It is, “the ultimate intellectual chaos”; to assume the entire universe is neither more or less, than understood my own perspective. The descent into: I am alone/ I am god/ you are devil/ and so on. All speak to the same intellectual thing: that life, is nothing more than self. It is not so!
The constant university expert believes: I have solved the puzzle of life; because “it is me”. Abandoning reality, in the same ways that the sewage of evolution abandoned truth, to erect a framework of lies. In the same way, the desire for “free energy” has blinded the “expert”: to the price of igniting that nuclear fire. They simply wrapped themselves in darkness; while the candle of their living experience, prepares to go extinct.
NOTHING is more clear, than the intricacy of life by a body used for living. Every single body of life, contains a myriad of parts and pieces/ erections and resources/ disciplines and order/ balanced with thought/ and conceived by the essence of purpose that lifts desire into love. Nothing about that is accidental/ nothing about that is self; other than the recognition: “this did not occur because of me”.
The intellectual binds him or herself to the cause: “I want to be god/ I want to be superior/ I want to be everything I need/ I want, what I want; and give nothing back as owed”. Thereby life is free, and self is god, and time is dedicated to the fantasy of playing with life.
The expert lives, to demand “listen to me/ pay attention to me/ I am god to you”. But in so doing: he or she does take responsibility for everything they promote or cause or deny, that then happens to this world, and its living expression. Like a leader who causes a war to be unleashed: you have descended into the abyss, of the failures you have caused.

LIFE, on the opposite side of that coin, called time/ hiding from view, so that no expert or intellectual can find it: is very different than self. LIFE is, the value of existence/ not the value of self. The difference is: life exists, even without self; which means you as self, wrapped in time; are irrelevant. Life will go on. Time identifies mass, and its action or reaction to energy. Life identifies a reality of thought, that is consistent with energy. The difference is massive/ but they are intertwined in biology, as nature constructed with genetic discipline, balance, and order. Humanity playing god, has been dedicated to destroying these things for the last fifty years, in particular; as the tools created allow. The reality is: no more biology, as chaos takes control over life called time. A consequence of your intellectual experts, in worship of their evolution religion; trying to be their own gods. Which is the destruction of everything called value; because they have as declared by their religion “no brain”. Just didn’t need it, to build life or body/ so they say; and yet adaption seems to require a brain. Well that would be logical instead of fanatical: so it just isn’t allowed, in university. Religion has rules.
Whether it is a witch doctor/ or a nobel peace prize winner: the intellectual always finds “he or she is god”. There can’t be anything else because “their self”, is god. That god being superior to you. As a consequence they literally declare: we can do anything we want on this earth, because nobody can stop us; we hold the keys. But alas their keys are to hell (humanity gone insane)/ their keys are to Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ their keys are to the Apocalypse (war beyond insanity); because it will soon become clear. LIFE, has been made extinct, by the desires of men, and the aid of women.
I have essentially given up on you; therefore I am just talking to you: whosoever has the courage to listen. Regardless of the number, because it has no meaning; if this world of humanity cannot be changed. You refuse, because you want to play god/ you want to believe you are superior, and thereby not dependent upon realities you don’t understand/ you want, what you want; and be damned to anything else, that you don’t want. But of course that is not reality, and cannot be supported by any degree of truth. Without truth, extinction comes. Your lives are immersed in fantasy, being dissolved by experts and intellectuals, while the earth itself is being destroyed; to your own (chose to do nothing) eternal shame.

I simply write to pass the time, while I await the possibilities of a miracle: your only hope. Certainly nothing I can do, predict, or even ask for. But as does history indicate: before human beings are willing to change, “something drastic” must occur/ because they only want what they want, until reality informs them: “death exists as well”. Since the various elements of extreme weather, fire, and flood (nature is in trouble); have proven to be “not enough”. Since you know, “you, and your universities are gods”. The next probability is economic (“we are richer than god”/your work fails, in the lies you made) chaos. But that is only an educated guess: “if a reader here, you have been told”. You can also be left alone to die as well. GOD alone, knows what GOD will or will not do: none can know. Reality however suggests.

