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NEWS OF THE DAY, as I see fit to respond 2018


I am weary about hearing “foreign espionage”. The American universities with extreme pride: search the world, to find any candidate they can teach so they can praise themselves as “god to them”. merely asking: what, do you want to know? How to create an atomic bomb: no problem. How to create a biological weapon: no problem. How to create anything America has: no problem. Blaming those others, is like asking the monkey “who sit here”.


It is not my job to fight with you, it is not my job to entertain or even encourage you, it is not my job to save you or this world. It was my job to inform you: present you with options and decisions that would entitle you to make your own different decisions, than what your leaders have done. It is not my job to save you from your cult worship of “university is god”. It was my duty and desire, to remind you of the miracles which surround us as life: that you have chosen to mutilate and make extinct. Nothing else greatly matters to our time on earth, than this: even so, with extreme fear and foreboding you chose to completely ignore the evidence and pretend the universities are “god enough”. Which does, in their arrogance; make them satan on earth. You chose extinction. Freedom says, even though your decision destroys this creation and its future: when the majority decide to rule, without law, rights, life, or justice; they shall have what they want. Goodbye to all who cared, simply remember this: “we, are not GOD” and cannot save this world or its life alone. Simple as that.


The lack of reality, and complete disregard for truth, offends me greatly; as such one last definition is required. Given the constant of slightly over 3% increase in population over deaths for the last hundred years or so. That gives our world a population increase of about one billion more people to feed, every five years or less. The thing you hated most, which is death: has become the clear reality of how it is that we came to life ourselves. The people before us died/ and the population through that death kept the world itself from being overrun and destroyed to give us that chance. Today, through medicine and more; humanity praised themselves greatly/ and declared “we can be god ourselves”. And so you have been doing. And so you will soon go to your extinction as a world; because without balance, there is no order/ without order there is no peace/ without discipline and truth there is no life. And your leaders who all own a university diploma; chose chaos, developed endless pandemics through genetic mutilation. Discarded sanity, and are trying to ignite a nuclear fire on earth, and functionally became “satan himself”. And all the world of humanity still claims the university can be god; which does prove where your own allegiance lies; as “satan’s helpers”.  Life means death/ to avoid death, you simply cannot be born: and that is entirely up to your elders, each and every single one. Either grow up and face your own truth, or this world goes EXTINCT. It won’t take long.

day 9-9-18

The book fear comes out with a synopsis that is clearly “a fools tears; crying over the demise of a cult and its worshipers”/ as are those who worship a university diploma. Their lament is, “HE AIN’T one of us”/ but their reality is, even though the disease of a cult has been diminished; their replacement believes “whatever I want or don’t want” is all I need to know. Discarding the demand to “think first, about what the future of this decision will become.” Both sides will fail, the diploma because they believed they were gods and were indeed the cause and consequence of satan on earth. While the expectation of want and pride produces the same type of arrogance; with a different, but similar ending. Arrogance is a curse upon life, doesn’t matter where it comes from. As any religious terrorist can prove.

Reality states, it is a realistic/ thereby suitable ending for this work.


The reality of violence cannot be effectively stopped until the community is able to participate in identifying the guilty party. That is a dangerous thing to do, for the innocent; as criminals then know who to target. The law must be changed. The reality is simple: you MUST ENFORCE, the legal right according to US constitutional amendment 6. IF A WITNESS TO A CRIME is killed prior to his or her testimony in a courtroom. Having given their testimony, and identifying specific individuals by that testimony. Then according to the law, by their death or severe injury:  shall have their day in court, establishing this or these people are directly responsible. Their testimony prior to trial, with witnesses present and lawyers for both sides if possible. Accordingly their statements of fact, shall be considered “untouchable”. It shall be, that those who are accused: shall be so informed. IF A WITNESS against them comes to harm/ regardless of the reason, unless it is clear and certain: strictly an accident. Their testimony shall convict; it is a guarantee. Whose purpose is, to enable the citizenry to protect themselves; by law/ not guns. It is a cruel and unusual punishment to the victim, when this is not so.


The endless, “let’s blame Russia” disgrace is pathetic. The constant is, those who can will and do try to influence others; with manipulation, control, or whatever. Just like the USA has been trying to influence Russia, and many other nations throughout the decades; in the same damn way. If the nation isn’t smart enough to stop listening to the propaganda and find a way to think for themselves; it is their own fault.

In contrast to that is the constant, US media  propaganda which intends to cover up anything that is not “our universities are god”. Or they lead the parade of followers, into the grave of university knows everything.  Of course media has to keep repeating a story, because if they don’t they lose their job; or must identify real “issues of the nation, or world” instead. Power hates that, and media loves the money “just like you”.

The one constant throughout all of history is: when a few get a tiny bit of power/ they try to seize all the rest, from all the rest. By fully intending to belittle the majority with words like “we will do ALL the thinking, for you/ cause you just ain’t smart enough to stop us”. That curse, builds wars.

7/ 23/18

A duck boat; can easily be made to accommodate life safety. The canopy fitted with special disconnects that are little more than taper shaped inserts that let go; either manually or automatically is very simply and does not substantially affect protection in a rollover. Cutting holes in the canopy, above each seat, gives access to a “plastic tank” that serves as a float: with a hole that corresponds to each seat. Translucent it lets in light/ weighs little, so as not to be top heavy, and can be either large enough to float the canopy alone, with people or, set apart to discard the duck boat when needed. Simply replacing the canopy with a “floating tank” would make this simpler.  Dangling ropes in the holes are something to grasp and haul yourself above the water line.


The man in florida who “pushed the girl/ and was then pushed back onto the ground, by a man. Was not being attacked/nor was he defending himself: he simply murdered the other man, without justification.

