Disassembling democracy; is a corruption at its core, directly related to propaganda: spreading contempt for justice and value, by distilling mob purposes.
Corruption means: to take what does have value, and cover it up, so that value can be disguised as something else. Hiding the truth, with fiction.
In terms of democracy itself, which means to govern ourselves as we the people by contractual disciplines and the ascension our law (we caused this).
The reality of corruption begins with disassembling the individual values of that, and conforming it into just one thing; as is called “the government”. By propagating that all of government “is just one thing”/ the reality of our authority and our control as individuals who are guaranteed critical rights and value; has been usurped. Giving all power to a reality so big, it no longer needs to be recognized as “ours”. Media does that, by eliminating the individual employee: to assume and create “its the government” instead.
Democracy is: the discipline to identify and create, what can be controlled as our government, rather than their government over us. To accomplish that fact, there must be laws which control the employees; even more so, than our laws control ourselves. Corruption hates that; and uses rules to forbid the reality of democracy its due; as is consistent with we the people authority. Justice conceives of “we shall be governed by GOOD behaviors”/ with every opportunity to remove BAD behaviors; thereby protecting ourselves. Corruption denies that reality of democratic purpose and design: by recreating, misinterpreting, denying the reality, and destroying the authority of democracy itself; with rules; used to control the law. Rather than obey the law we set forth.
The most dedicated of all purposes to be corrupt and maintain the insurgency against democracy itself: is the denial of redress of grievances/ a US first amendment constitutional law/ along with redress laws in state government as well. “It is our constitutional law”; which means it cannot be denied: democracy has been attacked. Establishing an insurgency being present/ anarchy is being used. That is then proof of betrayal, as well as treason.
The critical question is: WHY?
The critical answer is: there have always been “predators in the herd, disguising themselves as something else”.
While you may argue the illustration of human animals; but the reality is plain and simple. An animal is designated by species limiting realities; as are assigned through distinct behaviors, values, and images. All animals share a common behavior: “I/ we want what we want, and we sure as hell DON’T want what we don’t want; and anything that stands in the way of what we, or I want; is an enemy to be removed or feared. Nothing else matters to me; except for love, hate, or sex.” How is that not the critical designation and definition, of countless human beings? Truly it is.
We then know “exactly” what the human animal is going to do; as is consistent with their own version of “love; I want more of this/ hate, I want less of this/ or sex, I want to use or abuse, your body for what I want”. That easily translates into: I want the best of everything, and more than anyone else has, so I can declare the winner, as in I am the superior one here. To achieve that; someone else has to pay; and government is born. But alas, there are too many to control: so the demand becomes “let them fear us: or be thrown away; by either declaring those worthless or a predator”. The assumption being, “our little group within the larger group; is the only one that matters”.
That of course brings a response: which initiates “more rules”. Therefrom government grows, and establishes itself as “the people enforcing rules”. Every rule simply makes a ruler: that is its purpose/ to make you fear, isolate, or throw you away. The group which makes the most rules to control a specific group: “wins”. So the losers are always trying to make more rules for themselves; to grab more power for themselves: and in the process democracy is killed. That elevates the anger, and media, as well as the political party is born: to complain about the rest, and form a mob on one side or the other to make these people obey us. Democracy is then dead; replaced with a game of did we win or not. Corruption is complete, or nearly so; as the only thing left is to remove the contractual law that is the documented truth of what our democracy actually is. That is accomplished by “university control” over the interpretation of what democracy or a constitution is allowed to mean. Wherever that cannot be sufficiently deluded or changed: it is hidden behind closed doors, with guards to insure this won’t be opened in public; so that the prisoners can go free.
Compositions are also created in crowd control: by assembling fear through media in order to let policing descend into the curse of “its them or us”. Because that is the separation of government from “of the people/ by the people/ and for the people”: into the chaos which follows. Or more distinctly, the reality of anger on both sides, which then divides society, for war. The courts then identify with the powerful, because after all, the end result is: “its you or me/ and it ain’t going to be me”.

