If I must come to the edge of leadership/ then you must learn to assemble the value of life, rather than the curse of being a, “human animal”. The difference is: humanity is based upon want (nothing matters but me)/ while being alive is based within the creation of all things consistent “with the joys of life and living.

The constant of a herd is: together by being the same, we become an impenetrable force, acting as one/ to trample our enemies if they get too close. ANY interference by those who are not the same: cause chaos in times of testing. Therefore NOT welcome here.

The first question of animal is: WHY, does nothing matter but you? Answer: you are buried under the expression, if I die nobody will care but me/ cast aside, to the trash! The march to the graveyard: is “forcing you, to look at me”. Forced to live within the rules, demands, and ridicule; someone else makes until I die. So, why should I care about anyone else.

The second question is: WHEN does the life of anything else matter to me? Answer: when I no longer get what I want/ that matters. So learning how to manipulate (one grain of sand at a time), tempt (I can make you want me), cheat (nobody else has a right; use/ abuse), steal (give me yours too), lie (you are my puppet), gossip (poison the water), betray (you are worthless, to me/ and I will prove it), kill (NOBODY has value, to me). These are the rules of your life; as a failure to human existence. The evidence, I won’t care.

The third question is: WHAT can I do to make me, more important to this herd? Answer, either lead/ or keep the rest in line, and unable to make decisions for themselves/ THEN, I have proven to be, “the bull”. A reality that approaches and proves the intent is; nobody messes with me.

The fourth question is: WHO, can make me cry? Answer is: anyone I let influence my decisions! Therefore none shall make a decision for me/ OR, everyone shall make a decision for me, because I cannot/ I will not, stop them. THAT leads to hate, because trust turns into tragedy; whether it is trust strictly in you/ or trust in the conception “I can’t be blamed if I don’t make the decision for myself”. Both fail completely; as only truth leads to life.

The fifth question is: HOW, can I make the other people cry instead of me? Answer, with power (you cannot stop me), pride (I am the superior one), greed (I play god), selfishness (you are less), lust (your body is all I want), hate (your life is worthless), and fear (I am your judge); THEN with these tools, the others will know, that I rule their lives/ they cannot rule mine.

The sixth question is: WHERE does happiness exist? Answer, in the proof that I am superior/ therefore I deserve to be treated as god. Which then opens the door, of arrogance: not only should I be treated as god/ I will treat you as less. HERE, the herd revolts, and the reality of being less than you demand to be assembles the decision of fear. I can judge you/ and you will serve me; when I prove I can: “kill you all”. Here, the herd revolts, but learns to hate instead of fight; and the result is “the secret society”; behind or beneath all forms of governance. Forced to hide by creating, the blanket of: “its not me, its all of us you must fight to survive, or surrender too”. Instead of individuals who make these decisions: everything becomes “the government/ or healthcare/ or religion/ or university: etc”. Like in business: the managers appear (we give you a tiny bit of power/ so that nobody can see or get too: those who controls the strings). Animal happiness is then: satisfied with, “I got some of what I wanted”.

The seventh question of animal behavior is: when all else fails/ VIOLENCE, is the answer. As is the constant of male war; which means, “the law is evicted here/ and we do whatever we want/ we take whatever we need”. But since there is two sides; the violence proves that want, “is a two edged sword”: slicing for you/ and slicing into you as well. War is not without a female side: which is, when in need, she tells her man to go get what we want. The law of animal is: “the righteous make rules, to control the other individuals/ the power makes rules, to keep the others outside/ the proud make rules to keep the competition away/ want makes rules, “to let me have my greed, lust, or whatever freedom I want, without real law to interfere with me”. More simply let the others pay!

IN CONTRAST to the human animal, are the joys of living, and the real human essence of being alive in the creation of all things happy.

The first question begins with: WHAT makes us/ what makes me; honestly happy? Answer: the value of expressing the freedoms of life beyond simply self, without the cost of judgment. The realities of love, that are consistent with “being me”. Or, more simply: to understand the disciplines of truth, expression, purpose, and desire; that make living a pleasure to experience. To expand into the journey called destiny; is to know soul. To accept, the price is beyond the limits of a herd; and know that life, is a value I must create for us all, by being alive in me. Thereby the relationship we inherit from “GOD”; is the sum of our experience as one life living together, among the freedoms, expressions and experience of all living things/ joined by our acceptance of justice. The realities of fair play, the order of a balanced heart, and the dignity that sharing love will bring, with honest and true care.

The unfortunate truth of that reality, is a world that chooses not to care, or share love; because it is busy with want, the games people play to avoid life, the intent of laziness; which leads to war, and the failures that list along with tragedy, a foundation called death.

As to all the rest, the constant of my interactions with people is: “too much information”/ and they run away.

As to what exactly, I owe the essence of female in this life or beyond: I am not certain. But this I do know: my tits are suddenly growing way more than “normal”(so much so, having a baby couldn’t be a whole lot worse)/ my ass feels like its growing, and out of my control/ my life feels a bit “upside down, in a washing machine/ chemicals out of control. Body doesn’t listen to me”/ and everything is basically out of my control. An entire lifetime trying to avoid these very things lost; as I have no clue, utterly no control over, what comes next. Why, is a lost cause; it has something to do with female; that is all I get to know. Could be worse, “don’t feel like I am on a death bed or something”/ not “fun”.

A footnote: its been three days of “I DON’T want to discuss it”/ and nothing feels like its still in the right place; “lots of feelings/ no certainties”. And I really hope, tomorrow will be better. Not kidding. As to why, memory reminds me, my mom used to say, “boy I wish some man who deliver a baby/ THAT would make them straighten up: or something like that”. Laughed three minutes”: Maybe she got as close to that wish as it is possible to do. Either way, I am never going to look at pregnancy/ birth: the same way again. No clue how it might affect other men, never my idea/ I guarantee it.

Second footnote: I drink “alcohol” very little/ never once used drugs/ not using prescription drugs/ not sleep deprived/ no depression/ no hallucinations/ no nothing; “but plain and simple me”. Not plotting/ planning manipulating/ tempting/ nor are there any objectives to this. Not an attempt to fix all the miscellaneous details of what went wrong over the years: etcetera. There is only one “alteration of time reality; identified as a spiritual woman inside”; and that, you are never going to understand. I did however find a prick in the skin that has been bothering me for a few days; which was a stinger from something; but whatever it was, was not enough to cause the effects described. The question is simple: regardless of me, the reality of you, is the tragedy of decisions that cause human extinction. So, you can either point to me and ridicule as is the constant of university propaganda: to take a detail/ and destroy the comprehension of massive consequences/ OR, you can investigate for yourselves, and ask the questions that can keep you and this world alive. The decision is yours. The reality of me, is more complex than you would care to believe. So discard that, and concentrate only on what matters to life, and earth. You could argue over me for decades; and never find the true answer {you are not spiritual}/ DISCARD ME, and find your evidence for life.

Things are somewhat back to normal.


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