Eternity is a description of what life can be/ not the description of what life is: because life, is the elemental rise of thought, and its creation of boundaries, order, balance, limits, destinies, desire, purpose, love, discipline, courage, happiness, and joy. When combined as in life on earth; the foundations which are kept as law/ the elemental truth kept pure enough, to survive/ the respect absolutely required/ and the decisions which never seek to interfere with the value of either creation by GOD ; or justice as life describes a need, through the existence of fair play. Are all elements that transform the essence of life itself into a journey that displays our own commitment to what does have true value for us all.

We are bound together by the existence of law, that then keeps us alive within truth. Simple as that. Universities have discarded that principle of living: to unite in a constant demand for lies, cheating, foul play, disrespect for everything life or living, the terrorism of destroying the future, gambling they can be gods; and every other disgrace known to human existence; all wrapped up in the religious framework of “we know more than you”. They do know more than any other generation about destruction and the demand for chaos in all things. But they know nothing about life or living other than their intent to manipulate, tempt, deceive, lie, cheat, steal, betray, and in all ways present themselves as SATAN. Through the intentional destruction of everything the future, and even your own life needs. Yet with all communication under their control; to spread the delusion of superiority; the caustic worm of a blind and destitute religion called evolution, and the parasitic purposes of extreme experimentation in all forms: humanity itself has been laid in a sewer, as fools prepared to be extinct. Because they do not believe in truth or evidence as is needed to rise above the lies/ or investigate for the critical purpose of survival; because EVERYONE can understand, where extreme experimentation must not be allowed to go wrong. Yet they hide in the grave they dug for themselves; and pretend “their university gods” can’t be wrong. Alas, the curse of a traitor (university knows), does extend to a nation and a world. Betrayed to extinction, because you loved your bribe more than life.

Regardless, I search only for the very few; who may or may not be inclined to accept: we cannot simply trust those whose error WILL make us extinct/ as all the evidence proves, their theories are filled with lies. After all: who reads, but a university diploma/ and they love their greed, power, and pride. Wanting all things, and sharing nothing. Your university gods, are extremely selfish; but hey, “who isn’t”/ right.

In terms of the few; what is important to understand in the creation of an eternity is: we are going to be judged, “good or bad”/ or we are going to receive mercy and slide past judgment to receive a secondary chance to live; at the level of love we chose to create within ourselves. The universities will jeer and shout, the grave proves there is no tomorrow. And they are correct, because tomorrow is a description of time, and time will end in death: finished, as the body clearly proves in the grave.

But that is not life, it is only time. The difference is: time dissolves into chaos, after order, discipline, and balance cannot be maintained. While life is again, the description of thought, as it transforms the elemental essence of energy into a life. Energy does not die, although if it is not contained into something that is governed by law/ then it will dissipate into nothing, and that includes “you”.

So we inherit the rise of our own identity, as the constant flow of energy, for a distinct purpose that can be contained in an environment called love. Love is the ascension of thought into its eternity; because nothing less can survive an eternity; as life will lose interest. That said, then the reality of eternal life is the search for love, as can be identified by its own search for value, purpose, and desire. Truth allows for life to lead, “not you”; as will benefit us all. While trust makes it possible to survive what is an extreme journey back into time; before it was created. Where life arose, and time achieved the possibilities of a universe filled with life. The universities will laugh; and demand “their god of evolution” would not allow this/ but their god is chaos, and chaos allows nothing for life. Unfortunately, freedom is filled with corruption: as well as the potential to choose truth. That is the decision that you will make: what is important to you?

The foundation of our existence here is: that love is precious/ but the reality of living; requires for the sake of purity, that we all accept certain principles of behavior: without being forced. Unlike time, the value of living is not a choice/ it is a boundary. Within the dimensions of law created this: we shall have a home. But where there is no law present, unless it is made true: there will survive no life here. How is our earth not representative of that? We survive within very distinct principles of existence; the failure to respect that, means you’re dead.

Given the choice of what is most important to you, and time to create that purpose and desire; the foundations of your own heart and soul arise/ or fail. The endless failure of humanity as is produced particularly through unbridled want: causes a wide variety of decisions to be made/ that would otherwise not be made. Each decision is a road map to your heart. Because each decision carries with it a consequence that will be engaged at some point before your own existence ends. Those who let love, truth, respect, and courage decide their path; are given the opportunity to do even more, as is consistent with a spiritual environment: if they search and pay the price of it. It is a dangerous place, and without true preparations: you will make a mistake, than can cost you life itself. Not a game.

Even so, this particular writing is about the realities of our world, and why do they exist: instead of by design, “a place without hate”. The elemental answer is: that you shall prove your identity is love, truth, trust, respect, value, courage, hope, desire, purpose, discipline, order, balance and all things “enhancing life”; before you are invited into a relationship, that will prove to be tears; for those who do live here. If you fail, to share the value of law, love, dignity, and true respect. In other words, you are here to prove who you truly are; and dispense with the need to experiment further in a place that is more than this can ever be.

It should be noted: that believers believe, because they don’t want to face a truth they may not like. So they hide in belief, as a means of creating what they do like, and can then apply that to the safety of their fantasies. Much like few patients desire to know anything about an operation, doctor, or whatever: because they don’t know, and the consequence of that is to accept what you cannot avoid, by pretending it is what you want that or them to be. In the case of spiritual realities: a fantasy that eliminates everything you don’t like/ and provides everything you do like; is the perfect hiding place against death. “nothing bad here”.

Exception to that is: without truth there is no preparations for the real truth. Without truth itself, none can survive without mercy. Mercy is then hinged upon your own truth, and to the extend of your own purity in that truth; the spiritual world shall prepare you for eternity. None can attain to the presence, “of GOD “ ; without true purity. Simple as that/ you cannot corrupt “the life of our universe”. None can travel back into Creation itself: without absolute trust, because the journey is hard/ and the failure in your own trust will result in your own extinction. So few will ever see the possibility of “ GOD “. it is however true, that there are very many levels of “trust, truth, respect, and love” each of which has its own dimension/ the place where those who belong here will reside. It is not a free ride, but it is nothing like time, wherein hate can arise. Love, hope, and life will always remain the journey.

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Jim Osterbur

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