Like other men, this is the best I did do! It is not perfect, nor is it elementally without merit; because it is based upon the facts. The message part is: our world can die without true change. The part “from GOD, or JESUS” is about the education required of me to produce the message itself. Realities endured! The part of a spiritual woman in me is: that as all men are prone to war, when “nothing else works”. She eliminated that, and resolved to make me educate you instead; by accepting the fact, that I could do nothing for this world, on my own. Nor can it be, that anything will be accomplished until the day that it is assigned to be done. My job, is simply to establish the work, that leads to an understanding of your reality. It is my own, complicated reality; even if not good at it/ I continued, and have accomplished enough. Your understanding beyond “the moment of time”: Particularly since you know nothing about the spiritual world, is unnecessary.
Regardless, you do understand your world as it is, sufficiently enough to know the cost of being wrong; in measurable realities. As is, too many humans are being born to feed or provide water for/ that is not a guess; and it does mean HELL will exist. As is, the ignition of a nuclear fire “same as on the sun” here on earth: will be the incineration of us all. a fire your scientists say is: 4 million times greater, than a chemical fire which is common on earth. Burning atoms means: everything is fuel. So if their assumption: “not enough gravity here”/ so it will just extinguish itself; is wrong. This whole earth becomes a sun. Simple as that, and trillions of dollars have been spent, by governments/ machines have been built/ universities around the globe have been trying/ media will not question their cult god “the university”/and ALL of humanity on this earth, is approaching the moment when NO FURTHER SECOND CHANCES will exist. You made your decision, you chose your god to be “university”/ and will now go extinct by fire: how is that not plain?
Instead of dealing with the evidence; as is constant throughout human history: to avoid that, people in powerful places, mock and ridicule me. Discarding the evidence, by simply saying we have no respect, for you; our university gods cannot be questioned. Our courts cannot be allowed democracy. Our media belong, to the powerful. And the herd of humanity itself, has been trained: to be silent; as is only the universities know ANYTHING/ as is, all the rest are worthless.
Religion wants what it wants, and that does not include anything that is less than we are the righteous ones/ and nothing can happen to this earth, because we don’t want that to happen. We want what we want, and that is all there is. Demanding THEY KNOW: GOD, would never let anything bad happen to them. Even though it does/ because humanity does have “free will”. And your free will/ their free will, has chosen to surround this earth with all forms of threats that will end in extinction. So the message I deliver itself, reads: either choose the true GOD of life, and return to RESPECT; OR, be destroyed by the god of destruction (University knows), that you deliberately did replace your CREATOR with. While you may argue with that statement: the evidence itself, will prove you wrong. Not a game, real life/ rather than university fantasies.
As to all the rest: there is no place for you to run and hide from the consequences of what these threats mean. Doesn’t matter if you are the richest man on earth/ or the poorest woman on earth; ugly or beautiful; none of it! We are all, “in this together”/ because the universities have managed to threaten our whole planet of existence.
Even you know, the cost of being wrong when mutilating nature, as is done every day in university labs: is a nature, and all its life, destroyed! Chaos (by the very definition of the word) builds nothing, and their god of evolution says: chaos built life. Even the most simple minded fool, has enough brains, to know this is wrong.
Don’t let them use, the ridicule of me: for an escape. I can defend myself/ they cannot. The evidence will defeat them.

As to your own life: either you will stand up for your world by choosing to “make yourself, and your decision to participate VISIBLE; as in sign your name and become responsible for your own decision which is: TO NOT LET THIS WORLD DIE, from stupidity, failure, and fantasy.    OR, your decision is to let this world die, hide from the reality until it kills you and yours; because you just DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH, to even try. To even investigate the possibilities clearly described by letting your cult worship of “university”;  be wrong. WRONG IS DEATH FOR OUR WORLD.  Even if you could prove me wrong, my only commitment here is: LIFE FOR OUR WORLD!  And you DO, “see, and understand, the difference”.

That means literally:  YOUR EXCUSE IS DEAD, and your own personal answer is eternal. 

Discipline offers: your choice is, either your pride or your life/ because this is not a game, therefore we can only all be “winners, as in we survived”/ OR losers, we ALL, went extinct.

Order demands: your choice is, either your want will be sacrificed/ or the future for this earth will die, along with every child, and every living thing. As is so evident, by the mountains of your trash, destruction, and pollution.

Balance commits you too:  either you will limit power to the minimum possible/ or there will be: WORLD WAR THREE, ending life and value on earth. Because we are literally too many people, for any other way.

Make your decision. Why be fed into the slaughter house, without even that?

