To achieve “moments”; as is consistent with the preparations to change human life on earth. The realities, of discipline (more important than want)/ balance (more important than pride)/ order (more important than power)/ truth (obviously worth more than lies)/ hope (a life worth living)/ courage (a passion worth dying for)/ respect (the honesty of truth itself)/ thought (a journey into conceptions beyond time)/ love (a value beyond measurements)/ forgiveness (we must not judge; other than with true law)/ value (I choose life)/ and acceptance (I trust) which then leads to trust (I am certain, truth will survive, mercy will exist, and the foundations of life itself will be applied for me), where truth exists (miracles are evidence enough); must be applied.

So the question is: HOW do you gain the developments of life and living, that then lead you to the consequences of where truth resides? Answer: to search for life in truth, we truly must begin with miracles/ which is why “the university satan”; seeks to crush that reality. Miracle means: no human hand, nor any other aspect of life here in time; has done this thing called life, or balance of the earth forces, or sun or other consequences of our existence. They are so far beyond in scope and reality, to our own understanding or expressions, experiences, or existence: that only true LIARS, can conceive of anything other than “GOD” (we know not how) did this. So the critical reality is: are YOU, prepared to trust, and accept the evidence that literally cannot be unproven by man or woman? If the answer is yes; then you may proceed on. If not, you are failed and without hope other than the grave will be your ending.

The question is: WHERE, do you search for, “the beginning of your own life” (others call it reborn)? Answer: to assemble the conception of moments, we must first begin with the knowledge of existence. Existence means: I cannot be denied the reality of my own decision/ whatever that might be. As all life arises on the truth of a freedom each must exercise for itself. There are two directions to existence: “I WANT”, the animal version/ “I am”, the human acceptance of life. Want is irrelevant to all but an animal. I am, is the expression most consistent with desire. Desire forms the foundation of heart, and heart searches for soul. Therefore step one, is to achieve the truth of your own desire, by reducing the corruption of want: by recognizing the difference between life ALIVE/ and life in time. I leave that to your own devices.

The question is: WHEN, is it fair, to allow both love and hate to rise in you? Commonly identified as “sitting on the fence”/ because you cannot make up your mind which life, in these two opposite directions of choice, that you belong too! Answer: it is never fair to accept both love and hate. It is however consistent with reality, to let love demand of hate, that it shall NOT live here with me. Until that is done, your participation in anything but time is limited or lost.

The question is: WHO, has the right to judge? Answer: love cannot judge, because it is the essence of life beyond judgment. While hate always seeks to judge, and is never satisfied with less. Therefore neither has the right, as love must remain love/ and hate cannot rule over life, or life ends. What is left is survival, and the need to counter hate with the evidence of law. The need to survive as love, by letting true freedom be free. The reality is: the right to judge is then born within society, as our own decision to accept the responsibility to determine what is fair to our lives/ to all life; for ourselves.

The question is: WHAT, constructs a life worth living? Answer: only love, cradled in truth, respect, trust, and hope; can keep life from dying. Therefore love is the critical essence of all that is hope, truth, trust, and respect. The value of love is: a destiny we can share, because we care for each other as if “just one”. While that love can be extended to others, its cause to exist cannot. Which means: love ascends beyond this moment, to encounter eternity as the home we will forever seek. In that truth is GOD , and in HIS LIFE, “our forever exists”.

The question is: WHY? Answer: because love is “the food and drink” to sustain our soul. Love is, the treasury that makes life ALIVE. Love is, the benefit we find; in our journey throughout thought.

This is then discipline.


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