You refuse all forms and types of evidence, to the threat of our own extinction; as has been proven, and submitted; for over forty years. The constant answer is: “hatred (you can’t make me care)/ run away and hide (you can’t make me care)/ I got a gun (revenge is my god)/ or wait and see (even though that means life will quickly be extinct, without the slightest chance to survive): as is, I WON’T pay one damn penny/ not a finger or a sound will I raise, UNLESS I know, beyond all doubt; that I will soon be DEAD”.
Miracle means: no human/ nothing on this earth, did this! Thereby GOD our CREATOR does become clear, to all “thinking (open mind, open heart) people”: as HE would have it to be.
Religion does have stories to indicate this is possible/ even if extremely improbable. Not for us to judge. Although we can pray, as a degree of respect that shows we do understand: our lives were a gift. You of course use prayer as a “shopping cart of wants”, instead.
Life is not a game, and neither is survival! Although with machines, that fantasy has arisen, and been embraced as if it were true. The cost is a world ravaged and raped/ a humanity exploding into the destruction of everything/ and people playing god, by demanding with these weapons of mass destruction, my knowledge of how to consume your life and your world: we “the superior ones”, can make you extinct. So DON’T get in our way; because we own it all. Or more simply “this is fundamentally, let Satan (destroyer of a world) be unleashed”. Because that is what your universities chose; and what you allowed in the race to be “rich: give ME, a bribe”. And with that bribe: the public, media, religion, politician, policing, courts, military, and more all said: I will look the other way. To your shame.
Some would say: the reason we didn’t respond is: YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH/ you are nobody, or worthless, or simply not good enough to be “even a messenger”; with something of value to say. Discarded for a reason/ devalued without a cause, because you are “different (he does not abide by our rules)”. And so on.
So one last time, I remind you that the evidence of threats which are accumulating into extinction; literally have nothing to do with me. They are entirely yours. Which does make me irrelevant, and without cause to be important to you. However that does not take away the threats, that humanity caused to itself. The message is change or go extinct/ and it has been that from the beginning. As to leadership: I never offered that once. I come explaining these are all human induced threats (you are the cause)/ and that makes you, as a humanity engaged in life the solution/ not me. As to value, I have presented knowledge, for the purpose of overthrowing lies. But if you will not hear it, then you cannot learn what value is: not my fault, it is yours. As to whether I am good enough to deliver you this message or change or go extinct. I offer you this one detail of existence: WHO AMONG YOU, would have taken my place? Since you would not do, what I did choose to do: it comes to reason, that with this whole world at risk of complete destruction. Those who will do the work, would be chosen; even if they are not so perfect, as you expect. Perhaps your expectations are wrong!
Regardless of that, I made one demand repeatedly to you, in every conceivable way: GO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS/ EXAMINE THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ AND MAKE A DECISION BASED UPON THE EVIDENCE; before all right to change anything is gone.
Your response: we will wait and see/ the university is god; media is our savior, the smart people choose; and we know they wouldn’t risk our lives by failing in these ways.
YET THE EVIDENCE PROVES: EXTINCTION IS NEAR. And this world lives or dies; because of what YOU do now. When the possibility of change still exists.
As is the constant of threat: the most severe reality that proves “YOU CAN’T” wait and see: is the intent to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth, “just like the sun”. Once ignited, contrary to the fantasy of theories: nothing can extinguish this fire, it BURNS ATOMS. Even though your extra special smart people claim “its only fusion”. Reality states: your smart people have already proven fusion is a lie; with experiments at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. Alas: if they stop, they lose their job/ their pride, power, greed, and place in society. Oh well, the geneticists cannot put nature back together/ we cannot survive the population increase/ ocean life lost/ habitat destroyed/ water poisoned/ oxygen depleted/ resources all gone; and “a thousand more”. So who the hell cares, right? Well, except for every child, and young person, and living thing of course. Shit, “it ain’t our problem”; so be damned: as the world has said to me.
Gee, I wonder why they refused to admit being wrong? Perhaps you know? After all, its just life or death of our world, to be WRONG! But hey, “you can’t be frightened”/ because your gods at the university can’t be wrong: so there! Etcetera, and more.

