Time is, “a challenge to all”; because it lives between the dimensional barriers that are truth by spirit, or truth by death. Spirit being the relationships shared by soul/ death being the prison that either removes you from life, or exists to punish you for the damage you did to life.

The quest of time is to identify where you belong, in eternity/ by your own decisions.

As to the challenge of living in time, we all share the same fate; as is the end of body. That fact isolates the truth, that we are all equal as a living existence on earth/ none are better/ none are worse as human beings: although hate divides by law, and a lack of love will end with your, “evaporation into nothing left”. Only truth survives, only love is accepted: eternity as life, Is otherwise sealed against you.

Living means, we are confronted by our needs and our desires, and must make decisions that honestly identify who we are, in terms of love or hate to survive, here in time. We are also confronted by those who make their own decisions, and must adjust accordingly, either for or against the law. And how that law brings justice and fair play into our lives, or corrupts it.

One of the most distinct of all that living confronts us with, is loneliness: the reality of isolation, akin to being in a prison cell with few options to get out. The key to opening the door is participation with other living things, particularly human. Because the reality involved is: the soul only interacts with other living souls. The mind cannot be your friend/ even though it can be your enemy. The body cannot maintain happiness, as it is merely identified by the chemicals it can use. To be honestly happy, you must achieve soul. The soul is your opportunity to participate in thought, by sharing your existence with faith. Faith is not belief/ as belief is anything you want it to be. Faith is the internal decision to participate in truth, and trust your own ability to accept the evidence presented by life, as a miracle: is in fact the Creation of GOD . That is not a religious statement, as I am not a religious man. Religion being the organization of what we want our eternity to be/ which is a lie, because want has nothing to do with reality unless you lie.

To understand, requires you to sustain the search for what is true beyond what is simple. Or more distinctly to ascend into thought, does require you to accept the values of life are worth fighting for. This fight is not for violence/ this fight is for law, and the understanding that law presents as true.

We begin by assigning value, to the essence of your life; so that knowledge can assemble the journey of where you truly do desire your life to go, in the eternity that will then express your value to others. WHAT, then do you value as the fundamental passion of time worth sharing; because you do care, how this “value of your heart” will survive. There is only love in law, and its values. Which means anything less than love will be erased and removed from you by truth, or you will be erased or removed from life by death in forever.

The quest to determine your own truth, is no small or insignificant matter/ it is highly organized, distinctly disciplined, and functionally balanced to achieve the wisdom needed to enter within thought. Anything less, will be less in eternity. Each is able to attain this truth, as it is, entirely “about you”.

Those who achieve the distinction of significant purity, can be invited into the spiritual world; prior to death/ if in fact you ask, and attain the passion needed to arrive by soul. It is however a potentially deadly place, and there is no turning back; fear will get you killed. Do not ask/ do not enter the potential conceptions that are life beyond time; unless you are truly willing to accept the price. Or it will be too high.

Once you have gained in the creation of your own values, an identity for your soul; the opportunity to gain participation in soul itself begins. Until that date, soul simply exists as the parameter of what Creation means. Having achieved a “rebirth”; by truly understanding life is more than time (more than body or mind), the journey into identifying your own values which experience and express life within the treasury that is soul, indicates a passion for the possibilities of love exists.

LOVE IS, “filling the journey of life and living, with a destiny, that shares both the experience and expression of our existence, as an equal participation within happiness and joy”. LOVE IS, the elemental path, created from acceptance by truth. LOVE IS, the essence of thought, because thought is the sharing of “doors” into the various dimensional environments of both choice and fact; that make life complex. “We walk together in peace and respect”; is an identity that shares. LOVE IS, the composition of soul, the construction of what we can be together as one. LOVE IS, the disciplines of truth; our value identified by care. LOVE IS, the end of loneliness; because we are allowed to live with soul, so long as purity in your heart, does not descend.

In the living of time, it is the easy way, not to be involved with any form of life; any more than you are required to be, to survive. That is the end of passion, and begins the failure of hope. Without hope we fail life, because life is the distinction of our own hope for what can become our destiny. We must hope, until all room for hope is proven to be gone/ it is then time to surrender that hope, unto its own truth. This is the shift between life and death; and it is necessary to understand: hope includes the final desire “to be with GOD “, in eternity.

The method of living most inline with happiness is, to fight with law: for the values that make us all happy, with the life we live, and the planet we share. It is not a game, and there are no trophies to be earned. Life is life, and if you share a value that is true, then life and living arise to find joy (I am more, than life needs me to be).

The method of dying most find instead is: to judge life as not worthy or less than me/ therefore I can do anything I please with that life, because I am “like a god” when compared to these. That leads to; a planet that needs no respect/ resources that are nothing or going to be nothing, but garbage/ poisons/ tragedies/ and more as constructed by hate.

It is worth adding: that the foundation of most human behavior lives and works for the collection of trophies, as are possessions and so forth. In doing that, their focus is to the expected reward/ and if failure, to the consequences of that; and the reality of loneliness is largely defeated because they do not allow their brain to consider any other of the elements called life. Work replaces time, with energy spent for this. That fails, when the reward is no longer enough, to consider yourself content, with what you have.

The cost of a life spent for “winner or even loser of the game” is: that life was not life, but playtime, the essence of a child. The difference being: we are faced with the truth that we will die/ therefore life demands a preparation for that journey. Whereas a child needs no real preparation, because he or she is dependent upon the parent; and cares nothing for the future, so long as they are not confronted with a distinct loss.

