The definitions of human life and behavior are these:

ARROGANCE: is the sign of people who believe they can have love and hate, and control it all, because they believe they are superior to the rest. So pride grows, as is proof I need to make another “loser”; to enforce I win. They fail, and hate takes control: because opposites do not survive each other.

PRIDE: is the demand for a game, the reality of life is not enough for me/ I want to play, I want to win or be noticed above the rest. Even if I lose/ because then I can plot or plan my revenge; which will make me “the winner”.

POWER: is the reality of demonstrating, I can be “your god”/ therefore bow down to me, and accept my will controls you.

WANT: is the relationship humanity develops with its body, a reality measured by the others and what they have or do not/ that I might enjoy or take.

GLUTTONY: the decision, my life cannot be happy without this. My life cannot survive this excess. My life is not worth stopping these decisions, because happiness eludes me, and I suffer from the need to know what else my life could be. I have failed.

SELFISHNESS: conceives of a world, where everyone and everything, belongs to me; as is “I am god”. Listen only to me.

LAZY: is, if I plot and plan as an intellectual does; then I can trap and control the prey, and become a predator, to ease my life. If not, then I can lie/ cheat/ steal/ manipulate/ or use and abuse the rest; so they maintain my life until the day I control them better.

PREDATOR: nothing is important, but me.

PREY: nothing is important, but protecting me.

PERVERTED: nothing is important to me, but sex and control over that sex, so I get whatever I truly want from someone who cannot, or will not: control me.

CRIMINAL: you made me do it/ this is your fault/ this is your reward for what you did to me; even though we have never met, and I know you not.

LEADER: yes I can/ even if I know better.

FOLLOWER: yes we can/ even if it is not justice or right.

BELIEVER: yes I will, because I can believe anything I want/ you cannot stop me from doing that; “so I win”.

FAITH: only truth will find a way.

DEPRESSED: I didn’t get what I wanted.

INSANE: I don’t want this, and it is too important to abandon/ therefore a choice must be made; that will impact my life in a way I don’t want. And I hate that.

JOY: there is in the miracles of everything alive, a foundation beyond the meaning of living, which attains the ecstasy “of knowing GOD exists”. As LOVE unbound.

HAPPINESS: I no longer measure my life/ I live in the truth that is a desire for love; and accept the best I can do, is living.

LIFE: I hide no more.

DEATH: time and body have ended for me.

TIME: is the motion of moments, each of which frames its own dimensional existence within which my own identity is described.

BODY: the gift of nature and moments that are human.

MIND: the relationship created between body and life.

SOUL: the relationship created between an individual life and its CREATOR.

CREATOR: where thought lives and originates as the foundation of all existence, through the energies assigned by law. And MORE.

The elemental task of life is, to achieve the values and dignity of a living, and a life, that is experienced and expressed as love through joy. Failing that, want arises as an excuse to avoid the task of creating “your own dimensional world”. Want seeks to invade the world of someone else!

The cost of being human is: that we do have the opportunity to experiment, thereby identify what we then accept as our own truth/ and change accordingly. Some accept love as their destiny. Some turn to hate as their choice. Most compete simply to survive, and never contemplate the reality of what being a true miracle means; to the existence of their own soul. Eternity is not free, the cost is purity as love; a dimension without end. But a reality with distinct desires and purposes that will not be contaminated.

The critical question is: whether or not, you will be turned away from value and love, by the realities to be encountered through time. If you are, eternity cannot be endured by you. Which does mean you shall not enter therein. The critical test of value is: what is true in you? The critical test of love is: the destiny you choose. The critical journey into eternity, is a decision between love and time. Love ascends from the basis of desire, into the creation of a purpose that lives. Time does not.

The critical question of religion is: do you account your pride, as worth more than your life? If so, you are an enemy, to the dimension of GOD. If it is your life that has value to you/ then the reality of body is minimal (but necessary), because time has an ending, and the motion has consequences. While truth does not end/ it too has consequences which will not be discarded in the sanctity of “real life”.

The critical question of life is: by the law we live/ by truth we survive/ by love we grant within each other the desire to remain/ by happiness, our love arises and gives us “light”; the joy of, a new day, to be cherished as living.

In this world, freedom means: “yes you can/ if it is possible for you to do”. But freedom also means: the price of that choice is yours alone as well. If you impact the life or living of another “miracle”: with intent/ then they do have a right to demand you caused me to fail. If it is an accident, then it is the price of freedom among us all. To be free means: no immediate revenge will fall upon you, for bad decisions or hate/ but that does not mean, it is resolved and forgotten, or dissipated and lost; unless that becomes true.

The critical choice of man is: to understand the basis of survival is not war or competition. Rather it is the assembly of what can or cannot survive as a blessing instead of a curse. Thought is required; wisdom is compulsory; understanding is the blessing; and knowledge is the foundation. But balancing the difference between what is justified/ and what is callous and tragic and unnecessary determines the future for all life on earth.

The critical choice of woman is: to accept the value of love as her own decision, to bring freedom in the spirit of life itself, into our world. Not just your own. To accomplish that form of living, the freedom to express joy, the realities needed to survive, and the playground of those who accept my life without judgment arise as the passage between you and me. In those things, there is a duty to remain “the value of my heart, as well as your own”.

Time is a critical force, delegating the experience and expression of energy, within a specific environment called law. The value of living in time is that we get to alter and control measurable amounts of that energy/ by applying thought or decision. They are two different things, reliably interchanging life with energy. The critical factor will not be discussed. But the end result of such an action/ to control the reaction, is the balance point of time itself. Our existence runs the length, width, and depth of moments which transform energy into an environment by laws governing that reaction.

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