Let’s talk about being owned! A reality that exists in four different venues of time, space, spirit, and hope. Being owned admits too the existence of a force more powerful than you, which translates into your existence by overpowering your judgment, or purpose by desire.

The most common among these is defined by time. It goes like this: even though, I have proven by the evidence what is true. Even though you have agreed that the evidence is correct, and you were wrong. Even though the consequences of being wrong are high; once you get “past five minutes” into the decision that I must change accordingly. The brakes go on, and what was believed before enters back inside, and a train locomotive could not pull it back out. Because belief is the backbone or anchor of your existence, therefore it cannot be wrong/ unless you yourself is wrong; and if you are wrong/ then you must change accordingly. And people refuse to change, even for what is true, and would be a blessing to them. Because they fought hard to find something to anchor themselves too; as in, I trust this. When that trust fails, their life fails; and must be rebuilt with a better understanding of what is true. Only a very tiny few, will accept the consequence that is: you will change to accept truth decides, instead of whatever you want to believe. They just won’t do it, no matter what; even if they are certain “yes I would”. Reality proves no you won’t.

Space and ownership is about environmental realities that we cannot escape unless we literally move to somewhere else, with a different set of resources and realities which will then govern what we can or cannot be/ what we can or cannot live with or as accordingly; truth will allow. The environment then owns you, and your right to decide anything else will fail/ because reality will not allow it.

Spirit is the ascension past the point in time where realities decide the consequence of your life. Or more distinctly, spirit means to encounter the realities of both truth and law; that guided the principles and processes which became life on earth. Spirit is the builder of life/ not its designer or elevation that becomes life once it is built. Spirit then means; to guide the disciplines/ create the order/ balance the composition/ and establish the foundations upon which that form of life, and its living; will arise. Spirit is then divided into the various laws which govern each distinct form of life and living. All the same/ yet each is different; as is: all the law is the same in terms of governing for justice and life/ yet each law is distinct, and different so as to account for each individual need. Spirit is an elevation by truth into the developments of creation that still influence and create the future of our existence. To be owned by the spiritual world, which occurs only in love, by the dignity of truth: means something in you, must be changed because truth requires it of this particular existence. The ascension of your own truth as an identity created and accepted: is then altered by the consequence of a new foundation, and all that law requires to sustain its purity by design. It is a complicated experience.

There is a governing reality called hope to the existence of life: what you hope for governs the destiny you seek, in the search beyond self. Therefore it is consistent with that truth, to understand if you search for love/ then it is love that owns your life. Because as a choice of your desire, the purity of your purpose determines your own desire. It is desire that shapes the direction, and the passions of your heart and soul. It is, and will always remain true: that there are only three distinct directions to life, LOVE/ the opposite hate/ or simply to survive. Of those, only love presents an expression in freedom, truth, and joy.

While there is possession in hate/ there is no ownership in hate. Ownership aligns with the discovery, that I will accept the price/ because my hope knows the journey to be found is for love, truth, and trust.

Possession is the opposite of ownership. It means your life has been sold to the highest bidder (there is only one)/ and now the cost of selling your heart and soul, shall be whatever hate allows. The consumption of a soul, the decimation of a heart: is attributed to, the destruction of your hope. Where there is no hope, “death lurks”. Where there is no hope, “violence lunges”. Where there is no hope, “suicide rules”. Where there is no hope, the endless deranged realities of human behavior conflict with the value of life/ and people are caught in the middle between their desire for love; and the realities they want to choose for hate. Even so, if you reside in the middle, and you lose your hope; you lose your life; one way or the other.

The games people play, are about providing hope to those who will not choose to let love, truth, reality, and honest laws control their life. They want what they want, and to take what they want: they must avoid truth, reality, love, and law. Because these things do not allow want to rule over the decision or direction that life itself will accept. So they hide in a game, and they hope in a game, and they win or lose to shape the hopes they have; and keep life itself “at bay”. Because if life gets too close: the only true choice is literally love/ hate; or simply to survive.

Sacrifice is the descent from ownership, or participation in that ownership by law/ to the realities that are avoiding law and its truth: by becoming, “I want, what I want”. Thereby sacrifice aligns itself with the possibilities of hate/ if you truly do surrender control, the cost will be high. To accept that a sacrifice can lead to the potential for justice and life preserved; ends with the truth: it was not your choice to make! Never sacrifice, it will do no good for life or you or anyone else: choose only carefully, what you are willing to pay/ because that is the price you accept in reality. Being wrong is no excuse! Every sacrifice is a Want: every want leads to hate, because it bends reality into your choice, rather than what truth will allow. Just as pride leads to games, and the measurement of life; which is a road to judgment. Power wants to play god (yes I can/ no you can’t) with life or planet. Judgment leads to jealousy (I cannot compete) and rage (you/ even all of you: are worthless to me). That is “the human herd, condition”. The human life path is: to expand your thought into eternity, and accept the trust that is evident throughout, all miracles of life. While corruption exists, a foundation of love begins the journey of every life and soul.

