Of the many things that could be said about “YOU”; one of the most significant is: 8 billion people screaming, “I will just go to the store and get MORE”. Which occurs 365 days a year, and if humanity gets its way, for at least one hundred years each. Which equals 36,500 days of give me more! And nobody sees a problem with that/ and NOBODY wants to see a problem with that; and everybody hides from the reality of that. Plain and simple: “leave us alone/ we want what we want”. The store has plenty, and so everybody throws everything away; ;just as fast as they can! So they can go to the store and get more. Its a matter of pride, “look at me”.

Which brings us to the next reality of life among the humans of this earth: “WANT” is the devil so to speak. Because want drives this world into its delusions, which cause an insanity, which becomes the tragedy of our lives. Want means: nothing is important but me/ and the result of that, as insanity wades in: is an isolation that becomes selfishness/ there is ONLY me. As insanity takes over, the entire world of life and living changes from “an immense participation in expressions establishing experiences”/ to the tiny prison cell, that is “ONLY me”. Nothing else of importance exists/ and what does exist is either worthless to me, or an enemy. The delusions begin, just as soon as you remove the world from existence, and make selfishness your fate (the consequence of my life is here/ and only here: because nothing else of importance exists). Which is loneliness and separation; and that becomes a breeding ground for all things hate/ or depression.

Pride is the next most destructive element in the human arsenal of weapons: to demand, I AM the winner/ or, for many; I WILL plot and plan and take my revenge for losing; this game. Pride alone, makes life a game; even though it is not. Because pride wants to be MORE, than you. And if you lose, pride forms hate to prove I can take away “the more, you have”; making me, the winner instead. Pride demands judgment of everything; because unless you measure, you cannot win the game. Every measurement is a cause to judge, and every judgment is the righteousness to demand: they shall be conformed to my demand. Which illicit’s and then corrupts all forms of government. Pride is the purpose of power, and power is the intent to describe: as the winner here over all of you, I get to play god.

So power proves power and pride, by controlling every want that you can describe. The vast primary purpose of power is divided into two parts: I can make you cry, make you slave, make you beg, make you starve, (I AM god); etc. OR, in the secondary, very limited reality (because it ain’t no fun, being equal and same); it is together we can protect each other from abuse. Rarely lasts long, because the primary portion of power is an invasion just like any other disease. Taking from every person and every life its option or opportunity to participate and join anything of value, or protect anything of their own, or do anything at all: except beg the powerful for permission to fight for their own lives. But, Power seeks to control EVERYTHING; simple as that/ and it does not care whether that power comes from doing something well, or being extremely tragic to life or planet, or you. The only real purpose for primary power is power itself (I want to play god); over all of you. So they take control/ discarding life and planet, by manipulating and controlling all they can control to tempt you into compliance with. Such as university knows, just a tiny few experts decide for all of life; about life, and planet, and future and everything. Just as they have been doing for fifty plus years. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt: the only thing they actually know, is how to make this earth, and all its life: extinct. Destroy the very fabric of society. Change biology into mass catastrophe. Threaten the planet and even the solar system. While providing all the propaganda possible: to turn the people from truth into lies, cheating, fantasy, and failure. Yes, indeed they are gods; unfortunately they are gods of death/ NOT life.

The constant throughout our time is: the university leads by counterfeiting money, and taking over governments, media, courts, policing, religion, education, and more. Simple and plain, the pandemic of failure through the sewage of leadership, and the parasitic compulsion of manipulating everything they could touch; with fantasy, disrespect, and disgrace: adds up to our world going extinct. It is that simple. But it is also true, the people of this time; which does mean you: bought into “university knows: the endless lies: the tragedies of mutilation; the cheating, stealing, and betrayal: the failure of everything, as power consumed this USA with fraud, and its result; the biggest financial pyramid scheme ever conceived”.

And all the people scream: WE WANT OUR MONEY/ IT CAN’T BE A LIE, BECAUSE WE ALL PLAYED, AND WE ALL WANT IT SO MUCH; we not only sacrificed our lives, but our children, our planet, and our future as well. “to be called WINNER”. If only for a few seconds of time. Congratulations, “you won” the greatest prize of all: you destroyed a world, which does make you, and all those who played with you: “satan”. It is in fact, “the most any group of humans could do,” on their own. You played/ you won/ you died to eternity. And you took your children, and your world, with you; into hell. So, have a party, and “be great”; after all, death means “eternity comes” for you.

And all the people who still have a brain at all, cry: “I just wanted what I wanted”/ I just wanted a life that would bring me joy and pride and power; like others have. I just wanted love and hate and everything I wanted to prove how powerful and proud and successful in the game people play, that I could be.

So, the question is asked: is that not what you got? Without any interference from truth or reality or the consequences of what happens now? Yes, indeed it is. So congratulations you won, what you wanted most. Like the rich: “you took it all/ so no one else, not even from the future; could have anything for themselves”; because you won. Isn’t it ironic, that in order for you to win: you had to accept the limits and boundaries of life: and find to whatever degree was possible for you, the order, disciplines, and balanced thought as is the essence of living/ discarding chaos, and a brain, as is the very essence of “university knows religion”. Just as their religion says: you can’t have any of those things to build life/ and yet, that is what it took to win; your own death, and prove your own lies. Don’t worry, “I won’t tell”/ you already did.

And yes, I know these types of words will cause all but the tiniest few; to run away and hide. Just as you have been doing over forty years plus, that I fought for this world. While a tiny bit of time might still remain before life and planet collapses forever/ it is highly unlikely you: “give a damn”. And will just retreat to your “sofa and beer”/ or pride. So goodbye.

And you say: I had to fight for my life and my family, I didn’t have no time for the likes of you or anything you said; because you are nothing, and you will amount to nothing, and all the work you do is for nothing/ and I WANT, a new car, and a bigger house, and a billion more things I cannot even list. AND I MUST SPEND MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE FIGHTING FOR THAT, ABANDONING CHILDREN AND EVERYTHING ELSE; TO GET WHAT I WANT. There ain’t no damn time for investigating reality, BECAUSE there is only me, and what I want. So I had cause, because you are nothing; just as religion suggests. After all, “we expect GREAT ones” to lead/ just like the university promises. You are nothing, and never will be.

To which I always replied: I am just like you, BUT THE EVIDENCE, AND THE REALITY OF OUR TRUTH IS “more than me”/ and it points to our extinction. So investigate because we cannot let this be WRONG.

As life ends, you may remember: “I was not great”/ I was merely human. And that was not enough for you. Simple and plain, you wanted to play god, and you did.

In case you still don’t know: “university” means: regardless of the consequences, nobody gives a damn: YES WE CAN!

Climb out of your hole, and fight for life; it ain’t over till its over/ retain hope until that end, is proven true.

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Jim Osterbur

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