Let’s talk spiritual, the relationship we have with life itself. A footnote: I no longer write for you/ I simply write for myself, as my own dictation of an autobiography, consistent with my own purpose for explanation.

The spiritual world is: defined by three independent parts. They are, “the elemental journey (to search for life itself/ rather than time)”. The essence of life (which is to identify truth, rather than to “simply believe”). To respect life itself, which is to understand all life arises from one single development, that gives to the experience and expressions of time; its potential called freedom. Freedom is not a game, nor is it simple or easy; which is why so many fail.

The order of spiritual ascent is determined by your decision to participate in the search, for what life truly is? The answer: which begins beyond “the horizon” of our time/ relies upon the dignity of your own identity. Dignity means: to assemble a greater participation in the purpose of building life/ than the reality of your expressions, in destroying it. Or more simply, if you come to life itself with respect for the value it creates: then you can proceed to life by invitation. Or if not, then you will proceed to death by destruction of your existence. Invitation means: not all are welcomed here. And that includes those who would not survive the experience, even though they express love.

Past the point of “a door”; which now separates you from time; the only thing that will matter is truth, and your decision for honest value to be expressed, or learned. To escape time, means: only the influences of truth will be allowed/ there is no “panic door” to escape this altered reality; nor is there a simple way out. Only truth and your own understanding will change the purpose: which is to identify the truth of you! If you know not, “what that is”, in all manners and ways/ chaos will erupt, because only truth survives here in life unleashed.

So the question becomes: if life is bound by its own truth, and there is no altering that truth other than by understanding. Freedom then exists through understanding. The critical passion is then constructed by the value of your hope. Every truth is not laden with value, as such: only what has value remains to participate in life. If you have not yet died/ then you can be “thrown back” into time, to reconstruct yourself before entering again. Only what has value to life, will participate in love: the treasury of what we have earned, by our choices.

That means ultimately, regardless of all other facts that identify you: the essence of life itself, only participates with love.

So the question is: why love? The answer is: love makes life worth living, sharing, caring, and respecting! Simple as that, the foundation of eternity has been formed. The desire to live, the creation of hope, the destiny of our purpose, and the decisions of “our heart” survive.

We may now begin the essence of why.

Within the element of our Creation, “is GOD “! More than any words can explain, our Creator lives with us, even in time. That spiritual essence derives from the fact: although energy and mass have a presence and a form/ they do not contain the definitions of life itself. LIFE, consists of an independence from that energy or mass, to assert “I live”. Do you see the conception? Because if you don’t, you will never be able to rise above the existence of “animal”. Animal means: even though loved as life, it shall not attain an eternity.

Only those who search for the reality of what exists beyond the definitions of what is plain and simple; can achieve the destiny called thought. While thought arises as our own conception within the values and definitions of time/ it does extend past that limit, and arises within the potential of everything: life or living within thought can in fact become. The question: is thought, “a home”?

We then search through reality to consider the definitions of a home: the place we live, within our heart. Just as memories serve to accept the past had value/ the essence of heart serves to identify, the destiny of our soul could be, the truth of who we are. Thereby we do understand: thought can and is, “our only true home”.

The question begins: what is thought?

The answer returns as, a passage or a path to attain an individual future.

So the critical construction of thought identifies, that we must achieve “our own existence” outside of everything called time; and that does include the participation of people. The question presents separation as an answer; but it is not, as the reality of thought merely conceives of an individuality marked by the purity of who you can be “as one”. Within that one, the search for “ GOD and LIFE” begins anew. Instead of an entire mass forming, you are an individual identified participant sharing the journey into Creation itself: because that is, where the search will lead.

Sharing means: GOD is now present here! The search intensifies; and so does the need for your own purity of desire and purpose, to be true.

The critical path begins, not as a participant/ but as life shared. The separation of time and life begins as well.

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