IN REAL WORLD TERMS; where reality lives. The slavery that was established in America was not simply that. Rather history says: IT IS the people of Africa that gathered their own to be slaves, and sold them; to work in America. Where the alternative as is constant in human history across this globe was: when the competition is greater than the resource/ if a solution is not found to remove that competition. The stronger group will commit genocide on the weaker ones. So those people were sold/ but in all probability they would have died; had it not been for slavery.

That same foundation of reality exists in the immigration of America: overcrowding in Europe beyond what the resources could tolerate/ made it impossible for the immigrant to stay. The difference in weapons, made it impossible for the Indian nations to defend: and genocide, along with resources; built this USA.

THE DISEASE of university filth and fantasy continues to control the conversation; with endless delusions, because they have no reality in them. They believe they are gods/ and they believe there is no reality, because they can continue to be gods; because the consequence of what they chose has not yet fallen upon them or us. BUT IT IS COMING. Just like an endless human population with no place to go/ and no resource to use/ and no future to exist: builds into world war 3. Thanks to the universities, there will be no return to life; as they have created their purpose: “keep the others away, with fear”/ but destroyed themselves in the process as well.

Genocide exists: because NOBODY survives the reality of an environment destroyed/ the loss of every, or any individual resource we need to stay alive. The constant of “blaming GOD”; IS a failure that extends beyond the truth: these are the decisions that you made for yourselves. The constant that is “university knows” IS: we don’t have to obey respect for anything. Instead we will play gods, and pretend the decisions which influence our future can be built on lies, cheating, stealing, whoring, failure, fantasies, corruption, terrorism, betrayal, stupidity, and all that is the filth of human intellect (let’s trap them; so we can be gods over them). The greatest intent to be slave owners; and to organize themselves into an army: are proven to be a university diploma. Everything they built; they built by murdering the future for your child.

YOU WILL deal correctly with your new realities, as is overpopulation/ or you will go extinct, and far sooner than you can believe.

And the army of failure, as is the constant throughout history, all agree: if we just kill him, we will never hear this again. Their hesitation exists in the fact: YOU CAN’T SURVIVE, without reality or truth. So the conundrum is: “we want what we want, and nothing else”/ yet it is that very want, that destroys your own lives. Alas what to do: accept reality and truth to live, be fair and respectful to the miracle of life and world/ OR keep on lying, cheating, stealing, hating, etcetera, AND WORSHIPING the sewer that is your coming horror and hell. Every diploma says: “we are gods/ we don’t have to obey nothing/ we are gods”. Yet every life knows; “it ain’t true”/ and you will surrender that, or go extinct. Because that is the reality of what you chose.

The reality of our lives is: you have chosen to be the slaves of a university diploma/ casting aside all reality, building a life based upon “their claims of truth”/ and the consequence of that is extinction. And humanity says “no it cannot be/ they are our saviors, our friends, our gods”: we are better, because of them.

But let’s review the truth.