Finally, “I think”:

The summary should be, although our world and every future life or child is dependent upon what humanity does today, or does not do today: the essence of freedom, is a right to be wrong or right/ good or bad/ loving and caring, or just plain hate: etcetera and so on. That freedom determines how you fit in eternity, participates in your fate or destiny, divides or unites the people around you, and becomes your identity; because this was your own choice. That was, your decision. While there are consequences for being wrong, when it matters. The freedom to be “You”, will not be taken away: it is, your truth/ your eternity chosen. That functionally means:  it is humanity that will decide the fate of this world, “we don’t care”/ or its alternate destiny, chosen through respect for ALL life comes first. Even though billions of lives rest in the balance (as is consistent with a future);  GOD has determined, only humans will decide if they end life on earth.

That statement exists: because to alter the course of this world, humanity must be changed. That is not free will, unless you do it to yourself! That statement relies upon: biblical prophecies that declare this world shall end. Every prophecy is created, when humanity is not expected to change. Instead, they just keep doing, what humanity has been doing; since the beginning of time. Therefore entirely predictable!

There is no harm desired for this earth, or its life. It is however true, that your university gods have chosen harm with nearly everything they did do. The consequence of that, is your reality. NOT because I find no respect for the universities. But because the consequence of their majority actions, have become the fuel for our extinction.

The reality of their “future and current work” will bring us all into HELL (war alone, rules life until extinction)/ ARMAGEDDON (nature has been thrown into chaos, nothing is the same)/ THE APOCALYPSE (we must, it is our only hope, or we die “In three days”)/ AND OUR EARTH DESTROYED BY FIRE (as is the ignition burning the bond between atoms, as is nuclear fire). WHY, should they, or their cult;  be given respect?

Every religion feeds on: “don’t question this/ just believe it is true”. Every religion makes up stories to control the discussion on everything, they DON’T know. Nothing is more made up since the beginning of time; than the stories of how the sun actually works (their fantasy, gambles will all life)/ THE LITERAL DEATH OF OUR WORLD, BY FIRE. And evolution, which has no basis in facts, or reality;  at all. THE LITERAL DEATH OF ALL NATURE, thereby the bodies of life. Religion as is (their stories), grant the delusion that “we can create chaos through mutilation, and it won’t matter”: chaos is god, “the doormat of HELL”. Based upon: Their pride assumes “a tiny bit of real information” makes them gods: now we can lord this over the others. As did every trade group in every time, throughout all of history. How is that not a religion (we have what we want: you are slave); and then comes “all the rest” story after story. Such as “debts don’t matter”: “to government”; we can just counterfeit more/ debts only matter, to the slaves. Because we all know, somebody does in fact: have to pay! Unlike the university pride, and their deceit which has allowed for “we don’t pay/ we are the rulers here”; like every monarchy before them. this democracy has been rebelled against, and the insurgents are called by their army:  “we have a diploma/ we ARE, the only ones that matter”. GIVE US WHATEVER WE DEMAND. Another reality consistent with religion, when in power;  throughout all history as well.

I give you one last scenario, that is not a story; it is the greatest deceit in all of human time. Those who tempt you with claims “this fusion” we are trying to ignite; will be four million times more energy release, than the equivalent fossil fuel. Yet they claim the ignition of that same energy source in their “furnace, to boil steam”; will only be ten times greater. One is a lie! If it is four million times greater, then the fifty million watts of power they say is their input at  [if not another]. Then ignition will create a pillar of fire (as biblically predicted), with the initiating energy of 200 trillion watts of 10 million degree heat. A fire scientists say: is a million miles long on the sun. A fire that will incinerate all of Europe, within 72 hours, and begin sucking in the oceans (because it burns atoms for fuel_). A fire with such a tremendous updraft, that it will literally suck in people, from one hundred miles away (hurray it’s the rapture) digging into the rock beneath for more fuel (ATOMS). Until it destroys the atmosphere, and overtakes this earth. Even casting the moon as a burning star into earth/ and even bursting this earth into “pieces”. Because the thermal differences, once the oceans are gone, and the fire sinks onto the ocean floor: the pressure differences, will be too great.

Go ahead: ask your university gods if this cannot be true? ask yourself: are you willing to bet these consequences, on the reality your university gods “can’t be even a little bit wrong”. Because unlike everything else they do: which is to redo every experiment a “million times”/ THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCES here, once ignition occurs;  a ten million degree flame, instantly releasing 200+ trillion watts of intensity (which is an atomic bomb), and  releasing radiation that will “explode your body”. Which will invade England and the Mediterranean within 96 hours, & CANNOT BE PUT OUT. Unless they are correct, and this massive literal fire, just extinguishes itself.  They bet your life, and your world: forever.

