Can you extinguish the nuclear fire, science is trying to ignite?

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Jim Osterbur Staff asked 7 years ago

Can you extinguish the nuclear fire, science is trying to ignite.  As is so obviously the reality of energy on the sun?  What are the consequences for being wrong?

     Ask yourself: is it not true?  That the energy contained within an atom is extreme, as a thermos-nuclear bomb proves. If that is true, then all that energy, which your scientists declare is spinning in an atom:  MUST be held in place so that it does not escape “into space”. IF AN OUTWARD ENERGY we call kinetic or positive energy is being held in place while it spins in a circle. THEN AN INWARD ENERGY MUST EXIST, to hold that outward pull in place:  because otherwise it WOULD just fly off into space.  Therefore we know:  that energy we recognize as kinetic or potential (an outward force)/ is in fact being held in place by an inward force or “dark energy”. Because in reality, nothing is a fantasy; even if you don’t understand it!  THEREFORE WHEN AN ATOMIC BOND IS RELEASED, AS BY FIRE:  that outward energy is seen as fire, while the inward energy becomes the reality of solar gravity by doing the opposite of what an outward energy does. 

In solar gravity the lines of force include the reality, in that outward energy released, will form a loop/ as it slows down. Which is then pulled back, due to inward forcing energy. That loop also engages the planet involved, to create a circular motion that can be disciplined by the energies involved. A sun that turns, then turns the entire solar system due to these effects. In actual fact: because what holds an atom together is the force of two opposite types of energy “outward and inward”. This is also the basic means by which electromagnetic forces, and fundamental atomic definitions originate: but without the energy release. I will never be discussing that! Realities of how atoms form, is provided on my other sites. The core of the sun being where inward energy does fall; will be cold. Which establishes the nuclear stability of the sun itself, as is consistent with its long term burn! 

! The fact that there must be both realities of energy for an atom to contain itself as a balanced system. Establishes the reality of radiation; as is attributable to this being an imbalanced element; which means outgoing energy is being lost. It further identifies the basic components of chemistry as in base and acid compounds. Through the definitions of what different combinations of both inward and outward energies can do to each other. Acid would most likely be associated with the release of higher concentrations of outward energy/ while base is most likely associated with the pull of a greater atomic level, inward energy.

Your  scientists could not be more wrong! If the core was hot, then all the fuel is involved; and it burns out. Nor can it create a supernova effect; because there is no more fuel to add to the fire.  These are identifiable truths, rather than their fantasies. You can even measure the realities involved and get a good guess as to when the sun will burn out;  BUT UNLIKE THE INTENTIONAL IGNITION of a nuclear fire, there is no point; because humanity cannot escape that truth. Therefore it is irrelevant!

More distinctly, look at the sun (don’t let it blind you) use a welders lens. Recognize this is at least 91 million miles away, with enough radiation that it would kill you, and all life without an ozone shield in our upper atmosphere. Then consider what it truly means to bring that here onto this earth? A fire that burns your skin in summer/ blinds you if you look even for a few seconds/ can easily kill you with radiation/ is roughly 10 million degrees at the flame ends/ spews out solar flares for a measured 12 million miles long stream of fire:  48 times the distance between earth and moon. HAS BURNED without end for thousands of years we know by recorded history. And ultimately truly CANNOT be controlled on the sun/ nor here on earth. Because the energy released from the burning of that fuel, CANNOT BE from anything less than atoms. We know in our physical world, that this is true. Whereas your universities theorize and make up fantasies about the sun; because they have no clue. GAMBLING THIS ENTIRE PLANET ON THOSE THEORIES, WHICH ARE ABSOLUTELY UNPROVEN GUESSES.

They assert “it must be so/ because of solar gravity”. Yet they discard the reality of destroying an atomic bond in atoms: which is real, provable, and justified. Which fully explains the sun & solar gravity as caused by the fire itself/ by the laws we know.

WRONG is cremation of all life/ yours too! We can’t even approach a ten million degree fire/ everything is fuel.

Even a baby knows, what he or she doesn’t want/ why not you?  Answer:  cult worshipers cannot question their leaders, it’s not allowed.   You just get to believe them as they lead you to hell; or they throw you out.  Instead of courage or life, you choose cowardice and hell: to your own eternal damnation.

     WAKE UP, AND FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD.  ONE SECOND TOO LATE, and we all die forever, including the future.

      Your universities and leaders, GAMBLE LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS ENTIRE PLANET:  based entirely upon the theory of a graviton (fantasy element, fifteen times heavier than lead. HOW does it work? Their answer, “not a clue”). But still demanding:  “there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”. So “the fire” will just go poof, and escape into space! ).  Consequently if this fantasy element which is absolutely UNPROVEN in all conceivable ways;  “other than, something holds the planets in orbit”/ is WRONG.   Our whole planet becomes a sun, forever!

     Media, the propagator of everything the university says is right:  CANNOT protect you, like every religious zealot/ you can’t question your book, or your leaders. Will not protect you, they are believers in the religion:  university knows everything.

There is NO experimentation with this ignition. Once a nuclear fire is ignited/ because it burns ATOMS;  there is no doing this over!  Life or death for our whole world decided in one single instant, forever.   How is that sane/ or worth the price of being wrong?

ASK YOURSELF; this simple question:   AM I, the one you need to judge/ am I leading you to tragedy/ am I playing a game with these words?  Or am I telling you to beware, traitors exist?