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As always, my work is free, to all;  with the exception: you shall not restrict others, from doing what you would do with the information.

In terms of lessening the catastrophe of your constant failures; one method of reducing global warming begins with: using all the steam released from your power plants, to “let it rise skyward in pipes; like an Eiffel tower”/ until it all begins condensing. Directing the chimney flue gases through this tower; will make the water rise higher/ producing more power in the liquid result.  Suitable holes on the leaning side of the pipes then collect the condensate and run it down a central pipe, as liquid. The excess heat lifts the water, after the turbine has used it/ the central pipe lets the water liquefied; fall, into a water turbine to collect the waste energy, into electricity. The water now steam cleaned in returned to the aquifer. The now warm water should be used in, some type of industrial processing first, if possible. And it would nearly always be.

This same basic procedure can be used as a closed system in the desert, to produce electricity for various purposes. It takes the tower and pump as same but requires a heating vessel for containment of enough water to make the circuit of desert heating that water to produce steam; which is then steam lifted high enough, by the energy of the sun; to produce the power needed when it falls back to the desert floor, through the turbine as liquid.

Another reality already displayed to you is wave motion. Which can easily move a common pump of several varieties. Which then pumps the water into a water tower. That weight of water in a rising column; is then transferred when needed; into a water turbine for producing electricity. The water now at sea level again is returned to that body of water it originated in. other miscellaneous useful tidbits can be found. 

I will suggest to whosoever is listening, that I have two “engine designs” that should work well, by all indications/ which will alleviate some of the trouble with energy and heat. Providing some relief from global warming, etc.

I do not simply give them away; but I will consider trading them both. FOR A CLEAR AND CERTAIN LEGAL PUBLIC BROADCAST TRIAL, with the clear and certain potential to reach not less than ten million viewers. WITH the clear and certain opportunity for international viewers that are not less than thirty million viewers. EACH during “prime time” hours: for the singular purpose THAT IDENTIFIES THE TROUBLES: OUR WORLD FACES, at this moment in time.

First and foremost, is the lie of fusion: and its true intent to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth. Simple as that; and I have deliberately established before you an education that indicates: both reality and truth exist in me. Identifying here exactly how that type of discussion will go. YOU, will provide the opposing view: divided equally between us both. NOBODY gets to produce “advertising/ or claim theories are more than theories.”

Just so its clear: I estimate the value of these mechanical engines at roughly one billion dollars each in what would otherwise be personal wealth potential. But alas, can’t spend money in a dead world!

I will prove the first potential, for a realistic dramatic change in industrial engines first: as it is a simple concept/ and can be understood without much input. In exchange for the necessary simple unbreakable contracts to insure global, and national media coverage in prime time: as is needed to establish and create the certainty of trial that will be open to all viewers. Without exception/ delusion/ or excuse allowed.

I will provide a rough, but clear knowledge of the principles so that you do understand; and basic machinery plans; along with how it works.

YOU will provide one billion dollars in an escrow bank account to me. Held by law in recognition of this contract. If you don’t advertise as described/ and create a legal public trial for the purpose described: to make aware “threats against life and world”. Within 7 months. Then I keep the money; it is mine. ALTERNATELY: With THE clear contract that states you get the money back: when prime time, fully informational, clear and certain trial regarding the principles of threat/ NEED FOR TRIAL: that we face as a world; has been broadcast between 6:00 and 10:00 pm. AS AGREED, with every intent to be fair. Exactly what that contract would be is open to clear, simple, and certain details to be negotiated prior too.

TO FACILITATE; the necessity of deciding whether the information I provide has value/ thereby the contract must be enforced. The following shall rule.

  1. The invention must be unique, to the current understanding of machines in use.
  2. The invention must be capable of doing or expecting something useful to be done beyond what is being done by what exists today.
  3. ANY invention, that would be considered “something like this”/ that is patented, dated, and identified as such. But not yet visible to the public. SHALL be held in confidence at the viewing of my invention. SO THAT IT IS IMMEDIATELY established at that time. Or it shall not be allowed. NO CLAIM shall follow: you will produce it at the time of this viewing or it is moot.
  4. Any invention that borrows from me and my work: shall not be allowed. IF you find a use for any portion or part of my work/ it shall be attributed to me: that I did in fact fulfill my part of the contract/ and you owe accordingly.
  5. This divulging of information, shall be publicly available for viewing live; during the daylight ours/ and available for public use. To further that end: a clear and certain advertisement, capable of reaching not less than one hundred thousand people; to establish the right to view/ and the reality of contract enforcement. A small appropriate ad, placed as agreed: should be sufficient.
  6. The invention is a gift to the people of this world, in exchange for the potential to listen: to the reality of threat, that we face as a world. What you do with that information is not my concern. But this is a demand, that you must listen to the catastrophe of crisis that is ahead for our world.
  7. I will own this presentation, not you; as will be legally binding. You, and the public will own the rest.  YOU WILL advertise to the world, in exchange: THE TRIAL to be established shall encompass all world threats, and as such is open to every available source that can produce the appropriate evidence to verify what is, or is not a credible threat. SO THAT a clear and accurate picture of our reality of threat; is presented as factual, and undeniable as best we can.