I grow weary of “me too”; as it lacks the responsibility of women to acknowledge their own participation in harassment. Men are harassed, and abused violently in significant ways. As women DO manipulate them, and intend to control them, and discard them like rags to be used for pregnancy and then rejected. Or enslaved, to be nothing more than “get me more”. While it is absolutely true, that many women have been abused for sex/ it is not true, that they deserved it; NOT EVEN if they were naked, etc.  just like it is not true, that if a man is tempted by a woman to have sex with her; with endless “can’t get pregnant now” lies. HE IS NOT, deserving of paying for the next “twenty years”, for one night of sex. The list of abuse by both men and women in all things sex is long. The basic reform is: NOTHING is fair in war/ and only truth is fair in love or sex. The basic reform is: you are not allowed to make your own decision, regarding someone else’s body; it belongs only to him or her. The basic reform is: if I did not deliberately participate in this decision, with clear honest intentions/ you have no right to take control over my life. The basic reform is: regardless what you want for yourself, the decision is still mine. The basic reform is: love does not have to be told to stop, it is a mutual decision/ anything less, is unworthy or just for sex; but that too, can be a mutual decision, if agreed. The basic reform is:  “if you are wearing something for show, out in public”/ then the public regardless who that is, has a right to view; BUT NOT to establish fear or concern in ways that are threatening. The ones you want to see, are also the ones you don’t want to see: that is what “public is”. BE HONEST AND KIND TO EACH OTHER, and respect the differences that are male or female; because it makes life “grand (much better, than if it were not so)”.


It is simple and plain: that the trapped children in the cave can simply and relatively easily be taken out safely in a torpedo shaped carrier. Self-contained with air and a video tablet to keep them calm. The torpedo can simply be pulled back and forth. A multi-directional wheel or three wheels on both ends may aid the effort. the material of the torpedo can be either soft or hard; dependent upon exactly what is needed.


Children should never be pawns, in an adult game. They are fragile and without fault. The adults are not. the tragedy here is simple: overcrowding brings war. The solution is simple: human population control is absolutely necessary. Only then can realistic immigration policies exist. Those start with: any nation that does not truly curb its population growth to zero or below/ shall not immigrate to another nation. You created the problem; you bear the burden, and the consequences, of your decision.


The endless curse of university “big brother” is watching; “big brother knows all”. Rises again as it monitors “every tweet” and demands compliance. Demanding everyone must comply with their authority to denounce only those, whom they condemn. That Is consistent with tyranny; the deliberate control over society by power players (we own; media). Thereby interfering with our lives. The puppets have risen, “they call themselves leaders”; but behind closed doors, there is always, a puppeteer.  Awaiting the next opportunity, to prove “we are god/ you are nothing, unless you obey”. By condemning freedom, for nothing but a chance to say: bow down and worship us, as greater than you. It’s called “moral authority”; the disease of the righteous.


utter arrogance fails all life, every single time. Wisdom seeks a solution/ NOT “a win”.


Lava will flow to or through an area of less pressure; which means you can direct its flow, “with a bomb”.


The problem with fantasies is: they always become tragedy, it’s just a matter of time. The current prelude to extreme tariff wars, will not end well. This USA is bankrupt/ and it owes China a large amount of money: which they are not prepared to simply “discard the debt”. A trade war can then easily become:  pay us what you owe/ or we won’t send you nothing. While Trump assumes that will just mean American business will erupt to take over the loss: the reality will not occur. You owe too much/ and they will not easily take no for an answer. Which means they will want to take something by war, if required. Nuclear bombs will easily be released in this situation; and the biblically predicted “hell begins” on July 9, 2019 is likely to occur.


When Trump uses the words “nuclear option” in relation to the very trivial demand that congress should pass whatever he wants. The reality of those words shows, that he has either no concept of what a nuclear reality is/ or doesn’t care, because he is too arrogant to understand “he ain’t god”. The consequence of either will be horrendous.


The reality is, that you are being dispossessed by the constant demand for “cash in your retirement house” for dollars. The reality of NO inheritance/ NO possibilities for the youth/ and the endless list of foreign investors that will end up with those homes all establishes the simple fact: not American anymore.  The endless demand for gamble here, gamble there, gamble everywhere; is also a means to dispossess the entire nation. One such site is, publishers clearing house; which after allowing my own participation in their sweepstakes (because selling trinkets and toys is not generally enough for their prize). When they believe you are an addicted gambler: they then send you “to the gambling house”/ where people tend to lose their home, etc. Another form of more dispossession; giving the potential reality of ownership to foreigners again.

3/9/18  the reality is, that trade tariffs should at least initially be restricted to:  you must upgrade your efforts to produce these things to exactly or better procedures for the environment, and the future of all life on this planet; to meet or exceed our own. That levels the playing field, and when coupled properly to human rights, and reasonable definitions of a future for every child; it will maintain better relationships throughout this world. As to cause for why such imbalance exists: the list is long, traitors rule, the stock market and all of its investors wanted this very thing; as they themselves stripped the lifeblood of industry out of this country/ and sold it for pennies, increasing the counterfeiting of fools who govern with stupidity and disgrace. The complete disrespect for the nation which is utterly defined by a stock market frenzy to undermine and destroy the lives of the majority;  is the result of “winner, look at me”. As is today I have numbers (even trading for worthless numbers, to claim a trophy)/ while tomorrow without income, as you have sold “the golden goose” so to speak;  you will live in poverty for the rest of your lives. Happy trading, led by the brilliance of greed and want (nothing matters but me); what could go wrong! Oh wait, catastrophe comes next; oh well; we had a great moment/ now wasn’t that worth a lifetime of failure, the crushing defeat of every child?

  1. Korea is responding to threats of nuclear catastrophe, as they recognize “the arrogant” cannot be trusted with their pride: it is the wealthy, that rule a nation/ which means the tyrant either takes over their lives, or they take over his life; and THEY don’t want to die!

As to the influx of “I hate you”; the consequence is dictated by fantasies, generated by university culture/ their clamp on media propaganda/ corruption of courts and everything they touch: which includes the endless media examples of “everything is fixed with a gun”! HELL NO, REALITY DOES NOT MATTER/ except of course for the university desire and designs to create their own slaves; with numbers that have no other meaning (it’s just a number, nothing more), than “you are a fool”.

don’t care.

The endless fantasy, “no we don’t have to face reality/ we can have anything we want”/ without paying nothing! The universities have declared this endlessly, with fantasy after fantasy “the witch doctors speak”. Of course cult members cannot conceive of questioning their leaders/ so they are gods who can’t be wrong; therein is one of the greatest lies of all. Like all religion, those who believe so fanatically “we are right/ we are like god/ we are the greatest people who have ever lived”; are just like every religion that ever came to be. Including those with witch doctors as their own image of god. Nothing has changed, except the current “university is god” (just a different image)/ which will die, because a fantasy will not survive; conceived of as religion or not is irrelevant.

