I, am going to offer humanity some advice: there is nothing more destructive, than the reality of university decision, as it applies to this world. They seek to remove us from our dignity; they seek to remove us, from our own survival by freedom of choice; they seek to replace us all, from our work, and provide for themselves with “robots”; they seek a world, wherein they have proven they can manipulate life into something else/ in fact anything else, just to prove they can. Which means, while credit is used to create slaves/ medicine to create criminal extortion; foundation collapse, against every method of survival, is used to create compliance/ and currency counterfeiting is used to defraud and exterminate “government by the people”.

The purpose and desire of life is basically everything but what they offer. That gives us: one single truth, “either change your leadership (which is a university diploma)”/ or surrender your world. Truth, by the reality of evidence alone, survives both time and eternity; search and find your soul.

It is hereby noted, that although the university leadership “drove us to all these threats, by which we all go extinct”. Because that is what the evidence will prove. The reality of those decisions were met with a strong and complete surrender by the public/ who wanted everything the university did choose to do. Making it, a full participation of this society/ to complete this ending called extinction. With extremely few exceptions.

I know, because for the last forty years plus; I have been talking to you, in a variety of ways, with a variety of evidence/ and the only thing you were concerned with was: “MAKE ME RICH/ or get lost”. Well over ninety five percent the very same/ and the rest ran away to hide. So while I do blame those in the universities, that contributed to our extinction: for their personal contribution, their choices. The reality is: this was a human decision, to enter into a complete denial of reality/ by choosing fantasy instead/ demanding “let the children pay”/ and being utterly disconnected from your own future, from life on earth. Just so you could throw your trophies in the trash.

I used to think when I began: “this cannot take more than ten years to correct/ people just don’t understand”. But alas you did understand/ you just didn’t care! That, was something I could not correct.

Congratulations, soon you will receive your prize; even if you don’t want it. Truth will decide.


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