  1. Our world is overrun with weapons of mass destruction; and they can be used by the command of just one man (out of many, and that includes terrorists)/ ending life as, and for our entire world. Yet the universities convinced you “these weapons of mass destruction are your saviors”/ and you accepted it. Even though you know better!
  2. Our world is overrun with humanity, because the constant is: “we must save them all”. Yet reality has proven, that it is death which keeps the rest of us alive. There are no exceptions: IF YOU OVERRUN AND DESTROY YOUR ENVIRONMENT/ YOU WILL DIE. Humanities answer to that is genocide. Which means the summary total, of your universities solution: is annihilation. Even though you have escaped some of the consequences, up until now. Which does make them a BAD leader, because reality marches on, and it is in clear view.
  3. Our world is being environmentally destroyed, every single day: because over 8 billion people reaching out for “something for me”/ every single day. DOES HAVE CONSEQUENCES, to the entire rest of the planet and all its life.
  4. Our world is being BIOLOGICALLY MUTILATED; by the universities who claim they can be gods, and recreate life with “evolutionary chaos”/ one piece at a time. Or simply by their chosen concept and purpose: TO destroy the disciplines/ balance/ order/ and thought which created this existence of life and earth. SO THEY can take over building life, with “accidents”; by simply mutilating DNA with anything they can find. A greater curse there is not.
  5. Our world is threatened: with the ignition of a nuclear fire, as is the purpose of their claims called fusion. A theory they have already DISPROVEN for themselves; but alas, the money/ power/ pride/ and arrogance will not let them stop. Because they have sunk themselves into “devil worship”. Which literally means: “i know/ I want, to play god with life”. IGNITING ATOMS ON FIRE, which is the reality of their intent: WILL BURN THIS PLANET JUST LIKE THE SUN! They won’t care, because arrogance doesn’t care.
  6. Our world is threatened with the loss of every living thing; by damage and destruction to the chains of life, as well as environmental, and resource losses. They have interfered with biological process, and remade disease to multiply in severity. That which used to be small in true impact to life and humanity/ is now large and gaining threat. An ocean in danger of losing its every life; because of what humanity has done.
  7. Our drinking water supplies are being poisoned and destroyed; and there is only war beyond that moment when “we have nothing to drink/ IT IS ALL GONE”; JUST LIKE EVERY RESOURCE AND MORE; that you have attacked. The door of “Pandora’s box (we can’t stop this)” is open; and ready to escape. Because the curse is: while universities can destroy, they know very little to save anything. They didn’t care; and you worshiped them even though they stole all your money, and exist as leaders; only because of endless bribes, built upon counterfeiting currency to hide what is true.
  8. Just for starters: EVERYTHING, IS AT RISK OF EXTINCTION; and in your lifetime! Because as biblical prophecy describes it, the day of decision for life or death/ GOD THE CREATOR versus death by the consequences of university chaos: has arrived. TAKE YOUR PICK/ BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; there is no going back. Life or death, by truth!just can’t be true”?     WELL at the constant proven historical human population increase over time: that is very close to 3% per year (one more mouth to feed over deaths per year per every 33 people on earth). EVERY YEAR PRODUCES ANOTHER QUARTER OF A BILLION PEOPLE TO FEED; and they grow, needing more each year. “just for starters”.  The constant curse of humanity itself, is a story that will not be proven true. People want answers, so they believe whatever answer suits them best. In that way, they claim knowledge; even though it is a lie. The university is built on stories, as is nearly all of religion itself. Even so, people worship the fantasy that they then control life. I have disputed many of the most serious fantasy stories that exist from university. The essence of thought, the reality of evidence, the purpose of truth, the value and dignity of understanding, and the wisdom of recognition by virtue of disciplines/ order/ and balance; are signs of reality that cannot be fantasized away. Even so, people do: because they worship the universities as their god/ savior/ etc. Because they want, what they want; rather than accept what is true. Truth gives NO credence whatsoever to evolution; as it is the greatest fantasy of failure ever devised by human intellect. Evolution says: “its all an accident derived from chaos”/ even though NOTHING proves that true. Adaption is merely the evidence of perfect design, and lends nothing to evolution as a claim to life. Truth gives NO credence whatsoever to fusion; it is the greatest deception of lies that could exist/ as their end purpose is literally, to create HELL on earth. Fusion theory suggests atoms exist in a state of no motion; therefore they can be combined. Even though NOTHING proves that true. Instead reality proves that each individual atom holds considerable energy on its own. The only possible method of sustaining or claiming that energy in potential: is a spin of the proton nucleus, that is above all comprehension of reality. Making it impossible to combine “atoms” to make them bigger or smaller. All of fusion is a lie, and reality proves it is so; yet arrogance and the blind still lead to extinction, and the destruction of this planet. Truth gives NO credence whatsoever to biological manipulation through DNA; their claim is, by reshaping a GENETIC MOLECULE; they can arrive at something else/ some level of knowledge, which can be controlled. Yet GENE EXPRESSION, and the value of every living body on earth: is built by those instructions which begin with what is literally a trillion combinations of the same to create life. Even though there are roughly 6 billion individual genes involved, how they combine, react, act, distribute, collect, define, create, identify and all the rest is far more complex than a set of numbers as is the concept of human genetics. Which does mean: the parasitic invasion of life itself, by university “satan” has begun/ and is guaranteed to end in HORROR, MUTILATION, TERRORS, AND HELL. This is nature on earth, anything less than true RESPECT: IS A, dead man’s walk. Only they threaten all life on earth with themselves, BY playing god. JUST ONE, small irreversible mistake; and our whole living world is CRUCIFIED; including you! “its called DEVIL”. Truth gives no credence whatsoever to the reality of survival: you will be lost into extinction. Because reality will not accept ALL THE TRAGEDIES AND FAILURES, that are literally being hidden away by your university leadership. THEY KNOW, and they refuse to communicate the reality of our lives; because that will change what you believe can be true. And they won’t play god again; so as always, they LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, AND BETRAY LIFE ON EARTH. In more ways than you can imagine. Because a story, like a theory; needs no truth.LIFE SURVIVES ONLY BECAUSE OF WHAT IS TRUE, BY LAW THAT EXISTS TO KEEP ORDER, DISCIPLINES, BALANCE, AND FREEDOMS FROM OVERRIDING REALITY. In this moment of time: you have only two choices/ because everything else has been manipulated or destroyed, in order to get you this far. The first choice is life by truth, discarding your want so as to survive; and keep this earth from dying. The second choice is to die, by continuing to accept the university can play god, and be your savior: EVEN THOUGH, they are clearly the biggest contributors to every threat you face. One decision or the other will rule this planet; because we are too many people for any other way. YOUR OPTION IS TO INVESTIGATE REALITY, AND PRODUCE CLEAR AND CERTAIN EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT WHAT IS TRUE/ accepting truth itself shall then decide, NOT you, or your universities. IF YOU HURRY; because you do stand in a pit of fuel, and the universities have a match. I guarantee you nothing, but HELL: if you don’t choose life by truth.

