Critical to the overthrow of governments, is the communication or power to achieve this end/ by controlling either the people with propaganda, or their leaders with the assembly of a cult. Every “nazi” inspired group (lets be a mob); requires a leader such as hitler to create a persona of superiority. When any group believes it is superior to the rest, it is then able to destroy the others with very little concern for what they do. That composition of uniformity, then becomes “us or them (a clear divide)”; which leads to the resolution of plotting and planning a war. Be it with weapons or words or other, the common purpose is the same; we will rule over you, or we will destroy you from among us: because we can identify “the difference”.
There are five courses of action in every insurgency: control the conversation/ establish “the book” is god/ the leaders cannot be questioned/ everything of value belongs only to us, the few/ and destroy the foundation of law, security of self (no you can’t make your own decision), and access to weapons; that lets any other group mount a defense against us.
When these have been accomplished: the insurgency is complete/ even if it is hidden from sight; as is the case with “puppet management”. A political front, to hide what is truly happening.
IN AMERICA, the insurgency is already complete, and the mobs have been formed to challenge each other; so the leaders of this insurgency can remain hidden. The purpose of media is: to create what cannot otherwise be attained, as is “let the people be shepherded into the slaughter pins, by what they trust”. Therein media must be trusted to accomplish the complete betrayal of life. “DON’T worry, Lets all be happy”!
The critical reality, requires two basic ingredients: we must identify the superior group, and keep them safe from inspection; so as to create the gods, whom their cult of worshipers who will believe; as is “anything they are told”. The second is the cult worshipers must feel safe, or they will not be so ignorant, blind, deaf, and mute: that even absolute terror coming, will not affect them. That too has been accomplished: because the cult of worshipers trust in their gods, “the university is our savior”.
So the question is: how, was this accomplished to the point of complete insanity, and the coming extinction of life?
The answer is: make them fear, and then take away every other thing they believe in/ using ridicule and separation as “the beating stick”. Making them fear was as easy as weapons of mass destruction: “we can kill you all, in one single instant”/ and there is nothing you can do about it, but believe we won’t. So worship us. Slightly prior to that was the attack on all major religion in this USA, to take away belief in anything “but the gods of university”. That was accomplished with evolution: we the universities; are your gods of chaos/ we don’t need no damn brain, cause we are everything we need to be; stealing life, and mutilating the future, to destroy what makes, and allows us survive. While they claim to be “superior brains”; taking credit for absolutely everything they didn’t accomplish, and making up stories for everything else. The use of media to cover up the reality of what is or has been done; is essential. As media reports: “there are no consequences to what the university does/ EXCEPT pride. With pride, “we are the winners, and you are the losers”: the separation of peoples, places, and things is complete. You lose/ we win: you are the trash/ we are the victors, “because we have this stick”. Everything we do is great/ and everything you do is worthless: because the media owns your heart & soul.
We then ask: HOW could that be possible? The answer of course is addiction. Addition is: to destroy your own belief in life and the potential value of survival: the only proof required is, “you are a loser”. That proof of failure, can be found in any ingredient of life, that is out of control. So what then does it mean to be out of control? The answer is: someone else shall make the decision, that enslaves your life. It is the slavery, that proves you are the loser. When enough parasites are placed within your life to drain you of all freedoms; even to choose “the values of your own life”. Then they own you, as a member (they decide your values and value) of their cult. Those who accept the bribes are happy/ those who whimper and complain inside, are addicts waiting for a solution: which then kills the sensation of life lost.
The question is: HOW does media enforce, university shall play god? The answer is propaganda: “the university can do no wrong/ the university is better than GOD/ the university has all the answers/ the people themselves without a diploma, are worthless (find an example)/ the media are “buddies and pals, who would never let you down: see how friendly, and even polite, we are”. Now how could that be “an enemy”? Unless of course you open the hidden doors, turn on the lights, and see who is operating the controls. Any society that cannot do this: has lost their right to determine an answer for themselves. Which means: they are controlled.
The second attack is: we can prove we are gods/ because we wrote “the book”! As is consistent with every religion: you can’t fight with the book, the book is god.
The critical reality in the takeover of America for example, was: FIRST, we must destroy their other books (religions)/ so they have no place to turn but us. That required the complete takeover of education: so the children could be inundated with the constant propaganda that “we are the gods here”/ and you the child must not listen to anything else. With that ascension (the imagery of media cannot be wrong) past the guards,  universities turning on the children as now, their religious priests who cannot be wrong: replacing all others. Using their book, as proof. The insurgency against life itself, accelerates over time: as each child now becomes indoctrinated in “the university is god”.
Here reality takes a step back: recognizing you cannot completely control education/ unless you take over government, and all political rhetoric. To do that you must establish “A WIN”; that is visible to the public, and can be attributed only to you. The curse used to accomplish that win: was let’s go to the moon! Hurrah, hurrah: we are gods, able to travel the universe. Fantasy takes control, and the government is in shambles: because the money spent consumed the nation itself. Because the reality covered up and hidden by media was: “lets increase the level of fear, one hundred percent, by making intercontinental ballistic missiles”: the real purpose of going to the moon.
Nonetheless, now the two critical pieces in taking over government have been achieved: “you must let the universities control/ because they are the builders of weapons of mass destruction; and we fear them all”. PLUS, there is no money left for us to use, our leaders spent everything on fear (no you cannot feel alive), and the weapons to make us all bow down (do ANYTHING we say, without question) to them. Because we hold the keys to world extinction: so don’t even whisper, we might not be gods. As is the constant of university knows media.