It should be noted, that my own situation with “spiritual woman inside”: is a result of accepting the price for failure; which is woman in charge. To my own disgrace: I simply believed I could and would literally understand female, in much the same way as I identified and learned about other truths of life and reality: without significant cost. “I was wrong”! What I did not count on, was the extreme differences between male and female/ that fundamentally closed the door to that understanding. As I could not identify anything “just not male, in any way shape or form”/ utterly lost. The consequence being: I paid. Just as everyone who gambles is aligned with that loss. My defense: I truly didn’t believe women were that “extremely different”, than men. Even their fundamental laws of life for female; are different. Although I can’t describe them, because I am not allowed to study any woman to gain knowledge. Instead, like every other reality I have ever studied: I am required “to live in their shoes” so to speak/ so that reality is the teacher, and I learn what is true to their situation. Its complicated.

Not homosexual/ not transgender/ not perverse: just trapped in what truth requires, when searching beyond time. Or more simply: you can enter the spiritual world, where all truth resides/ but you cannot escape it, unless you do learn what that truth is. Thereby proving both the law and its truth, shall in fact: govern your life. If you won’t pay that price/ you will be removed; and that does include for an eternity, beyond death. Or more simply: truth governs the spiritual world/ YOU do not.

I advise you again: that the spiritual world is no game, none enter without an invitation/ and no invitation is without its “entry fee”. Fail to get it right, and you can even die to eternity. Or, like me; half wrong visits a list of elemental failures that must be corrected, before any attempt to return can be accepted. Get it right, and the world itself expands beyond time. Just a note, to the tiny few who care. 

Unfortunately, unlike time, which allows you to “do things over/ even if truth cannot be fully erased, it can be covered over by the truths you produce to correct whatever it is you did wrong”. In the spiritual world, that is not true: what is true, is and forever will remain true; you cannot do things over or cover it up. Which makes every decision the possibility of joy, or less. To enter within the variables of law, that identify the foundations of reality and existence itself; are determined by your own ability to understand what that law, by its truth actually is. Fail to understand, and you are forbidden to go further into that world. To enter within the encapsulated terms of life itself, as a truth which must not be altered: is an entirely different dimensional conception/ with very different consequences for being wrong. Just how it is; there are no exceptions: adjust or die/ if allowed. Truth is truth, once inside it cannot be changed, as that would not be truth alive. Neither can change be ignored or refused; because that, would indicate a contaminant that endangered the whole. I suppose “the ruler of each independent truth” has some say in what can or does happen inside their own realm of authority; but that is entirely up to them/ as is true of the foundation supporting every law. That is evident in the fact, “I was not returned to time fully/ the spiritual woman inside, came with me”. Neither can I return to the life I once lived, as strictly male: is missing/ I know not where. My reality is simply: “mismatched parts and pieces” that do not really go together as one. Woman in charge; “its complicated”/ life took a turn I was not expecting. Simple as that. You can understand that as Revelation 12 coming true/ or not; makes no difference to me. True is true, anything less than truth does not survive the realities that exist “beyond time”. So, the choice is life by truth/ or death forever.

Fundamentally it was clear at the beginning: I needed her to complete my work as is the message “humanity must change or it will go extinct”. But since completing my work; our reality has changed into “whatever it is, that her true desire for this earth shall be”. No longer “partners in the work”/ as I don’t even know what it is she intends to do. I do suppose it is fair; as I could not have completed my work without her. This however is beyond my control, which is a completely new environment to me. Hard to describe/ not a game. Not a manipulation of you, nor a plot, plan, or other: just plainly true. I know not, and I care not how many might know; as I have surrendered my work (which failed)/ to her decisions for life on earth. Whatever is accomplished, can and must then be attributed to her; as it is proven true. I did deliver the message “change or go extinct”/ but did fail to establish the message in your ear. You refused me! I can’t make you change/ it is your choice. Life or death for an entire world, deserves support for “anyone, who cares enough to try”. And I am willing to do whatever I can honestly and legally do for that cause/ although this seems unfair, to me; it is the cost of spiritual mistakes/ and I did accept that truth; it is my cost to bear. If you woke up to your truth; it would be worth the reality: “if you could just see past your own eyelashes”. Soon you will know; none of your catastrophes can be repaired/ because you threw it all away (no brain). Laugh or ridicule all you want; but remember this: past the point of no return, what is true, shall remain true forever/ time for this earth will end. Because that, is what the universities led you to choose. No going back, its over. Do, whatever you can do: because eternity is watching you. THAT matters.

