Blankets, the decision to hide from reality, so as not to take any blame for what happens in the future. That is why leaders exist: don’t blame me, blame them! That is why prejudice exists: don’t blame me, blame them. That is why bigotry exists: “lets blame them.” It really doesn’t matter why; “color, size, weight, looks, whatever”. That is also why governments exist: to hide behind those who are then suppose to confront: the mean/ the liar/ the traitor/ the failures/ the fools/ the violent/ the thief, and so on. “Its not my fault, I didn’t do nothing: its the governments fault, that this exists.

Whereas government simply means: a group of people who have accepted the job of making decisions the others don’t want to make/ because they don’t want the responsibility of being wrong. That is why universities exist: to hide the fact, that this idea or that theory simply came from another human being; does not gain superiority. Whereas “the entire group of universities” believe in this: does. Even if they just mimic what they are told to believe/ or believe what they are told, because they are taught with lies, failures, or fantasy; instead of truth. You can’t be great; if you don’t have the answer (a blanket to hide under). So they always have the answer, “usually in a story (like all religions do)”; even if it is ludicrous and an outright lie.

Whereas “doctor/ healthcare/ etc”; are another form of blanket: because the people do not wish to be involved in their own body, when It is not working correctly. They want an expert, who cannot be wrong “for them”; and they believe that is true, so as to calm their fear.

The critical factor is: when you give away your right of choice to someone else/ you give away your nation or life or laws to someone else, who then can change your world or living into the things that only benefit them. They can easily hide the deceit, and lie, giving credit to liars, and building fantasies which can even threaten a world; out of nothing but stories. As is, just one of the many realities of this day.

People hide from reality, because they have found themselves in positions, or problems, or facing truths do to consequences they did not foresee: as is “My decision went bad”. So, let your decision take the blame/ and then I can hate you, for being the leader; and demand “IT AIN’T MY FAULT”. Even though you followed, which is why the leader exists. “your fault too”!

To assume any government is more than a few employees hired to do a job; is errant and wrong. Reality proves “the government” does not truly exist in any form other than the contract, such as a constitution, which identifies what “our government” is.

If you fail to accept, every single job inside a government: is the responsibility of an individual employee/ and those employees, who are responsible for keeping them honest and doing their job as intended. Your government dies! Because a blanket “the government” proves to be the leading cause of all the corruption/ collusion/ conspiracy/ fraud/ betrayal/ tyranny/ tragedy/ failure/ fantasy/ deceit/ lies/ cheating/ stealing/ disgrace/ and everything else WANT; in humanity is or can be known for. Even just a tiny bit of “good”, once in awhile: If it don’t cost too much, or interfere with power and pride.

So, let’s review: the primary cause of failure is, people make mistakes, and don’t want to accept the blame/ so they create leaders to take the blame for them; and that grants the righteous an opportunity to hate their leaders. As is; “now I am in charge” of that hate. But the purpose is to remove the blame from you/ and attach it to the leaders; so as to be righteous (I can make you/ I am superior); because I didn’t fail/ you did. In contrast however, you chose to follow; you chose to accept that decision, and most even worked for its conclusion; you did not accept the reality of your own conclusions, but worked for theirs. Because you wanted them to succeed, so that you could have more of what you wanted, too.

The demand is then a simple: let’s do this right/ so that we can all have more. Which is partly where the universities (we are the superior ones/ nobility) pry inside to conceive of every form of blanket and story; to hide their truth; and disguise their purpose; and steal this world from life. We are gods is the chant, and media is used to reinforce constantly; that this must be so. But as is the constant of media; when it goes wrong/ the universities are never at fault. Its called propaganda!

Let’s review: to do something “right”; means that the end result of this decision SHALL BE, a benefit to life and the future, because the consequences and the decision and the intent; is to build a better life for us all. That shall always include both life and planet and the future for every single decision to be made. And humanity SCREAMS, HELL NO; I ain’t going to build for some child not even born yet/ I want what I want, right now. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; and so the leaders all yell “elect me” and I will give you what you want. And the people scream HELL YEAH. But alas the consequences mount, as each year goes by; because you didn’t pay the debts you incurred/ and to get more for today, humanity stole it from the future. Leaving the children to die, and cursing both life and planet as they betrayed life on earth; as if one single generation owned it all.

You wanted no one should die/ and you got a world overrun with humanity to the point of extinction for all life and planet: a world waiting for war, to give us room. You wanted never to pay your debts/ and you got a world overrun with debts and counterfeited numbers that have no reality whatsoever to back them up; stealing everything from the future, for a trophy you threw away. You wanted easy/ and poisoned a planet. You wanted power/ and created weapons of mass destruction. You wanted “don’t let me die”; and gave away nature to be mutilated beyond repair; opening the gates to Armageddon which is nature in chaos. The list is very long, and time has run out on fantasies and failure.

Reality demands: make your own decision; because you will pay for the result.

Truth demands: investigate, prove, and decide “yes or no” for what you cannot allow to go wrong; as it is life ending/ and will never be repaired.

Justice demands: either accept the cost of our reality, and work within the limits and boundaries that will keep this earth and its life living; or you will end life itself. One or the other will happen/ because we are too many people for any other way.

Life demands: we all have to die, it is not an option. The children need your place/ and that means no more excessive “healthcare” for anyone.

Oceans demand: feed me or all life will die/ respect me, or you will starve and war. The only resource you have is dead human bodies; so feed the ocean and survive.

Earth demands: no more oxygen for you, if you don’t surrender a massive amount of what you do/ because every fire, needs oxygen; just like every life. And there are no other options: GET OUT of your vehicle/ insulate your housing/ and be very realistic about the fuels you consume.

Weather demands: change or die as a world, and that includes no more cutting trees (they control wind, and rain losses)/ no more lots of things, so that life and planet can recover.

All the evidence is very clear: 8 billion people reaching out for more, everyday, for every year of their lives; is an extreme demand this planet cannot survive, unless you take very careful steps to insure both life and planet do survive. Because we are literally too many people for any other way. Not a game anymore, a reality that will be: either LIFE CHANGED FOR LIFE/ or death because that is what humans chose. No blaming your leaders: YOU ARE CHOOSING TOO. Simple as that; no blanket to hide beneath/ YOU ARE a literal participant/ a literal choice: in whether life remains on earth. Fail, and your screams shall not be heard.


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