So let’s inquire of reality:  oh wait you don’t like reality/ and cannot avoid it enough. Oh well!

Even so, let’s question the moment itself this is 3/6/18

Today, N. Korea offers whatever America wants; in exchange for what will be “money”. They have their nuclear programs and methods in place/ so they know, in a few short months or weeks or days; everything they might give up will come back. Even so, the trade should be extremely limited military/ or balanced military might either way/ and Americans leave the peninsula. Simple as that; because the relationship is simple, not our neighbor, and we don’t need to be there. In contrast: to achieve peace, each side needs to understand; nothing here is for free.

Women are now believing they can “take over the world/ or at least America” by becoming politicians, who will then fix all the problems men have created. They will not, because the primary problem is: the men created hidden inflation, which is counterfeit money, which is now becoming an attack on resources which cannot be fulfilled. So the only solution is bankruptcy, and the end of free to me fantasies/ but that will not make the people happy, because it requires the wealthy to pay their fair share; which is never going to happen without war or its competitor called law. The reason genocide exists is:  people want what they want/ and when they don’t get what they want, they attack someone else as a mob or army of with war. Men losing their grip on society, business, and other will attack; as history proves true. Syria/ Iraq/ and more all attest to this fact. What women CAN DO/ which men refuse to do:  is to create the law of society by using society itself to create that law; and then forcing that law for justice and reality into government. As we the people OWN THIS NATION. The law then rules, and nobody gets to corrupt or invade what it is that the people themselves choose to accept as their government as designed by themselves. Men want what they want, and they don’t want to share nothing; I WANT MORE, establishes the majority. There is no more, as reality will prove/ there is only less, and if you don’t stop attacking this earth: then there will be nothing but cannibalism and extinction. It is a choice, not for free:  rather than a fantasy, which assumes “I don’t have to pay nothing”. The reality of university leads, as is “lets just counterfeit whatever we want; and play god over life and society”; which they did do. No surprise, it is the history of men throughout/ but the difference is:  these people are playing SATAN, because they can!

The value of a true democracy is “we did choose for ourselves”;  simple as that.  Pay the price of survival and peace;  or die, it’s your choice. End the fantasies of university, or enter their abyss; and let life be exterminated. Can’t be?  Igniting a nuclear fire “it burns the bond in atoms”/ mutilating nature/ ending all chains of life/ destroying the oceans/ water supplies/ food sources; and absolutely everything we need to survive as the evidence does prove without question; is only the beginning, with one hundred million more mouths to feed every year. This ain’t no game/ and you can’t fix it for free.


Instead of the constant, reacting to miscellaneous claims that will always depict humanity; whether good or bad. I offer this instead:  in the arena of battle that is extinction or sexual slavery or other/ of such a significant tragedy to life, that it warrants the equal expression of justice. Reality states, in all such cases:  that the punishment is or shall become. to participate in any form of this is to incur.  That you shall never retain any possession whatsoever, and that includes all forms of gifts to children or through marriage or other. In other words, if you participate in “white slavery: or the extinction of animals etc”. then everything you own will be taken away/ and you will be refused ownership of a job or a possession or anything else. Becoming homeless at the least extension of this punishment. That includes “the purchase or use of those who are enslaved in that way”.  Or in the case of “white slavery or any other color”; you will be tortured in ways that form your death in the amount of time you chose to inflict on someone else. In the case of extinction: if you knowingly purchase or sell any product which guarantees that extinction; you will have your possessions taken away, your opportunity to participate in society removed, and prison for not less than a year shall be incurred; as the least punishment available. In other words, the literal price will be high/ and the opportunity for anyone who can prove you are in fact by the evidence so involved: will receive one half of the possessions that are reclaimed. Or, more simply:  those who help stop you from continuing this practice, in all its forms:  will inherit your life. which means you can never trust ANYONE again.

Just so its clear:  prostitution as has gone on from the beginning. Is allowed by those who are COMPLETELY FREE, to make this decision for themselves. NOT because it is the right thing for them to do/ but because we are free, as a human life to choose our destiny or fate; by our own decision. NOT by your decision/ but by my own. Simple as that. society however has the right to protect its own citizens from disease and so on. Which means prostitution should be managed similar to the decision of the Dutch, “it’s your business/ but we do have limits”.

2/19/18   the reality is; that I will note now, for future reference if desired. It may be that the stock market will survive/ it may not. the critical question is somewhat negated by the Trump 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure expectation. It is $15,000 per each of one hundred million people/ and that has consequences throughout business and investment. The reality of forewarned is forearmed and can then make plans does come to mind. The issue however is not whether the stock market falls, because it will crash. The issue is:  can this be survived when it does? That depends entirely upon preparations made. To fall gently so as to create options/ is far better than a wholesale crash with no options for society or the world. So I will hope that the bribe holds for a time; so long as some form of reality begins the preparations for a future.

Beyond that, as I have now waited too long for the immigration status of people who do have a right to be here remains unsettled. The obvious answer to that is:  these people are already indoctrinated into this society/ and they get first rights “for immigration” immediately into America. Or more distinctly: instead of foreigners coming this year/ those who were children and have lived their lives here; shall be granted citizens first. When the numbers have equaled those who would have been taken in from foreign nations/ then the door may open as required for the rest of the world. They are citizens, give them the paperwork; it is only fair.

NEWS of the day;  as I see fit, to respond.  2017

Let it be understood:  throughout a number of years, I have intentionally appeared angry at various government and university facilities. This has two functions:  to insure the various policing agencies are informed as to my activities. They then decide if world ending threats, lies, cheating, stealing, and all the rest, as established on my sites:  are worth their interest/ instead of me. They have refused, preferring the tragedy of ridicule:  instead of thought. Anger has its own function (we need to fix this), so long as it does NOT turn into hate.


        Dated 8/ 14/ 17

        Clashes between “hate groups over confederate statues”;  cause all sides to fail, as usual. There is never cause for hate/ only cause for “true law”. Even so, every group deserves its voice;  its called freedom. Even if you don’t like it; no one has to join, and you can rebut.

