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In connection with the writing labeled “prepared (you had your chance)”: we will further that discussion with the comprehension of survival. UNLIKE, what survival shows, etc will tell you; to survive, the primary knowledge that you need to understand: is where you are/ in relation, to where you desire to be. Which makes the brain, your number one survival tool. Without thought to guide you, without “luck” to help you; order will fail, and without mercy so will you. Which brings us to today, and the cost of letting the religion: “university knows” lead you into fantasies that cannot survive; because their decisions are basically, all built on lies. As cult worshipers of university knows; that leaves you without a brain as well; so the world sits on the edge of extinction; and media insure “let them believe anything but the truth of what we need”. Because that, REQUIRES CHANGE. And the foundation of every human animal is: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE; unless you make me rich (cause nothing is more important than that/ unless I am dying).

To assemble ORDER: is then to recognize what does have value, and what does not have value. Accepting with certainty, as it is necessary to do: that only truth, created by thought, and accepted by love; can build a future, or survive an eternity. It is that simple.

The knowledge of where we are, as human life on earth can be addressed in the following statements:

  1. growing at one quarter of a billion more people to feed, etc; each year/ means cannibalism and war are a certainty: soon.
  2. This earth is finite (limited)/ and when every resource, or the resource we absolutely need is gone: we are dead/ it is a fact, the children have no future.
  3. Without world law, weapons of mass destruction will be used; cursing all life, and ending the planet as habitable.
  4. University experimentation is dedicated to bringing chaos upon this earth/ and destroying all life; as the evidence will prove, by the consequences of being WRONG. Their claims of superiority will fail: as drug resistance climbs/ all healthcare ends. Advances in crop yield prove that eliminating all the defenses of a plant species; puts that entire species and all its subspecies at risk of extinction, by disease and more.
  5. Without respect for REAL LAW, the lack of REAL justice will cause every society to collapse; as the university schooling; for the cause of deceit, fraud, failure, disrespect, lies, and fantasy closes every door to life. Leaving only death. Trillions of tons of poison being dumped throughout the earth will not end well; “the constant is, the straw that broke the camels back” is coming soon.
  6. YOU believe that “the government” can impact your life, by making laws for you to obey. Yet there is no human government: the constitution is the government; and the humans are employees sworn to obey our constitution. We the people means: WE CAN MAKE OUR OWN LAWS. We need not hire someone: “to vote for me”/ because real law is short and to the point, and we can agree on it. Ending the reign of leaders/ lawyers/ courts/ and policing without a right.
  7. YOU believe that money can limit you. Yet you fail to recognize: by our vote through limited capitalism: we can limit the power of money by controlling the maximum and minimum income of all citizens in this nation. The gap can be wide/ yet people scream it can’t be done: because they continue to believe “I will/ I want, to be a billionaire”. To their own shame, failing life. You believe you don’t have to change nothing; but you are wrong as well/ the universities taught you lies. Media enforced it, with all forms of manipulation and control.

The top five show you where you are in real basic terms/ the bottom two show you where you should wish to go; because it begins the journey back to life by truth. The requirement: identify what is true, by the evidence NOT simply accepted from the universities/ SEARCH for reality, and let that be your guide.

To survive, the primary knowledge that you need to understand: is where you are/ in relation, to where you desire to be. Unfortunately you need a brain; alas the universities ate it, and left you with “puke and vomit” between the ears. Or we would not be facing our own extinction. So the critical knowledge to understand is: what is “your brain”, and where did it go?

The fundamental is simple: as taught by every university knows religious facility, they like all religion believes “everyone must bow down to their god”. In university religion, that god according to evolution is chaos/ and the end of a brain; as they decreed “brains are worthless” for building life. So you threw yours away, like all good cult worshipers do. Their conception: “brains (nature taught me something)” now prove how superior we are, to you”. Arrogance forces them to hide that fact of nature; to play god (we are greater than life).

So the critical question is: do you desire your brain back, or not? If so, then you must learn to question universities, rather than simply believe, whatever the media zealots, force feed you to accept.

ORDER aligns with: the evidence must prove what is true/ or no decision can be made at this time. The DIRECTION; cannot be determined, until the cause and effect of consequence has been honorably and honestly defined by the conception of reality based upon the facts. The DECISION; is then reliant upon the critical question, ARE WE WILLING, to pay the true cost of being WRONG? Because it is possible, to be wrong/ and then it is necessary to accept what happens when we fail ourselves, or our world. No going back/ no running “to the real GOD” for mercy. YOU chose, arrogance and blind faith in university: YOU followed, and gave them free reign to do anything they wanted; even to the point of mutilating nature itself/ or igniting a nuclear fire than burns atoms (everything is fuel)! That is your contribution to life and planet: BE DAMNED TO HELL/ every child crucified, by a ravaged world! Because you, wanted/ and you chose: to worship “the university”. YOU, wanted to play god too! And threw away your brain, to believe in them as gods.

Every form of order is an ascent, or descent: through the steps we take to achieve the decision we chose. Your descent is into horror; because you have no brain, and are led by the sewer of fools.

And the world screams: “he is attacking my toys (I want to play)/ my trinkets (ain’t it so pretty)/ and my trophies (I am SO PROUD; let the world be dead, I have what I want)”. He should be killed; now ain’t that so? Answer: nothing is so blind, as a believer (I don’t need no damn evidence/ I WANT what I want).


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