The reality is, you are too insanely proud and afraid; to change first; not even for our world or its life or your child. So this is the opportunity to see a different future first, and then change or die. I personally regard it as “a thirty day reprieve”; from the biblical prophecy identified in this work. The critical reality is: IF YOU still won’t move from worshiping the universities as your god (we can do anything we want, without consequences)/ THEN you will receive all the consequences, they have prepared for you. It will be extinction.

In contrast, I ADD to that is the truth: WE, don’t need to bribe any others, if you simply decide to fight for your world. YES IT DOES mean change, but without change there is no hope for life on earth. I am presenting to you: TRUTH DECIDES THE FATE & FUTURE. TRUTH, lets life survive; therefore we must identify what is true. University and others have been lying to hide all truth, with stories, ridicule, manipulation, and control so they can do whatever they want. Making their toys and trinkets/ playing their games by reducing you to slaves. Yes slaves, because they DIDN’T PAY: the numbers are complete fantasy. Because they truly have been counterfeiting national currencies, by claiming asset accrual that does not exist. Like all pyramid or ponzi schemes; it only works until reality demands truth now decides.

The leaders to all these tragedies; those who instigated and stole the future from every child, to make that happen. The humanity responsible for destroying resources, and ending the possibilities for life itself, and even this earth. Are found in nearly “every leader” today. Because they all have only one thing in common: they ALL, have a university diploma (it is their uniform/ their army of insurgents against us all). Utterly certain, they can’t be wrong: because after all, “they are the superior ones (nobles)”. Same reality as in all human history: “we build traps”. Even so, it is the “common man” that follows, worshiping with the words: “GIVE ME ANOTHER DAMN BRIBE”. And death marches in “like sands in an hour glass”: suddenly life is, all gone.

MY WORK/ MY PURPOSE AND DESIRE IS SIMPLE: I demand an investigation of the facts and realities that EVERYONE can understand, will decide what the future can be. A legal (we the people have a choice) reality, which then provides the opportunity by law: to make the changes as humanity on earth, that we require to survive. NO BIAS/ NO EXPECTATIONS: SIMPLY LET THE EVIDENCE DECIDE WHAT IS, OR IS NOT TRUE. Before there is no hope for life left; because we became “the living dead”. A reality that exists: when you cannot “go back in time”.

I remain committed: to the decision, I have paid my last to sustain these sites for you. They renew on the first of the month/ and if they still have found no value for you; I fully intend to abandon them, and you as a lost cause. Donate if you wish. Contribute to advertising and making trial for life and earth come true. OR, just don’t care; as has been the reality for over forty years, as is the cost of demanding “we must fight for this world”. With more than words, you simply hide behind. Stand up and be recognized as MY CHOICE; is to respect my world, THIS WORLD; and all the miracles we share. MY CHOICE: is to understand, we CANNOT let anyone “be WRONG enough” to make this whole world die, or destroy life as is: crucified by biological mutilation. This ain’t no game, university has accomplished the demand to be SATAN (we can destroy this earth).

That makes YOUR DECISION: to be very simple. You cannot “wait and see: the horrors of catastrophes that are literally irreversible!” OR LIFE IS EXTINCT.

THAT MAKES, OUR DECISION AS A WORLD: to be very simple as well. EITHER YOU STAND UP AND DEMAND, that we the people of this world MUST KNOW the extent and truth of threats against our planet and our world of life: so that the worst CANNOT happen. OR, you discard life and planet itself, as not worth your time or interest. Your personal choice will literally prove: the truth in you: one way or the other.

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Jim Osterbur

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