Love is, “the measure of your own hope”; because what we accept as the value conceived as a future, with those we love; does in fact determine the substance and purpose and passions, attributed to both of our lives. Every love is the distance between only you and me/ while there can be many who are loved; the reality of our love, is a desire that combines or separates the integral relationship we will or have become. Between two, identifies the path we share, as one.

So then the critical element of both place and time, within we meet each other to align ourselves with the grace of being whole, in the environment of love: is determined by the conception we give, to what that value will be. The question becomes, what is love worth? The answer is: secured by true acceptance, and the honesty we share, the value is: I found a home within you, to believe we are as one. Never measured without a purpose that is determined by love, or need/ never used or abused for any cause/ never abandoned for a failure, that I can, or would correct (as best I can)/ never held to a level of expectation, I cannot fill/ never judged but by law, because freedom cares about all life, and destiny shares the existence of time.

We then ask of love, one simple conception: to be designed by the grace of our own feelings, to be destined by the choice of our own heart, to be known by the creation of our own acceptance as soul, and to seek the environment of joy that cannot be known in any other way but by love.

Love is, the gift of time; as we each seek to understand the value of each other/ by which we create the treasure called living, between me and you. Love is, the dimension separated from the others; as we share the descriptions of ourselves, where no one else may come. That is particularly true, between male and female; as true lovers. Love is, the care we choose to balance our lives and our living with; as the essence conceived by choice, distributed by discipline; and ordered by the differences between love and need. Establishing desire, by the purpose which most represents the treasure we are, to each other. Desire lives in the heart, and the heart lives in our creation of time as it is chosen for you. We cannot be what we are not/ to try that, is a lie. We cannot be only what you want or expect: life is not like that. We cannot accept, that your choice will govern my life/ nor my life will govern yours: as each must make the decision that is true for them.

Love is not an independent relationship; it is the mutual reality of two people (even in a crowd or family of those whom you love) choosing each other as the essence of “just one, when together”. That is not an easy or simple accomplishment. It takes time, requires expressions, and assembles experience through the values we shall share/ because we did choose to care. Unfortunately, the same decisions do not always occur to each: because love is a multi-tiered event; that changes into a home, only when we both believe it is true.

Life requires a journey, no you may not hide in the prison of your mind; no you may not experience life and living just as a body in time. Life requires the existence of your own decision, your own risk at being wrong or right for the truth and identity, of what you desire most. Living allows for numerous incidentals to be decided along the way; but each accepts a value that will add into the conclusion of who is: you. Therefore every decision matters, and becomes the summation of what and who you are.

Time lives in the body heart, but beyond physical are the elements of heart known as life, rather than time. The difference is: time is the forced occupation of a body, that has needs, and can be influenced beyond your own choice. Whereas heart is the living existence of value, that is strictly by your own choice. The constant is then to accept: life has needs, realities, and freedoms; each of which requires not only respect for the validity of what energy and choice can do. But also accepts, wherever freedom exists, there will be conflict; that are shared, or cause failures to occur. Wherever realities exist, there will be truths that examine the purpose of your heart. Wherever need exists, the desire to survive will exceed the realities of love; because without life, there is no love to be shared. The choice is then: life comes first, in order to support and defend the love that makes life worth living.

Love is: the essence of our soul, being visited upon this earth. Soul means: we have established a relationship with our CREATOR, and thereby live within the acceptance, of a treasury beyond this earth. Love is, the value of what that means to the home of my own true desire. To share not eternity, but to share the joy of what life can be. Eternal life is a promise of value, only when that life knows the existence of joy, and all that life can become. Therefore it is not eternity that lives for life/ but life as love that lives for an eternity. Do you see the difference?

Blessing means: to inhabit the experience, of everything life can become, as an expression you are willing to share. Because in that expression, the opportunities to care will abound. Creating from you, a living example of the best humanity can be. But blessings are few and far between; because the end result is, “every liar wants more”. And every lie, tears down the value of what we have built within each other. Every lie is easy and cheap. But every lie extracts the value of life, and throws it away into the garbage; which then becomes less of both life and living in you: making what appeared to be easy and cheap/ both hard and extremely expensive. A failure to each, and all who participate in lies.