IF, this goes well: then we will do so again with the much more complex motor, as a power plant; that replaces most of your transportation requirements. I now remove this, as I now describe in the lower portion of this link another machine that represents altogether roughly a quadrillion dollars worth of work and change. IF THAT ain’t enough for you to wake up/ more won’t help. Therefore I keep the more complex motor, until I decide different.

I have held these back for quite some time: because the crisis of your failures/ needs an input of sufficient size; to help society and life recover from the lies/ cheating/ stealing/ betrayal/ and more. It is the evidence I suggest, is sufficient to prove: I can simply discard them both. As a world that is not worthy to help. I reserve the right, to make my own decisions. 

If I fail, you can ridicule. Either way the presentation of an idea with limited public participation: is a small price to pay, for what could become “a trillion dollars worth of work”.

I require less than fifteen minutes to identify the basic means of the invention. If you respond negatively/ then I get the same amount of time to respond to your comments beyond that fifteen minutes.

I will add another; just to insure I have, an ability to conceive.

As I have already displayed before/ and you discarded.

The ability to use the ocean or deep water to generate electricity can be accomplished IF: the efficiency is right.

Deep water has far more weight pushing on it; therefore it has energy to consume. The ability to use that energy is reliant upon the design. A pipe column is placed in the water with its open top above the water surface. It sits vertically, and is anchored to the bottom. Like an upside down umbrella: with a turbine inside. The lower bottom construction is like a flat pan enclosed with spinning vanes inside; and directional ports at the circular edge of the pan. That can be closed or controlled. Water is then allowed through the ports/ to push on the vanes, with a mechanical advantage based upon the diameter. That water contained in the outer edge of the vanes, and will flow back to the center structure, through a continuous piping from the edge of the vane, upwards into the spinning support mechanism: where it exits the piping, at a much higher level in the water “ocean”; through common reed style valves. The water then moves up the inner structure of the pipe from deep water to higher, “surface water”: where the difference in energy is extracted by a spinning shaft, upon which the entire machine operates. To achieve the energy available: requires you to remove the water from the column at about half way between entrance of the water, and the atmosphere above the water. This requires correct seals and design properties to keep the water where it needs to be. And would include a sump pump to remove any leakage/ lest it fill the pipe and make the machine useless. A lot of weight, means a lot of energy is available. Better, more fluid descriptions of this machine/ invention; are not going to be given unless we can make an agreement. This is however sufficient to get the point across.

Try not to let the thieves, bastards, traitors, fools, terrorists and the rest steal it from you. To aid and abet that effort: let it be added, other common styles of valving can work. The valving is located on the outside of the pipe, built in such a way as to make replacements simple and easy. While the inside spinning rod is fitted with enclosures and seals; that allow the water in, and is then guided and ramped toward the valving for maximum mechanical effect. These valving enclosures extend upward one on top of the other; with piping interlaced through each division of water removal. The generator sits on top above the water surface; for ease of servicing/ but does not have too. The bigger the diameter pipe: the more force by the absence of that weight of water in the pipe column is available. Just like “size of ship”.

While the energy is available from NOT letting the water rise all the way to the surface; if the mechanics are efficient enough. The size of the tubing from entrance to exit should be kept: many & small, so that major leakage points and hydraulic pressures are minimized. “a few small leaks are better than one big leak”. Smaller pressure ports require far less energy to expel the water. Although if you can build it right, that could be an unnecessary expense. The column, seals and equipment needs to be serviceable; keep it in mind.

The purpose of an enlarged pipe is: to bring the small delivery tubes into the center where the required inertia of mass is limited, and then guide it into the outside wall; using the pressure of centrifugal force to multiply the effect and efficiency of the valving.

