let’s look, at reality in ways to fix the various problems that exist; for simple living, rather than endless threats. Its a game, unless you conquer the threats/ but nonetheless, the reality of living itself, is no game. So, just for the sake of writing, “lets talk”. A reality of work more determined by the spiritual woman inside; than by me. Because I am refused the right to simply make other choices. Basically, “I am living in the back seat/ rather than the drivers seat: as I can be stopped on a dime, so to speak/ and turned around to do this work instead.” Even so, it is my work. Tired of it or not, it remains my duty, when called to do it.
1. Lets talk healthcare, since that is necessary: to remove that organized crime from its grip. There are only three things necessary. (a) the critical trouble is in allowing private hospitals, and corporations etc; to be in charge of that part of the business. Healthcare (medicine) is constructed in three distinct parts: doctors/ support staff, machinery, and clinical operations/ and pharmaceuticals. (b) Secondary to the tragedies concocted by the organized crime of healthcare is insurance, and the expectation that business/ etc, must pay. Without insurance, healthcare would not be organized into a national or greater crime. Because without insurance, the people are required to pay themselves; and will fight with the billing instead of letting themselves be torn down: by the simple excuse “you should have bought more insurance”/ your fault. (c) The pharmaceutical business is a fraud (they don’t spend the money on medical research; they lie, cheat, and steal. They do spend the money playing genetic games, so they can play god). What works is given the possibility to extort anything they want. While what doesn’t work is now being given a free pass by irrelevant excuses born into advertising.

So then, we are searching for three basic answers; which are not hard to come by.
1a. Doctors do not need thirty years of schooling before they are qualified to do one specific job/ that is ludicrous. They need specific to the job training, with fair and realistic opportunities to prove what they can do: which includes realistic payment. (b) ALL the other forms of staffing comes under the heading: NOT A CORPORATION, etc. Therefore a hospital owned by doctors or others shall not determine their pay. Their pay shall be consistent with “fair play”; and the leadership excused by contract labor. Or more distinctly, each floor or type of service, of a hospital for instance is to be a different and separate business for themselves. Open for bidding from the public/ and relegated by the public: by the results of polling after the work is done by the recipients. IF you fail to meet an acceptable grade/ you, or your group, are removed from the work; and another will be found. The public must own all medical service buildings and equipment; and that does apply to the entire reality of structure. NO more private ownership of any such facility. Make your own decisions, and remove the crime; by controlling what can or cannot be. (c) Pharmaceuticals, belong to the people: we built the entire reality, by our pain and purpose to do better. Each individual who contributes something of value receives an appropriate reward. Each reality of research will be controlled by government: which rewards only those who contribute something of quality. Each product is amassed, sold, and distributed through competition contracts, which are then established as a price controlled by fair play.
Secondary to these is: opening the doors wide, so that all medical students and others shall be let in. To do that with all university opportunities: we will remove the walls/ by demanding a new pricing structure. NO government subsidies, NO government or private loans. The university will exist only by providing an opportunity to students. They in return will provide a percentage of their work, once out of schooling: IF IN FACT, that schooling did make a difference in their working lives. IF it did not, they go free. IN other words: the university professor, etc shall earn their money, rather than take it, by destroying the politics of society; as they have done.
NO MORE redo public education: if they failed to prepare/ then the teachers who failed shall pay, for the classes needed by their students. The only other option is: that students will be firmly provided with adequate, trade school educations.
NO more public unions whatsoever.
NO more pension plans other than social security, whatsoever.
LIMITED CAPITALISM: we the people, set the limits of income for all/ both minimum and maximum by the hours worked: as determined by our own national vote. That alone cures a wide variety of very serious ailments.

So lets talk business; a foundation that keeps society alive. A reality that ends with no resources to use: the future died.
There are four basic elements to business: find a resource/ build or distribute a product/ sell that product/ collect the money.
1. The constant American method of university delusion is: THROW IT ALL AWAY, because that is good for business/ it keeps the factories working. Which of course consumes the future/ creates mountains of garbage/ and builds an economic structure that is completely unsustainable, which then brings war, horror, and tragedy.
(a) CHANGE YOUR WAYS, or die! Simple as that.