Intent now turns to the subjugation of the people themselves; by destroying the securities and realities of those who built the foundations upon which our society actually does stand. With no money/ only debts: it is very easy to do, but not as simple as it sounds; because those who build a society know that reality matters. The consequence of that is: fantasies created by university, must be born to take control over society, for the university.
The first fantasy is: debts don’t matter, we ain’t going to pay nothing, “as was the Reagan method of leadership”: and media cheered. The second fantasy born with Reagan and covered completely up by media was the attack on “fort Knox”; whereby all the gold securities of the nation were sold; and the money then spent for anything he desired (not debts): with the media cheering “he is a god”. The secondary attack in this was: every person who depended upon paying national debts back as is reality/ was attacked, because the interest on the money; these expected to continue: failed. Causing massive amounts of people who were the basis of this economy to suddenly lose their foundation of control. And media said: “too bad/ better luck next time; just be our slave”. The third attack was by far the most sinister: Reagan gave control over the currency this nation depended upon to the universities: saying do whatever you want. The entire university army of diplomas; instantly gave themselves enormous raises, complete power to do anything they wanted, and the pride to believe they were now invincible “because the people always go, wherever the money goes”. Saying let us have some too; and the bribes began in silence. Public unions began the march to consume the nation by claiming to be “worthy of so much more”/ that all the rest had to pay anything they wanted; and they wanted everything. None more so than education, or any power aiding attribute to the influence of money rules life. And media said: we want this too!
Now we stand at the abyss (no escape) as a nation and even world: because want cannot be satisfied/ and lies cannot be controlled, until reality removes them. Media having gained access to the bribe machinery; now insists “everything is wonderful”. All praise the university, as is the price of turning away from reality. But not to worry: every participant in media is now “a university diploma”/ and they want money, power, and pride. Alas, the general public said the exact same thing; and all fantasies rise to take control; and they won’t question reality, they too “just want a bribe, make me rich/ give me everything I want”.
So the question is, WHAT has value? That arises as two distinct definitions: those things with real value for life and planet/ as opposed to those things which only have a purpose for pride as is called a trophy.
LIFE requires the sustain-ability of truth. Without truth, everything falls in a pit to become trapped: with our world going insane. The bribe covers that fact up, by having media propagate “don’t worry/ be happy/ we are your best friends, and will protect you from all distress”. Which simply means: every threat is covered over with another fantasy, built by university superiority as is for example: “let’s mutilate genetics, and build our own nature/ by throwing this nature away”. Or, as is the fantasy case of energy: we can play god, and use the same fire as is on the sun; here on this earth/ because without enough gravity the fire will just extinguish itself. Both of which have only one distinct conclusion by the definitions of truth/ the support of reality: as is extinction. Not to worry, media would never report “the universities are not god”. Which means the universities are god, and the will prove it by mutilating life and igniting a fire that cannot be extinguished: NO doing it over/ NO second chances once ignition occurs. NO MERCY for a single living thing on earth; as is the price of these fantasies.
Yet the public just doesn’t care: because like every cult ever invented by man, “the book is god/ and the book cannot be wrong”. The university wrote the book; so the university is god; and as media, courts, government employees, policing, religion (owned by university), etc: all prove, “they can’t be questioned”. So, I am just talking here; as you made your decision to be extinct, and destroy both life and planet as a whim.
Nonetheless, there are other tiny values to be destroyed as well: like the oceans/ the water to drink/ the food supply/ and literally everything else; as has been done, and will soon be complete. Establishing hell on earth/ the curse that is humanity has become its own god. Now surrounded by complete death, destruction, cannibalism, and insanity. We could go on, but why?
The foundation of law is: we, even I, have rights! That ends when rules (your rights and our punishments) take control over laws (our rights and your responsibilities). The consequence is, as proven by court cases presented through James Frank Osterbur: rules have betrayed America into surrendering its democracy/ because the liars control the courts, the fraud of university knows, has taken over the constitution, the fantasy of counterfeiting has become the power of politics, industry/ unions/ and more have become the babies of bribes/ and failure as is consistent with a removal of reality surrounds us with extinction.
There are no conditions of self, wherein the universities do not hold the key to what you are required to think; as inundated by media propaganda. You have no right to think for yourself: because that is contrary to the cult, and their book. Media is used to insure, “only the universities can think/ nothing, no one else, has value.”  As is true of all religions: the zealots need only a tiny fragment of truth to mount their war against all possibilities that truth might be real: as would confront their religion “the university is god”.  The takeover of religion by university has insured: You have no rights/ you have no say/ you have no communication: which means you cannot mount a war against the enemy of life itself. Because media owns the conversation.  There is little to no participation in the hierarchy of religion today, without a university diploma to insure “you have been taught what you believe and what you think”: by the university book, and its priest. All must believe exactly as they are told: just like a university education in all other fields of study. There is NO room in university or its competing religions, for independent thought. “The book is god”. So society waits, buying guns, and preparing with what they do have: for the inevitable day, when all things fall into chaos. THEN they will have their revenge/ as history proves again and again. As the downtrodden have always done. But alas: the university gods are destroying both life and planet; so you’re revenge is worthless, and benign: because soon, life and planet will be extinct.

Even if you won’t believe, because the cult of “university knows”: now owns your soul.
They did play god for real, and became in our reality the destroyer called SATAN. Which does mean: a world lost by arrogance, hatred, disrespect, foolishness, fantasies, and pride.
To your own shame: you not only let them do it/ you participated in the extinction of this world, by letting bribes (the evidence of greed)/ and corruption (the university is our savior),  control your life.

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