    OUR purpose must become, to build a life, and return our world: to the values and realities that can be sustained for a future to exist. Anything less will not survive the clear and certain impact of what your universities have done/ and neither will you.

    Do take account; but remember this: like your medicine, it is not “the doctor/ etc” that has brought you any real relief. RATHER throughout the centuries, it is the pain and the purpose of all the people who cried; to find relief/ that has brought some hope in medicine that you worship. While thought is essential in determining anything complex: IT IS YOUR UNIVERSITIES THAT SAY, with evolution, “thought is utter nonsense/ and has nothing to do with building life” as it did not exist until last. Thereby they declare themselves fools, and without a brain to use. HOW damn gullible you are! 

    Nonetheless, the reality of my work is: to help those who search for eternity, find their path. It is not death that should make you fear; but the concept of what can exist beyond that barrier called time. The essence of energy states: in every potential, as well as in every motion; there is an element of surprise. The basis of direction, as applied to the conception of a choice. We are a state of energy as life, bound by time, but released as freedom contained in thought. Therefore the question of thought: an existence beyond the environmental restriction of identity, both lives and dies from its own purpose or desire. The question is: WHO owns that truth? The answer relies upon evidence; what has been given, begins with the human called “JESUS, as written of in the bible; and was called CHRIST”. NOT by any method of religion or image; but by the simple truth, of what love can provide.

    IT IS USELESS to live, “an eternity”; if you cannot be happy or filled by joy.

    Nonetheless, the reality of my work is: to help those who search for eternity, find their path. It is not death that should make you fear; but the concept of what can exist beyond that barrier called time. The essence of energy states: in every potential, as well as in every motion; there is an element of surprise. The basis of direction, as applied to the conception of a choice. We are a state of energy as life, bound by time, but released as freedom contained in thought. Therefore the question of thought: an existence beyond the environmental restriction of identity, both lives and dies from its own purpose or desire. The question is: WHO owns that truth? The answer relies upon evidence; what has been given, begins with the human called “JESUS, as written of in the bible; and was called CHRIST”. NOT by any method of religion or image; but by the simple truth, of what love can provide.

    IT IS USELESS to live, “an eternity”; if you cannot be happy or filled by joy.

    Thereby we know, that the critical quest of eternity itself, IS LOVE. BECAUSE LOVE, is the environmental creation of what we can be as one or more, when joined to an existence we share. Caring erupts as the value of our heart, but destiny exists only within the purpose of our desire. The critical question is then: where does life live in you? The answer to that, is not less than the identity you choose to create. My identity lives, in the CREATOR of this world; as the passionate embrace of more than I could ever be alone. Love is a creation of the soul, both GOD and you.

    the price of life, is worth its cost!

    I have given to you: the means to gain acceptance throughout this world/ devoid of ridicule or other. Because the value of an invention that will solve a vast majority of your problems (even though you don’t deserve it) is capable of that very thing. Is too vast to dismiss, not even by those who are determined to do so. READ IT ENTIRELY THROUGH.

    Those few of all the people I have talked with over the last forty years; are then given the opportunity to make a difference for your world. By YOUR OWN WORK in communicating this fact of a problem solved for you. I am NOT going to do it/ if you cannot stand up for life, “it is literally pointless”.

    If you won’t care enough, to do that one tiny little thing for our world; even the ones, who held something inside worth keeping/ then I won’t care either, and our world shall die. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING, even if it is so damn small as to donate money here for the purpose of advertising the fact: we must stop the threats that will make us all extinct. I gave you a billion dollar machine for free; which does prove beyond any doubt, this is not about money for me. I will not steal it/ nor do I want it: FIGHT FOR LIFE. But if you are all but worthless to our world, the very least you can do is donate here, so that I can fight alone. Until the moment it is clear: life is, or will soon be over. There is no time to try to sell the machine today and spend money that way/ it is far too late! Find your brain, because the world cannot wait. Money donated here that would be left over will be given to some type of “environmental work or other similar reality”. I don’t want it.