We then identify “the animal (as the universities call you)” who chooses a game instead of reality; as someone who threw their life away, to play. Eternity is not a game, and it never will be; because truth is reliant upon survival rather than play.

The constant university scream is: there can be no eternity, because chaos (god of evolution) created life, by extreme and constant “accidents” that have no correlation to order, discipline, balance, thought, or any other function or foundation of life itself. Proving the description of “university fool” as truly not sufficient, to identify or define, the curse of their delusions.

In contrast to what has absolutely no foundation in truth or reality, whatsoever. The critical construction of eternity, begins with order (we build one step at a time, as does life)/ discipline (we require the diligence of correct knowledge, as identified by truth to build anything)/ balance (we live within the boundaries of survival, because we understand death exists outside that line)/ thought (without the comprehension of life, there is no self)/ truth (the value of law is without exception)/ trust (we must accept and define our values)/ courage (we must live within some risk)/ hope (we must conceive of a life worth living)/ love (we must choose to share our lives and care for each life; to make living worth the price)/ respect (to accept reality is necessary)/ honesty (to let truth by the evidence decide)/ and participation (to understand, life has no meaning outside the lines of soul). Each of these represents a basic comprehension of dignity, as is concurrent with understanding and accepting: that we are in fact “true miracles of existence”/ and that leads us all. To the truth, that we were indeed created by “something” far greater than ourselves.

The list of failure is extremely long, the tragedy of every form of disgrace and disrespect that is possible for humanity to do: is the reward of “university knows religion”. Their delusions, fantasies, whoring (extreme greed), teaching rebellion/ failure/ terrorism/ betrayal/ propaganda/ manipulation/ and simply every form of tragedy that it is possible to create; for the clear purpose of literally destroying a planet and all its life; is an abomination. Yet the vast herds of human animal join and worship this cult, because they have not seen the consequences that force a change; just yet. Or more simply the herd yells: “we got away with murder/ we stole the future from every child, and paid nothing/ we played god/ and they sacrificed themselves to failure, by the endless fantasies which now or soon will curse them to HELL and even more. Religion yells “not me”/ while reality places at their door: the same true cult worship of university as all the rest. The masses yell “not me”/ while they follow university into the abyss, without the slightest murmur of complaint. The children cannot, but would they not choose the same; just as all others have?

No greater sewer of fools can exist, than those who throw away a world/ every single one yelling “we are gods”. And so they are, as gods of destruction, chaos as is their religion expanded by choice, and failure by every method possible. All the while yelling “we are gods/ BUT YOU CAN NEVER QUESTION US; you can never show the evidence of the consequences we cannot endure or change past the point of no return; which is real, and very soon.

No greater transgression of liars, outside the constant schooling of “university crimes”/ could have existed before this date: when society itself, closed its eyes, because they were all overrun with greed (no one should have anything, BUT ME), selfishness (I am god, and nothing else maters), and pride (I won/ I made the future die). AS IS described by the constant attack on all of society, by universities and their intent to take over this nation and this world, by excluding all but their own little armies; with extreme threats of mass destruction. The constant of “the university way”. No greater horror of superiority/ supremacy (you are nothing); exists than at a university. Their extreme and deliberate attempts to destroy all diversity, by any means possible; so as to control, manipulate, tempt, etc: by creating “just one type/ just one defense/ just one color/ just one face/ just one slavery that encompasses them all”. Is seen in everything they do; even to the extreme point now of using media to insist: women are really “just like men”/ and you should not treat them any different. Discarding even this most simple and obvious, fundamental of diversity that exists. Their intent to mutilate nature into submission, as its slave; is a curse that ends with “no nature at all”; it is dead, as are you. The list of death is long, and tragedy revolves around “the university knows cult”.

So the question is: if you brain did not become their slime ball/ what can you do?

The answer is: fight for your world with truth, by law; and make investigating the evidence and proving what the consequences will become; the purpose of your life. Because we have only one world, and to be this wrong about anything shows a hatred so violent and extreme; that only extinction can be its cause. You cannot defeat them with fear/ nor can you defeat them with violence/ nor can you defeat them with words (as they made billions to deceive you with). But we can defeat them with truth, and we can enforce that reality in a court that is absolutely open and in plain public view with clear definitions being used, and we can enforce our own laws, our own protection, our own future with law itself. And by our vote, as a democracy to remove any leaders who stand in compliance with crime and rebellion.


But every child should know: that there is no future because of what has been done/ soon, not even a planet to live on; because the threat is so severe. There is only one solution to life on earth: BY THE LAW, we can determine what is, and what will go wrong, to the best of our ability. And with that information being proven to humanity as a world/ we then choose our destiny; as opposed to being led into the abyss of terror, with absolutely no way out.

Nothing could be more demonstrative of that choice: than are those trying to ignite a nuclear fire, here on earth [same as on the sun]. Wrong means, this planet becomes another sun; same energy source released/ same result. START HERE, and prove the need: to WAKE UP! Go and make enough noise by all methods possible; to make this happen. Simple as that! Now, or it will be “never”.

I finish with one simple truth: the herd lives by one simple rule, the closer you are to the leader/ the better your life will be. Being a human alive, lives by an entirely different law: only truth survives, and only love can care; the value of respect determines your trust, which is your bond.

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