The question is: WHY, do we do the things we do?

The answer is: divided into these five categories of choice. Two are animal “c & e”/ two are human, being alive “a & d”/ one is middle (it can go either way, or not at all). The underlying reality is: WHAT will we accept from the influence of other people (a)/ environment (b)/ fear (c)/ love (d)/ or hate (e). the critical foundation is honest acceptance (f); or forced acceptance (g)

  1. The simplest to understand is survival: I must choose to live, or I might die. This is mostly all about “living on the outside”. That fact opens the door to all five influences’: we try what other people think/ we search for what environment can give us/ we fear death/ we can love those who help us/ or we can hate those who don’t. Because the value of these decisions is “life or death”; the reality of these choices are then serious and come with consequences. Only environment is separated from “other people (middle ground)”.
  2. We live “on the inside” as well (our mental environment). The influence comes from all five sources: WHAT did people teach me to do/ we make decisions based upon what environment will let us do/ the fear of what people will do if given the opportunity/ the love which challenges us all to expand beyond our own prison walls (I can’t/ I won’t)/ and the hate which sources the elements of violence and fear to sustain why you are judged an enemy or worthless to me. Each influence comes with the mental awareness of what we allowed inside (f): either on purpose, or as an accidental influence, that failed to leave and is buried inside memory (g).
  3. We live with the fear of death (losing our body), and the reality of influences that are exhibited by growing older, or facing a health, or mental crisis. This is the middle ground, because it affects no one more than me; all the rest are “outside” influences. The inside influence is either love or hate; and dependent upon religion.
  4. LOVE exhibits and learns, the value of participating as a friend, and identifies the potential that exists to be, and to have, even more. This is a human being alive experience and expression, because it expands the universe beyond self; by adding other life in the balance to achieve, I will survive. Or more distinctly not locked inside the prison of “Just me”.
  5. HATE exhibits and learns, the decision to judge and measure leads to revenge, and the violence of playing god. Which makes all of life either “predator or prey”. Thereby the essence of animal learns and lives the “game”.

As to the most critical conception of a decision, which then achieves why we do what we do. That decision is based upon the outside need to protect our individual body (simple survival)/ or our inside need to protect our individual life (an identity must form, based upon our decisions)/ or your desire to play god with life (by destroying what you cannot desire or control).

Survival is the fight to assemble and protect what we need to keep our bodies alive. It takes many forms, and is consistent with what makes us value our existence: the answer is love. While hate contributes: I will survive to play god, measure them less; and take my revenge.

Building an identity shares the understanding: that I must make this decision for myself, based upon the things I value, and desire the most. None can make it for me, as that is the basis in fact of choosing an identity (f), “the value I do choose to accept, as my decision to participate, in life and love”. Here, the reality of influences are complicated by all five ingredients of choice. The most insidious is forced acceptance (g); as are the elements of memory, that we did not intend to keep. These are the vast array of all things behavioral, hateful, fearful, human grown, death related, violence inhibiting, and so much more. These are then the elements of hate/ but they are not the reality of hate until that decision has been made. This is the religious “tempter, by definition” reality.

To elaborate upon that tempter is to understand: that regardless how the information comes to be buried inside your memories/ it exists, and it comes back, like other memories do; intending to assist you in making the decisions that identify your life. Just as love highlights life, and presents both hope and desire. The tempter version of memory, causes a descent from what brings love and happiness; to conceive of all things “greedy (I will take it, from you, for me)”.

The reality of an identity, is to choose what your own decision and desire will accept. Therefore in real life terms: “the cleaning begins”/ to remove and identify that which does NOT belong in me. As I refuse to accept, anything less than what I do desire as love in my own personal life. Those elements of memory that cannot be justified as participating in that decision: must then be removed, by forcing them out/ NOT covering them up. THAT does require a determination and the discipline, for orderly removal and its replacement with all things (that do belong in a life called love), as is balanced for life.

In direct contrast to that, are those who curse their own identity, and destroy their connection with life: to assume hate is the environment they desire. That level of violence to self, aligns with the descriptions of hate, that then perpetrate, or penetrate, their own lives. The entire value of hate, is to play god with life; because without life to hate, there is only fear at the realities of death, and its potential catastrophe in all conceptual ways. Which brings violence, and the continual need to hunt for prey; rather than live for life.

Religion lives between the boundaries of love and hate; trying to desperately balance the reality of shaping the price of death; into something they want. Thereby limiting fear. Fear gives religion its power/ but love, gives religion its life to survive. The difference is: to believe is to want what you want, without any support other than your belief. Whereas truth survives, and that gives eternity support; and the value of what can be proven as true, then becomes the faith in what I have chosen to accept, is true.

Religion will argue: “we have a book”! But the book is written in the language of men/ by men/ for the purposes of men/ as men remembered it to be/ and as it was interpreted by men to exist/ and as men chose to include it in their book. THAT, does not mean an influence above the level of human existence did not assist them. But it does mean, there is no such thing as “the infallible word of GOD” here on earth. The human language for instance is not perfect/ and you cannot make something perfect, out of what is not perfect; nor is your understanding perfect, and so on. MIRACLES OF LIFE, clearly not an accident/ absolutely not a consequence of chaos as the religion of evolution declares/ realities of harmony, balance, discipline, order, thought and so MUCH more all clearly prove: GOD EXISTS. The Christian testimony of JESUS; which I do accept: is then the essence of a guarantor, proving that we were not simply made, and then forgotten. But given love, and the chance for eternity. How you interpret religion is also then an influence.

