Of the values and realities of this world, comes the clear conclusion: that as a group, we are the worst generation ever born. The foundation of that complaint would be
1. You choose to gamble with this entire planet/ even the solar system itself: based upon unsubstantiated theories, fantasies, and expectations that have already been proven wrong. As is the intent to ignite a nuclear fire (let’s burn atoms). NO going back, “a fire just like on the sun/ is a planet consuming fire”. HELL on earth! How is that not true in every conceivable way.
2. You choose to mutilate nature; by destroying the disciplines and order found in genetic structure. Even to the intent of “making different life/ by mixing species”. Armageddon coming.
3. You choose to destroy every resource on this planet/ just to create your mountains of garbage. Trophies thrown away in “a heartbeat”. Even though you know; no resource/ no job, etc.
4. You choose to poison the water and the earth in a wide variety of ways; setting the stage for an Apocalypse (without water we are dead, in less than three days).
5. You choose to threaten every food supply of life on earth: mutilating plants/ crowding life into confinement waiting for pandemic disease/ destroying every safe guard/ sterilizing seed/ chopping the chains of life into pieces/ destroying ocean life/ and more. A barren and desolate place: that will demand cannibalism before extinction.
6. You choose to ignore the reality of oxygen consumption by your fires and engines: causing the oxygen concentration of this atmosphere to drop. Which ends in our own asphyxiation. You choose to let the forests be decimated; even though you call them “the lungs of this earth”.
7. You choose overpopulation of humanity, which now totals 8 billion people or so: RISING at roughly one billion more mouths to feed, in less than five years. At the constant proven human percentage rise of 3%, per year. A competition for everything! Every human life, requires “another living thing” to eat, or we die. Yet you destroy the life and habitat of all living things: forcing extinction of yourselves.
8. You choose to change this earth: with global warming (no ice to cool the planet left). The temperature becomes life threatening, and then extinction. You choose to destroy the trees which keep our atmosphere attached to the planet itself. Which will result in that atmosphere accelerating to speeds known to exist on other planets; which cannot support life.
9. You choose to sustain weapons of mass destruction; even though you all know, they will be used to your own extinction. Which brings you to fear, and fear overruns the ability to think, define love, create peace, sustain harmony; or anything else that keeps us alive.
10. You choose to believe in the universities which have wrecked havoc on this planet by changing what they did change. Causing experiments that CANNOT be survived. Corrupting all forms of government, currency, economics, life, planet, and more: simply because they want to play god. And you let them, because media leads you as if “the pied piper” leading the children to their deaths. When confronted with reality: HELL NO, we won’t question our gods at the university; as is the true evidence of a cult.
11. You choose, as is constant to all religion as your backup plan: shouting “GOD won’t let nothing bad happen to us”. Even though your real god is proven to be “the universities”.
12. You choose: not to say a single word, create a single act, or spend a single penny, in defense of this world. Sealing your fate, which is now guaranteed to be extinction/ as the last days of mercy (the chance to change), all die away.

WHY, don’t you care? The answer is: you are too busy screaming, just like the universities: “we changed our world/ proving we can be gods; and we will prove it even more”. NO ONE needs you or your reality. We are gods, and respect NOTHING else.
Alas: you did change your world, proving a complete disregard for the consequences of your actions, or reactions, or decisions. An attack on life and planet: literally is cause for extinction. Even though your continual lies proclaim, “it can’t be so”/ cause we don’t want that.
I am ashamed of you/ as I live here too!

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Jim Osterbur

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