In the fantasies of our day, the university delusions are extreme, excessive, and without basis in fact or reality.

Such is the constant puke and sewage of evolution; a world of humanity sharing in the curse, “we don’t need to respect GOD “.

But let’s review: evolution says “millions and billions of years have pasted for life to just build itself out of nothing, but heat, chemicals, and water. No brain/ no tools/ no transportation/ no utilities, nothing but chaos. As we ask the question: WHAT was this earth like millions and billions of years ago/ the critical reality is: WHAT was the sun like back then? Because if it existed/ then it had to be a great deal bigger. The sun produces energy that this earth then uses/ and we know for a fact that it consumes mass to produce that energy, which means to burn: it consumed itself. So this earth had to be a great deal hotter, for that reality to exist/ or the sun itself had to be a great deal colder to even the time and reality of earth into something like today (not likely at all).

We then look at the process of building a living cell: needs boundary walls to encapsulate anything/ and without its own specialized environment, “such as a body” there is no life. But alas, now reality demands: “water, energy, and mass” must be exchanged through that boundary enclosure; or there is no life, because life in time requires it. Now we need all the parts and pieces to produce a working, living, example of what can be assembled on its own. So the first working part that is required to create life is “the essence of knowledge/ or a viable process that cannot be interrupted”. Knowledge allows for the manipulation of parts and pieces, IF there is something that constitutes a tool/ but that requires a deliberate motion, and it must be disciplined or it tears the internal parts into pieces. As to chemical processes, look to the university labs; and we find nothing that even approaches the possibility of life, or organizing life, or constructing DNA without the input of knowledge, and the disciplines of order and balance (just so far).

But let’s continue as if a cell could produce itself/ so now it must halve itself into pieces once it gets to big to sustain itself/ and that means you need “two of every part and piece that forms a cellular life”/ and they all have to divide at exactly the same time, and migrate into exactly the right area, in order to achieve “two living cells” instead of one. And then we need food: where does the food (we eat life) come from when you have just one? It is not the sun, as photosynthesis is a much more complex process than single cells. It is not other life, unless countless organisms come into existence at the same time? How does a single cell organism allow food to enter through its wall/ and is there no “refuse” to be evacuated; how does it do that?

But let’s continue anyway: and now we have a multi-cellular organism that has to be bound together in such a way as to create a sustained environment that all participants in that organism can share with each other/ and keep all other things out. We now need intricate valving to accomplish the various realities that must occur for life to exist, or it fails and dies. Alas you need a heart/ but these don’t build themselves, without knowledge and understanding inherent in the process that makes life possible. And evolution assures you, NO brain is involved; until men are born. Nonetheless, let’s assume a heart of some sort exists; but it is worthless without vessels to deliver the blood. Or wait, you have no blood; another problem. But if we look a bit farther: now we need lungs to power the heart. A stomach to feed the entire body. Strong Chemicals to accomplish that feat/ and cellular structures that can survive the chemicals needed. Kidneys to displace the water used/ liver to clean the blood/ the means to push excrement “down the tube”. We need to hang the various parts inside the structure of a body in order to move effectively. We need bones that not only build themselves, but transport themselves to the various parts and places where they will be needed; and they must tie themselves together. Allowing for muscles to operate, and the wiring to ignite those muscles electrically to function. And every body, every muscle, every piece of life must grow together, exactly as ordered “according to university” without a brain. Alas a robot without software to tell it what to do, is absolutely worthless/ and so is a life. But, even so: you still have not accomplished reproduction/ nor the desire to participate in reproduction/ nor the means by which a new life might arise.

Then we come to the reality of university delusion which is: somehow we must get a brain; and a big brain so we can be gods. But the elephant has an even bigger brain/ so you lose. Alas, it must be an appropriately wired and more active brain that functions better then? So we ask: how does a brain build itself? If the body has no brain it “like a robot without software” cannot do anything. So some degree of brain must exist all along the way; even if the universities say no. What then is a brain? Answer: something that can store the knowledge, that is collected by the body, and create the element of decision, that recognizes “I have a usable freedom of direction, and purpose”. But if knowledge does not come “fully installed”; and obviously it cannot in university delusion; because a cell building itself has no knowledge/ unless knowledge exists first. Then it must, like every other form of existence collect that knowledge from the outside and assemble it into something that is usable. But knowledge is worthless without a tool of some kind to use, such as is a body, and its appendages. But if you do not have a reference that allows for dedicated motion and recognition of that motion and control over that motion/ then it is worthless, because you will do more damage than not. Such as is found with a robot that has the wrong software, and it is destructive of life/ rather than a builder of time.

So let’s evaluate the existence of a body, that does not know how to use food/ does not know what food or water is/ does not have tools to find food, eat food, go get food or water, has no plumbing in or out. No eyes/ no ears/ no anything to guide the creation of a living organism. Has no means for sustaining the next generation: such as giving birth requires/ no milk, WHEN NEEDED, and the baby dies. No internal “knowledge” about how to drink, and now swallow water or food into its lungs; and so on. This reality of choking, wherein either saliva or regurgitation ends up in the lungs is the single most likely cause of SIDS.