        As to the civil war:  it was never truly about slavery, in the south. Instead it was a war about money.  When the north declared all the slaves must go free.  The problem with that was:  every business in the south owned slaves as the tools to get their work done/ consequently they had nothing else. Every business spent money to own slaves/ every bank would go into default, when that money could not be repaid. IF THE NORTH, had simply bought the slaves out of slavery:  there would likely have been no real war/ because other options would have been realized. That reality is NOT A DEFENSE OF SLAVERY; as there is none. It is simply “an economic reality”. The strife between black and white, is largely a product of the civil war:  where all sides blame each other (lost everything, lost life, family, home, MORE):  “because of them”.  AGAIN, NOT TRUE.  As the black people had little to do with the war; “they were slaves”/ no choice!  So the cost and the consequences of the civil war was righteousness and pride. Hell no we won’t go bankrupt, just because you tell us too. And hell yes you will release these people, because they are equal to ourselves; and we want no slavery among us. Or more simply, the civil war was almost entirely “a white man’s war/ for a white man’s cause”. The consequence:  freedom did not necessarily mean a better life/ for decades! Since the whites wanted no more war among themselves:  they chose to hate blacks, a much safer alternative, in that day.



DATED 8/ 16

       Media instigation pushes to demand:  “let there be war”/ let no one doubt, there is an enemy among us. Let it be certain:  they have no say!

       Reality however suggests:  there have always been enemies among us, “the best way to find them all, is to let them talk, and invite a discussion”.

       That then produces the reality:  of people who are attempting to drive the problem underground.

       So what is the problem? As with every society, those who have not everything they want:  search for an enemy to blame. Because unless you can identify an enemy, there is no one to fight against; and that makes you a loser!

       So the critical issue, as is NEARLY always the case in race, prejudice, bigotry, and the rest:  people want more for themselves!  Simple as that, the common perception is:  “if they were not here/ THEN I would have more”.  Because again, it is far easier to identify a person/ than to actually identify the problem as being “government or military related”.  Which of course it nearly always is. The alternate side has wants of its own:  so they too fight with resolve, believing “if they were not here/ THEN I WOULD have more”.

       That brings us to WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, with race and realities in this America;  that time has not healed? The answer is:  nearly everyone wants to be rich/ and no one gets rich, without making many more people POOR.  Simple as that, every rich man stands on a number of poor people:  because that is how you become rich, with rare exception.

       That then becomes the most critical question of our time:  CAN YOU SEPARATE YOURSELVES, from the want to be rich? Currently few do, but all can. It is a choice! Without that decision, WANT never rests. Want is a liar, a traitor, and a fool:  which can never bring peace, harmony, or love. Because it builds one life, by damaging or destroying other lives.

       Limited capitalism is the decision by society:  to limit the personal yearly income of an individual, to a set by society amount. Establishing a maximum limit, and a minimum limit:  so that the rest of humanity in this society can “share the wealth”/ and create their own happiness as best they can. It is fair, and it is the end of causation;  with regard to  inequality of life issues.

There will still be hate, because there has always been hate:  “I don’t want my life/ as in you did this”.  Even though that is not true, makes no difference at all.

The value of a conversation that begins with anger:  is to verbalize something, that then becomes a question that reality can confront.  Such as:  in a world which adds 100 million more mouths to feed than deaths, every single year.  We MUST all adjust and stop the insanity; or nobody lives. Simple and plain.

How much more so, the reality of university trying to ignite atoms on fire;  just like the sun/ here on earth.  Not to worry, according to them:  “a ten million degree fire burning atoms, will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here, so they say”.  Wrong is all die forever/ how is that not true?




Dated 8/19/ 17

As you prepare to watch the eclipse of the sun, to see the corona (outer flames) of the sun, with your naked eyes. Just remember this:  those flames being said to be one million miles long (4 times longer than the earth to the moon), with solar flares 12 million miles long.  SCIENTISTS AND GOVERNMENTS have decreed they can bring that fire here onto this earth. And have been trying deliberately to ignite, what is obviously a NUCLEAR FIRE (burns atoms) here on earth.  ITAR the biggest one to date, will soon be ready/ others have already been able, but have not yet ignited atoms.  Once the point of ignition occurs:  there is NO GOING BACK.  Scientists say “not enough gravity here” so it will just extinguish itself”. BUT WHEN REMINDED THIS IS NUCLEAR FIRE, and it may not go out.  They just avoid the reality, and pretend they can’t be wrong;  even though, they cannot functionally study the sun;  which makes everything they say “pure theory, without the basis of fact”.  Our planet burns, even our solar system is destroyed:  if that fire does not go out!  Which means WRONG, is forever/ NO GOING BACK!  “it’s a ten million degrees, world on fire:  that burns atoms/ we cannot even approach it” metals melt at 3,000 degrees.  Rather makes them SATAN,  does it not?


8/21/ 17

While it offends me to state the reality/ I find it more offensive not to state that same reality! Because fools in charge of nations, cannot take back whatever they do as well.

  1. Korea has a military solution; that can only be used if in fact there is a true escalation that involved “a thousand people dying” in America. Because any less than that is obviously NOT ENOUGH to sacrifice so many lives.  The answer is:  one small radiation bomb dropped directly over the dmz between the nations, at height/ and every artillery piece will be silenced instantly. Leaving the entire city (millions, and their habitat) of Seoul alive. Which means:  ALL THE DAMNED MILITARY BUILDUP, and sacrifices of North Korea has been in vain.  Hearing this North Korea will believe:  we can do the very same thing soon, if not today. But you cannot do it, without sacrificing every life on the Korean peninsula:  so the reality is JUST PRIDE, and nothing else. As to America:  you cannot attack, without becoming the vile neighbor, who must be abandoned by the world. Because this ain’t right; unless “what is basically a declared war, by N. Korea begins”. Anything less and it will have consequences beyond anything you expect. Only pride would make that choice, and it is a pride that considers killing many lives:  which means HADES (the eternity of punishment) awaits you too. No going back, once it begins.

If you believe, that military installations under a mountain will protect you:  the reality is, one small bomb will close the door/ and it becomes a tomb.  More distinctly, if you see the American military suddenly moving south away from the border/ then I recommend as N. Koreans; you should head north, as fast as possible. Because a weapon of mass destruction is coming. Trump is, a reality of pride/ and pride can never be trusted, because it only wants to be a “winner”; with trophies.


