Contrary to the fools (life comes first), failures (everything they do is for chaos), liars (believe/ don’t ask questions; we are never wrong), thieves (counterfeiting pays the bill), traitors (our entire world betrayed), and terrorists (our entire nature, mutilated) assembled under the flag of a university diploma. The reality of their army, and their weapons is: that they are gods, and they need only whatever they want/ because there are no consequences for them; only us. Like every army, and most soldiers; that ever lived!

Critical to survival then is: that although our world has changed dramatically under university rulers/ the potential for one last chance to save life on earth still exists; “I hope”. The population count is 8 billion people; but since your employees lie (declaring increase between .5- 1.5)/ when throughout the twentieth century the increase was a steady 3% without the aid of medicine and more. Three percent of 8 billion people is 240 million humans; over deaths, more to feed each year. Our survival is over, unless that many people do not get born or do not survive over and above what is a sustained population, not growing. The earth is full of humans; and no more room exists. War will not end that either: because not only is the destruction of war massive/ and there are no resources left to rebuild what you destroy. A death rate of 240 million murders per year, just to stay were we are/ is a reality of disease and chaos that will overrun all the rest. Even then if you only kill 240 million people per year, that number returns immediately; and there is no end to it in sight. Different choices must be made; and the reality is: all your current trinkets, toys, and trophies are no longer available; because you destroyed, raped, and ravaged an entire planet to take what was then thrown into the garbage.

THE DEMAND IS FOR BALANCE OR DEATH, TO OUR WORLD! Because reality will not stand for “the university way” anymore.

That means “your university gods, and all their weapons to control you” must be removed: so that truth and the real consequences that determine our world and our future can be returned to life. Or, you all will die, every single one; because chaos brings war/ and war destroys the very foundation upon which life relies.

Since university means: “we won’t obey NO DAMN RULES”/ WE are gods over you; and our god over us, is chaos. The reality of life or death for our planet is: this army must be undone. Because according to them: they are never wrong, they are gods over us/ they are never to listen to the plague of “humanity itself”; and media enforces that. Instead; They did lead us, as humanity on earth; to where we are today. Their curse is extinction, and it cannot be removed unless those who contributed so heavily to our world extinction/ the HELL coming: are disconnected from power.

BALANCE IS: the decision to identify the value of what builds a future for life, and choose that path, even though it requires patience, kindness, justice, forgiveness, love, hope, respect, courage, discipline, order, acceptance, and participation through the days and the years which are required to produce for life a home. The current malaise of failure and disgrace, the end result of consequences that were coming from the beginning of university knows religion; are at a crisis point. Life ready to collapse into the abyss of their own failures “at playing god”. If you don’t stop the descent prior to its “off the cliff” moment/ when none will doubt; it will simply be too late.

BALANCE then begins, by discovering for ourselves what does build a future for life on earth: as all the contributions of a university are ending in chaos and hell for this entire earth. You must look elsewhere; and that can only begin by discarding the university religion and cult worship that is “the university knows”. Their knowledge has produced evidence of that reality; and the future can easily be identified as lost forever, death of a planet, mutilation of all nature/ ignition of earth as a sun, destroying the solar system/ resources gone/ humanity cursed to cannibalism, and drinking blood to survive. How is that not enough: to look for different leadership?

BALANCE IN LEADERSHIP IS: the universal demand LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST. Human want is absolutely abandoned, and given its “death cry”/ NO MORE of this. REALITY AND TRUTH then decide by the evidence: what can and must be done to rebuild the possibilities of a future for life on earth. Simple as that. No more want/ no more university rules.

BALANCE FOR LIFE IS: the universal demand for justice, the rise of honest and honorable law to replace all the corruption and disease of “university knows”. The critical removal of all weapons of mass destruction, and limiting of armies and their weapons left. The end of rape/ ravaging/ failure/ fools/ intentional destruction/ and all things not sustainable to the building of life for our world. You built death by following the universities! You will turn back to life for the planet and yourselves; or be lost forever. NO MORE “lets just talk”/ REALITY DEMANDS; now you will do what life and planet needs, or go extinct.

BALANCE begins with: the end of population growth, which lives or dies with women. Consequently, men must provide whatever women need to honestly help them transition into a value beyond what has been their traditional role. WOMEN DECIDE/ but men pay, because ending the possibilities of pregnancy after one child (not more than two); is a “significant price to pay for woman”. Those who have serious medical realities in their family history; may get no child: but that too is up to women, as this is then their time to make the decision most necessary for any future to exist.

BALANCE begins with: world law and policing to govern all leaders/ by making them obey our law; as humanity on earth. That increases in force: by accepting “limited capitalism” shall refuse all attempts to assemble armies other than by nations. Without weapons of mass destruction/ and without “excessive money”/ only hate is left. HATE, like want (let truth decide); can be identified, and removed by all means necessary; so that peace and justice will reign, “for a thousand years”. YOU DO HAVE A VOTE, AND THAT VOTE CAN IN FACT GOVERN OUR WORLD. Because we are so many people, we can overrun those who attempt to rule us: or they die too.