        Oh wait, I must be the fool: for saying this (and the rest) is too great a risk to take/ “silly me”. After all, I don’t have a great big university diploma; “just common sense”/ and real life experiences. After all, media/ government/ courts/ religion/ military/ police and all the rest couldn’t be so proud;  they would risk your whole world, just to believe what they want to believe. Right! After all, I need not ask the universities anymore; because if they had a brain, they would not have done any of this. Alas “evolution stole it”/ and they died inside. Alas, the price of being a believer which includes nearly all the rest; Is  “extinction high”.

Goodbye to you, if you don’t care/ then why must I?

Just so its simple, I am not a religious person, or a believer in whatever I want to believe in/ nor am I a herd person, who needs pride to survive, by hiding from reality. I search for truth, I examine the evidence for its reality, I think for myself, instead of being told what to believe. I understand: that the greatest evidence of all, is the miracle of life and planet/ the reality this was created by thought, through discipline, order, balance, love, respect, and all things with value to construct our lives and our potential for eternity. That is not religion/ it is  evidence built by truth which cannot be denied without lies. I grant to the biblical writing of JESUS, that HE represents a change in humanity, by presenting us with the fact we are not simply abandoned by our Creator. When searching for the spiritual world, the door lives, where the critical truth, and that truth alone, aligns with the law which creates life or time exists. You cannot go, unless your truth is sufficient as well.

I fight for this world, because it is necessary: or we all die. But I find in you: that the believers which include a wide ranging variety of beliefs; simply start screaming, and then ridiculing me when confronted with their own reality. Because the door to their lives is locked from the inside, and nothing is allowed in but what they want to believe. Then the major portion of society, once told to the point of believing they are in danger: run away to hide from their fear/ by digging their own grave, “with silence”; pretending the danger will just go away if they can’t be found. Then we have the followers, who will do or believe anything their leaders tell them to do or believe; regardless of the facts. Then we have the few, who at least try to think for themselves, but are afraid to be discarded by the others if they don’t follow the herd. Then we have the tiny few, who are willing to stand alone, but have a list of excuses “a mile long”. So the end result of my work has been:  I can’t change a believer, because truth don’t matter. I can’t change the major portion of society; because their fears make them hide. I can’t change a follower, because the herd cannot think for itself. I cannot change the few, because they fear being alone more than extinction. I can change those who are willing to think for themselves; but they won’t stand alone; apart from an individual once in a great while. Even though the evidence of what your universities are doing and have done:  will destroy this entire world of life!

To your shame, I have had over the decades; to limit this work to the things which you can ridicule: so that at least you will talk, or consider the possibilities of thinking for yourself. Because nothing travels quite like, or as fast as gossip. I have had to fight with the courts myself; because you won’t search for truth, or be identified as someone who will stand against the terrorists and criminals of our world. Even though the worst of these have, “university diplomas”. You are a cult, worshiping at the feet of those who say “we can”/ and yes they did. Now the consequences of their actions surround our world with extinction.

