The universities have made your world and this universe “small and insignificant” with their lies; conjuring up fantasies, relying upon delusions, failing reality, and cursing the world itself like an incessant swarm of parasites. Not because they haven’t done some things of note (of little real importance)/ but because they threw away life and planet and the future, to play god among themselves; by counterfeiting/ betrayal/ terrorism/ and failure.

Given the extent of their failures, the realities of a world now at death’s door/ and ready to go extinct: participation seems pointless, and will not be continued unless the spiritual world demands it will be so. Your only solution is to change all of humanity across this earth, to accept reality/ stop all your insanity, ending university domination/ and fix everything you have broken, by accepting responsibilities for what you did do: which will take at least twenty years of real effort, guided by distinct truths instead of your constant wants. The probability that can or will happen is insurmountable/ and cannot exist, without a true miracle of intervention. When that day comes, I will change my mind. But alas, you choose to die; even when confronted with people who are trying to bring the same energy source here to this earth; as is on the sun. A reality of heat, that burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away. Because you are a cult worshiper of the occult (those who believe they are gods, “who lack only a key”).

Nonetheless, I shall not leave without a tidbit of information for you. I think most prevalent to this situation is: that E=MC^2 is literally nothing more than the formula for kinetic energy with speed given as a constant. Which means your atomic bomb was an accident/ rather than an educated guess. Devouring much of the university mystique.

The reality of energy is= that which controls the evidence of motion. Simple as that. Because the control over motion is the evidence of energy itself. That control is exhibited by “truth laws” which govern expression and experience, to then be established by reality itself. Adding into the conception of life, is then the control over our own expressions and their experiences, by the manipulation (in small increments) of energy. Which means; that thought governs the whole of “our everything” across the universe.

So the question of existence itself, is governed by thought, and how that thought becomes the government of soul (the passion of life), by law. Critical elements shall not be given. Alas: you have had your days upon this earth, ___________________ I wish it was otherwise. But there was always a cult worshiper of “university is god” standing in the way; including religion as well. Not confrontation/ not a blizzard of information/ not evidence/ not the cost of being wrong/ not “the mouse door”/ not even tiny pin picks in the bubble of their worship could let the delusions come free. The reason, as presented by all but the tiniest few: “because that, is where the money is”. Even though presentation after presentation of evidence proved: “its all counterfeit”. The excuse: YOU, are nobody/ YOU, are worthless/ YOU, are not what we want. Even though, my only request of you: was to investigate and prove what was true, because the cost of being wrong is our own extinction. Not a single act, throughout forty years: to honor that request, in any shape, manner or form. Not a single piece of evidence denied or consequences proven wrong/ not one, throughout four decades. It was always enough for you; to simply point at me and ridicule/ or as the majority proved instead, “we can run away and hide”. We can believe whatever we want: even though reality proves you will be truly sorry, and then lost forever. Because reality will prove, truth cannot be defeated.

Nonetheless, I do wish you well/ even though all the evidence points to extinction. I do, suggest you pray! If not for an entire world/ then at least for mercy, to you.

Alas; the universities prediction of zombies (they ate your brain) comes true.

I will add this footnote: even though, according to old testament prophecy found in Daniel 12; we have now pasted the second death, and entered the 666 days of chaos by that prediction/ and you have not yet experienced real trouble. I have prayed: please if we are to die as a world/ let the chaos not be extensive, until the nuclear fire ignites: as that is punishment enough. Animals, even by their own decisions; should not need to be, more than “slaughtered for being animals: we cannot think for ourselves/ only the herd matters”. To be human alive, requires an identity conceived by your own deliberate decision: which does not include “because the herd did it”. You are like bison: kill the leader, and all the rest simply stand ready, to be shot. The universities became your brain; and they killed their own, to follow greed, power, and pride. While they all shout “we are gods”/ reality proves, “you chose to throw life away”. Your defense, is then death rules.

While we are now under the new testament prophecy of Revelation 12; the critical test is, can you be reborn into a life that cares for this world/ and discards those who led you to this defeat of our existence. Either way, GOD is watching you!

As for me, my job is done. Just a messenger, but the message is: change or go extinct/ and that is not a lie.

As has been said to me: “hello, and goodbye”.

There are a wide variety of “ticking time bombs” ready to go off, at any second; each of which will be devastating to this earth, and you.

But the title here is mercy: so it is only fitting, that some form of discipline must be evident to the purpose of life itself. The list is simple:

  1. stop all extreme experimentation
  2. stop avoiding the reality of consequences we cannot endure or change.
  3. Stop listening to your universities, media, courts, and other realities of leadership/ and start discussing the truth of what it means to be, or allow them to be WRONG. With, or by; disrespecting an entire world.
  4. Prepare to declare bankruptcy, and take control through democracy; by establishing reality through truth/ forgiveness where possible/ and justice by the laws “we the people” then create.
  5. Use limited capitalism to remove excess power and pride, and declare yourselves “important too”. Establishing a real economy, instead of the leaking sewer of university control.
  6. Fight for your world, or it will be lost.
  7. Remember your CREATOR, and disavow all the trash, vomit, dysentery, and parasitic disease that a university is. Particularly throwing out “evolution, and the curse of physics, who are trying to doom this entire world”.
  8. Restructure life as it used to be (everything village based/ lets do it ourselves): so that all your cars “can be almost thrown away”; and the planet saved.
  9. Make every decision FOR LIFE ON THIS PLANET FIRST/ instead of last, as is the universities delusion.
  10. Healthcare is now a decision/ because overpopulation requires that to be true: no escaping reality. Healthcare is no longer a criminal enterprise, and everything NOT related to fair and realistic opportunities for honest care shall be destroyed.
  11. There is no future for any child, if there are no resources for them to use: ON THIS VERY FINITE PLANET. Which means, your own decision decides who lives.
  12. Let truth decide, by letting reality prove the evidence both for or against; and then make a decision that life itself, will support and allow. Insuring as best you can: THE SURVIVAL OF ALL LIFE, that can yet be saved. Every chain is critical, and you know not the slightest bit: what is, or is not an absolutely essential form of life or living: SO PROTECT IT ALL.I am reminded: that I owe a debt to the essence of female in this world/ the reality of a spiritual woman who intervened in a path I considered taking; that would have ended badly. A value, that made finishing my work possible. And must reconsider; that our world should never be left without hope. To that end, I remind myself as well as you: that we live among “the miracles of this entire creation”/ and that means, there is always hope. Until reality proves without question, that now it is too late. Live the decision you choose, that takes you into eternity. Miracles surround us all, accept that truth; and find respect for your world, and your actual, true GOD OF LIFE! If you do, our world shall not be allowed to end: a decision for all of humanity.

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