We will look at the potential for change, in society!

The critical question is: WHAT, will contain the reality of men, in their decisions to fight? The reality of it is: fighting is the decision to “live without thinking, or participating honestly”/ by taking something from someone else. That expands in all manner of deceit and realities that disrupt or destroy justice and fair play. Because the end result of it is: the journey into life, as is a participation in thought, through the values of love; is simply too hard for them to accept. [no trust/ no foundation for truth/ no desire for respect]. They escape, by forming a barrier around themselves to keep love out; by using the games of want/ pride/ lust/ selfishness/ and power.

The critical answer required for sustained peace and justice is then: to assemble the essential components, and produce the law by which it becomes much harder to avoid the courage of life.

Life is not a game. While it is possible to make time into a game by measuring something or someone. LIFE is not measured, it is lived. The difference is, a value that is beyond real comprehension as are the miracles which surround us all: deserves respect. The universities turned life into a game, by destroying miracles, and assigning measurements to everything. Making a game out of biology, playing god with energy, and forming the hordes of an army to ravage resources/ plague the environment/ rape life itself/ and prepare the most impressive game of all time: “let’s destroy life on earth”. So it is, with our time on earth/ and it will end by university delusion: unless they are stopped. Therefore the first and foremost component to our continued existence on earth: is to remove the curse of universities/ and align life back with reality by its own law. Nothing is more crucial than that.

The second most noted reality is: that the excuses for war, and all the excuses for fighting/ deceit/ delusions/ etc; that leads up to war: must be removed. Courage is the most visible lacking reality; as men dissolve themselves, by failing to accept life has a price beyond survival in time. Men have designed and led societies here to this time and place; therefore it is men who need to change most. Since women have had very little say in getting societies to this moment other than birth: what they would or would not do is yet a mystery to be answered.

So the question is: HOW, do you live with a brain that is working to resolve life issues and values; without destroying the same by refusing to accept; “you can’t just be a block of wood/ or a weapon on a stick”. Your brain must be dealt with outside of games, trophies, trinkets, or sex: which do participate as want/ pride/ power/ and selfishness.

CAN YOU: live without want? That is the first and foremost question to men; because it alone decides all other factors that will influence what can and cannot be done.

WANT is, the measuring of life and living, for the purpose of creating a scale by which everything is then placed: in relation to me. Want identifies, I can have more “like them” if I plot/ plan/ manipulate/ slave/ deceive/ tempt/ manipulate/ control/ corrupt/ conspire/ collude/ or work. Want also indicates: I can have less “like them” if I fail. Which means: I have cause to make the others pay. Which means: I can judge, use, or abuse those others who are worthless to me.

So the true critical question is: HOW do we as a society, remove want from our lives? Because once it is gone, life itself will dramatically change.

Limited capitalism is the first method of change that does have an immediate relationship with the courage to accept life can be fair. Limited capitalism is our right to vote upon the limits to be placed upon all citizens, all business, etc: in how much income they can have; or how little income we will be paid; thereby controlling the influence of others upon our lives; for ourselves.

The assembling of law: decides who will rule our lives, our nation, or our world. Because whosoever makes the law/ rules life. When the laws are short, deliberate, to the point that cannot be refuted, and established by our own vote. We the people rule life. We need little to do with lawyers/ and we need only the politician to be changed into: you will investigate and prove our laws are being kept/ or provide the information we need to achieve our purpose in justice for life. As becomes: The courage to be fair.

Controlling the currency means: every tax is tied to its purpose and cannot be used for any other. NONE shall determine the currency for us, or create a debt for us: and all shall acknowledge, the currency SHALL be tied directly to the population count. Only so many numbers per citizen; so that all will know, where they stand financially. A reality needed to feel secured and safe: thereby the courage to stand for something other than self. The courage to believe in more than just self.

Controlling the resources means: this is life or death for the future, just like it is for you. We cannot survive further over population of humanity/ and that means: we must accept the price of our existence and work within the boundaries that will keep us, and life on earth living. A shared reality, by controlling greed: NO, you can’t. We have rights too; even for the yet, unborn. The courage to accept family will be safe.

Controlling education means: that the children SHALL be given what they need/ not the curse of “worship the university god”. Which does require, that all forms of work and knowledge shall be provided from a very early age as public schooling. With only the very limited need for a college education to the few; that the nation itself shall provide. An education includes: the values, rights, opportunities, and realities of male and female interactions. The courage of options and opportunities in life.

Healthcare is: the determination not to die for small and insignificant causes. But that does not include massive intervention, and a variety of choices. Social security is determined by accepting it is in fact; a portion of the tax and no more. How it is spent: To be determined by its recipients/ same for all, no citizen exceptions. The demand to be fair, as fair can be.

By changing the definitions of society, we share the values of society that we did design for ourselves/ instead of accepting the games being played by the pride and powerful; who use want as their guide to controlling us. By changing into a true democracy that is determined by the vote of “we the people” who are citizens here: we do become owners with an equal say in life and living here. Given those rights, the courage to be more than: “determined to survive, the fight those others did start”/ can be achieved.

True democracy begins and ends with want. Because want corrupts everything. By removing want from your brain: life comes in, and the essence of living is an entirely different experience. We then have laws by truth and reality/ instead of the constant: “university filth, which hides the truth of its intent/ and protects the criminal”.