I would choose to finish with some simple advice

  • This world can only die once/ and when it proves to you the end has come: unlike all war created by men, which will let the majority cry/ the only thing you have left to do here, is die.
  1. Stop wanting, and you can simply be “alive”! Having found that experience, grants the revelation “the life I live, life itself is: a true miracle”/ therefore have respect. Respect yourself, even the richest man in the world has less, than the body you hold as your own possession.
  2. Stop being proud, and you can express friendship along with dignity and grace. Your trophies are worthless, life is more.
  3. Stop demanding slaves, to prove you are rich. Eternity does not agree, and it will take over your time.
  4. Stop blaming the others, it will cause you to fail yourself.
  5. If you desire a friend or family or participation in anything; you will learn to forgive, as best you can. Be fair, be kind, be happy (you are alive), trust only truth.
  6. Love is, the single greatest value in this universe; nothing else comes close. Because it is, without doubt, the single cause worth living for; beyond the limits and boundaries of time/ or in time. Love grants desire, desire grants passion, passion creates purpose, and purpose defines the truth, “our souls can unite”. Thereby we become as one: never to be lonely, or adrift, or without a right ever again.
    1. NEVER judge, the worst of all human behaviors follow that single decision. Let the law and justice do what must be done.
    2. Accept what is proven true, or so blatantly true it cannot be disputed; as is the miracle of Creation/ thereby GOD. It’s called faith, when you let truth decide. It’s called belief; when you simply decide on whatever you want truth to be. You ARE, responsible for that decision.
    • Respect freedom, it is the road to happiness; thereby fundamentally necessary for all life to achieve. Remember freedom allows for all the tragedy that befalls humanity as well; so be disciplined within yourself, and let order, balance, truth, and courage decide.
    • Marriage exists upon trust/ if you lie, you choose to destroy that trust. Relationships rely upon respect; if you fail that respect/ then your relationship will die. Love begins with friendship, and friendship begins with a smile. In most cases; find your heart. If you do, then sex will become, “our friend”/ soul will become, our shared experience; just as heart is expressed by how we care.
    • GOD is not our servant or slave to do your bidding! A prayer is your chance to be heard, because you remember RESPECT, and REALITY! We are here to form our own true identity, as a prelude to eternity; thereby you choose that destiny/ or not. JESUS “saved us” by proving there was, a different way to live our lives: by explaining love, forgiveness, hope, truth, discipline, order, courage, eternity, faith, and the freedom to decide for yourself. No one has done better!
    • This truth also beckons to be told: the thing humanity has always hated most, is death, particularly in the very young. Blaming GOD, “because you, could do better”! With antibiotics and vaccination you did take control, and now with 8 billion people, more than doubling in less than fifty years. It is clearly obvious, “we are about, to destroy ourselves, with too many human lives”. So the reality is: like it or not, the only reason we exist today is/ people of the past were not allowed to overtake the planet; and kill it, before we arrived. You owe your life, “to random, to survival of the fittest, or to whosoever takes the best care of their environment: to create population control”! Because you could not, or would not, do it yourselves! I do know the tears, but life is not a game! We don’t win or lose/ we live or die. Your future is the same, you wanted to play god, and now you must: reality is a choice/ whether you like it or not, is irrelevant! That, will not be a game either!
    • Like all herds do, to reduce your fears “an image” is created; of something greater than it is/ so that you may believe whatever you want to believe about your safety and securities. The image of university is; “they are more than just people”/ so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes, or fail like people do. The image of government is: that these or this group or this person represents more than “just a man or woman”/ so they, the pride of us, cannot be defeated merely with law. The image of policing and the courts are powerful, more than merely men or women: so they can make you cry. But they are all just men and women, “some good/ some bad”. They can all be defeated with law (you are not free to defeat us), because the law as intended to be; is literally all of us together, deciding our own fate/ our world/ and our society. Stop creating images/ stop playing games so you don’t need to deal with reality/ stop hiding from the truth, yes it is true you are going to die. But what matters then is, “what happens with the miracle of life itself”, that gave you time as a body! I remind you, even if the body looks perfect/ it can still be dead. Life is not a body (that is merely time, through the miracle of nature). Life is the recognition of “everything”/ and that takes thought. The essence of thought is energy. the essence of energy, is a reality that can be changed into something else. The reality of energy itself being: “what makes us move”.
    • It seems to me unfinished, without this tiny bit more. Throughout my life, I have found errors in my own ways that needed to be “cleaned”/ so my purpose and desire could be more clean of things that did not belong. I find no cause why this would not be so for others/ but the vast majority, do not agree; and want whatever they want more than to cherish the gift of life itself. My parents were so; given insight to what needed to be corrected, mom simply hid from it, (the rules were not enough), or dad hated the fact, and blamed me (for making him vulnerable): “money and pride will do that”. Both loved me/ both asked, it did change our relationship! The religious always believe “their religion, makes them perfect enough now”; even though it is not so.  Others were determined to prove “I can be discarded or hated”. While most simply ran away from their own realities; to let the inevitable take over their lives. They all “wanted what they wanted”, and would not accept both love and life have a price. Want is a terrible thing! How is that better, than simply deciding to correct what is wrong; so that life itself may become more cherished as the gracious gift of miracles within and surrounding us all? Love does not build from chaos or tragedy, a reality of failures, fantasies, greed, lust, and all the rest that needs to be cleaned from every life; it’s the cost of being human, as we literally cannot escape “the dirt” from under our feet. Therefrom we can either clean ourselves, to find respect and value in life/ or we can be defeated by those who do refuse love, by destroying the values and respect necessary to attain and ascend into what is far greater, than just time. Let your life be clean, and it will rise with you, in the treasury called both heart & soul.Desire “lifts and separates, (as a life unleashed, through freedom of love)”, you from your humanity: therefore the honesty and purity of love decides. While want defines your humanity by the purpose of “everything selfish, proves my