But hey, “the consolation prize of religion” is: I BELIEVE.  The curse being “its all free”/ you DON’T have to do nothing; but pay religion (we the people who believe) what it asks. Whereas the value of finding religion (our desire to unite as one life with GOD)  as a starting point for your own journey into Creation itself: is I accept truth, will lead the way.

The vast majority believe, because they then don’t need to know/ don’t want to investigate/ refuse to examine any and all evidence: pointing instead to “I believe”. Even though, “you can literally believe anything you want”. Doesn’t make it true. Religion hates statements like that; its just like evolution “don’t need a damn brain”! Its like healthcare in all its forms: I believe, because I don’t know what else to do/ and there is nothing here but fear for me, if I do not believe in “healthcare”. I can’t live that way; so I believe. Its like science, which has become the plague of humanity itself: we believe because we want them to make everything good. Knowing that truth does lead the way. Alas, science knows as well: without a story for you to believe/ the public will stop letting them do whatever they want, and take all that power, pride, money, and even those toys away. So they study, examine, and investigate: for whatever lie you will believe.

Religion exists, because you can believe whatever you want (I hope I get everything I want). Religion exists, because you can agree to anything you believe is true (I agree to what I believe I heard, or what I believe I can evade)/ making the pieces of reality, I don’t want; to be irrelevant. Religion exists, because we can claim together “amen”; which means: yes we can get what we want. Religion exists, because the foundation of penalties or assumptions in hopelessness, the realities of loneliness, are simply too harsh to bear. Religion exists, because the reality of time identifies with absolute certainty, an evidence of Creation by thought, which is simply too extreme to deny: unless your purpose is to destroy, by claiming you can be god too. A fantasy beyond imagination, which exceeds the possibility of insane: you are, dead (nothing matters now) inside, even if breathing.
Truth is an element of life, it is constant and unafraid, because the value of existence is the acceptance: wherever truth shall go, life can follow. That being true, does not constitute a right to do anything that is “true”: hatred is true. Instead truth assembles within the boundary called thought, and thought constructs a destiny based upon the decisions that you will make. Desire is a direction/ destiny is the basis of love (by design, and purpose, we build these things).
Whereas hatred is also a direction and fate is its consequence: you chose to destroy. That was the ultimate reality of your own truth, the desire of self, in direct contrast to the value of life. Therefore fate has built for you chaos, or the prison of self; the reward you earned for your efforts and purpose in time.

I will add one piece of advice; just because I wish too. My ears have tinnitus; because I chose to let love decide what I should do, through caring and sharing/ when I knew better. As the damage continued to prove. I stopped in time as my ears improved over summer: but again I chose for love, and did not abandon “family work”; in the fall. Because it was getting better. UNFORTUNATELY I failed to factor in all the noise that agriculture makes in the fall/ and it became permanent to this day. Causing change, and even torment; in my life as time.
The lesson again being: ONLY TRUTH is a value that survives, and keeps life whole. Love cannot do it; as love chooses for love/ while reality knows only truth. The difference is: love cannot keep you alive in time, because it is not the substance required to sustain, a body called mass. Love is however, the foundation of eternity; because without love there ends, a desire to live.

I could have kept my ears intact; had I accepted the truth, and left that fall (to find quiet and heal) instead of saying “family is too important to abandon”. Love must decide.
Instead of losing one harvest season, I lost them all. Because what is the most valuable reality of life and living, MUST be protected first. Disabled means: now I can’t, and those I would have assisted through the rest of those years, had to find someone else. Love failed life, because it did not accept truth, and ultimately value assigned by reality, comes first.
The lesson is: while I would never discard love, the reality of my marriage in an earlier day proved true. The only way you can protect love, is to let life decide, by the evidence of what is more important to the future of life itself. That was about threats against our entire world. While this was about just me. The lesson was, “I am important too/ and if I don’t keep myself intact, then I cannot do anything for this world either.” A reality that defines, “love yourself enough, to know this is necessary as well”.

Hard lessons, are still lessons.


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