The entry ports will need a scraping ring. Either one single ring spinning from the center bearing; either by shaft movement or simply by the movement of the water itself. OR, by flattening the outer portion of each port individual disks can be placed on each individual port, and will spin by water pressure in a perpendicular manner. To clean the miscellaneous realities that would otherwise cause trouble.

I give you the secondary design as well. Remembering that the energy is found by removing the weight of water above where the water exits. That transforms into usable energy. To aid the efficiency those delivery tubes (or a single delivery tube, massing them together) can be directed into a turbine blade BEFORE it turns to exit the outer structure piping. This collects the energy of that weight plus more; that is being displaced before water turns to exit. Mechanical advantage then does the work of pushing the water through the valves. That turbine either combines with the main shaft or operates a separate generator. Water then exits through two or more horizontal “thinly separated plates, with curved vanes to push the water out (at each level)”; can be used instead of individual tubes at each level. All tolerances are critical. The machine needs “close-able ports” to isolate it. It is flooded to install/ and then pumped out to use. The ability to make seals determines size.

By using thinly separated horizontal plates; the spinning plates can be housed inside stationary top and bottom plates. Which are then able to bring the sealing area back to the center where significantly smaller seals are needed. A three step seal surface, would likely be best.

It is an idea potentially worth even more than the other two/ because it is passive in terms of climate and world; by using what is available. IT DOES generate heat when working; but the water and earth itself will take care of that without serious complaint. Making this a machine for the future.

the last base discipline involved is: the movement of water in an ocean provides a food life line/ therefore creatures move in and become part of the environment. Particularly if you seed them from the beginning. That means you need to design an appropriate structure for those creatures to attach too/ that will aid them; and not interfere with you. Of the available design possibilities are a wire mesh funnel attached to the inlet and outlet ports. The initial position at the machine must be made with a material other than something they can attach too. The rest of the funnel opens as it creates distance from the machine and is supported by the environment or floats. These can then be easily detached if necessary, and moved a short distance away. Different organisms like different speeds and flow patterns so pay attention. If you hang a surrounding mesh tube around the entire invention it needs to rise to the top surface, and will at some point need to be moved or the machine moved. The corrected spacing will allow small fish to use the in-between area for protection. Consequently these machines should be located where coral reefs can grow and remain alive; when possible.

While you can dig a hole and fill it with water: it takes a lot of water to mediate the energies being exchanged. In the ocean, “mother nature” takes care of all the energy inputs needed to keep it running; if the leakage is not overriding.

The machine needs suitable self lubricating bearings/ and a monitored check valve in the sump pump relief line to indicate if there are problems. Using a spring loaded concave or convex doughnut shaped adaption to the sealing ring (a more gentle touch); will provide some extra insurance for longevity to the seal.

For ease of use, this is intended to be built as a “stack-able unit”. Which simply means; while the bottom section must be made as a single unit, with the structural rising pipe to the surface. The primary spinning shaft and other equipment needed can simply be lowered into place onto spliced shafts or other; making construction and maintenance easier.

It is, functionally correct to assert in both machines: the difference in weight (by height of water column) between where the water enters the port (ocean depth) to begin the process/ and where it exits the structural pipe (central point, starts). The structural piping continues rising to the surface from that exit valving. This IS the amount of force available: when you subtract the weight of the water, being used to power the machine (between entry and exit); from the weight of water that would otherwise occupy the open structure pipe to the surface. That represents the remaining open column pipe; to the height of the ocean surface. That open pipe submerged in the sea area; represents the energy.

In real terms when water enters the ports pushing the primary vanes of the machine around. Water then rises through the machine, by the hydraulic force that is pushing down on that water from the weight of the ocean on top of it. At whatever depth that ocean level is, the pressure applied to the water has been multiplied. That pressure, NOT just weight; is then directing that flow of water through the machinery.

Water is hydraulically pushed by the pressure of the ocean, which is surrounding the machine. The actual weight of the water itself, must be lifted/ but the pressure being separate; can be used. By causing it to turn an impeller, thereby taking the pressure out: for the purpose of driving machinery.

When taking this pressure out, it no longer has the force behind that water to rise to the surface: therefore it will just fill the pipe if you do not cause it to exit back into the ocean. Assuming leakage is minimal.

With a lack of pressure behind it, the water could be considered to pool; if so designed to be released to “pipe air”. Rather than simply contained; just above the impeller or turbine or drive which consumes the energy for electrical generation.