body is more important than you”. The primary difference is, desire identifies and chooses “the path of miracles, into creation itself” as soul. While the body only understands time means death, or loss/ predator and prey, represent a violence/ & lust or greed, are the foundation of selfishness.Soul has eternity. Time does not! Eternity like men and women, looks for treasure to be added to existence: the only true treasure is love, it is the single most rare reality of our universe. But even so, love is not quite enough; because freedom allows the basic truth; survival does not hinge on love. Rather love makes survival valuable! Therefore love is, a foundation of eternity/ but it will never be, the foundation of life itself. Truth is that, by the laws which enforce it. The consequence is: where truth is pure enough to sustain life by law, there will be the possibility of eternal life. Where there is love pure enough to know, I desire our relationship without end; that value inherits the potential of more, than I could ever have known. The miracles of this world, are then “just a beginning”.But make no mistake, without respect for our CREATOR; nothing “good” exists beyond time for you. Your gods of university, have done their best to insure your extinction: proven true, by the evidence of our time. Simple as that.My whole life has been dedicated to; “one last chance for our planet, our lives, and the future of all life.” People ask: HOW, can you believe in eternity? My question to you is: HOW, can you not? The evidence of miracles surround us all. The reality of order, discipline, balance, courage, thought, respect, laws that govern our existence, love and more clearly support and identify: this is NO ACCIDENT.And it certainly was never partitioned off as or by chaos; as fools and devils suggest. Their efforts to destroy order, balance, discipline, and respect are obvious and proven true; by the clear realities of “university knows”. Which will soon make life impossible to sustain. HOW, can you believe in liars (GOD does exist)/ traitors (they stole all your money, attack your democracy, world, future, and more)/ terrorists (they gamble with every life on this planet, attacking every resource)/ thief (it takes only one simple trip to the hospital, to consume a lifetime of work for most: not an insurance issue, a criminal extortion ring, established by unjust practices “by people in government”)/and fools (they believe, they are gods,, made weapons of mass destruction, and called them “our saviors”)? Even if they tempt you with the little that proves useful: they’re intent is mutilation of nature/ poisoning of life and planet/ destruction of everything/ and insuring soon, you will have no possibility of escape (Not a single life), so there shall be hate ruling life until you die. Few among them contribute/ rather like fans, when a team (a tiny handful, or even an individual) wins a competition; the whole city or even a nation: the WHOLE UNIVERSITY everywhere on earth, claims the prize. Not true. How many of your trophies, do not end in the garbage? Their primary contribution is ARROGANCE, a poison to human life: PROPAGANDA, because the herd wants a leader, that tells them what they want to believe. Even so, they exist as they are; because you want what you want; and nothing is more important than greed or discarding reality you don’t want..
    •  The universities have been in charge completely, at least since the Reagan administration. Our situation is not based significantly in politics/ it is a reality of “university knows” religion (just believe) Their US economy is based upon destroying the future of every child; by rampaging against, and raping every resource. Their securities of action, are based upon the threat of weapons of mass destruction. Their decisions are entirely paid for by hiding inflation, and controlling media. Their consequence is, a future for this world by extinction of all life and planet, by any and all of the worst possible methods available to them. Their plan is simple: “to play god, as long as they can”! And humanity lets them destroy our world, and all its life; by never questioning the reality of their decisions. These are simply “the facts”. US society is: the sheep, who never stop hiding from a university; because they can talk better, and they control all mass communication entirely (with the single exception of internet; and that is FAR MORE controlled than people believe)/ because they are an army against us, together with all forms of education & people in government united against the rest/ because they can threaten us all, with their weapons of mass destruction; simple as that. Controlling the courts to refuse reality. “it is a new form of communism: enslave the people with debt/ steal all their money with inflation/ threaten them with weapons of mass destruction (nobody lives)/ destroy their potential to do for themselves or others/ and cut off, their reality to organize by gathering information on who to kill, when the curtain is drawn; and death stalks us all.
    • It is JESUS who proves we are not abandoned/ thereby eternity can exist!  HE alone, by the evidence of his work; proved to be, “the key” by which a path forward into eternity itself, could be found. HIS foundation of love, respect, courage, discipline, balance, truth, knowledge, and order revealed the essence of what we ourselves, need to be. It is NOT, “a sacrifice” to face reality, as it is; with your own truth/ it is, the passage, to your own destiny: the very definition, of who you are. Without him, it could be said: we were created, and then simply left behind to fend for ourselves without a future beyond time. Therefore if you do desire eternity: then you must RESPECT JESUS, as the sign, we do have a right to accept the possibilities which thought can provide. The evidence of miracles is clear evidence of what we don’t know about all that life can be. The question for every human life is then: are you, “time or eternity”? Because you can’t be both, when death exists. Of the three distinct and true choices: “every real decision is either, for love/ for hate/ or for survival in time or eternity”. The critical choice is: WHO ARE YOU, “to life”? Because without an identity, you simply disappear! Your life had no true meaning, or more distinctly: you did not put your name on/ or stand up, for anything called important.The question of value is: HOW, can you deny the reality of your own human body? It builds itself, it grows itself, it reproduces itself, clear freedoms exist, we are individual creations, we are allowed to determine for ourselves, because thought exists; what our identity can be; and a million more realities of nature and life. NOT ONE OF WHICH, can you recreate or accomplish on your own. Have you never built anything, in your entire life/ IT AIN’T, so damn simple as “it just takes a billion years of chemical  accidents, piled up on top of each other”? None of it, is true. Grow a brain: someone stole yours! That simple truth (even more), and your acceptance of it;  makes you “the dumbest generation” who ever lived.The playground is closed, and reality now demands: either grow up and face your realities, or go extinct! So says the evidence of your own truth. There is nothing more deliberate: “than love or hate”! There is nothing more distinct: than love or hate. There is nothing, more valued than love/ nor less valued than hate. The consequence of these realities is:  ONLY THE LIES, separate us from our truth.So the question is: what is true in you? When hate is separated, life has value. When hate is rampant, chaos takes over your time and survival. The value of our existence has descended to the moment of chaos: only true change will bring it back. Fail and this whole earth shall perish, as if it were a single life lost. Humanity is the problem/ humanity is the solution: simple as that. That is the message given to me, for you! Believe it or not, has absolutely no effect on the outcome of what is true! The decision is yours; as one single humanity, for life OR death: of our world.