2. The work of business is: to understand what can be done/ to identify what can be sold/ to compete in realistic ways/ and to allow fair play and justice to rule our society for the benefit of all. IN America, by university delusion (we are the gods of everything here): that no longer exists to any degree. Because fantasies control what is expected to be done/ fools lead the way to death and destruction, rather than life and a future/ tragedy surrounds us, because of extreme destruction in resources/ and all the money is counterfeited by claiming asset acrual at more than 9 trillion dollars per year/ along with trillions more in debts which will never be paid. “its all a game, to declare war on life”. CHANGE OR DIE, not complicated.

3. Sell the product: any way you can, as is the constant of media illusion, which clearly includes the propagation of fraud/ temptation/ destruction/ deceit/ stealing/ cheating/ terrorism/ bribery/ counterfeiting/ manipulation/ control/ bigotry/ dissolving reality/ distributing lies, and covering up what is necessary and true. Just to name a few.
The foundation of massive change required here is simple: “the few, cannot have control over everything anymore”. The university way, is not only tragic, but absolutely a foundation for terrorism in every possible conception. The list of change required is more than I care to write; prove you care first.

4. That leaves us with collect the money: another endless fraud of university delusions gone awry. Debt is important; as in you do want to get paid/ now ain’t that right. According to the university diploma: debts don’t matter/ unless of course you owe them. A world fantasy; as is proven by the over one quadrillion dollars, just in the derivative market. It is not a coincidence: the only debt that cannot be tossed out for decades, is the one you owe to the universities. That is because; “they are the government”/ its just a hidden government, by controlling the puppets and media through propaganda. University is not so much a whore, as it is Satan: the destroyer of a world.

Another of the endless delusions and critical errors that university led chaos is guilty of is “stranger danger”. The deliberate intent to isolate, create loneliness, destroy unity, and separate society into bigoted groups without the slightest respect for a large grouping of people: the vast majority of which are NOT dangerous. I remind you: that every single friend you ever made was a stranger once.  I remind you as well: YOU are a stranger to all the rest/ until you are not: does that mean you are their ENEMY? Respect each other, is the primary way of retaining safety among the majority. Of the one in a million or so that is dangerous;  very few,  kill or harm friends (people who don’t disrespect them). After all, there is an endless supply of disrespect/ considerable blame being laid directly on the feet of entertainment; and those who consider themselves a “news source”/ but are not. NEWS is the information that allows society to build a better nation or world, providing incite, knowledge, and understanding as is needed to create “a thinking persons world”; rather than the world of animals (hell no, we won’t think or learn/ WE WANT). I have met considerable people, numerous ones being poor, some in poverty; except for the people you have made insane by isolation; it is rare to find the poor as an enemy. It is not so rare to find the arrogant/ righteous/ greedy/ selfish/ proud/ and powerful as a deliberate “cost of living” troublemaker for the rest.  Ponzi scheme con-men or women: offer the best dressed, bring with them “most pretty”/ most expensive experiences around, including private jets and more. After all: as has been reported, serial killers for instance, and other violent people:  usually all have a job, some family, some go to church, dress well; and blend in like the perfect liars (like a predator, “surprise”), they are. So your image of the enemy; literally does need adjusting. America, is the “most incarcerated nation on this planet”/ because the University diploma made it that way (do they not lead), on purpose: producing hate, where there was none before/ producing poverty, where there was none before/ producing competition and debts, where there was none before/ destroying justice by corrupting all forms of government; which did not exist so broadly before/ destroying religion with evolution, the most pathetic of all religions/ and that does include “the witch-doctors”. YOUR enemy, is your cult: “the university knows” best. Etcetera and more.

I will remind you of this as well: it is not, a single piece of evidence that decides a legal case/ but the totality of the evidence, when examined within the reality of the situation which caused the event. To supplement that definition: I remind you that evidence can be planted, and occasionally is/ which does include genetic materials. In terms of evolution for instance; the absolute only piece of evidence they have with any value is adaption. But adaption is not accidental, as is identified by species boundaries: it is merely the proof of intelligent design, as in “preparation for change is required, for survival”. Evolutionary chaos is even less probable, and lacks all validity: as chaos merely and always, “simply reduces anything complex into its most simple form”. NOT a description of life.

Nonetheless, I am simply not in the mood to write the listing of change needed; prove you care.
“just plain done for the day”. After all, you don’t work, pay, or communicate, at all.

If you go back through the thousands of pages of work I have written for you on my sites; you can either find or deduce, nearly everything you need. So work for it. But alas some of it is on sites I no longer support; you do have to pay to get them back or you can access them potentially at least with  “i think its  www.wayback.org ” a service that collects old sites to keep for historical purposes.

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