It is repeated: that I only opened the door to “spiritual female”/ after ten years of searching for an answer, and failed: men cannot keep this planet alive, this is the best they did do. That leaves women: and she did balance the desperation, proving you can’t just pretend not telling them anything they could use against life or planet will help. Decisions must be made, and the risk must be enlarged to prove value; or they will hear nothing! While I would have pushed harder, “she said no”. And it is true: I cannot save this world/ humanity must change itself.

Life is a gift, but its purpose is an opportunity, to find those who can accept the disciplines that are needed to survive in an environment beyond the measurements of an action or reaction as is time. To understand the basis of that purpose is to recognize the realities of life and living, DO require happiness, through the existence called love, as are the destinies described by hope born of love. To assemble and retain an eternity of life and living, requires the aid of all who can provide love, whereas to make life “young again”. To refine the search into those who can survive the essence and relationship of energy to its functional existence without time: is to encounter purity, and construct by truth, the order/ balance/ and disciplines that are needed to survive and thrive in the essence of thought itself.

Energy functions are separated from an action and reaction, by the truth of what initiates that motion or potential motion. It is not chemistry or physics/ but the cause of why these things exist, and hold the universe together/ or tear it apart. That is a reality beyond this discussion. But it is consistent with this purpose to understand, no games will be played; in that theater of truth. Even so, to attain eternal life, It is essential to join the existence of that cause, and participate as one essence of life. Only the pure in truth, that align with the reality of this existence can join. Those who are not able, yet have love: are given “the degrees, of heaven” to survive within. It is a separated truth of its own.

A purity of truth is required, because if the foundation wall can be breached/ chaos will follow. As is consistent with the spiritual world, a preparation for life within energy: ANY failure of truth in you, will be found, altered, or removed/ because if not: you will be destroyed as a contaminant. The physical world of energy has no mercy/ it is, what it is. The spiritual world participates, in preparing those who can accept the price; by providing the door.

While you may question the purpose of participating in energy: it is a reality of existence that energy is, the substance of living/ while thought is the substance of life itself. The essence of GOD , is so far beyond comprehension, only the existence of love is mentioned/ as given by the evidence of JESUS. While you may question the purpose of JESUS/ it is true to say, HE was the example of love, the sanctity of life, and the courage of living, the respect and grace of existence; among all people. In a time when it was sorely lacking. Jealousy took his life. Jealousy is taking yours; the fight for more/ the tragedy of pride/ the failure of power (yes we can/ no we won’t).

The critical question of love, is very simple: do you value your life, by hope in participating where only truth, justice, fair play, trust, sharing, caring, respect, and the courage needed for living exist? Because if you do, then you do search for what brings that value to you. If you do not value life by these things/ then you will find hate, and its destruction to prove you are unhappy with your existence. Some will offer, “IF I had more/ like they do”: then I would be happy with my life and find love. But it is not so, because love is not determined by those measurements. Unfortunately, for everyone to have “their own face and form”; differences had to be made/ and those differences do provide more for some, and less for others; because individuality requires it. If everyone had the same face and form “Like a herd of animals”/ you would not be happier. That ultimately means, for individuality to exist: some must have more, and others less. It is the price we pay. There are plenty of “pretty, healthy, and wealthy people”: who are NOT happy for most of their lives. Because these things are not the foundation upon which life is built/ they are elementally time. LIFE is built upon truth, love, energy, respect, balance, order, trust, disciplines, thought, acceptance, courage, and hope. Not one of these realities is governed by “pretty or money; although health does make a difference/ and opportunities decide many human outcomes”. The discipline to know, that you are not judged; the way people judge, should provide some relief to you. Love is the assembly of all we can be together, because we chose to care, and we found our lives to share with truth, trust, and law. Love needs “two or more”/ it is not an individual existence. Your CREATOR loves you, which means love is never far away. Not in a fantasy world, but in the essence of your truth, the passions of your hope, the courage found in respect, and the value of your own heart and its ascension into soul. May you find peace, even in a world “going mad”. Do the best for life you can, “that is our job”.

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