The purpose of growing government is: to become the monster nobody can defeat (you can’t change nothing). Which leaves “the leaders”, an opportunity to do anything they want. The first thing they do; is then take control over the currency “its ours/ not yours”. The second thing they do is take control over the courts; by promoting only those who do exactly as the powerful want. And that begins with allowing thieves to control the courtroom with extreme pricing that removes the vast majority of complainants (we will steal everything). The third thing they do is create their own army with bribes; so as to distribute the attack, among others not clearly identified as government: using media to propagate the government is our answer instead of the enemy. Which again reduces constitutional law, to an outsider that has no value: because a war is immediate, when enough are involved/ and a law is not, unless the public is involved. As a herd, the public is never involved unless it “sees a predator”. Because the predator a “faceless monster of government” is: what the people fear more, and are instructed to fear more: than anything else. So they give their lives to it, in submission: our herd has a Shepard (we must do what the shepard says; it is not optional).
Media participates by producing and distributing the seeds of dissension: “that was NOT good for us”. Which gives to media the fodder for another story, which will then be exploited into the money (we have rights/ they don’t), pride (we are better than them), and power (they don’t deserve us) they are greedy (I want yours too) for. Political parties surface to enhance the flames of division, thereby getting power for themselves by any means possible. Which is to promise whatever the others want to hear. Leaving democracy itself, “behind in the trash”. We don’t need this no more; we can do better/ after all, we are so damn superior to those people; “they should just die”.
Removing corruption means: we MUST choose, to let the constitutional purpose, design, and desire rule again. By taking away the insurgency that has trashed and controlled our lives: THROUGH THE AUTHORITY THAT IS OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT: first amendment redress of grievances. The authority to demand: your oath of office, identifies the choices you were allowed to make on our behalf! If you did not accept that duty/ then you betrayed us, and can be subjected to our punishment as we desire it to be.
The course of redress is: our employees on trial. Our direction on trial. Our laws and their rules on trial. Through the open door, lights on, EVERYTHING IN PUBLIC VIEW, PUBLIC COURTROOM: for public decision by vote. Did you, or did you not obey your oath of office, and do what our constitution demanded you to do, on our behalf. WE THE PEOPLE, will interpret that fundamental demand; as governed by a reality of suggestions that the judiciary itself will provide. A suggestion is: that our ability to govern ourselves resides in obedience to the forms and realities we have constructed to be: both fair play and justice, with the intent for equality (similar opportunities; even though that does not mean “same”).
The herd will always say: “if it ain’t a predator/ and I have enough; just leave me alone”. Nobody gives a damn, about you. Its what herd animals do: I want/ I want/ I want,,,,,,,I want, or don’t want. Because life is nothing more or less to me; than what I get to have. The predators believe life is a game, the value of which cannot be measured unless someone wins and someone loses.
The difference between an animal, and a human, “being alive” is: an animal lives for want, pride, power, or sex. While a human being ascends from these things on a path that lives for love (the essence of creation itself)/ by establishing the disciplines and order of truth, as is necessary to assemble and predict the destiny we shall build: as life united in joy. The foundation being: we have nothing, unless we respect everything life by love, and this entire creation of diversity, can be. That does not mean a lack of discipline opens the door to anything we want. Rather it means the essence of life grants, wherever love leads life can follow. BUT UNLESS you accept truth comes first, tragedy will go with you: as every want hides a lie. Desire is different than a want. Want lives to take what you can get. Desire lives to build a bridge and connect the values of life with harmony, through peace.
In contrast of that, as is current to America: the more rules, the more fighting; and the more a ruler can destroy. The more destruction: the more thieves/ liars/ cowards/ traitors/ terrorists/ and other defecation’s follow.

It should be added: that every herd animal MUST accept the rules of their own specific herd; as is called “morality”. Morality means: that we must be the same as our group, it is not optional; or you can be thrown out too. NO, making up your own rules or identity. We must defend our group against those who are not like us/ because if we don’t move in unison; we can be trampled, or eaten ourselves, by their misstep. Ethics is the justification of this separation, by understanding: nothing is more important than our own group survival. The reality of shared existence, is only accomplished when the predators are few.
As to the herd itself: once multiplication has grown past the point where those in the trailing end of that herd; cannot find anything to eat or drink that will sustain them: “Its all bad”! They then move off (immigrate), to achieve their own herd or die; believing anything else must be, “better than this”. If the predators are many, they will stay in the herd as long as they can. If the predators are few, it is much easier to leave. The predators will then separate accordingly as well.

The unfortunate reality of our day is: the herd itself, is our primary predator/ and we cannot escape that fact by any means other than change. One of the facts most prevalent in that statement is our population increase “at the one hundred year proven rate of 3%”. By the facts of media communication which are clearly numerically reduced (their claim is a population rise of .5%/ less than one percent) by lies
Their population count of 7.6 billion last time I looked; times 3% is equal too=228 million more mouths to feed over deaths/ every year. Or more distinctly two thirds of the entire population of America: is added to world population growth per year. Or even more clearly “the flood has been released”/ and our humanity itself; will destroy this world.
The only possible survival reality is to stop population growth entirely, and reverse it. A reality no herd of animals can conceive of. Which means: unless you ascend beyond the human animal, with thought; our world is dead. And that is just one, of the many threats we face. Extinction is imminent, without true change/ and even then, every day makes it far less likely we could survive. Want brought us all here/ reality alone is the evidence of how we survive or die.

Just so its completely clear: I am NOT “your shepard/ leader/ guide/ etc”. I am a messenger given the task, to explain to you: UNLESS you are willing to change/ the facts of your lives and your choices; those will make this planet, and this living world extinct. YOU are the threat/ therefore humanity itself, is also the solution; as best you can. The key difference between a messenger and a shepard, leader, guide, etc: is my job is to make you think, as individuals, for yourself. The herd cannot help you; as it knows nothing but want. To identify what is true, requires thought and the assessment of reality; a choice that cannot be governed by want: then establishes the future.

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