The foundation of life is spiritual, or more distinctly, it is based upon the elevation of truth, into the realm of thought. What can be translated into life, is then the culmination of truth and thought. We will NOT be discussing that, “ever”.
It is however true, that in presenting a need to understand this world is in crisis; even though you don’t know why; because your brain is dead. The consequence of that requires extraordinary measures to be taken. Such as is, my own opening the door into “spiritual female”/ as a method of finding solutions, not available in men.
That leaves humanity with the decision: is he just plain insane/ perverse/ stupid/ exceptional; or what? Because instead of focusing on the reality of our moment in time the constant of human animals is to focus on the individual. It is a behavioral trait; as every animal in a herd wants to know: can I depend upon this other one doing exactly as I do/ SO WE DON’T run over the top of each other, when confronted by predators. For that cause, the constant herd behavior is: EVERYBODY has to be alike/ or pushed out of our herd, so they don’t get us all killed! That causes complete distrust of anyone “standing alone”, that has not been identified. Which becomes, if we can’t trust him or her; lets push them away.
Unfortunately for you, relying upon herd behaviors; the stampede (mob); or believing whatever you want to believe: will not keep you alive anymore.
The constant human demand is: just tell me what I want to know/ just fix it so I don’t have to know/ just do what I want you to do/ and don’t tell me nothing I don’t want to know. None of which will keep you alive, anymore.
Because you, through your universities, military, etc; have been playing god with our world, our nature, our environment, our oceans, our atmosphere, and everything else we depend upon to survive. UNLIKE the university experiment which usually takes a few million tries to “work out the details”; our world no longer has the ability to survive those experiments. You chose to destroy that option.

NONETHELESS, this work is about the compositions necessary to embed the truth in our reality, as a spiritual reference to life itself.
So, we begin again at the conception of religion which is: something greater than ourselves is here! A reality more or less discarded now, because the universities have replaced it with their cult “our books are the only truth you need”/ and religion accepted. Apart from “its my job/money/pride/ etc; so we can’t let them take everything”.
Religion demands “we must believe in things we cannot see”/ regardless of those who demand that cannot be true. Religion demands: “this book is our god”/ it cannot be wrong, therefore you will not question it; throwing out anyone who does.
These two things identify the basis and foundation of religion across the world, throughout history. The critical question herein is: does religion actually believe in a spiritual (existing, but not interfering) in our world, reality? The answer is of course: no, they don’t/ because it is too hard, and too dangerous, to find. And it cannot be proven true: we can’t do this together/ it is impossible. People have gone insane, trying to prove the spiritual world exists. So it is exempted from actual belief (we risk life, and future). Which does give all the more fodder, to those who declare religion as trash or worse. Which causes the religious to “go ever deeper in their book”; to prove it ain’t so. Becoming tied and restrained, and without the tools to answer the question of what truth is.
We then begin, with the singular construction: truth survives, because it can never be changed! It is, whatever truth is.
That fact identifies the greatest potential of life: which is to search back through time, in order to perceive the reality of what has not changed, since life began? Which is ultimately, the essence of our spiritual world; the place where death also awaits.
The critical question is: HOW do I, search back in time, for things I have never seen, nor conceived of before? What is truth, that I might recognize what has not changed, since the beginning of life here on earth?
The answer is: first, I must search through myself; to understand what it is, that I might be hiding myself from. Only when I am substantially true within/ can I honestly search for what is true, before I began.
The answer is: you must identify the potential of what you are looking for/ or you will be lost, and will encounter death. The critical answer is then, we must have a guide. That guide for me, was JESUS; as written of in the bible. Because HE represents the value of love, that I was searching for.
The journey begins: with discarding want/ pride/ power/ greed, and all the other delusions of a human animal. Thereby ascending into the state of a living human, being alive in the essence of life, beyond self. Without self, or its restraints; the value of discipline becomes clear. With this I can travel into the order and balance which created “a universe”. The critical reality is: understand the direction you will choose, cannot be undone. Accept this journey is: either into love, OR hate.
Within that decision itself, the environmental journey begins: as the places within your own mind, that know creation does exist. The critical expression: self has no place here; as life is life/ not the experience of you.
This leads to the valley of doors: the place, where thought is given to be “the director” of destiny.
Critical to the journey, is your desire to create a destiny within yourself, that the identity of your own truth can visit. Or more distinctly, the value of your journey is limited, to the distinction of what your truth can handle.
The constant, within a spiritual world that cannot be changed is: YOU cannot change your decision, once the door has been opened. The only way out, is to understand what this truth does mean. Thereby the quest to understand has now become a journey into your own abilities “to think”.
We then search, for the essence of thought; and identify the critical truth of love. These live together in this world of life/ just as hate and death go together if you take the other direction.
LOVE, is the elemental truth of life itself; as the essence of love, is as its core substance, the desire to care and share existence with life itself. Therefore we now divide both life and love with truth; elevating the creation of destiny as the platform which then becomes our own creation of “thought within self”. Self now reappears, as an entirely different discipline; than the human animal. The essence of love is, the essence formed by: “human, being alive”. Or more distinctly, our truth begins and ends with love, as life/ whereas the human animal begins and ends with want, in death.
To separate out those who can achieve eternity, requires: a direction for your own heart to be achieved. That requires love or hate in you. Hate is irrelevant/ and goes to chaos as it chose. The failure to adequately choose a direction means: you simply dissipate into “nothing left”/ because you were not worth the price of keeping for life or punishment (you stole an eternal child, from GOD).
We now enter into the values of “a heart”. Heart means: as a human, I desire to share the substance of my life with you. This requires respect to sustain/ truth to exist and survive/ love to treasure with life/ trust to bind us together/ balance to accept the price of living as one/ order to assemble what we can build together/ discipline to construct duty/ and acceptance, to understand “our heartbeats, were meant to be as one”. This is the path to a greater love, than any animal will ever know.
HEART asks of GOD: may I request, an opportunity to seek my soul?
Soul means: a relationship with GOD!
The answer is not up to you/ but it is within your own power, to “knock on that door”. Few are turned away, if you are seriously honest and true to your request.
With soul, the anchor to achieve a greater discipline as is consistent with constructing a more deliberate thought, can appear; IF, you honestly desire it.
Within that level of thought, the essence of our spiritual world can be found. The critical quest is then up to you!

I will add on, with regard to my own spiritual female connection; “to a world beyond ourselves”. This is not going to be repeated in you; unless you have spent your lifetime searching for soul/ even then, in all probability the answer is no.
My decision: to go where men are not allowed to go. Is the result of this world approaching extinction, and the resolve to find a solution; regardless of the consequences. NOT to save you/ that ain’t my job. But to expend the life I have been given: to honor and respect the creation which gave me that time. The result was entirely unexpected; as I truly “just wished to ask a question”. Alas, opening a door, means opening a door. There has never been a moment when I didn’t “love male”. I am however, beginning to believe, an absolute refusal to NOT simply let you die as a world; “must be, the mother in me”. Something female had to exist: in order to find this world.
But there is not a moment when I didn’t respect the life of female either; so, it is truly “a different education”.
As to you, and your incessant demands: to find some method of categorizing me. I offer you this much.
Just like the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12: which does establish a time line ending life on earth: when mercy dies on July 9, 2019; by the prediction of the bible.
The book of Revelation also has predictions that can now be proven true. Revelation is divided into two categories: the first eleven chapters, “man in charge”. The last chapters from twelve on: if women are in charge/ by the ways of women, not by the ways of men. I seem to be the “female in me” character in three of those chapters.
Believe whatever you wish/ as only what is true matters to me.


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