    • Time is a moment, that seals the mystery; of who you truly desire to become. Because true desire never turns away, it is the essence, it is the possession, of your own life; as you see fit to create. Every moment that has meaning to you, either elevates (to lift your soul) or descends from (to throw away your chosen values), your heart. Living is like a heartbeat, if you don’t breathe along the way; time will be taken away.Unlike other men, my reality of living “has been turned upside down”. It is more change by far; than anything required of you as a humanity, to save this world. I don’t know why, it wasn’t a choice. Even so, the invasion by “the spiritual woman inside” has been, the clear cause and reality of how this work came to be finished. If not for her: there was nothing left but war between us. You don’t listen/ you don’t care/ you run away from reality/ or more simply NOTHING about the vast majority of humanity would change. NOT EVEN to save this world! That fact, is intolerable to me as a man. It is however a reality of woman, that their voice (their words) are, the primary weapon of their time. That has become me; by surrendering your lives, and this whole world, to the reality of whatever you decide to do/ because all, the reality of men will allow, other than demand war: is, I can write for this world. As is the constant of women: whether men listen at all, is up to them. The current truth is: they listen DAMN LITTLE/ because, the few are always warring with the rest; so the rest fight back. Because that is what men do. CHANGE MEANS: take this damn game away. The means to do that are within these words, and the sites I have prepared.The two great cornerstones of human tragedy are: the reality of men, who want pride, power, and slaves. While the second is constant overpopulation largely as a consequence of men/ but a clear and certain reality of women; which then requires the decision, “it’s me or you”/ us or them. Ending want is primarily a man’s simple decision: remove their option of “playing god”, with your life. Ending overpopulation, is a woman’s choice; never a man/ because they own their body of life. Both are a decision, that requires discipline, and justice to achieve. To end their games, will take women: because they are different, and the few who worship power and pride; will then be caught, unprepared. To end overpopulation, will take men; because they are participants to a limited degree/ and must share the burden of change; by agreeing “this is worth the price”. If you did succeed in this: then order and balance come next. The endless chant, “I want/ I want/ I want”:  is dead, or your world will die.Both of these realities decide whether there shall or shall not be immigration, and immigration is the third cornerstone of human tragedy: as one group invades the other group “because we must”. But the end result of that is: “you are now taking our future/ you are consuming what we saved for our children”; and we can learn to hate you for it.The fourth is determined by want; or more specifically by belief, as is the constant of religion! By enforcing what you want with the army created by religion, and claiming superiority “from god”:  without any other cause, WAR creeps in. And the games of men condemn each other with rules. Which then produces rulers, and becomes the constant: we want slaves.The summary of my soul is:  WHAT would you give up, for an entire planet of life? Because this entire world, and all its life, shall be lost, if humanity will not change. That fact includes you; just like it has included me; and all 8 BILLION humans with us, here and now! Change or die, simple as that: it ain’t no damn game. The evidence of extreme threat, is real!  As for me, while it is absolutely clear, that male and female must work together for this world to succeed in change. I have become a passenger, rather than in charge of my own body/ which seems now to be “hers”. Rather like men who demand they own a woman; I am treated in that way. If you have a brain; it is plain to read: That is not transsexual/ or homosexual or whatever you would describe it as statement. It is simply the fact, the spiritual woman is in control (I Just: opened the door, to ask a question; nothing more or less); and I am being treated “to the life of woman”. I strongly suspect its: “SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT”, elementally! It is however also a biblical prediction of revelation 12, believe it or not. Regardless my life has changed. Even so, I have been privileged to experience more/ learn more, than the vast majority. That truth does have value to me/ even if it has no value to you. It is, “Just a different life”, and I am trying to adjust. Whether you live or die as a world, I did do my job; and you do have your last chance to survive! Simple and plain, it is your own choice.After more than twelve long years, sharing the same body; it is absolutely clear, that I will never escape the spiritual world of women: period/ without exception. This change is permanent/ unless GOD would intervene. It is also clear, my life has been given to her (the spiritual woman inside) purposes and desires; so the reality of intervention does not exist. Don’t know how it ends.  Strange/ complicated/ different, but not tragic; just very different, than the life I use to live. Someday, I will adjust/ today, I simply survive : NOT terrible, but definitely “not simply me. Why you need to know that, is also beyond me: it’s required. “NO”, is not in her vocabulary; “utterly unheard”.I exist in this state of reality; because men have no possibility of saving this world by themselves. I searched for ten years: They cannot do it; as is so diligently proven by court case after court case. Even though I lost not a single one by legal argument/ I lost them all, because behind closed doors; are the powerful, whose job it is to insure the promises of liberty, justice, freedom, truth, democracy, rights, evidence, and reality describing the future; etcetera: are all dismissed/ or later broken, by more irrelevant rules. By irrelevant law and rules, plus other innuendo by bribes and politics: whatever means they can find, literally intends to kill truth. Proud means: I WIN/ YOU LOSE, literally! And they do intend, and they do enforce that, regardless of the loss to life or world. The power of a few men rule this world, and made it what it is. To change what it is, requires “different means and ways”; which is why I opened the spiritual door of female. To ask: what would you do?Yes, I am aware you can ridicule me; but just don’t care, it is unimportant. Again: what is “too much to ask, for a world of life”, not to die? Not your savior/ just doing what I can do.  Which basically means: my life is my prayer.

