In the construction of the human brain, there are three distinct elements, that control all function: density, love, and hate. While we have considered love and hate in other writings on my sites; density is a description that has been left outside the realm of your understanding/ because it is fundamentally elusive. Which means your grasp will be limited. As such it is merely a detail/ but as this work ends, by the concepts, purposes, passions, and desires of man: the elemental traits of woman have begun to appear. As this is developmentally inconceivable for you; some degree of discipline is necessary, or as always “fantasy will rule”.

We must first identify the difference between density and the element called decision. Element being the definition of what each independent available resource is. A reality of understanding that is always necessary when building anything. Decision is the path towards which you will go; established by movement: it does become a force. A force; that is entirely dependent upon the density constructed by your acceptance of the cost.

Therefore we search the concept of cost, to agree the price of failure is destruction: therefore your decision is to pay, if you fail. No going back on your decision, it exists, as your truth. You are required to assess and determine: is or is this not acceptable/ because you shall not go on, if you refuse. If you are dragged into such a situation that is more egregious than you are willing to pay, for failure: it will turn to fear in you. It will be minimized in either “belief or fantasy”. This is a form of hate/ and it applies, because love has no price of destruction: as reality will prove it builds/ it does not destroy.

The density in love is opposite, as are all things established by love or hate. To accept the price of love, prior to making your decision to proceed within the acceptance of an opposite force, to be shared in you. To share the essence of your soul, is to share the energy within which it will and does arise. When you do that the price is vulnerability, and the functions that produce, courage, being alive, happiness, joy, value, participation, passion, purpose, desire, and the definitions we attribute to “love”. Each of these require another life to share that truth of you/ and you, must also be able and willing to share theirs. The value rather than cost, builds a living worth the experience, expression, desire, and eternity. But it is not free; as is the creation of life itself: first the law comes, then disciplines, balance, and order must achieve a dimension; and then comes thought. Thought being the very essence of life itself.

So the quest is: to search in thought for life, by its essence which is love; the foundation desire, upon which eternity survives.

First however, we will define density either as a road enabled by all the influences which have been ladled into your life through time. Everything hate resides there; as the passion, pain, or purpose that you have encountered and made, as your own. The road being all the players, and all the games, and all the lies, and all the heartbreak which is your existence in time. Therefrom your interpretation of these facts, and your actions which arise or your reactions which occur; as subject to the conquest that has occurred in you. More simply: WHAT does hate own in you?

IF, you have escaped the majority influences that did occur in life to alter or define, your conception of reality. IF, you have escaped the majority influence of humanity and its ways: then the density of what can or cannot be, is focused upon the path that escapes the undesirable, and lives for what is value. This requires a decision at each and every juncture of life and living: to determine if your truth is elementally love/ or hate.

Here we see, the critical truth! That we are being watched from the inside, by the life we choose to live: a separate conception to self/ which exists only through the portal that is beyond all things time. When we choose for ourselves, we identify our truth. As we become identified, and thereby known to exist in the realm of the living: the value we achieve is determined by our choice as love. Focus is a purity that must be earned, or it will not exist. Without focus there is no portal beyond time: which then exists to encounter the spiritual world. Density through the critical test of focusing life itself, is the only method of gaining entrance.

The spiritual world, is where life on earth begins: it is the elemental source of life, given to creation itself. As a direct relationship with GOD, that must be achieved through respect. As such all living things arise in spirit first; even if you won’t respect that, it is true. The journey is simple: choose life, and discard time.

But there is this caveat: if you are returned to time/ you must accept it, and live accordingly. The disciplines are severe: choose wrong, and you can die eternally/ fear, and you can be lost; even forever/ fail to understand the environmental choice you have made; and you can be prisoner forever. OR, you can encounter a value beyond description, that is “better than life here”. It is up to you. Unfortunately we carry along with us, the reality of time, the value of this creation, the intensity of love we experience and express here; and cannot entirely escape the reality of those ways. Which makes the spiritual world, a very dangerous place (because you can make mistakes/ even eternal ones); until the day you die. Which is then the end of time itself, for you: NO going back, what you choose will be “your eternity” if you have one.

Understand this as well: a brain is not diligent enough to attain the elevation of life into a spiritual dimension. Instead you must achieve, “an invitation” from the owner of that dimension. Without true respect, asking for that; can get you killed.

I am not going to detail the essence of density to you; as you will not understand it anyway, and like all human definitions of movement: you are unwilling and largely unable to listen or see or defend or participate in anything but your own want/ or the games you worship and play. The constant: is like the person who “already knows the answer”. Who says: because I have done this before/ so I don’t need no more information. When in reality, he or she has only noticed one tiny detail (just as gossips do)/ and made a life decision, without noticing or accepting the “ninety percent loss of information” that was needed to find or accept the actual truth of what is needed/ or it cannot be known. BUT fantasy wants to make the rules/ and pride wants to be superior/ and power simply wants you to obey: so the cost of being human, can be tragic. For both influenced and influencing.

Remember this: that you listen to your television, because just once in awhile you are surprised, and you need the proper information to talk about the “show”. Yet for the majority, you won’t listen to the people in your lives; because you are absolutely certain, “they cannot surprise you/ because you already know everything”. Even though you do not.

Even so, the identity you achieve is your own/ regardless of how it was earned or lost: because the final decision is about love or hate. And that, is entirely and simply: UP TO YOU.

Mine is a divided life; due to spiritual choices of my own. They occurred only because the most important thing in time to me, was to participate in keeping this earth alive. Unfortunately, the only thing important to the endless majority is: “I want what I want/ and I don’t want to pay for nothing/ not even to avoid extinction”; because you worship the universities as your god. Alas, the evidence will prove: that makes earth soon to be dead. But it is the choice you made, by not even caring enough: to stop those who are literally trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. Just, for instance! Your children are not important, or you would make different decisions. The miracles which surround you are not important, or you would not let life be mutilated, maimed, and destroyed. Etcetera, and more. So here we are, with humanity itself shouting “WE WILL WAIT AND SEE”. Even though you know in your heart and soul and mind: that none of these things can wait, for you to see the catastrophes you cannot escape. They signal extinction, and there will be no escape. Go ahead, worship the universities which brought you nearly all these things. After all, they are your god/ even though the evidence clearly proves, “they are consistent with the description of satan (destroyer of worlds)”. As is arrogance/ pride/ power/ want/ hate/ failure/ foolishness/ theft/ cheating/ lies/ fantasy/ and more. But hey, you have your pride: you were promised to be gods “just like university” if you become their slaves; as you already have. As is plainly evident in the money. Alas, they were liars/ but slavery is not.

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