We must then cause the water to exit. That design begins at the spinning vanes or blades located in the entry port areas; and its efficiency is determined by leakage. These entry vanes drive the center spinning shaft and is sized larger; thereby with higher torque/ than the exiting valves, that will then push the water out. The design of the spiral vanes or other that are then pushing the water back out into the ocean: uses the entry force of water multiplied by those entry port blades: to remove the water from the column through the valves. Leaving the pressure, that exists from the force of the ocean water column: to force the weight of water, to rise with pressure against the turning central impeller for generating electricity. There are various designs for incorporating this machinery. The pressure is used, and the water is released into the holding pool or piping; just above the impeller/ turbine; for mechanical removal (action created by lower entry vanes/ establishing the reaction which is the exiting valving and vanes) that do push water back into the ocean, through valving; at a height to be determined as “most efficient”.

If you are using a pool to collect the water/ then multiple stage “prepare the water” to be injected back into the ocean are likely to be required. Using multiple generators or impellers (water pushes these) and only one spinning central shaft is less efficient but easily design possible.

It is entirely possible to assemble these as multiple units/ multiple spinning shafts in various combinations and designs can be in the same structural column; but very limited gain is likely from that/ as individual units in a very big ocean allow for far less trouble when confronted with problems that will arise. Or they can be grouped into rectangular boxes housing a wide variety of machinery all of which is intended to do the very same thing: take water in: remove the pressure/ push water out, at a level below sea level with limited leakage for power generation.

 There are vertical entry ports and vertical spinners tied together with right angle gearing/ or joined to other angled spinners with various arrangements of gearing: but they all potentially exist to do the very same thing. Which means the design UNLESS it increases efficiency/ ease of building/ or produces a true benefit: does not inherit a comprehensive or utility patent. Merely a design change.

There are various types and styles of entry and exit valving or porting/ as well as various methods of providing for the ocean life as well. CREATE AN INTERNATIONAL competition for the best design; and give a realistic prize for the winners; DON’T let the damn university knows everything people decide what that prize is: they believe they are gods, and want to be paid accordingly. This will give maximum effort in the least amount of time; a reality you need badly. Find the best this can be: and let the world of humanity itself, own every right to its use: that is my purpose for this gift/ outside the necessity of  YOU; understanding the truth of our world reality.

Diagrams require effort, and you are not paying me to do it. This is sufficient to get the point across.

SHARE THE DESIGN, share the work, share the purpose/ SAVE YOUR WORLD; and stop being insane; thereby letting university terrorists threaten extinction for all. PROTECT this gift, from the endless variety of liars/ traitors/ and thieves; AS A WORLD!  “you owe me that much”.

There are secondary adaptions to these machines: which includes by having a stable structural platform, the addition of wind generating power plants could easily be added. They would be intended at sea level not higher. A simple centrifugal fan blade with a directional funnel to aid the force applied/ OR, three smaller centrifugal vertical blades which direct and allow the wind forces into the center for multiplication. The directional funnel will have a spring loaded unloader; to remove simply, excessive wind pressures.

A sleeve going down the spinning shaft already described in the main machine transfers that energy into the generator already in existence; or not. There are several methods, along with independent rather than combined generation of electricity.

It is also realistic to include wave capturing machines either as the spinning adaption to a centrifugal fan blade in the water that then turns a pump to lift water into a tank above the wind machine/ OR more common crankshaft variations for pumping water into such a tank. A pipe instead of a solid spinning shaft in the main machine allows for releasing that water in the tank down into the main impeller for additional power at times when more force is needed.

In terms of the water exiting the primary machine simply adding the necessary one way valving to account for this ends the discussion.

There is the ocean impact of exiting water, and while you cannot take a pipe and redirect the exiting water down to the ocean bottom; as that is not energy effective. You can use an impeller positioned correcting in front of the exiting water valves to then turn a small pump on the outside of the machine. Which is attached to piping and then uses “discarded energy”; as a means to create flow through the piping to direct additional benefits for ocean life. The piping is not attached to the energy source; it does however operate on its own by using discarded or scavenged energy from the main machine.

I have decided to call the machines an SWWE;  for sun, wind, water, and earth. Both shallow water (s) and deep machines (d). By bleeding off a    small amount of power, it is also possible to pump in oxygen/ air into ocean depths if that would be beneficial to the environment both above and below.

if none are listening, or refuse to care even this little bit/ then I won’t care either!



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