8/ 22/ 17

Trump declares, “the US will be mercenaries (we are killers of terrorists), and that is all.” The idea that you can kill all the terrorists of this world, is completely uniformed. By killing people you just make more terrorists: this was my family, friend, whatever.

There are no options to a peaceful world other than law enforced on leaders/ with sufficient help, to sustain a realistic equilibrium between the people of a nation and its leaders. That means help with justice when absolutely necessary to avoid civil war/ and environmental compliance, so as to keep the people where they are.  World law is the first and only true answer for this world.

For the nation called Afghanistan; the only true answer is very serious change/ because this is the best men did do; and their solution is “we will take what we want”. To divide the nation by putting the women in one large city (all men out) that can be defended as easily as possible:  through the international community.  Those women will then declare what the law of their nation should be; and let the men make it so/ or they will not be invited back. In other words, GIVE WOMEN their voice/ and let them try to rebuild a nation that would find peace.  Men are men, and all too many men do;  is war when confronted with trouble. That then causes the other men to join in because they have too/ and that brings every list of trouble for an entire society that can be cause for strife. Peace does not know war. War does not know peace, because no one can be trusted. So the law enforced as a society:  BECAUSE WE KNOW NOW, WHAT THE LAW IS, AND AGREE;  this will be better for us all. Delivers a different world.

The constant of battle is:  “I want more”. The reality of this world is:  we are now so many people, either equality will rule/ or war will end life on earth. Because weapons of mass destruction will be used.

The foundation of all war, regardless how you otherwise describe it:  is we want to kill them/ and usually take their possessions as our own. Afghanistan is just like Vietnam in so many ways; Korean war would be similar with conventional weapons, only worse. The reality of men is:  when we can’t agree/ then we fight; winner take all. The lesson of Vietnam is nobody wins, because destruction takes too much.   The Iraq war/ the Syrian war/ the Ukraine war/ or more simply ever war:  VERY EASY TO GET IN (we will just kill them)/ but very hard to end: that was family or friend you destroyed. Somehow men NEVER learn. That, Is the lesson of history. And the end result of course is economies destroyed/ lives changed forever/ resources lost:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.   The problem:  PRIDE is involved/ and pride focuses on “just one little thing”. Or more simply:  WHAT I WANT, is all that matters to me/ so says “the leader”.

The question of what would women do that is better?  Relies entirely upon the reality:  given the freedom to decide, and state what women actually would do/ we get to find out.  Simple as that.  Could be better/ would be better than this entire world lost to the tragedy of a university brain, under male domination. Men and women ARE DIFFERENT. Therefore given their cumulative debate:  their answer would also be different. We stand on the edge of extinction as a world, “so says the evidence you cannot prove wrong”;  HOW could women do worse?


Elections cannot be hacked, other than by the vote count. Elections are manipulated, and it does not matter who does it, whether foreign or domestic/ because the end result is:  what is important has been discarded, to play games with society.

An election that has merit:  IS STRICTLY DEVOTED TO THE REALITIES of what we need to know/ need to do/ need to understand/ and must protect to defend ourselves and our futures, because this is real!  Everything else is a distinct purpose to remove value from democracy; so that the tragedy of fools in charge can come true. It does not matter who brings forward a topic of need to know, or a reality that requires our protection, or discussion. What matters to a vote is:  who is able to understand the complexities of what will be done or chosen. Political parties intentionally corrupt the process:  because their “University graduates” don’t have a clue.  As in “let the fools, the failures, the liars, the traitors, the terrorists, and the thieves rule”. So said, because the evidence proves catastrophe is coming..       Which means:  the political parties have become a fraud.


8/ 25/ 17

The reality is:  every child, every young person’s life IS BEING SACRIFICED. There will be no resources left, which means no job and no future.

ALL of the major sources of metals, mining, trees, fish, agricultural land, SIMPLY EVERYTHING on this earth to sustain a future/ have been largely decimated: little is left according to what has been taken. Which means the ransacking and rape of this planet is nearly over: nothing left! To survive the future, every human being must now accept:  there are limits and boundaries to what we can do, or we all die.

The chains of life which are absolutely essential to the continuation of nature itself, are being entirely dissolved; which leaves only hell coming. Biology is being mutilated; which means perhaps even disease will seem more friendly, than the reality of a body without balance, disciplines or order. DEATH is the message of this day/ the reality of destruction by your peers:  who leave you nothing. Because they took it all for themselves. It is that simple, and there are NO excuses.  As men have always done:  they simply play games, to get more trophies for themselves. Every trophy ends in the garbage, “sooner or later”/ because It has no real value to life.  LIFE THROWN IN THE GARBAGE however as is consistent with this time on earth: is the end of us all forever!  Stand up for your world, or die.



The critical flooding that is in texas today, may in fact be a blessing for this world. As the reality of that damage begins to take over the white house/ and remove the game that has become N. Korea from the realm of ANY SANE MAN.  Irritations cannot compete with realities of life or death in your own backyard.

As to the flooding itself:  truth declares the world cannot tolerate the endless ravaging and rape; for which America is famous “THROW IT ALL AWAY”.  Either you will grasp the truth, this world is running out of EVERYTHING/ and do the best you can with what you have. Or even if you survive all the rest/ you will still fail life.

When killing mold, use a respirator/ wait one week for the spores released, to die off. Keep oxygen on hand at all times when mold is an issue: that can and will keep you alive, if conditions are bad/ DON’T stay in the affected area.  Remember clorine as in Clorox is an effective mold killer/ but it also releases clorine gas; which in heavy concentrations will cause your lungs to bleed. It can kill you, if you don’t use it in stages! Don’t forget the crawl space; either stick long pipes through the foundation walls (drill a hole) to pump in chemical gases, or remote control toys to drag a sprinkler back under the house;  which is then operated from the outside, by dragging the hose back. DON’T get in with the mold/ do it a different way. But make no mistake, our planet no longer holds the resources “to throw it all away”.  Don’t be a “vampire” sucking the life blood, out of everything on earth; by destroying it all.


8/ 29/ 17

It is noted, that while a sea wall will stop tidal surge/ it will not stop rainfall. Houston was previously “oil city, USA”/ therefore extensive dried up oil wells exist. Which can handle and support the drainage required to alleviate extreme rain. A flooded well, brings up oil.