So after about 4 trillion miscellaneous absolutely essential “bits and pieces of knowledge/ along with the organization and balancing of those intricate parts”; we get to have a human being.

Which brings us to the question: HOW, does 4 trillion or so absolutely designed and engineered realities of intricate and delicate, deliberate actions and reactions in all facets of chemistry, physics, education, transportation, utilities, and everything else, actually take place: to automatically build a human being?

The answer is: OBVIOUSLY THOUGHT EXISTED FIRST! Or, simplified neither the chicken or the egg came first/ THOUGHT came first in order to achieve the reality of composition, construction, and all facets required to build an egg with a body, and build a body then with an egg. No possibility of an accident exists: thought alone does this, with an education so far advanced from our own/ that we cannot conceive of it. So the human word becomes “GOD” did this. And it is proven true by the realities of evidence that so plainly prove; chaos which means literally “the destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form”. Neither is life an accident/ nor does it exist simply because of time. Thought is the creator/ while energy is the builder/ and time is the environment that achieves life within the boundaries.

Which leaves the question: can we exist, without those boundaries? The answer is far more complex than it appears. As reality demands the assembly of energy into a “massive state (an intricate alliance” to appear as an identity to be recognized. That identity constructs of itself, according to the knowledge within which it can possess the compositions that become participation. The critical element is: an anchor internal to the soul: what unites us all. Either as love which builds a life through hope, by the disciplines of thought. Or, as hate which destroys the value of living by excavating death from destruction.

More is not coming!

I will add because it is appropriate: that suicides and all insanity arise from the prison that is your brain. While it is the cognitive function of life and living as a body in time/ its only true purpose is measuring the expressions and experience that allow you to construct your time, and direction; on earth. Measuring leads to judgment, and judgment past the point of “I am a winner/ or even a loser”; becomes a life that is confined by all that is unhappy in me. Some find depression, even enough for suicide/ while others find hate enough, to become violent and aggressive.

Humanity is then governed by one of two directions: either to keep on wanting to win/ or finding in losing the cause and purposes of plotting and planning and revenge. A game is not enough, to make you happy; because sooner or later the game is over, and you are left with what am I now!

OR, the alternative is: to surrender want and all its measurement (no more games): thereby arriving at life itself, instead. When you have life, you have all that life can be, as well as your own decisions to participate in whatever way you design or desire that living to be; as best you can. Life is not a game, so there are no winners or losers/ only the living as love and the dead as are dying in hate; and what does, or does not matter at this moment in time. Those who have love, understand: even though no one walks with me at this moment/ every part and every piece of these miracles which surround me, “Identify” the love which created them. The love which is in me, and which I can then share with my own creation and all that exists. The search for GOD extends that love into the elements of destiny, and by that elevation of desire, I/ we, have become the children of GOD. Because it is not the distance of time that matters, it is the relationship of heart that shapes our courage, defines our care, and lifts that which we can share, into a value to be treasured.

Thought which is the basis of our identity and its desire formed by love, is a participation in hope. That hope arrives when we do understand, there is more here in the living, than just time. That journey to understand and accept the compositions of eternity as our own search, leads each one to use what they have been given, to seek wisdom, give forgiveness when appropriate, cherish the value of life, and sanctify the reality of the real treasure to be found: which is GOD does love us all. Even if, the purity of your own heart and desire cannot share eternity; you are still life, at this moment in time. A Creation he built, for us to know life is real.

Happiness is not a game, nor is it a trophy of any kind. Happiness exists in the elevation of hope, into the kindness that is love, and the expressions of its shared desire. By creating an environment beyond self, we realize the expansion of “our own little universe”. By contributing to the values and freedoms of another life, we build our own experience as a treasury shared through love. By accepting the limits and boundaries of reality as defined in the expressions of truth: we identify our own creation by its law; to be confronted by the security of that law, and accepting of its grace. Happiness lives outside the boundary of self/ because self is very finite in its conception. Whereas the extreme existence of a universe built with light shining the way, is a hope without end. Happiness lives and breathes “in the church of its saints”. Which literally means: to believe in the journey of eternity itself, is to accept the values of those who knew enough, who searched outside themselves; so as not to be sucked into; the human herd. Or more distinctly their decision: “life is only about time”. Life is about life, not the distance we share/ but the desire we have known.

I know not what your life is like; separation of environment proves that so. My life is a continual search, expanding in the moments that I recognize: nothing is so important, that love does not come first. But returning to reality when the laws of this universe point out: time will fail us all, if the planet/ its resources/ its biology is mutilated/ its everything is lost, because of people. Which ultimately means: love must wait/ because life comes first.

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