The abyss of university fantasies and delusion; is clearly revealed in all kinds of realities that are avoided as if they didn’t exist at all. Which means humanity is led into a trap of their own making; which will encase them in the grave. While they pretend “kindness and grace”/ their truth is parasitic and devoid of truth.

We have discussed the realities of mutilating nature as is DNA; for their purpose of worshiping evolution; by intending to create something to prove their religion could be true. It is an outrageous lie worthy of the most vile “witch-doctors” this planet has ever seen. We have discussed gambling with this entire earth; by trying to ignite a nuclear fire, just like on the sun/ here on earth. A reality that has no means of reversal; as even the solar system is changed by the addition of a new sun. we have discussed more; as the list is very long/ but we will add another, here and now.

The constant delusion of university (where the school children that never grew up play) leadership is: that all we have to do is accept other people for who they are, and then the world is a great place for everyone to live. Simple as that.

The reality of war proves them wrong/ as wars originate because one group fails itself; or simply wants more for itself: without regard for any other group or its consequences. We have discussed the all-out attack on the future of life/ and every child, by the intent to take everything they need to survive and throw it in the trash; to amuse each other with toys, trophies, or trinkets. But we have not discussed in depth, the consequences of human over population/ as should be obvious. But is not, because cult worshipers keep their blinders on, and fail to hear even the most obvious of evidence that can be provided: because they want what they want. Simple as that.

So, let’s talk about what media and leadership refuse to accept: which is, this is a finite earth, with limited resources, that cannot support life (for anyone or thing) beyond the limits of our true reality. So the real question is: WHAT is then true, about the relationship we share with this world? As discussed: there is a limit of fresh water, and it is being destroyed with trillions of tons of poison, along with other delusions about what we can or cannot do; and yet remain alive. Truth says: every life lives on another life, simple as that. Our food source is the reality of eating other living things/ and each of those things require living space and resources to be at their disposal, when they need it; or they die too. While plants use sunlight to support themselves which gives rise to other living things, they are not simply dependent upon sunlight. They are dependent upon the realities of earth environment, the weather, independent creatures which pollinate and spread seed. They cannot grow in numerous conditions, and produce what we need. But humanity refuses that, and causes massive destruction, to take what they want, anyway. The animals we use for food, do well, where food source plants do not. The reality of eating what we need to survive, is no game. The list is long, and not worth writing/ because you have no ears. Even so, I attempt to leave “no stone UN-turned”.

Truth says: unlike the delusions of university leadership, and its massive congregation of worshipers which includes politics and more. The reality of more people, who beget more people, who then accelerate population growth: ends with, we no longer have enough water, or food, or space, or whatever it is for us all to be happy. As is the major cause of war throughout all generations. The male answer is: SOMEBODY HAS TO DIE/ or be moved out of here. Which has now become: there is no room for anyone anywhere, as all living space has been filled; and that does not include the creatures we depend upon for our survival one and all.

That reality is hidden by the curse of university delusions/ the failure of “the spoiled children” who never faced reality or its truth; and is intentionally hidden (just like true population growth). Because the reality spoils the game, of getting everything I can get. The consequence of all power, pride, want, greed, selfishness, and more. Each of these delusions: “tries to take it all”/ so they can play god; just like the university elite have done behind closed doors. And they did take it all, by counterfeiting the money; and selling the securities of this USA as a direct betrayal of us all. Those who control the currency, control the economy and determine the wealth or poverty of a nation. Those who control the law, determine the critical direction of a nation; and identify its true source of purpose. The university leadership proves: they want it all for themselves/ and are constantly closing doors, so that no one can enter but the few who are among themselves. Take a look around, at all business dying do to the direction provided, produced, and prove through or by “government leaders”. The puppets of university religion (we cannot be stopped/ because we are gods): our bribes prove that. Because humanity is the slave, of all things money; even if it is a lie, that cannot survive reality. Doesn’t matter; because they want to win, as do you, and all the rest. The bribe is their trophy/ and the curse is what you have done to aid and abet those who tore the future of life, and every child, from this our world.

Alas you want, what your religious leaders tell you to want/ and close your ears like all zealots do: to what is true. Until forced to accept: NO YOU CAN’T simply take what you want/ by accepting religious dogma, as is everything the universities do. Religion means: without proof, I will believe whatever I want/ thereby I get what I want, when I die. The universities want to play god more than they want life itself; because they believe themselves to be superior to the rest, and cannot prove that without gambling in ways that will destroy this living world. After all, like all religious leaders do: they just want to prove they are god, and you must beg to survive. Because of their superiority. What better way than to destroy nature; wherein who else will you turn to, other than those who genetically destroyed nature itself? If you kill them you die/ so worship them without fail; and give them anything they ask: as is the purpose of their truth. They will be killed and mutilated; because they can’t return anything to life/ once it has been destroyed. Oh well, “going to buy you another second of time”/ so its all worth gambling every living thing forever. Now ain’t that right, after all, what could be more important than: YOU? Answer: ain’t nothing more important than me/ so I don’t give a damn, not even about an entire world or all its life. Simple and plain.

Alas all the death, and all the catastrophe, and all the tragic disgrace and disrespect, that the most foolish and blind generation ever born has achieved; cannot simply be brushed aside. So we return to the reality of what happens when the curse of horrors that is hidden behind every university delusion produces; comes true. Alas, there really were consequences, to destroying an entire world.

Of course cult worshipers cannot conceive of that. Nor can they question any portion or part of what the future will be according to the realities of this day/ and the cost of being wrong. The universities took control over the courts, the law, the policing, the media, the politician, the religions, and more; by producing propaganda that never proves them wrong. By never allowing a single question to be raised; that they did not want to be raised, so as to prove “we are the superior ones”. By rejecting the future in its totality; and ending reality by all means possible. Which gives fantasy its motive to take control over everything/ as is the purpose of counterfeiting currency. And the people say: HELL IT SPENDS DON’T IT! And so it does; but like all counterfeiters, the day will come soon, when reality does not agree with your numbers; and they will fail completely. Which brings us back to power, and the reality of “too big to fail”/ as is the conception and purpose of university elite. Or more simply: YOU CANNOT STOP US NOW, because you refuse to pay the price, and we then do become your gods. Because there is nothing left, but our fantasies/ failed or not, its all you have. Without starting over, and that means everybody.

So the curse extends, and the powerful prove they won’t share or care: because they expect to be gods, when that day arrives. After all, with counterfeit money: THEY BOUGHT YOU OUT, and now own it all “fair and square as a courtroom is”. Alas the court is a fraud, the politicians are a fraud, the media is a fraud reporting nothing of importance; and behind closed doors: the bribes run deep. As is the constant of every generation: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET WHAT WE WANT. Will do, whatever it takes to insure no one; takes it away. That includes lies, propaganda, murder, cheating, traitorous realities, and terrorist intent: to insure you know, “interfere with us, and we kill you all”.

But the blind believe what they are told; as all religious cults do/ and the power, pride, and want of 8 billion + people cannot be deterred from their game. Alas, soon they will ignite a nuclear fire on earth (it burns atoms). But of course you cannot comprehend that; even though you know by the very limited real education you have/ that all things on this planet are made with atoms. “gee, what could go wrong”? Answer the question, because the machines exist. The current worst being www.iter.org

But of course as is the constant of all truly religious beliefs: you don’t have to worry, because you are going to get whatever you truly want, out of death. After all, “you are god” are you not/ its your decision; and all that matters is whosoever you chose to follow.


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