The correct response at this time would be to announce that you will be knocking any missile test out of the sky once it passes beyond N. Korean air space. Bearing in mind the reality of debris, etc.  Simply announce this is testing the missile defense systems.  Why should the world not know, if they work? The correct response particularly for the first time is to position 3 warships or the like/ so they can fire and meet in the middle to create the biggest   “fire and fury” realistically possible. The reality of actually getting the job done/ WILL PROVE that N. Korean leaders have spent their nation bankrupt:  without a cause. Other than to jeopardize the entire nation.  That will DE-STABILIZE the regime!



What is simple and sure is:  that failure means rebuilding as it was.  The consequence of that requires a deliberate reality must be used to identify what can or cannot be done to enable a better outcome. Obviously those who created the tragedy as in “university educated planners” cannot do it; as always.

The same things are true for every location subject to flooding or storm surge (Holland has some realistic solutions). So we will examine flooding.  The ninth district in New Orleans is a prime example; as simple as this.  if you dig a trench four feet deep/ and put this material onto the area by that trench thereby building it up four feet taller. You get an eight foot difference in the height of water/ add four foot tall pillars underneath the house, without a basement; and the living level is essentially 12 feet above what it use to be.  Each area of rise, Becoming “island piers in the sea” so to speak.

Less drastic measures are ditches and reservoirs/ but they need a dumping area to drain; so you have to make one, or find one. Low level parks work well most of the time.

More critical is:  NO MORE URBAN SPRAWL, which means high rise building must take their place. The condominium is an appropriate answer, and should be given preference in any loan application. Buildings that can weather the storm.

As is the reality of our time:  vehicles must be moved to higher ground, and for that purpose an area outside the city that can become an open parking lot. PRIOR to expected severe flooding; a hurricane, must exist. That means someone locates the vehicle with gps when parked/ and buses take the owners back to their locations or wherever.

Currently it is difficult to move materials so they say:  BUT YOU HAVE STREETS COVERED IN WATER. So it only takes a boat, to load supplies on and move it to the various distribution sites that are possible:  WHICH CAN INCLUDE, leaving it on the floating platform, “with music playing” so people can find it.

There should be NO VOLUNTEERS/ it only enlarges the human population (therefore the troubles) in any given area. Those affected NEED TO DO FOR THEMSELVES; as best they can. With civil authority as a group, to have someone arrested, if they need too. Any area that is not working for itself, will be abandoned until they do.

Reality proves you need to save everything you can, and throw as little as possible away:  therefore a realistic beginning to the work must arise. Building codes that establish buildings which will weather the storm, including wind and rain. Which are agreed upon by all/ enforced by our decisions/ & supported by realistic expectations, “for what we owe you”. What is to be torn down/ becomes a reservoir, low level park or something suited to never letting this happen again. That of course means:  college fantasies must be discarded, and real world foundations must be employed. Unfortunately the college born educator has no clue, and their impact on society has been devastating. So what is left is very simply:  fight to attain a reality worth working for/ because the option to throw everything away has been lost as human population rise is now over 100 million more mouths to feed over deaths, each and every year upon this planet.  YOUR WORLD has changed/ deal with it or die.

Truth declares:  answer the question, “what is not going to be an absolute catastrophe” in the future?  Answer everything will be tragic, in one way or another/ because those who lead, led us here.  Answer, WHO LEADS?  Reality says, only the college diploma! The consequence, “a complete failure to life, and planet”/ even though they managed to build a tiny few trinkets and toys which do more harm than good.



The reality of another huge hurricane, with one more following closely behind:  is just the first baby steps of the consequences coming for global warming. Which is:  humanity releasing heat caused by fossil fuel burning. The only method of combating that cost: is to remove the cause/ which means STOP burning so much fuel, etcetera. “takes a world wide effort”; extremely unlikely. So then prepare, civil war/ starvation/ world war/ thirsting to death/ extinction of species/ the end of society.  As to nature, more storms due to heat. More earthquakes due to water rising which is an enormous weight transfer, on tectonic plates. More volcano’s. Higher winds. Desertification. And all the elements of a dying world.

For the period in between now, and what is to come:  you need the children to help/ you need to close the border/ and make the people who are involved solve their own problems; with some additional help. But NO MORE escape from reality: this is your home/ FIX IT YOURSELF, or never come back.  Because our work/ our struggle/ our sacrifice/ our decisions to build a future for ourselves:  DOES NOT include you, unless you are participating in the real trouble that is “life from consequences”; substantially, not our own.

Children who grew up here, do belong here/ life is not a game. There are no winners or losers, reality decides. But that does not mean they get a free ride/ while the middle class gets to be their slave, just like;  as is true of most university diploma’s, as well. In contrast with that, was the tv show “xq super high school”,  an accurate portrayal of all that is wrong with the education system today. The tragic disease of university leadership, extreme arrogance, lack of discipline, excessive pride, fantasy pouring out of “every hole”/ and no mass appeal, no real world truths, & no work ethics at all. Although I must admit:  I simply could not stomach watching much; too rancid. A proven failure, continues on:  because pride never admits to being wrong!



No valid argument exists: for not turning off the power grid, prior to known entanglements and damage coming quickly. That failure is simply the excuse to spend more money; in a world where resources and even the reality of counterfeiting to pay; is absolutely certain to end. Additionally, there should be an opportunity to collect “refrigerator and freezer foods” in a place where they are either going to be used, or going to be stored. So they are not lost! If that cannot be so, then instead of the garbage; every effort should be made to feed the ocean, or whatever other living creature could benefit; other than just the worms.

.  The extreme catastrophe of insurance and factories; which allow people to believe they can throw EVERYTHING away/ is a blatant example, of all things “university in science”.  As is “we gods”, don’t have to do nothing/ but take!


