ANIMAL; the assertion and platform of university knows; instructing all people, to be as basic and devoid of intelligence as you can be! Their purpose of course is: that you abandon decision and identity, so you can then participate as the herd, who only hears a leader.

Every portion and part of that is “VILE, to the creation of a human being alive in, and among the gift of miracles”. But, that is what “university plays god, does”; granting to each human a choice. Play with the herd/ or be human alive? Choose!

And the universities as satan, says: don’t worry about nothing, we are your saviors/ we are the ones who wipe away every tear; so you don’t have to fear nothing; cause “we the universities are god”. And the universities as satan, say: don’t worry about having sex with every living or non living thing you can find/ after all, that is what sex is for: to invade the other, and find the chemicals which make you happy. Let them be damned; who gives a fuck/ only fools. Nobody has to pay; fuck as much as you like; “isn’t it fun”?

But the miracles of life say and prove: it is only by respecting the values of what we have been given/ that peace and harmony erupt as our contribution to life and living among nature as a Creation in truth. Without truth, we cannot conceive of a future, or even the essence of life or its love; thereby we must have truth, within us; to be truly alive. Truth aligns with the realities of what we can prove by the evidence is of value. That truth supports and confirms: even if some medicine helps/ other medicine hinders or even kills. Regardless of that fact: if the body does not heal itself; you die/ making nature the only true friend of life. While nature balances the population with death, every form of life says “unfair”. But each is wrong, because without balance as is this day: the entire earth faces extinction/ as is the cost of human population explosion. So the only alternative to death is: that we do control the population for ourselves, “with birth control”.

And humanity, the animal says: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and nobody can take that away; I WANT, WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT, what I don’t want! And nothing more, or less: matters to me. Therefore the universities are god, because they give me what I want/ and its all free: except, for what they steal through government and every other form of trap they create, as intellectuals do.

Humanity alive says: even though sex has benefits through chemistry, the reality of sex is far more deliberate, and far more valued: when love chooses the way. Love does not constrict us by ownership. Rather love understands the value of our commitment to each other as friends and the extension called family; built upon the respect we share as our relationship to each other. Respect does not squander a relationship on frivolous matters. Love does not cause anguish or pain or heartache; “just to play”. Friends remember friends, just as family remembers family; and will trust each other enough to care about the living we have earned through our own decisions. Love is free, but life is not. Love is valued in sexual relationships, but only where respect and truth build the trust required to sustain happiness through each one. Love shapes our destiny as is “joined together as one”/ only when we achieve the acceptance required; to be as one. Which does mean: unless we agree to participate in loving someone else; that decision would violate our trust. Love allows, “for loving many”/ but make no mistake “sex is not making love”. Rather love allows for sex, if the destiny is shared: as our gift, as our contribution to make life better for each and all. Love is not ownership/ but freedom is not free: destinies can be broken, by the failure to respect, and consider all parties involved. The value of life is happiness, and the more lives you can honestly share your existence with in peace and harmony; the more happiness each will know. NONE of that, “is animal”. While all of that, seeks justice and truth, as the essence of each miracle is destined to do. Love grants an eternity of truth/ hate grants an eternity of war and chaos: being an animal grants time ends, and the animal you chose to be; is dissolved/ as nothing worth keeping is here.

The body is not life/ it is, the chemistry of time shaped by the distance we travel in this journey to become “alive”. LIFE is, the respect which forms around the value of our relationship, as discovers the critical truth of what a miracle honestly means. LIFE binds the living together with a body that works. That miracle of expression and experiencing “love and hate”; leads to the question of who are you? The answer distinguished simply; as “love OR hate”/ or, just time lost by you. When you die; the binding is broken; and your life will return to its Creator/ as is the reality of “fair”. BUT first, is the spiritual world, that identifies what is true/ and destroys all that is not true: so that only what is real, can survive. LIFE IS AN ENERGY, combined with an intensity beyond your comprehension. Energy is neither friend or enemy: it simply is, what it is/ and your ability to survive that is based entirely upon your acceptance of what is true and what has value to, the essence of you.

Or more distinctly: life searches for value, to create happiness; which can only be found in the essence of love, by the boundaries and limits of truth. Respect for these realities, provides the invitation to learn. Whereas all religion has rules. Life itself teaches the value of love; “the dust” or indifference of less; and the cost of hate. Each within the relationships which identify and control the cost of these decisions. MIRACLE means: “not from this world”/ a reality that gives birth to the search: “from where then”? As is the beginning of understanding the concept of thought, which is “I AM ALIVE”.

Energy is movement/ the control of that movement is tied to thought/ energy and thought construct life/ life is participation in an environment, which allows you “to breathe (contribute to yourself)”. That contribution entitles you to an identity, formed from your own truth; as is the meaning of individual existence. CREATION (not formed from this world) grants the body of time. RESPECT for that reality grants the understanding called a miracle. “human alive” means: you have chosen, to be of value to life itself/ as a contributor within time. When you die: the environment of your time, no longer is commanded by you/ it fails to accept your command. The energy of life, is then freed to return to its maker. The only question is: “will you go with it/ or be left behind”?

With discipline, we learn that the future can be directed by truth, if we accept the limits and boundaries of a path that has a destiny (constructing life), shaped by our own decisions. Without discipline, people learn that it is easier to simply let life decide (happy now)/ discarding the future for what is now. Order teaches us, that law and life, are the elements which guide our world, and our experience and expressions within that world. Whereas chaos is a fate determined by the cost of a failure in law or order, that then changes, or forces; the choices we are allowed to make. Balance is rarely sustained without the truth of male and female relationships; because each gender “sees life and truth, from a different point of view”/ which is the balance of what can then be called real. Want interferes, and demands “I just won’t accept that”: which means heartbreak and failures are coming/ because lies cannot sustain life or a relationship. Respect constructs, time illuminates, the body shapes our dimension in time, but thought conceives of love or hate (the opposite); and the direction you take, from this decision; will become the life you chose to live. Value grants us hope, and hope gives to each “the blossoming flowers”, that turn life into miracles both inside and out. Value is love, just as hope becomes happiness; when we learn the decision we ourselves have made: will grant the reward we earned. While that is limited in time, the essence of love itself ascends and elevates life into eternity. Where are CREATOR waits, for those who care enough to share the passage of love, into “family”. In time, family shapes itself with want, pride, and power; pushing and shoving for who is the superior one. But that is not love, and only love can build a family destined for eternity. Meaning it is your heart, that earns you family, while it is your soul, that grants passage beyond time. Time is a measurement called identity. Life is an energy composed of thought, but discovered in the purpose of love, by its own creation as a destiny of life. Love is required to survive beyond time. Because time is nothing more than a measurement, and value fades, as hope for change will die. Love values life, not time. Therefore it is life that forms the home, where love will shape our living.

The animal people say: “you can’t prove any of that”. But, that is not my job. Instead, the living people know: wherever a miracle is found, an eternity can be shaped from its grace and truth. Because nothing here on earth did that. Which means our lives are more, than we can imagine or learn. As to “Created and abandoned”; it is again, “biblical JESUS” that forms the guarantor of love did not leave. It simply waits, as love forms in you. When asked WHY? The answer is: love cannot want, to abandon a single one. Therefore the desire for you to make your own decision is true. And the reality of your own choice, then decides; who can/ and who cannot, join for an eternity. Making you, “your own judge, of right or wrong”. Making you: the builder of your own home, beyond the limits and boundaries of time; where the fabric of your decision, decides where you belong; “in the quilt (where this universe meets the living)” of life beyond time.

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