9/22/19 the world searches for war, because leaders want power/ and the excuse is: “we are too many people” now. So someone must die; as is the cause of every major war that existed. This one however will end life on earth; because the chaos cannot be stopped once it begins. As to USA; you are not the world police/ nor does your own law allow the declaration of war by a president or military. You may only join “as a limited, but true allied response, that begins in the nation attacked”. This is your own law. As to humanity itself, your time and opportunity to save life on earth is now short: either stand up and be recognized as LIFE COMES FIRST/ or fail. As to Iran, intentionally causing economic failure and the intent to oust a sitting government: has consequences. Instead of capitulation as intended, their leaders now seek war, even if their people do not. Face the truth on all sides, and resolve the reality by choosing for world law (governing leaders, not nations: as a world united for peace). If not, you go extinct.

This begins, by simply organizing a conference on WORLD LAW, and what that should be; to establish the ground rules and foundation arguments about what any nation can or cannot do, to any other nation. As leaders rule, these are then realities of discipline, which then shape the balance of power from a few; to us all. INVITE ALL PARTIES TO PARTICIPATE; so that real problems surface, and resolutions can be found. With world law, there are NO EXCUSES for weapons of mass destruction, and they can then be removed.

Is the united nations not ready to convene for this purpose: MAKE THEM DO IT NOW. GO YELL AT THEM UNTIL THEY DO; finally proving they might just have some limited value.

The curse of science, and the insanity of university [both of which exist to consume the money, power and pride of making them]; will soon prove, that the human expectation of “no one is so foolish, or blind; as to use these weapons ” is over.  Pride will overrule sanity!

Doesn’t matter to you? Well look at the millions displaced already from your wars; and know, THEY ARE coming at you/ because their own home is ruined; to take yours. Or considering the area: maybe you think you would like to pay ten dollars or more per gallon of gas, with no end to the price increase? OR perhaps you would like the American government to spend another trillion dollars for war, and kill “millions or billions more”? WHERE ARE THE RESOURCES TO REBUILD, going to come from; open your eyes, and wake up to the reality; humanity already has taken every resource down to its point of collapse. The choice now is NOT what you want: but whether you choose for life, or death/ because that is all that is left, with 8+ billion people roaming over this earth. Think you need a war to “cull the population”? Even if you kill a billion/ they will all be back; within five years; because humanity now grows, at that rate. CHANGE OR DIE; and it starts now!

Go stand in your courtyards, media, and government areas around this world; and demand: WE WILL HAVE WORLD LAW. No more of this! Make a noise, and be heard. YOUR WORLD IS AT STAKE!            YOU, are involved/ believe it or not.

Just so its clear; a world court is where the law we the people of this world, decide by vote: what is fair, and what is not fair, for any and all nations to do. Either to each other, or to any other nation as a fact of our own decisions. A world court is: where the law decides/ our law. NOT “yours/ mine/ or theirs”. World policing as is consistent with “the best of the best” from every nation; shall be used to collect the leaders in question; and bring them to court. Where open trial shall begin. Where both reality and the essence of peace identify, what is true. The cost of being wrong is: that your nation will decide if they shall keep you or not as their leader/ if not you go to prison for a short time. The cost of causing WAR; that cannot be justified, by the truth of your situation as a nation upholding our laws: if found guilty/ can be death. Your nation has no say, when unjustified or unfair; war is your answer.


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