Some will ask: that does not include why, I make the decisions that I make? The reality however is: yes it does, because life requires you to establish your own identity/ and your own identity cannot be chosen by anyone other than you. Therefore the information that leads to your own direction in life (love or hate/ as survival is less); aids and abets the reality of why you choose the way you do.

I am directed (its complicated/ spiritual, not voices); to add in the following: within the question of why and how does “a tempter” exist.

The first element is why? The answer is: because it translates the realities of choosing against love, truth, justice, trust, respect, courage, hope and all that gives value to life/ by showing you exactly what those consequences are going to be if you do.

The second element is how? The answer is: the critical element of recognizing life, so as to accept the relationships in time, which it proposes to give you; comes within the reality of predator and prey. That facet of living among the necessity of keeping these creatures and all earth’s life alive/ comes with the foundation that there must be balance to that life. So that one version of life does not overrun and destroy the other versions of life. Prior to humanity, unless it was by disease or environmental catastrophe; this earth was balanced and capable of supporting a great diversity; by design. By design, universities declared that bad; and have sought deliberately to reduce all diversity to something plain and simple which they could then control: ending balance, and opening the door for countless consequences. That exists against all life, and includes humanity as well; as is evidenced by the end of “personal business” and the overrunning of society by just a few monopolies/ or conglomerates as they are now called.

Nonetheless, the fundamental is simple: for human protection, the ability to recognize the differences between predator and prey/ life or death situations/ and identify fear will lead to failure; are all elements of why the brain collects and identifies those memories of what can kill or threaten us; so beware. That means our brains are “hard-wired” to consider life, and its decisions: as either, “loving or hating or survival”.

The critical question is: WHY, does a memory present a temptation, or even a command/ rather than just information that can easily be thrown aside? The answer is: that we deliberately give each element of memory its own value, and opportunities to influence our direction in life/ because life or death has no in-between moments. More simply, “fright or flight”; is a participation in an action or a reaction/ RATHER than, the cause to examine any situation, and establish a value to that decision as created by thought. The critical reality is: in fright or flight, the composition of that threat is so distinct, that we are not able to commit ourselves to an answer created by thought. So we prepare a “distinct list” of answers; to govern any individual situation that we believe might occur. IF you do not have a prepared answer to potentially violent situations/ you will panic, creating fear, and that fear can lead you into chaos and death. So there are prepared answers, within your mind; and a necessity to keep them close.

That brings us too: “the elemental moment”, which accepts that direction and its decision to move into an action or reaction/ OR NOT. Because even though you have a prepared answer to a list of threats; your body will not react or act, unless you accept that decision as yours, and functionally necessary at this time. More simply: “at the instant of fear”/ the most critical thought in your heart shall be: “life protected from harm; or self as I define it to be”? These are interrelated, and as such the realities of “internal clockworks” have been programmed by our own descriptions of heart.

Here we must assemble the distinction of heart, and its relationship to identity, and your decision to accept one direction of life (love) or the other (hate).

To do that, the values of your desire must be set into the concrete definitions, that then become your own individual truths. Heart ultimately means: my life cannot be turned away from this decision, for my own eternity; that I have now made. That decision is over. Or, the internal clockworks (life participation, set into only one place and time), have been assembled and cannot be destroyed. In that description of love; there is no true temptation of any kind/ only a need to purify the reality of “heart” and keep it clean from all other “debris”.

In the opposite direction is hate; and the endless temptation of both body and mind, as is governed by the reality of death in time, and its destruction to you. Therefore you must hurry, and you must take whatever you can get/ because time is running out; and old age is coming where nothing of real value in time, as I see it now: will matter anymore.

In the middle ground between love and hate, as is allowed by time through its action or reaction: the reality of choice lives between love and hate. But if you do not choose the direction for yourself of love or hate/ then the potential that is either direction will exist to tempt you into taking all you can get from time, and the body of time as is human. Leaving you with this question: does eternity exist, or not?

Love does not need that question, as love is enough to conquer the fears; and accept truth will decide.

Hate does not need that temptation as it has already decided to participate only in time, and leave all question of eternal life cast outside the door of living in time.

ONLY those who sit on the fence “so to speak” are afflicted with temptation; because they have no real identity; as is one direction or the other.

The question of religion is then: does “satan” exist? The answer lives within the words: “what do you want”!

The critical reality is: that arrogance assembles the foundation of every participation in humanity that has no heart involved. Or more simply, if you have no soul/ there is no complication to using, or abusing, or violating, or murdering life. Which means the tempter, or its elemental description that alters the direction of life into “hell (chaos unleashed)”; becomes you.

In contrast to that, SOUL, is the acceptance of heart, and the relationship as well as ability, to journey and search into the creation of life itself; as is necessary to identify a destiny created by your own desire. Truth survives: conceives of eternity. Hope lives: conceives of love. Love shared, earns the right to accept the faith, GOD cares; about me. Do you see the difference? Faith is based only in truth/ therefore it survives.

Spiritual means: within the shared conceptions of thought, as it develops into the relationships which care, and achieve happiness, guided by truth through balance and order as the reality of hope, defines both love and respect. More is unnecessary.

While some are certain to say, “he ain’t so damn happy/ he ain’t what I want to be: so he must be a liar”. The reality in contrast to that is, our world is in jeopardy of complete and total extinction; leaving the essence of life itself, to fight for “time on earth”/ as if it were the only thing important in the scale of human participation, for both life and human sake. We cannot separate ourselves from time until death/ the spiritual world does not separate from us; if creation itself, is in need. The fight is then, to let truth guide you, into value, respect, and courage.

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