    I have accepted as true, although not yet proven: that a thirty day grace period or thereabouts will be granted to you/ do to this new alteration of decision. That would mean the biblical July 9, 2019 deadline for mercy; could or should be around August 9, 2019 instead. All attempts to grant an opportunity to survive, end there if you are not truly involved. I would be friend, but you don’t want that. I am clearly not enemy, unless you believe the university is your god. Instead, my life has been educated to be your messenger: change or die. I have delivered that message/ the rest is up to you.

    While you inwardly laugh and scoff at a biblical prophecy; I remind you simply “take another look, at what is playing out between Iran and America”/ and understand, it takes very little to deliver a package. Certainly not a missile. There will be NO GOING BACK!   not even to the front door of US government/ nor an entire nation lost, in less than a day.  and the rest of the world WILL respond.

    In case you missed it, Mr. Trump went to N. Korea to say goodbye to someone he identifies with/ someone he believes respects him. Because the reality of washington is they not only don’t care; they just want power too. Which does make them like rats trapped in a maze biting at anything they can find. The cost of cult worship; where memorizing, not thinking; gives you the reward they all seek. Arrogance is a deadly game/ while pride worships that game, because it gives them power. The end result is a fool; and Washington, as well as the world is filled with fools. Not to worry though, they nearly all “where their proof of cult, as a university diploma”. So obviously they are certain “we are gods (the superior ones)/ nearly every single one”. Even though they are death, for this world. ONE MAN USES AN ATOMIC WEAPON, AND THE WHOLE WORLD DIES/ because other men use an atomic weapon too; and release the horror of their ways with everything they can find. That is the reality of this moment. That is: intentionally deciding to destroy THIS ENTIRE CREATION OF LIFE; and I guarantee, the eternal consequences will be horrific to those who played this game.

    The slavery is: as a cult we never think for ourselves/ it is not allowed. Propaganda rules, and the people who pull their string; hide behind the wall they created, where a tiny few spend the 9 trillion dollars of inflation, that is flooded onto humanity, in this USA, every single year. Not to worry though, why should your child object: that you killed him or her/ by destroying their future. Hell, god can’t be wrong; right? You are a slave to the worship of trinkets, toys, and things that only end in the garbage; which makes you the fool as well. You are a slave to the numbers, that have no meaning; because no reality defines them other than fantasy. You are a slave to the failures, tragedies, and catastrophes that were designed by “university knows”. Because reality will prove: there are consequences, for total disgrace (university purpose was to kill this nation)/ disrespect (university purpose was to kill biology so they could be gods)/ rape (university purpose is to ruin and destroy all that lets us survive; so we can beg)/ ravaging the planet (university purpose is to ruin our home)/ and failing knowledge or truth as is the plague which diseases (university fills your brain with stories built upon lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal and worship of HELL) your lives from a university pulpit; as is your religion (DEVIL) and your god (SATAN).

    Find your brain, bring it back to life/ but do it now, as you have very little time on earth left. But then as one man put it for all the rest; years ago; even though I did in fact have him trembling just a little in fear. When demanding we are going to pay for all this. He said with a certain clear voice: I DON’T CARE, for the first time in my life I am making good money/ and DON’T YOU DO NOTHING, to change that! And not even fear could change him, so here you are. Times up, but alas “its a forever payment”/ that your child, and every living thing pays too. No choice/ no option: which is slave! All because of “lets throw it in the garbage”; and play more; nobody cares.

    just so its clear; legal trial will consist of the hard questions/ without innuendo or theory. No excessive math/ no claim which cannot be fully supported/ no endless delusion of words that have no purpose other than to hide the truth/ no stories or movies to describe your lies, and lead the people astray. You will establish the reality of what you do, and what you do not know as truth, by the evidence.

    SIMPLE, PLAIN, TRUTH AND EVIDENCE, to support and identify what the universities do know as a fact/ rather than a story. The fight starts with your endless claims as to the sun; and all the tragedy of being WRONG. YOU ARE LITERALLY GAMBLING OUR ENTIRE PLANET/ ALL ITS NATURE/ AND ALL ITS LIFE: WE ARE OWED, the right to understand, and make our own decision accordingly. To legally stop you/ or not.

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