As we encounter eternity, the passage is more simplified than expected: it is created in the decision called hope. Hope is not the same as belief/ as believe allows for anything you wish to believe according to your own wants. Hope is not that, as it requires the distinct relationship between life, and what can or cannot be hidden. Therefore in contrast to “magic”/ hope is about what you cannot hide/ rather than magic which is about what you can hide.

So the question begins with: what is hope to you, where none can go but yourself? No herd exists in hope, which means your religious group has no meaning here: it is strictly the truth of your own purpose in desire. Purpose means to identify with the direction of your soul/ the decisions of your heart. While desire means, to create the foundation upon which life itself, shall not die. The difference between life and death is then: the foundation of your spirit. That is determined by purpose, rather than desire.

So the critical passage between the disciplines/ order/ balance/ and thought that is concurrent with your own design: is to explain the value upon which your own soul is constructed, and therein accepted as a relationship with GOD. We search through discipline to find a cause and a courage to design the meaning of our lives. We search in order to conceive of where and what life can be. We search in balance, to measure the quest upon which we begin/ and ask the question is this price “too much”. We enlighten thought, by contributing the decision that is true in you. That decision is your relationship with life, through the understanding of knowledge; and the values you accept as your own destiny.

Destiny becomes the creation of our own truth/ as it exists and is able to survive, in the relationship that builds a home, with love.

The question is: how do we create our own truth? The answer to that is with every decision that you make/ every direction that you choose/ every balance of right and need, that displays justice or the value of truth itself, by the love that makes these things possible. Therefrom creation is about love, because it alone builds a home. So we ask: if love is a builder/ then why does it sometimes destroy here on earth? The answer is a lack of purity, or it would not. The question then is: if hope is a passage, and the destiny of that passage is love; HOW, do we enter in, to build our own home in eternity?

Discipline says: that life exists, in the realm of a dimension that is determined by our own courage. But courage needs to accept, the price will be worth this decision/ or it shall not be. Therefore we must have a cause for courage, it is the relationship we share with the value that has been achieved in me.

Order says: to construct a life, there must be more than value. There must be resources, and there must be reality, and there must be truth, and there must be thought, and there must be a decision to participate in both design and function for what that life will become. Each of these are about value, but they extend to become the foundations upon which that value will rise of its own accord. Life is then dependent upon the foundation that you choose. Life is then accepting of the design which does establish your own value as a home inside your soul. It is the soul which constructs an eternity through its relationship with GOD.

BALANCE eliminates everything that does NOT, belong in you: because unless you are true to your own desire, purpose will fail/ your life will fall. Therefore purity is the basis for choosing what the dimensions of your heart can become. Heart means: that I have contributed, “the best I have, for our world”. Therefrom your place in eternity is chosen, by you; because nothing comes near the GOD OF LIFE/ that is not pure.

Thought rises from the elements of life and living, to assert: the freedom in me, has its own living to express and experience as is the statement, “who am I/ why am I here/ where am I going; and so forth”. These things are not associated with body or mind/ but stand alone in the dimensions that begin with hope. Therefore hope understands the blessing of conception, as is the beginning of the spiritual world in “me”. So then the quest, to accept what can or cannot be beyond time: is determined by what we design as our home. That is the purpose of freedom/ but life is built on the design of desire, by the decisions of love. Therefore the two, must become as one. The definitions of life and freedom must be surrendered to the environment of love. Here in the vastness of an intensity that is beyond time in every conception; the quest to understand the message of love itself does begin.

LOVE is the meaning placed in life, as the treasury (the essence of what is considered “good”) participating with soul. We then ask: what is good? The answer being: whatever is not “bad/ or evil if you prefer”. That assembles the reality of our lives, which is to separate “good, from bad”; and accept the values that alone belong to love. Or we fail life itself; because living is the dimension created by love. Everything else, results in chaos and heartbreak, and death.

The elemental essence of energy is by the law this exists. By the construction of discipline and order law controls. Through the essence of balance energy is not lost, but gained from one decision or dimension, to another, as confined by reality. Thereby truth consists of the critical questions assigned to energy by law: as it becomes existence or eternity. We will NOT be discussing those!

May you find this useful.

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Jim Osterbur

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