      What is important starts with, these sites I produced for your work: will close. Renewal date is November 4, I believe. If you have no use for them, do not donate. If you wish to keep them: then do. IT IS, UP TO YOU! Excess will be used for purposes consistent with communicating our need to understand: EXTREME THREATS EXIST, AND MUST BE DEALT WITH NOW. As a world!

      I have given to this humanity the keys to changing life on earth/ to remove the powerful, and take away the constant reminder someone is making you fight. It is your turn to accept this work or die/ my reality of work ends. It is your turn to communicate as best you can: for life and happiness on earth/ rather than horror and hell, as is coming quickly. Biblical prophecy as is the countdown of days called Daniel 12:  assembles the beginning of that countdown as the first day, that men do what is absolutely abhorrent to life on earth. That day was April 1st 2012; because on that date, the first experiment that could have released the same NUCLEAR fire as is on the sun; upon this earth was caused. It is a one time gamble/ because if they are wrong: a fire that literally burns ATOMS FOR FUEL, cannot be extinguished. So our whole planet dies, and then explodes; changing the solar system itself. There is NO GREATER ABOMINATION than that. Therefore it is the prophecy established, in time.

      There is, one last thing to life as living in time; it’s ending. To enter into the darkness, is to become “naked in all things”. There is no place to hide. Only the energy that gives life itself, provides a home. That energy must return to its origin to survive intact. Which means, the soul is its only guide. Your chosen relationship with GOD, CREATOR OF ALL LIFE; defines your destiny. While it is likely “I will be killed”; because power and pride always fail life: “should this go further”. The reality of your own decision as humanity on earth, is not dependent upon me. Therefore it makes absolutely no difference, other than I can help you no more. Simple as that/ I am no excuse: your decision for life on earth, is your own. “We will” all die sometime, to this world; let your fears be limited. Every miracle proves, “we can be more”!

      It should be said: American society continually looks to measure and encapsulate each human with an assumption; which then leads to “fear him/ discard him/ disrespect him/ he’s funny, or whatever it is. Because once identified and placed in your own “little compartment” of people; now we or I know leads to how you are expected to behave in this society. So now I fit in, they can’t reject me. People have sought to “encapsulate me” for a long time, and fail; so they don’t know/ and they don’t care, so long as I don’t disturb them, or make them fear. Unfortunately everything I present as evidence makes them fear; as such the common response of your leaders is ridicule; because that allows them to simply discard me; and thereby once I am discarded, so is the evidence regardless of its truth. Every religious cult operates in the same way; we believe, and that is all we need to discard, or believe we should control the rest.

