveness, do we survive at all. Who among you does not understand: if you don’t think first/ if you don’t prepare for what is coming/ if you don’t do your best, your own future will be bleak and tragic. As are many. Consider the realities of human existence: the thousands of years of human endeavor, that were unable to achieve much more than war. Without war, your civilization would not exist: because war produced the need to think and do the best you could with the reality at hand. It taught you, that life is not easy or simple: because others want it to be easy and simple. By simply taking what they want/ or doing to you, whatever they want. Today the primary slave is machinery and computers: both of which were gained with thought/ and not accident or chaos. Clear choices had to be made, and that cannot happen with chaos or accident. It is extremely rare, when either of these find even the simplest benefit to life/ as both are destroyers. So reality does prove thought is at its core, the very essence of life with order.

The essence of life is freedom, as is expressed within “I AM alive”! There is no freedom, there is no expression, and there is no understanding of being alive without thought. Simple as that. The consequence of that reality is: thought becomes the relationship achieved with life/ as they are distinct from each other. So the question is: WHAT is the difference between life and thought?

To examine this development of transition from fact into truth, by the composition of conception; we must first identify what it means to create existence. THIS IS NOT, a topic I will discuss; as you are insane/ but we can go a tiny bit farther. It is as simple as: the difference between life and body; is a spiritual truth, a balancing point, between two distinct worlds. I am not going farther for you. Simple as that.

In terms of when are we life over death/ existence versus reality desecrated or without a foundation for living. The critical elevation of freedom survives only when disciplines/ order/ balance/ and thought are discovered to be: “mine”. This is the individual distinction, of a distance to be measured by value. The creation of value is an assertion something more exists for me. In those simple words, a direction is formed. The value that is your choice, then becomes the freedom through which you will rise/ or fall. The cost of being human is: to see the vast miraculous reality of life on earth, planet, and everything that makes us a living miracle/ is “I want more of this”. The cost of rising above human existence; is to recognize the value of living, and the realities of every miracle; present us all with the distinct choice of what do we desire most about this world? If you answer is love, then you have pursued the greatest treasure in this universe; because nothing is sustained as life, without love. But that is not enough to survive past, or even during time. Without truth, nothing survives/ because truth presents us with the law, and law controls this universe without exception. If you refuse the foundations of life/ you will not survive, it is that simple. If you refuse the disciplines needed to survive the realities of this world/ then you will be lost, by your own choices. If you refuse order, as is distinctly necessary to ascend beyond “the moment”/ you will not rise above your own decisions. If you will not balance life, you will not own your death; as your option; rather than as time proves, it is now not.

The human dispute is: look in the grave/ HOW IS THAT, coming back to life? Plainly It is not! But humanity wants familiarity with a body; because this is where we began to understand “freedom exists”. And the body is where that freedom ends forever; plainly proven by time. So people say: “You either believe, or you don’t”.

I offer the alternative: that time is not simply dedicated to what happens with your body and its mind/ BUT arrives at a different conclusion, by conceiving of a choice to understand there is a separation between the constant individuality of thought, and its ability to choose for the body: whereas the body cannot choose for thought, unless it threatens you with pain, sexual lust, or death. In that decision, the body is “a house”/ just as life is “the inhabitant” of that house. Mind and body are the same; as one does not live without the other. The question of thought is different: because it does not require the composition of a body, to achieve its recognition. Desire/ conception/ direction/ decision/ purpose/ value/ courage/ love/ passion/ happiness/ joy/ and respect are all distinctions of life “without a body”; as these occur beyond all measurements. Want lives only as a mind within the body, and it is not thought; it is the composition of what we measure as good or bad. That is our relationship with the body we own as a house to live in. The relationship we own with the transparent realities of our own individual spiritual existence: are beyond measurement as well, and thereby exist only when we balance life with death.

Therefrom the recognition of “more life than body”; comes with the certainty that the body will be lost; because thought exists. The quest, to then understand: what can or cannot become the path of life, into a different world than time. Is entirely dedicated to thought itself, and where does creation come from.

This is a journey dedicated too: the construction of truth itself, as we must attain the rise from death, into the essence of life beyond all measurements within time. The body cannot come; even if you believe JESUS own body did go: he, was not you! And reality says “HE would never wear that body again, even if it is kept into eternity as a museum would do.”

The critical question is: how, and why, do you measure life?

The fundamental human answer is: we measure life with time, pleasure, and pain: because these are the things we want/ or we don’t want. Therefore the majority consider want to be “life”/ or at least living.

The functional spiritual answer is: life is not a measurement, but a reality given the dimensional traits; to achieve an understanding through knowledge, of the conceptions known to be “value”. That reality then journeys into the decision, that will become your truth, as is known by the direction you choose. Living is then “the truth of your direction”. While life is known as, the value of your heart. The destiny of life, is love/ but it cannot be found without truth. So the critical conception that grants the elemental essence of a home; is love. The purer the love the greater the journey will be. Where love exists, mercy may or may not grant “a house” to live beyond time. Because a home was never earned. Respect guides this way, and will prove this choice.

We then come to the moment granted by time: which understands that the body is home to a living human being/ while love is the home, of a living spiritual creation identified by its own value ascended within truth, as the decision we have made by our own free will choice. Do you see the difference? Love is not connected with body/ it is a transient occurrence, that lives or dies with the decisions that you make. It is a home, but not unless you earn it; with your heart.

Heart then comes to mean: I have given my best, to be what I can be for you. It is the way of my truth, the strength of my passion, and the value ascending from “ me, to you”. Where romance between male and female honestly exists, that rise will occur together, “as best we can”. When bodies join; because this world will not tolerate the reality of love expressed beyond what the others can do. They become more jealous than they can stand for; and end calling for war. Because they want, what they cannot have; as they truly choose to pay the price of it, not.

I remind you once again: this path into your own heart, for the purpose of providing the warning, “you must change/ you must not let those continue whose experiments cannot be undone/ you must choose for life, or you will go extinct as a world”. Will end on July 9, 2019; as will these web sites be ending unless you donate to pay for their purpose on the internet. The cost is less than, one hundred a month, for the last four sites. The renewal is at the first of the month/ and I will pay for July; but no more. Either pay (this has value to me), or they disappear.


just a note:  while the sites I provide were unsecured for a time/ NOTHING, that isn’t being gathered now (because that is required) was gathered regarding you because of that. it was simply true, that encrypting as it is now; requires an expansive amount of time more to effect any change; because it is a large site. and in fact the connection I have, can barely do it.

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