BALANCE begins with: the acceptance of what can be proven true by the evidence. That investigation of the facts, untainted by want or force or religion: then governs the choices we are allowed to make. Because truth knows: if you are not building for life/ then you are destroying it/ or failing every child.

BALANCE begins with: the reality of nature is, we DON’T know, and cannot undo: all the efforts of university to play god. But we CAN IN FACT point too, critical errors in judgment; or an outright decision by universities: to plague and ruin this world. While the universities will argue, how else shall we learn? The purpose to learn is NEVER built upon the argument of let’s make life/ nature/ and planet: die first, as is their current delusion in homage to their god called chaos. ANY curse of brain dead “puke between the ears”; as would identify and worship “evolution”: cannot and will not learn anything. ANY plague of dysentery and disease, “vomit between the ears”; as is the assertion by evolution “the brain came last”. Is proof these cannot and will not learn anything, as reality insists: nothing here, but a fool.

BALANCE begins with: when the consequence of your action or reaction is, what CANNOT be undone/ when the reality of your being WRONG ends in the extinction of our world, or even threatens our solar system. You have passed by hate, and consumed so much violence as has spewed outside the sanctity of life itself: as to be the religious example of SATAN. An arrogance so saturated with playing god: That it is/ you are, the reality; which destroys a world. These must be stopped, at all cost; and they are threatening all of nature/ world/ and more.

BALANCE IS: to understand, that nature feeds us, and lets us live; by the accumulation of necessary complex chemicals; which we get by eating various other life forms. Without those life forms, the complex chemicals we need to survive no longer exist. Every life form needs its own version of complex chemicals to survive/ and every form of life requires those complex chemicals or they do not survive. Consequently the chain of life is more complex than “this one eats that one”. Each has a specific requirement for chemical saturation of extremely specific biological recreation; or it dies. So you need “plants and other life forms to survive”/ they need other life forms to survive/ and without the chemical chains of life that present the biological possibilities of life: WE ALL DIE. And that includes habitat, and more: for other living things than yourselves. So you will SHARE THIS WORLD with other life/ or you will lose your own. Simple and plain as that.

BALANCE IS: understanding, this world has changed dramatically; because all the ways of men are no longer survivable. Simple as that; you cannot survive their wars anymore/ you cannot simply take whatever you want, and never return anything, nor care about the consequences of what you did do. You cannot fight to survive/ because it will end in chaos. You cannot corrupt or control or mutilate or use fear to get your way: because this world will die. The university is dead, in terms of leadership; as the evidence will prove a catastrophe. Too much damage has been done, and there are too many people, needing too many things; to ignore the damage men, as the leaders who allowed all these things, did do. That leaves women in charge by the accumulation of voting; because the foundation of women is NOT war/ as is the foundation of men.

BALANCE IS: the understanding of shared responsibilities. Because without new ways of living in society, you are dead, and so is all life on earth. Sharing means: NO, you don’t get to take all you want or can grab, etcetera. The game of pride is over; reality rules life. Sharing the work, means you will not rely upon money as your reward. You will rely upon friendship, and the value of creating what will enhance all our lives for the future of what we can and will become. You will educate according to what life needs/ what planet needs/ what the future can become, if we value truth; and for what love can endure, by growing hope. NO MORE CURSING “the wind” (filling the earth with garbage)/ as is the result of “university knows”. We walk together, we choose together, we live together: or we die together, because we failed ourselves with greed. As is the constant reality of how we became so damn worthless as a humanity on earth: to let the abyss of university led extinction, destroy our future. Even threatening the solar system itself, to your eternal shame. Because you chose greed (I will be RICH), NOT life.

BALANCE IS; recognizing there is no such thing as “government” other than the constitution itself. Every person in government is an employee, with a sworn job that demands they shall uphold the intent and purposes of the constitution itself; as our deliberate hiring for the work of: “we the people”. That continues with, there is no organization that is allowed to hide behind the claim of more, than just individuals with a job they were hired to do. Such as the FDA; simply represents the job pool of those individuals hired and claiming to be “experts”/ when they are clearly not. There is no organization above the law or the realities of justice; as for example the employees, of the IRS. There is no organization that is above democracy “our constitutional agreement to contractually organize ourselves into a nation under these agreements”; such as the employees of the supreme court or any other. There is no university organization, or media representation of that group of people; that allows them all to declare “we are gods”/ assembling themselves as if, they all did something great; when it was just one or two, who did something; instead of nothing. The only reality of failure that allows for any such thing is a herd/ and herds, are animals that only want what they want, or don’t want what they want: not humans, being alive.


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