      Nonetheless, because I am tired of your endless assumptions of fear, or tireless intent to discard evidence by making me “disrespected; even if not”. People do respect me/ but they DON’T want to hear one more word about life or death for this world; so they make it clear: DON’T tell me nothing. I comply, because at this point In time; we need a miracle/ simple as that. People also ridicule “the spiritual woman and me”; can’t be, just nuts! But it is not so, as the evidence of my own education will prove. People ridicule “message, or messenger from GOD”: can’t be, just religious nut. But the reality of the message (life or death for this world), and the intensity of the education (mine is not, the same education as yours); which does include “ways and means” not allowed to many. Establishes the potential, as indicated by the evidence suggests. While the religious “look for a second coming of JESUS”; which he declared would be, “son of man”. Reality states, by the evidence of the message presented by me, the declaration “he will tell you hidden things”/ it is at least potentially possible that I could be the son of man. Not by my evaluation of the facts, but by biblical evidence of who to expect. I am NOT JESUS/ I am NOT your savior/ etcetera. What I am is simply: educated and kept alive, to present the evidence of knowledge, which you need to understand; in order to survive this time on earth. In all probability I “died once, in a physical sense/ evidence suggests”; it was after that, my true journey into the spiritual world began. NOT as some type of ritual thing/ but as a reality of education, the courage to accept extreme risks beyond my control, the intensity of truth beyond the extremes, where others may not go, and the distance that love will travel in its search for “life revealed”. I know not, why me? Keys are given for change. That, is all I know regarding “me”. I AM, simply a worker, and this is my job: to provide this message change yourselves or die as a world. So says the evidence of our time, plainly available to you as well. I have no interest in whether I could or could not be the biblical “the son of man” as predicted. I state it only for the benefit of the religious. I am NOT your leader/ NOT my job. I am a messenger, and I have delivered the message: change or die as a world. Because your gods at university have surrounded you with threats of complete extinction; and they will come true. How is that not, something the CREATOR OF THIS WORLD, would establish to support life on earth? The only question to you is whether you investigate for truth, instead of simply hide in ridicule; as you have always done! Alas, this time you can’t run away or hide; from our whole world dying, the essence of our very survival collapsing; all at once. NO way out. Like others I have dealt with for over forty years: you have been told, what you personally choose to do with that information, is entirely up to you. Not a game, as any review of the information available does prove.

      As for me:  I accept GOD MY CREATOR/ CREATOR OF ALL LIFE, AND EVEN THE UNIVERSE as my GOD. Simple as that, although it is NOT the same GOD as religion (we believe what we want) provides. I do love all GOD’S creatures, which includes humanity; because the spirit of GOD lives in each one; as life itself/ unless you kill that truth with your own hate. However I am tired of your failures, arrogance, fantasies, wants, pride, power, lust; etcetera. Wake up/ grow up/ change to be what life intended for us all to be; and fight for your world. How is that not true, to this work/ to life itself? Even for you.

      The consequence of truth is: “your image (lies created to impress yourself and others) must die/ or the lies will increase and change, producing hate for what spoiled “your fun”. One or the other is always true. If you survive truth, or return to it: what is left is your identity, as it is, until you change. In the case of this date on earth; the image of humanity that it has created for itself, particularly in America is simply: “we are (fans) practically gods/ because our university made changes we wanted, or could not stop them from doing”. The reality of that change however is, threats which surround us with our own extinction. So, as a society, particularly in America: either the image of superiority (we can be gods)/ so that truth can save you will occur. Or you die, because you did change life, and planet called this earth: with endless destruction, through complete selfishness. The image is dead/ or you will be dead soon!

      As to the religious, who are always “right” no matter what the occurrence; because “they believe”/ so they can’t be wrong. That image of righteousness will fade into extinction as well; because you are not “superior” to the rest/ you are equal to the rest. Which does illuminate the fact, ONLY TRUTH MATTERS. And it does not matter where that truth originates from. I can be a messenger from GOD, if the message is true and significant to the reality of keeping this creation alive; as it is. That is a fact/ not an image. As to your beliefs that “YOU KNOW”, WHAT (kind of person; etcetera) GOD would send to give you such a message; and it sure as hell ain’t him. I remind you simply once again:  “they didn’t expect JESUS, to come as a baby/ and they didn’t expect HIM to die on the cross either”. But the message HE brought, was not so much about living: as it was how to live, and why. Granting there is a reward, if you find the honest, real treasure, of an entire universe: to know and be love, truth, kindness, and respect! Nothing else is literally so precious, that it makes life worth living. My message is simple: either return to GOD BY RESPECTING THIS CREATION/ or you will die, because you gave this creation to the people who play god, and have designed your own crucifixion. It is a choice, and there is no middle ground! One, or the other will occur!  Like it or not, is irrelevant; the road you chose is filled with death, terror, and complete destruction. Believe it or not is also, utterly without value. What is true decides!


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