As we enter into the consequence of the black plague that is a university led cult of worshipers without a brain;  that reality of nature presenting us with chaos will only intensify.  As we begin to see the damage and destruction of all the university diploma has done; it will be as is the evidence of my own home. A place where plants, insects, birds, reptiles, aquatic creatures, mammals of different kinds all use to be plentiful. Is now just a green desert, with very little of any kind of life, other than pets or livestock. No pollinators left soon, none of it; that use to be “home”. Instead the blight of chemicals with very little room for error in that claim:  has killed numerous trees, and plants/ spawned new types of fungus and molds, which are hazardous/ and with little doubt, will quickly now begin to turn the foods we must eat to survive:  “into poisons of one kind or another”.  Because changing the chemistry of life, has only one ending:  LIFE dies.  And the universities have been mutilating everything they touch, for decades/ buy now, they are becoming much more pandemic. And will soon destroy us all, because turning their tragedy, terrorism, and disgrace back:  will NOT be possible. As to blaming the university diploma for “everything”/ that, is a simple as:  THEY DO, take credit for everything with any value, even if not involved/ and take over, trying desperately to remove humanity; so they can be gods.(its all us/ look at us/ nobody has a brain but us; we are god) But NEVER admit to harm, damage, or destruction; not even when NONE can be blamed but them.



As always, an army “of experts” stands between humanity; and the reality, this is my work/ my property/ my problem/ and my solution as best I can. The purpose: to insure none may be their own man/ woman/ or reality of decision. The reality:  to insure the most damage possible comes from every situation. The consequence:  BEG US, or die.

The correct method:  teach to insure we are all “experts” just like you/ or better! No more playing god. Shouldn’t take more than one day;  because you ain’t so damn smart/ with few exceptions; just full of fairy tales, and a little trivia.

. The extreme arrogance of a university delusion, “that they are gods (so much smarter than the rest)”. Has worked to destroy this nation from a place inhabited by doers/ to a baby carriage, for the majority; and the angry definition of a mob, among those who are having their lives destroyed by fools in charge. That fact resides in the assertion of “experts”/ who are in fact 90% delusion, and maybe 1 % reality;  with everything in between subject to debate. Failure and threats of extinction prove that is so; if in fact one percent is not a true exaggeration.



The cbs news reports:  children getting “wallpapered” with tattoos/ might be their own idea.

They admit too:  one man can start a nuclear war/ another man can stop a nuclear war. But no man can call back a nuclear missile and the damage it will do.  As a consequence the value of war games regardless of who plays them:  is simply an exercise in the futility and disgrace of “men in charge”.  This is the best they did do/ and we do sit at the very edge of extermination.


Trump uses grade school bullying to describe the north Korean leader as “rocket man”/ a title he is certain to like; instead of hate. So the lesson is, at least pick something more realistic, “like a Hitler want to be”.

Reality states, the constant of male leadership throughout the thousands of years in recorded history remains the same:  men compete/ then fight/ then threaten/ then war; and repeat. Your movie industry displays it well:  every “male driven” movie is a well defined display of those 4 elements/ with liar, cheat, thief, and criminal thrown in.

In order for true change to exist:  there MUST BE a change in leadership. NOT like men who follow a leader/ but as women are more likely to do as a group:  to establish the laws, that then control society through justifiable policing. Look at the difference between what is called a “female movie”/ and a male driven movie:  the reality is literally quite clear.

Men will say:  WE HAVE TO WAR!  But in a world of 8 billion people, war ends life for us all. THEREFORE WE MUST USE LAW, and it is far more likely that women in charge as a group that creates the law we vote upon as society itself.  That they will provide a more equitable reality, for a world at peace. Not a game, we are too many people/ and it is women who hold all the keys, and have all the rights:  to control human population. Men cannot; they only contribute sperm. Take that away, and you lose sexual realities for both men and women:  because the chemicals of sex,  matter.



  1. Korea laughs, because it can make up names too/ as is consistent when one bully meets another. They believe that the threat of the USA is nullified by the consequence Russia & China WILL “return fire” if the US attacks N. Korea. So until they believe differently, until they believe: they stand alone/ and fully understand what a weapon of mass destruction is to their nation.  They need not fear. As is consistent with the games men play!

The value of life, does not enter in:  men are playing/ its what they do, until one or the other goes too far. Then all cry, and no one laughs. Establish the boundaries, and make it clear what will happen: IN MEASURED tones and realities that would not include “a destroyed nation”. After all, the conflict as it always is:  IS STRICTLY A MATTER OF LEADERS.  So the threat is:  STRICTLY LIMITED TO LEADERS/ as is consistent with world law.

As to the consequences of choices you have already made:  simply prepare for more, as they are coming soon. Having rebalanced the earth for example:  REQUIRES volcanic eruption and tectonic plate movement.  Or this globe becomes like an “out of balance tire”/ and that, would be horrific.

Fight for world law, not for less.



The assertion by any leader, that they can or will ignite an atomic bomb in or over the pacific ocean indicates a complete lack of sanity. He, in that threat:  becomes a traitor to our world; attacking us all. That fact identifies a need by the international community: to now remove that leader, and replace that government with a reality that does value life and environment. Because an atomic bomb is not a toy! This begins with true threats of assassination for the leader in question/ by whosoever;  creating an appropriate trophy, for the person or group who does get the job accomplished. Trump threatened to retaliate if attacked: the difference, at this point;  is real.

The assertion of stem cell reliance “to save an individual life”:  is the mutilation of life itself. NO YOU ARE NOT so valuable, that a world of living organisms can be put at risk to save anyone. NO, there is no cause/ no reality/ no excuse so great or so important:  that our world of living existence should be gambled with in any conceivable way. ANY ATTEMPT to gamble with, thereby threaten:  our genetic stability/ or our true energy environment/ or any other facet of critical truths to life or its honest needs:  IS TERRORISM.  Threatening every living existence on earth, now and for the future of all life forever.  The international response should reflect that truth. World law, and critical policing without mercy where the threat is large;  MUST  OCCUR.

Triage is necessary, where the reality of survival is no longer a game. Like it or not, when the environment is destroyed;  you are at war. We all die/ then eternity begins (minutes don’t matter) for each one.


10/ 2/ 17

The reality is very simple with regard to facilities like Las Vegas:  you need towers, whether permanent or temporary with snipers (protected by shields) in them.  Or, in addition: Automatic robotic controlled weapons which identify, and establish a specific color laser to prove where they are targeting;  using heat resolution/ to a local center, where an authority decides if the weapon fires.

Temporary curtains lifted into place will also provide a deterring influence:  but that means it will be more likely the person is in the crowd. The old method of letting the crowd protect itself is:  “let them throw rocks”.

As to security inside:  instead of weapons/ the release of chemicals that cause vomiting, or other “stop this” means of intervention. Will produce a better result.  That fundamental can also be employed by the hotel: in placed chemical canisters that can go off when gun fire is heard/ or a variety of methods each of which can identify or stop an assailant.

