Time lives in the disciplines of “my/your, hope”. Not because movement is determined by hope, but because creation itself is defined by the disciplines of existence, as hope identifies the participants involved. Hope exists, because we share “a moment” with creation. In that moment, the disciplines of design, the absolute engineering, the structure and building processes that are clearly evident and involved, the complex elevation of thought environments which surround the whole, of life on earth itself. The possibilities of an eternity erupt, and that presents hope through the ascension called faith.

Religion is: I can believe anything I want too/ simple as that! To give religion substance, each tries to identify something true, by which they become separated from the rest; thereby “this is ours”; belief. FAITH however is not belief/ it is the reliance upon what can be proven true, by the evidence within our reality; and through the ascension called thought, elevate ourselves into the dimensional awareness of what truth itself identifies as our Creator. To achieve that dimensional shift, requires the specific destiny, which is true respect for what has presented itself: as our evidence of life in time.

Miracles, {what we cannot understand, but clearly and truly exists without “magic”} prove the substance of our thought, and our lives; is a gift. Because nothing but thought can achieve the disciplines, order, balance, construction, utilities, transportation, mental conceptions, and all that life actually is. To accept thought as the builder of life, is to understand: order does not come without discipline/ nor does balance come without the substance called knowledge. Thought beyond the concepts of life in time; are a destiny/ not a description time can resolve.

The unfortunate descent of humanity into animal behaviors; is the constant gift of “university knows”: as their proven purpose to distribute chaos, and destroy every foundation of life or living that they can; has been the evidence clearly displayed as our time in history. Making our time, the most severely retarded people throughout all of humanity created on this earth. So you say: HELL NO, as the university taught you to do/ and the propaganda teams of media, scream “believe only in the university”.

Reality however knows: that throughout your existence here; with clear certainty and disrespect/ nothing living matters, but you. Not even your child; because they have been massacred for your greed. Their future is dead, and you don’t care: because you won’t change NOTHING/ as you have screamed for four decades now. Nothing, that is what life on earth is worth to you/ that is the price you paid. To gain counterfeit numbers and trophies you threw almost immediately “in the garbage”. You wanted what you wanted; as all animals do. But you never thought or accepted for a single second: the consequences of what was being done, especially by university. With only extremely few exceptions! And of those, only a tiny few could make a commitment that is by its essence: “sign your name, and accept this is my purpose to fight for life too”.

So, we end our time together {not my job anymore}; much as I began: without any help whatsoever, in a deliberate attempt to fight for our world, and all its life. You, were just too busy “getting rich”. So look around you, one last time; at what this entire world was worth/ as our earth descends into its grave: that is all you have to prove “your choice”.

For those who want a biblical reference: you are equivalent too, “the Israeli-es” who out of Egypt built and worshiped “the golden calf (the university is where the money is; so they are god)”; even with all the evidence to prove what is true. They still chose “I WANT TO BE rich”/ and very many became animals as a result. Without truth, thought, respect, love, courage, values, identity, passion, purpose, desire, destiny, and hope; you cannot achieve the reality of human “being alive”. Simple as that. It is not condemnation from me; I can love you anyway/ even if I could not spend eternity with you. Truth requires purity to survive. Neither is it condemnation from GOD / it is, “just your choice”.

It is noted: that we all search “for the life in our existence”/ to understand the basis and relationships which determine the value of our own identity. In that element we are all the same, not equal/ same! Which means the things we chose, do direct our path into the realities of life OR, the consequences of time.

The consequences of time (the animal in us all) are simple: sex, work, loneliness, ridicule, pain, discoveries, happiness or sadness, loss or failure; are the things time will influence. The realities which interfere with what we believe we are (a road), instead of what is true in you or me (a path).

Realities of life are far more complex: when faced with miracles, that are plainly so, when confronted with all that life can teach us by the evidence of our existence. It is a choice: to accept miracles, without judgment, so that the scared respect of what we could never have done for ourselves; is absolutely true, and creates “a soul”. Soul is a dimensional experience, surrounded by the expression of respect, it achieves what no animal ever will: a relationship with GOD . Not by the construction of human expectations, but by the validity of values that seek and search for what it truly means: “to be ALIVE”. Here in the essence of creation itself, thought transforms the existence of life, into the spiritual realm of what truth will teach. In that truth purity arises, and the value of our soul becomes the rise of heart. Destiny knows, when love is here.

I DO, wish you well; but I cannot save you/ nor can I change you/ nor will I manipulate, tempt, or control you: you, not me; must choose better, or life will die.

I would choose to suggest: that the primary difference between us all, is who will, and who will not choose the easy way out of living the life you were given. At the extreme end of living the life we were given, without any attempt to avoid it; is me. While all those in the middle of living this life have chosen the easy way out: NO, I DON’T have to share or care or love/ I can just as easily choose hate, power, and pride; which opens the door to all the things which are animal by nature examples. And then there are those who become trapped beyond the easy way, which is a life surrendered to hate. As the consequence, for failing forgiveness and the choice to go on; as a living human being.