As to women: they’re want is excessive and dangerous as well/ but in an entirely different way. It is primarily directed towards men, and their living, as the trophy/ rather than life in society as the trophy to be gained or lost by men. Change the men, and you change the women as well. Return the women to their rightful place, as equals sharing the life and living with happiness through the exchange of love; and the life inside of men will grow. Either way change in both genders is a reality that must be dealt with to survive this period of time and threat that is: our own extinction from the planet.

Change the universities, and return them to reality/ removing their desire to play god in all possible ways: and we then begin again, with the honest definitions that become life enhanced for our own safety and desire by design.

Once extreme bias, and university worship Is removed, by confronting their fantasies and proving the reality of being wrong: DOES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. The possibilities of working together form a bond with life and environment/ instead of against life and environment. That fact then opens the door, and together we clean out the riffraff and disease that has attacked our lives. The reality: VERY VERY LITTLE has been identified by any university, that cannot or would not be directly tied to nature and environment itself. Which means, it is by “studying the hand of GOD “ in the miracles which surround us: that a university exists at all. Respect is mandatory, and will not be dismissed for any cause whatsoever.

My work has accomplished its prediction: that these would be the most powerful words ever written/ but not the most important. Which are those written about JESUS; who presented us all with love untarnished by selfishness/ the possibilities of an eternity for those who accepted truth/ the guarantee we are not forgotten by our CREATOR/ and all the lessons in value which did alter the course of human existence since that day. Power means, the ability to take control; but in a human world that inevitably means “leaders who make the others cry”. Even so, if you don’t cry/ you don’t survive, because the depth of your disgrace is tremendous. Mutilating life/ poisoning the earth/ threatening the solar system with trying to ignite a nuclear fire/ responsible for mass extinctions/ and more. Over populating the earth with human beings to the point of war/ which will never succeed in anything but extinction of all the rest. The opportunities to change that are written here on my sites; most of which you have abandoned: because you just didn’t care. Even so, the possibilities of change are here. The rights and realities of surviving, do at least have a chance to succeed here. The choice to abandon all life, or fight for your world; by proving justice and value to the living is here. But since everything depends upon you own changing to let truth decide what life must become has failed. Soon the earth itself will simply not allow you or any life to live here anymore. Global warming is that extreme/ loss of forests will allow the atmosphere to accelerate to winds we cannot survive/ no food or water is coming/ weapons of mass destruction will be used. The horrors of Armageddon (nature in chaos) will be unleashed. And basically everything the universities have done will now show their consequences to both life and planet as we visit death, without relief. Not to worry though, your religions worship the universities who brought us here/ and they are certain to blame the “real GOD “. Because after all: you can’t have two gods (and the universities cannot be questioned); its like heaven and hell/ opposites do not attract the same type of life. The entire herd followed their leaders; accounting nothing to life; throwing a world away for I want, what I want. Unfortunately you assassinated the children, by consuming their future; and will soon be eating them to save yourselves for even worse. Wishing you well, won’t change a thing: change or die.

Oddly enough: you are not the only ones facing “change or die”; as everything male in me is under attack by spiritual female taking over. Don’t understand why me, I suppose since men are responsible for bringing this world to the edge of extinction; the reality is, someone has to pay. Like it or not, for this earth to survive: the penalty is “women, now get to choose”. Apparently I am an example of that. I have no other explanation. It is strange, it is different, I don’t like it much/ but it is not horrible, and I can survive it: where it stops, I cannot predict. The foundation of it is: I still don’t understand women, although I am learning more than I ever desired to know; it is a very different view of life. Even so, I have no clue where this is headed, or ends. Just trapped, what is male seems to be disappearing. What then? Answer; a different life; exactly what I cannot say. It truly is strange, how life takes a turn; utterly without the slightest indication “this is coming”. Could not have predicted it “in a million years”; so to speak. “just rambling on”/ time seeks refuge in words, as human defense. Even if they don’t account for much. Herds seek refuge in want, because it avoids the truth of our reality and what we face.

The absolutely only thing universities got right about evolution was: that life when confronted with a changed environment MUST adapt (because design allows for it), to survive, by doing what they would not have previously done. I loved everything about male, and would never have sought “to be female”, in any possible way: it does take a miracle to make that change. Simple as that. Nothing against female, which I do regard as equal in every way. Just not me, but if a true miracle of change exists, I will accept it as my life! Yet here I am, like it or not (with miracles extremely unlikely); facing the inevitable truth: change as required, or die. So do you, in far less critical ways, nonetheless you as a world, still face the inevitable truth: CHANGE AS REQUIRED, or die. That is what you chose, as a herd wanting together. I am through with this work/ but “she is not”. Consequently, I still write, as required to do.

My environment has changed, due to a single decision that I made/ IN RESPONSE to the decisions that humanity did make; against this earth and all its life. You will never understand that, and you don’t need to. But YOUR ENVIRONMENT HAS CHANGED AS WELL; do to the decisions of university leadership, and the world herd that followed them onto this road of destruction against life and planet. It is your heart, that has died/ and your soul will follow; when hope fades forever. Resuscitate yourselves; or lose a world. The game is over/ university lost our earth: soon you will know there is no going back. Change yourselves back now, TO LIFE COMES FIRST; not want, forevermore. Or, we will be finished, as a world. To your shame!

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