Terrorist generally means:  “I HATE YOU” because, you stole my life/ killed my world/ refused me a fair and decent living/ or in some way, whether true or not, are believed to have ruined my future.  Hate is the decision, to cast life aside:  “because you/ or yours/ or these” are “the devil to me”.  A religious term, but it does mean to the person involved:  you targeted me first.  That fact provides the reality:  of so many people in this world who are potential terrorists/ there really is no avoiding this problem anymore.  Out world is terrorized by those who threaten extinction on earth;   it is a long list, that encompasses “billions”. That true fact, literally means:  the best any of us can do is try to communicate change, before it is simply too late for all life on earth to survive.


It is without doubt, that the end of animal sacrifice as in rhino horns sold/ is the very same as the end of white slavery. Whosoever is caught with tangible real evidence of participating in these endeavors:  shall in fact forfeit everything they own, and go directly to jail. To the person providing information, that leads to this conclusion:  they shall be given those assets from the person convicted. Split among all who are involved in the eradication of these and other such:  horrendous activities. No mercy/ no forgiveness:  you lose!    More simply:  ANYONE, who knows you are involved in these things/ CAN, AND WILL own your life, as you become lost forever in prison.



It is absolutely clear, that the medical profession is responsible for the opiod epidemic. They produce the pills, and they sell the pills, and they are responsible for those who use the pills. Clearly providing enough for addiction purposes. Which means:  while criminal intent is noticed, as well as deliberate devaluation of life. The reality most in evidence is that they deserve to pay for what they have done/ in its entirety. Not open to debate: simply true!

11/ 10/ 17

The reality of life is, “women like men:  do lie/ manipulate/ control/ etc; JUST in different ways”. It is a fact of life. One such measure of this was:   during the time my dad was in hospice care at his home. A young woman who was his nurse, refused to come to his aid when he called. She was studying to get a certificate in higher nursing. I told her plainly “with no reference to sexuality, looks or anything else”:  that she must take care of her patient first/ and THEN she could go back to studying.  The next day I find myself accused of “sexual misconduct” by this girl. Her decision to “fight back”, against the reality of:   do your work!

Nonetheless, there ARE many realities of life in which women are sexually assaulted by men; the reasons are varied/ the evidence must be proven sufficient to determine the consequence of public intervention. Or, let the punishment fit:  the proven crime. Let the reality of what happens without proof of crime be:  fair, and without preference; as best we can!


The difference between simple genocide or not: is the ability to defend yourself. The American Indian was massacred: because their weapons were too simple. Alternately, the consequence of those who use a weapon for deliberate murder/ such as a gun:  can be demanded to pay all debts created by violence. Those who build the weapon of sell the weapon: need to get their own insurance to pay these debts as well. Because although the right to a weapon does exist/ the use of that weapon for violence, is a reality that must be shared by all gun owners particularly of certain types. It is fair. Just like those who smoke cigarettes should be paying only the additional tax, to cover all medical bills that would be expected due to smoking: for the smokers, or those who live with them. Regarding murderers “that hide among us in the same area/ as in Florida”:  cataloging those who are on the streets during certain hours is realistic. Hunting for those who are hiding in the bushes with infrared camera’s, and dogs: should help.


The nightmare of stupidity and disgrace has begun. Failure shall soon overtake our world. It is a war crime to attack, or even respond beyond realistic, and significant measures. NO CASE has been made that N. Korea is more dangerous than the rest/ because complete annihilation IS A REAL threat. World law that rules over leaders is the only solution/ refused, because they all want POWER. War criminal, and the price:  should be made completely clear by our world & US leaders, but as always: they are absent, deserters one and all. As predicted, the rich only fight for themselves. The end of resources, is the end of every child. The reason every leader wants war is: when they get in trouble with reality, what better distraction is there/ YOU can’t complain, OR fight with them.



It baffles the mind, why fire fighting forces are not organized and ready;  particularly when conditions are extreme for an expanding fire. Arsonists have learned to wait. Even so, an immediate response particularly by air/ can do a lot to mediate the problem. Instant responses, allow for the potential of finding the criminal-terrorist.  In contrast to that is:  when fire ravages the world, in America they believe “we will just go get more”/ and build again. Unfortunately for them: they are bankrupt and running on counterfeit money/ while the earth itself can no longer allow for more pillaging of resources. The rape is over, or our world will die. Just how it is.

The critical reality of course is:  WHY are you not creating suitable fire lines in advance of a fire being set off; when you know arsonists are numerous?  Answer:  “we are more important, when everyone sees us working to save their home”/ UNTIL you fail. You then become “worthless”.


Global warming is NOT about what is happening in your own backyard, during one simple weather event. Global warming is primarily about global ice, and how this earth maintains a balance in the summer. ICE makes the summer possible for life to live here/ because the sun does in fact create a very significant amount of heat. To counteract that heat in summer/ ice melts at the poles, ground temperatures heat up throughout the colder climate area’s; and the earth maintains a temperature range that is both good for creature life and plant life. Outside these area’s of known “survival rates”/ the earth becomes a much smaller place to live. That means: IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL;  to retain sufficient ice on the globe to counteract sun radiation. It is also necessary to retain this ice, or the seas will be empty; because it is the only refuge left from the big trawlers.  The ice at the poles is also responsible for disrupting the circular wind patterns of this globe. That means the straight line winds that would intensify into “common one hundred mile per hour” wind across the globe is redirected, and weather patterns erupt to bring rain across a much wider area; which benefits all forms of life. Can’t believe it, your own scientists disagree:  because wind on planets without life, or similar conditions of ice; as are in our solar system : is found to be at roughly 700 mph. The winds of our own planet are mediated by trees; as wind passing through trees must lift their weight, and the fluttering of leaves provides wind resistance. It is an undoubtable truth, that the earth used its original plant life prior to Noah’s flood:  to bring the wind down into a survival, attached as the planet revolution, to atmosphere. Once accomplished, a new variety being far less aggressive was needed. Noah’s flood has been proven true:  as NO other possible method, could have been used to gather and bury the planets and life we know exist today as fossil fuels. It is absolute proof, of a world wide flood/ happening at the same time; because some of it is buried thousands of feet beneath  the surface.


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