Life is not the simple choice: time is all we have. LIFE IS, the energy released into our possession, that identifies a potential beyond the recognition of time itself. Therein experience does change, and the essence of our expression rises, as we become enabled by life to choose an eternity. Thought lives in that energy, as it controls the boundaries and limits of what that energy can express. Time lives with that energy, and it controls the boundaries and limits of what each body can express. The difference is: that life is not a body, because a body is limited by time. Rather life is an energy, that radiates the essence of our truth. While energy does change, rather than die/ while truth survives, in the purity of its existence/ the identity of your choices, marks the value that you chose, to be “the substance of existence, that is called you”.

Animal means: a human being born in time, who never rose to the challenge of being more than an existence in time itself. While human being ALIVE means: the very essence of life has a value that can never be less than the hope and desire called love. In that environment, the possibilities of joy, are beyond description; whereas love can never be less, than what we ourselves choose to give. The journey is forever, because love can keep us alive inside ourselves “because of your love, and the essence of mine”. Such is the purpose and desire that achieves eternity. Let your hope (this cannot die, unless you turn to hate) govern your respect (the value of true miracles, never changes), and discipline your love with order, balance, and truth.

As to me personally; the level of change “due to spiritual woman inside”, continues to grow. I literally have no say in that entire experience or its expression. What you believe or disbelieve about that is of no consequence to me/ it is what it is, and I have no say. I still do not know why. Apart from that, everything else is done: you have your warning/ you have had your grace period/ you have had your bribe as is “the billion dollar gift” on the homepage. You have had your chance to change for life/ because time is or is about to run out for this earth. The damage of human cause, is extreme. I did do, what I felt I could do/ simple as that. If I had known the future, or that you would only “want what you want/ and discard a world”. Different choices would have been made. I would have still fought for life period/ but I would have used different methods to get here. As it was: I just couldn’t spend the time, on anything that was not necessary (apart from tiny vacations, to gather myself again). Inventions could have swayed you into less damage to this earth/ BUT THAT WOULD NOT have stopped the horde of fools; who are mutilating nature, or about to ignite this planet into a sun/ even destroying the solar system, as we know it; itself. To your shame. Because the university owns your soul, and made you “a zombie” (no apparent brain available)/ even though you believe “we are gods”. Truth declares “yes gods”/ but gods preparing the exodus of life into “HELL”. Not a value I respect, and never will.

I am a bit different/ but that does not make me wrong! Evidence proves me true, to the reality we share, as this time on earth. The fact you are an enormous herd, does not make you correct/ it merely enforces your own destruction. Simple and plain, you cannot escape truth; because all lies die.

Yes, in this particular case: the pink does represent female influences I cannot avoid; “its complicated”. Go ahead and ridicule. I have no prediction on how this turns out for me; it is whatever it is going to be. Simple as that. OR, if you prefer: it is Revelation 12 come true; as is the woman who stands on the moon (something foreign, seen from the beginning of humanity: as is a man).

The essence of our reality is, that life depends upon other lives to eat/ even plants consume the dead compositions of other plants, along with sunlight, water, and more. Your destruction of the planet includes the disruption and now potential death of all chains that keep life alive. IT WILL take a miracle to bring them back/ but we do live among the miracles, which does mean it is possible; no matter how unlikely, due to your disrespect “for everything, that does have value”. Even so, it is necessary to hope, and it is necessary to pray if you can. CHOOSE LIFE COMES FIRST, no more evading the truth!

I am not a religious man/ or whatever part of me, is female; I would assume is not religious either. That simply means: I don’t believe (in whatever I want). Instead I have faith, in the realities of truth, that all the evidence of this earth provides. And I accept the testimony of JESUS, and have lived upon HIS path/ not mine so much; as life proved to be “without thought, balance, order, discipline, courage, love, and direction”, there is no true hope. Spiritually I made an error: because I was caught in a reality that lost my direction (I did not know, whether false teeth, was a violation of this gift I call a body)/ and that was enough, to cause grief and sorrow. The experience nonetheless taught me what I needed to know, and I prepared thoroughly; then going back, I made no other mistakes. Knocking on the spiritual door of “female”/ was neither mistake (life benefited) nor less than a mistake (male did not). Regardless, that decision created the balance, that became “message delivered”/ and it clearly would not have occurred without opening the door: that joined me to woman. Because it is as equals, that we have a chance/ whereas, I searched literally for ten years as strictly male: and it was proven to me, life would become extinct soon. Because this is, “the best men did do”/ they cannot do better, this is it. CHANGE OR DIE IS THE MESSAGE, what you do with it, is up to you. By the evidence of our reality, with true extinction in sight: I do suggest to you, that is,                                       A MESSAGE FROM YOUR CREATOR !

Believe it or not.”

The complexity now is: how do I live with woman in charge/ I seem to have crossed a line somewhere? That has absolutely nothing to do with men, as ANY MALE; who would attempt anything sexual with me; risks his entire eternity, dropped into Hades (where terror, literally never stops). Don’t do it!

Whatever this is, it is entirely between female and me; more I do not know. It is a strange existence in more ways than one. YES, I am aware of the absurdity, the complete “how could this be reality”. But you don’t live my life, and it has become different than yours. Believe it or not. There are no ulterior motives, plans, plots, temptations, or any other facet of deceit. This is simply, “the way It is”/ even more surprise to me, than to you. I suppose someone has to prove: “there will be change”. Life different/ or lost: Who knows!

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