There is functionally, only one reality that you need to understand: you are not “god”. Which deliberately means: you, nor the humanity which surrounds you/ are able to return anything back, to the way GOD did make it to be. Not biology/ not planet/ not resources/ not life. The fantasies of a university (I study just one tiny little thing), the cult worship of people (we just need to believe) who want to believe they too can be god, or have anything they want: are literally the end of life (it is a finite world). Because everything has a price, “too life”; is simply true. The cost of what you do: affects more than one tiny little thing. But you hate that reality, and hide from everything true: about the cost of what you are doing. The tragedy of what you did. Every biblical prophecy about the end of our world: is coming true. Simply because NOTHING matters more, than what you want.

No army can fix that/ no mob/ no enemy to be found or eradicated: it is a clear and definable truth. That only humanity itself, can make the change individually: to realign itself with what life and planet needs. Anything less is futile.

A wise man or woman knows, that they cannot defeat the truth/ therefore before the consequences will occur, they seek a path that invites the truth they desire. A fool avoids the truth, and pretends reality does not count: they just want what they want, and will get it with lies, stealing, pride, or whatever deception they can find. In the case of igniting a nuclear fire (burns atoms): the reality is, we all become equal/ all die. In the case of every other threat; we all become individually isolated from the life we knew, to war with hate on our own. The terror of biology in chaos/ the curse of “nothing left” we can use/ the horror of cannibalism, we eat life, and there is no more; its all extinct. Are just a few of the realities coming. The only alternative to extinction, is true and dramatic human change. Simple as that/ and all the world says: “you can’t prove it/ because we won’t believe it” no matter what. Until of course, it is too late to defeat our own extinction. Shame on you, as a human being: for letting this whole world of life and child and future down. Because nothing is more important, than selfishness, pride, and greed.

You wanted to play god; and have created the situation wherein now you must make the decisions that will allow this whole world to survive/ OR it will not survive. That too, is the price for playing god, and changing our world into chaos comes now. You do have to think, NOT simply believe whatever you want to believe/ or we all fail together as one world gone extinct. Because that is what they chose.

OR, START SHOUTING: WE DO HAVE LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS/ AND LAWS; which do not allow for our employees to threaten or attack those who are not physically warranting that behavior. WE ARE THE OWNERS, AND WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT; through redress of grievances a first amendment law: TO CONTROL OUR EMPLOYEES/ AND REDIRECT OUR NATION. It is, time to impeach/ not for little things of no value: but for ultimate betrayal, as is the failure to accept foundation constitutional demands for that position. As is, YOU don’t own the military/ nor the money/ nor the legal right to impose war on us, or anyone who has not literally attacked with sufficient violence to warrant such an action or reaction. YOUR JOB, AS OUR EMPLOYEE: is set apart for all to see, in the preamble of that Constitution you swore to uphold. the words are:WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS USA, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.  NONE OF THAT, allows for obliterating/ or interfering, where other nations reside.  ONLY CONGRESS, HAS THE POWER TO DECLARE WAR:  ARTICLE 1, SECTION 8, #11.   ONLY AFTER, congress declares war, does the president become acting “commander in chief. Until then he exists only as a political official, who has sworn to obey constitutional intent and law.  Article 2 section 2. 1  “quote; the president shall be……… when called into actual service of the United States.” When you betray our constitutional contract with you, which does establish limits and boundaries you shall not escape. Establishing true harm for the nation BEYOND what you are constitutionally  allowed to do: that “levying war”, is treason. Which does mean: in a single vote, the congress has the power to declare your punishment; and act with immediate resolve to protect the nation itself.  REMOVAL from office, forthwith!  IT IS EQUALLY TRUE: “that no military man or woman” has the right to discard the constitutional demand:  ONLY THE CONGRESS, HAS THE RIGHT TO DECLARE OR CAUSE WAR.  If you step outside our law, it shall be treason: and in military court: YOU CAN BE HANGED!


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Jim Osterbur

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