Some will argue: that I am a failure to the purpose of love; as my life has not been the value of everything living can be/ particularly not for those who participate in my own life. The reality of our need as a world, has controlled that in all ways and throughout my time on earth. Love will have to wait, became a lifetime. The reality of which is: if you cannot desire more than want; then your combined want as humanity on earth, will destroy all life and time. A need I could not overcome; with evidence or consequences or any purpose of life whatsoever. Because you worship the cult of “university knows”/ even though they are the truth of what leads you to the precipice of complete and utter destruction to this world. It is your religion of this day; and since it is your belief, only you can change that. Certainly not I.

The essence of it is simple: my treasury is the eternity of love/ your treasury is want, and all you can get in time. Do you see the difference?

Ultimately, as time has proven beyond any doubt: there is no purpose in talking to a religious zealot/ they cannot hear, because if they did; they must change their lives to accept what is true/ instead of what they want to believe.

Therefore I give you the message of my life, by its purpose and desire most important to me: change or this earth will soon be extinct. The world has changed, It is now overridden with humanity, and nature will not survive you. No nature, as it was intended to be/ no you!

The constant human reality is, “the herd”: WE, want what we want, and we know what we don’t want/ and we DON’T want nothing to do with changing what we want. A herd however knows very little of love, or hope, or a future beyond tomorrow; because it lives for today, and believes only in “I am rich/ or I am poor”. Everything else is based entirely in fantasies, including religion. Because want, is the basis and foundation of every lie/ every game/ and every purpose that becomes I will make you cry. Religion is included: because religious belief is determined by what you want to believe. Rather than what truth has identified, as an evidence which shall not be denied; because it is “a miracle” we cannot deny; without lies.

We end this discussion with: the herd cannot know any true love, because it is tied to its wants. Only the creation of a value that exceeds life on earth, will show you love. True Love is then a description identified with the singular reality of thought. Because within the environment of thought, that value of life and living shape and design the desires which become the essence of heart. It is heart that translates soul, here in time. It is heart that identifies, “I am, in love”. It is heart that disciplines our existence/ orders the control over our desires/ expresses the balance of our decisions, and experiences life as the living which we ourselves did choose. Even if others influenced our reality; the basis of all life is: this I did for myself.

The herd wants, each animal believing that together we cannot be stopped, thereby our safety and our securities are born: by the number of who/ the certainty of same; as we are identified in, an individual group. Their demand is “for leaders”, who will not make mistakes!

The individual life knows, that a herd is not what brings safety or security to the values of living: only truth can do that, for each individual life that accepts the discipline and order truth requires. The herd loves want, because it proves I earned my value. Whereas the individual life knows, that my value exists in the treasury of love, and the absolute truth I provide; as my contribution to our lives. The herd believes, there is nothing more important to our lives, than to walk together without separation; so that none can enter here, and cause our own distress. The living life understands: that opposites as are love and hate/ cannot live together; but must be separated as much as is possible. They are “incompatible”. While the essence of being human has nothing to do with “size, color, gender, etc”. The reality of life is, that we must group together, as same; because anything less accelerates the tragedies being human creates. Mixing the people together as is the constant curse of university; to deny securities. Means as is clearly evident throughout history: that the immigrant wants desperately to bring his or her “old life” here to this life. Which includes “their language instead of ours”/ their methods instead of ours/ their descriptions of living instead of ours; and all the rest that causes change to occur. From what was working to what was not working; which is why immigration exists (our society cannot support us anymore). We HAD to move. Making each people accept the reality of their own choices/ makes the world we now live in, less dangerous for us all. Because isolating those who will not obey order, discipline, and balance as is required for each one of us all. Makes them face their own chosen reality. Just like Americans must face their own chosen reality in the tragedies that are a plague of failures so extreme; so created by university delusions: that our world faces extinction. So says all the evidence of reality, as can be proven true.

The consequence being: that the herd of humanity chose the wrong leaders, and now faces the slaughter house; because your universities chose want, and believed in their religious chants “there are NO consequences for us”/ WE can be gods. And so they truly have been: destroying every foundation of life and living they can touch. Primarily, because they took control over the American government, and in particular that currency: and counterfeited a life of fraud, betrayal, terrorism hidden behind closed doors, and the disease called media. Just to name a few, in the crisis that is our time.

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